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Crime, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Jonah Hill as Schmidt
Dax Flame as Zack
Nick Offerman as Deputy Chief Hardy
Ellie Kemper as Ms. Griggs
Jake M. Johnson as Principal Dadier
Holly Robinson Peete as Officer Judy Hoffs
Rob Riggle as Mr. Walters
Brie Larson as Molly Tracey
Chris Parnell as Mr. Gordon
Ice Cube as Captain Dickson
DeRay Davis as Domingo
Dave Franco as Eric Molson
Storyline: In high school, Schmidt ( ) was a dork and Jenko ( ) was the popular jock. After graduation, both of them joined the police force and ended up as partners riding bicycles in the city park. Since they are young and look like high school students, they are assigned to an undercover unit to infiltrate a drug ring that is supplying high school students synthetic drugs.
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The first jump.
With Christmas coming up I decided to pick up a Comedy film that a friend could watch over X-Mas. Struggling to decide on what movie to go for,I suddenly spotted that Netflix UK had put 22 Jump Street up.With having read some praise for the films a while ago,I decided that it was time to jump into Jump Street.

The plot:

After not getting on in high school, Schmidt & Jenko run into each other at the police academy. Realizing that they each have skills which the other one lacks,they decide to put the past behind,and join up to pass the exams.Going on "the street" for the first time,Schmidt and Jenko spot a biker gang with drugs.

Grabbing one of the gang,Schmidt and Jenko start to celebrate their first arrest, until discovering that the biker had to be let freed,due to them failing to read his Miranda Rights.Angry over their mistakes,the police captain decides to transfer them to a project that is being revived from the '80s.Meeting Captain Dickson,Schmidt and Jenko are told that they have to find out who is selling a new drug at a high school,by pretending to be students.With not having gotten on the first time they were in high school,Schmidt and Jenko get ready to solve the case,and to relive their high school experience.

View on the film:

Stepping out of the animation world for the first time,directors Phil Lord & Christopher Miller jump into a dazzlingly stylised "animated" world.Closely working with cinematographer Barry Peterson,Lord and Miller open up the high school with lightning-fast whip-pans which give a frantic atmosphere to Schmidt and Jenko's attempts to fit in at the school whilst also trying to solve the case.

Featuring a number of delightfully sarcastic nods to the show,the screenplay by Michael Bacall & Jonah Hill brilliantly plays around with the jock and the geek format,as Jenko finds his dashing looks to be out of step with Schmidt's geeky interests now being seen as the "cool" thing,as Jenko and Schmidt jump onto the street for the first time.
21 jump street
where do i start this movie is better than any movie i have seen it has got the comedy that u will always remember it has got some cool as vines it is great for all the comedy people out there if i was u that wanted the best comedy movie it is this and it not just funny it has got action it too the scene were there taking down the bike gang and it got funny it too it too and then a movie wouldn't be a movie without drama cause when both of them split up and have that fight on stage cause Jonah is just doing that play for the girl but when she sore them having a fight up there it just created drama like all movie do i love this one i do not want to spoil anymore scenes so go watch it and u won't regret it u don't even have to watch the trailer to the movie.
"21 Jump Street" - Surprisingly good, I'll jump to see the sequel!
If ever there was a sequel to Superbad in which the characters grow up to be cops, this might be what it looks like. Here is the rare raunchy comedy (like the aforementioned Superbad and American Pie) that also has wonderfully likable characters and a rich heart at its core, beating with life and laughter. Jonah Jill and Channing Tatum are an incredible comedic duo as two rookie policeman, and the joy of their first "successful" arrest spills over onto the audience, and it swirls around with a manic energy for the rest of the film. 21 Jump Street is based on the classic television series starring Johnny Depp about cops going undercover at high school. Here, Tatum and Hill are looking to crack a drug ring! This film isn't merely an adaptation however, it takes humble shots at itself and is delightfully self-aware. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs fame, bring with them that same sense of visual overload and smart CGI into a few scenes that are so hilarious my abs still hurt. The film brims with style and a slew of cameos and big name actors, and is already set up for a sequel. Guess who can't wait to see it? Me.

By TOMMY BOND, thefilmdiscussion.com
Seriously NOT 21 JUMP STREET
I watched the REAL 21 Jump Street and this is no where close to being called the same thing. 21 Jump Street was clean for teenagers to watch. It gave good advice to kids. It brought up subjects that kids dealt with. They did blow up cars or destroy a city. This should not have been called 21 Jump Street. Another thing mostly everyone in the REAL 21 Jump Street looked sexy and young. Neither the two guys in this show even looked their age. They both looked fat, ugly, annoying and pathetic. Also Hanson and Duggy would not have been killed at the end of the movie. They wouldn't have been that pathetic to look away while apprehending criminals. I think if someone stupid says this is good they need to go back and watch the REAL 21 Jump Street then can talk. Hanson and Duggy brought down kids in school with class and dignity not destruction and degrading ways. Why must they say the F word thru the entire movie, every second. I mean come on. This could have been a better movie if they had actually watched 21 Jumpstreet. Also those kids they had in school does not fit how kids are now. Kids are not into the tree hugging crap or two straps. Nah I'm sorry this movie was a HUGE disappointment to society. Don't WATCH
An unexpectedly excellent comedy
Even though it was very popular in the '80s, I don't have any affection for the TV series 21 Jump Street. I simply know it as the project which made Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco famous (well, the term "fame" is very relative in the second case), so I went to watch the film adaptation 21 Jump Street with absolutely neutral expectations. However, to my huge surprise, this ended up being a hilarious comedy with a simultaneously simple and intelligent screenplay, and which also changed my opinion about an actor I previously couldn't swallow.

To start with, we have the perfect chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, who make their likable "bromance" totally credible. Besides, they both bring a lot of enthusiasm to their performances. Hill had already proved the fact that he's a good actor; but the true revelation of this film is Tatum, who had deeply displeased me in the other movies I saw him in with his inexpressive face and bland presence. However, he takes absolute possession of his character in 21 Jump Street, and he made me laugh with quite a frequency in this comedy. And during the brief emotive moments from the film, I found him sincere. I'm truly surprised by the work he made in here.

Another big pro from 21 Jump Street is the screenplay. Instead of taking itself seriously, like other films based on TV series did, the film doesn't loose the opportunity to laugh at its TV origin, at the clichés which infest the cop cinema, and at the common stereotypes from juvenile comedies. Besides, it perfectly develops the main characters and the evolution of their dynamic. What is more, Hill and Tatum had the support of an excellent ensemble of comedians in supporting roles who make even the most irrelevant character memorable; among them, I can mention Ellie Kemper, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle, Chris Parnell and the great Nick Offerman.

The only thing I can say against 21 Jump Street is that it looses a little bit of cohesion near the ending. Nevertheless, I had a great time while watching this film, and I enthusiastically recommend it as an excellent comedy with a cynical and acid screenplay which constantly made me laugh.
Leads Are the Only Thing That Jumps Here.
21 Jump Street (2012): Dir: Phil Lord, Chris Miller / Cast: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Ice Cube: Update of the classic TV show that starred Johnny Depp. It is a place of corruption as two young police recruits, played by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are sent undercover to smoke out a drug ring. After the initial concept the screenplays descends into formula, which consists mainly of drug and drunken jokes until arriving at a familiar climax where a beloved damsel must be saved within a car chase. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller pull off some effective action scenes but the film is nothing more than a drunken update. Hill and Tatum pull through with many funny moments that do not save the film. They enter with fake names yet they manage to screw that up. That leaves the generally smart Hill entered into a Peter Pan play, while the athletic Tatum is stuck in chemistry class where the teacher drools over him. Brie Larson is given the thankless role of teenage damsel. She will obviously become disappointed when Hill's true nature is revealed but upon rescue it is all dim predictable rubbish. Dave Franco plays the young student drug peddler whom the guys must earn trust of in order to learn who his contacts are. Ice Cube as their captain is also the standard one dimensional figure who dishes out the orders. There are a couple great cameo appearances but that is the height of surprise as this becomes the latest in teen shame. Films like this can work if the issues at hand are addressed, but this screenplays jumps more than streets to present lifestyles teens should avoid. Score: 5 / 10
I know this movie made a ton of money....why? dunno...I've seen a lot of pretty bad movies in the last few years, but this was one of the WORST. Good God, why are movies like this made much less even thought of. A waste of money, time and talents, although there was not much talent in this piece of trash. Bad humor, inappropriate drug use, foul language not to mention an atroucious script. I tried to watch the whole thing hoping it might get better, but it got worse and time went on. I NEVER stop watching a movie no matter how bad. I stopped this before the end!!!! That's how bad it is. Where are all the good writers, producers, directors and actors? Oh, that's right...they're all dead!!! Seeing movies like this really makes one appreciate the wonderful films of the 40's, 50's and some of the 60's. If you want to watch movies with talent, story, structure and entertainment, see ALL ABOUT EVE; PEYTON PLACE; CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF; SOME CAME RUNNING; SOME LIKE IT HOT; A PLACE IN THE SUN; SOUND OF MUSIC; SINGIN' IN THE RAIN; THE BANDWAGON; just about any film starring the old pros like BETTE DAVIS; JOHN WAYNE; CHARLTON HESTON; MARILYN MONROE; HENRY FONDA; TYRONE POWER; even some of the newer stars like SANDRA BULLOCK; MICHELLE PHEIFFER; TOM HANKS; SALLY FIELD; yes, even JULIA ROBERTS!! To all producers: STOP MAKING FILMS LIKE THIS FILTH AND DEGREDATION. I'm no prude....but enough is enough!!! DON'T SEE THIS ONE.
21 Jump Street is a cool, relevant, and hilarious re-make
21 Jump Street is a cool, relevant, and hilarious re-make of the classic teen TV series of the same name.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum carry the film with their crazy antics which both pokes fun at the 80's and adds their own enjoyable comedy. They pull off one of the hardest things in film: turning a thing of the past into something that is both exciting and worth your time and money to see.

The film manages to both connect with this generation which is into "green" initiatives, texting, and feelings, something that previous generations scoffed at and mocked. I thoroughly enjoyed the acting by Tatum and Hill as they generated some good chemistry as they return to their own years as high-school students, but with their roles reversed.

Check out my full review here: http://reelstorymovies.blogspot.com/2012/06/21-jump-street.html
one of the pleasant surprises of 2012 for a few reasons
A property like 21 Jump Street was something I didn't have many expectations for: I didn't watch the show (despite young Johnny Depp as the star), and the prospect of another buddy-cop comedy is not something that is an instant hit. You need fresh ideas and a good sense of humor about what you're working with. And yet there were a number of people who came in and made it a real surprise. Watching just the trailer you get a sense of the comic timing and approach of total who gives a s*** irreverence from Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum (and Ice Cube as well as the guy heading up their plot), and that this is fully self-aware. Part of this comes from the actors, but it also comes from the directors Lord and Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was where they showed everyone they could do it, while The LEGO movie two years later cemented their reputations as the new great comedy directing team).

A lot of the jokes and lines and throw-away moments that just carry a lot of solid laughs come from the filmmakers trusting their actors to pull off some dumb jokes in smart ways, and visa-versa. I include Channing Tatum in this, and he surprised me the most in that before this movie I didn't think he was much of an actor (mostly from his dramas, where he just seemed weak or trying too hard). But in one year, between this movie and Magic Mike, he showed that he has real charm and screen presence, and knows how to find the way to play things both straight and funny when a dialog exchange is required. Of course here he's the more tough presence set against Jonah Hill, and yet there's plenty of jokes put at his expense that he plays like a... pro!

There's some set pieces that revel in the action, and it comes close to running out of steam in the last third (until it reveals a couple of big cameos that shouldn't be big surprises, but they're still actors that suddenly give a shot of adrenaline to the comedy and action in the climax). For long stretches though 21 Jump Street leaps so high above what this could have been as a generic remake of a popular TV show; it's like actual clever ideas and gags on display, and a lot of it comes down to behavior as well, whether it's the main two actors or with Ice Cube, or Brie Larson as one of the supporting women set at the high school, (or Dave Franco of course), and there's plenty of times where it comes down to the actors saying one thing or another and finding just the right moment to make something funny.

Not every single joke clicks, but so many do that 21 Jump Street makes the cop (undercover) comedy conceit fresh and fun. You see these guys just having pure fun with finding how to dig into what makes these clichés tic, and not simply with buddy/cop movies but just how buddies relate in a movie. It's got heart underneath when it takes a breath between things like stabbing Hill in the back at a party (no, don't worry, it's in the trailer, and it's as awesome as it seems).
Unexpectedly hilarious and clever. 21 Jump Street subverts all expectations.
21 Jump Street sounds like a terrible idea on paper: a big screen adaptation of an ABC TV series from the 80s. Was anyone really clamoring for that? Was there any reason to adapt that into a feature film in 2012? It sounds like just another example of Hollywood cashing in on an established franchise, akin to the decision to make a movie based on the board game Battleship. As it turns out 21 Jump Street is barely an adaptation, and it isn't just an excuse to capitalize on an old concept. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the team behind the brilliant and absurd Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, use the fact that nobody is too invested in the source material to their advantage, subverting all expectations for what a movie like this would be. The result is a smart, exciting and often hilarious action-comedy with real stakes and a surprising amount of heart.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum star as Schmidt and Jenko respectively, two rookie cops who went to high school together, though belonging to different social circles. Jenko was the popular jock while Schmidt was the unpopular nerd. When they realize each has something the other one needs, a friendship sparks and they become partners. After a failed drug bust, they're reassigned to a special division when their police station decides to "revive a cancelled program from the 80s" (get it?). They're sent to a local high school undercover as students to investigate and bring down a drug ring. Despite identical titles, I don't know if we can even call this an adaptation of the show. While the TV show was primarily a drama, the film is essentially a satire of movies and shows like 21 Jump Street, fully aware of all of the clichés of its genre.

Writer Michael Bacall (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) seems to have realized nobody really cared about a 21 Jump Street movie and instead decided to make something totally different. Early on, in a scene of dialogue that may as well have been delivered directly into the camera, a character explains that there aren't any original ideas these days and so we're stuck rehashing old concepts from the 80s to make a quick buck. In this way and many others, the movie is all about subverting your expectations, which based on this premise are probably very low. It's anything but a lazy cash grab, taking everything you know about buddy cop films and turning it on its head. It embraces the stupidity of its concept too, by constantly acknowledging that Hill and Tatum are way too old to be posing as high school kids, or by having Ice Cube play the stereotypical black police captain from every 80s movie ever, and then outright acknowledging that. In a hilarious early scene Schmidt and Jenko's roles are reversed, with the jock forced to pose as the nerd and the nerd posing as the jock. 21 Jump Street thrives on the unexpected.

Many were initially unsure how Channing Tatum would perform, as he is an actor who has never headlined in any major comedies before. While Jonah Hill is without a doubt the star, having had tons of experience in films like Superbad and Knocked Up, Tatum does a fine job as well and the two actors have great chemistry together. In movies like this with two main leads, the rapport between them can make or break the film. With 21 Jump Street, it absolutely makes it.

That's ultimately why the movie works as well as it does. Any successful comedy needs real stakes. Otherwise, it just feels like a series of Saturday Night Live sketches with no real purpose. A few years ago, Superbad was extremely successful not just for being a goofy and raunchy comedy, but also for having a believable high school friendship at its core. Similarly, 21 Jump Street works because the friendship between its protagonists feels real, and as a result there are real emotional stakes to go along with the satire. Driving this silly, raunchy comedy is a truly interesting story about popularity and friendship in high school, and about how you might act differently if you could go back as an adult. It's easily the funniest comedy in well over a year, but it's not just a vehicle for jokes: 21 Jump Street tells a great story, too.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller seem to love surprising us. As with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump Street is a movie nobody expected to be great. Its brilliance lies in the fact that it knows all of your complaints ahead of time. Think it sounds like a cheap cash crab based on an 80s property? They make a joke about that. Think Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are too old to play high school kids? They make a joke about that too. It's extremely clever and always two steps ahead of the audience. But what really stands out about 21 Jump Street is that it's not just an enjoyable and hilarious time at the theater, it also tells a genuinely interesting and emotionally compelling story, developing its characters in a way you probably wouldn't anticipate from a raunchy high school comedy.
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