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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Stanley Kubrick
Patrick Magee as Mr Alexander
Michael Bates as Chief Guard
John Clive as Stage Actor
Adrienne Corri as Mrs. Alexander
Carl Duering as Dr. Brodsky
Paul Farrell as Tramp
Clive Francis as Lodger
Michael Gover as Prison Governor
Miriam Karlin as Catlady
James Marcus as Georgie
Aubrey Morris as Deltoid
Godfrey Quigley as Prison Chaplain
Storyline: Protagonist Alex DeLarge is an "ultraviolent" youth in futuristic Britain. As with all luck, his eventually runs out and he's arrested and convicted of murder and rape. While in prison, Alex learns of an experimental program in which convicts are programed to detest violence. If he goes through the program, his sentence will be reduced and he will be back on the streets sooner than expected. But Alex's ordeals are far from over once he hits the mean streets of Britain that he had a hand in creating.
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One of the most over-rated films ever
I really do not see the great appeal of the movie version of "A Clockwork Orange". I have never read the book, but I bet many others have not either. It seems to me that a lot of people who urge other watchers of the film to ignore the violent parts and to concentrate on the storyline -- it seems that they themselves miss the point of the movie. The book is apparently different, but the film makes no moral claims as to the character Alex, other than the weak assertion that he is evil. As the last shot shows, Alex in the movie has not been changed by the therapy, nor by those who attempt revenge on him. This doesn't seem too profound to me, and I am glad a much greater film, "The French Connection", which makes no attempts (and therefore doesn't fail in its attempt) at moralizing, beat out "A Clockwork Orange" for Best Picture. Please, people -- if you're going to say stuff like, "BEST FILM EVER. PERIOD," then at least pick a film that has a pulse. "A Clockwork Orange" utilizes those classic Kubrick-style wide-angle shots that are wonderful for the eye, but which also lack "feeling". In other words, they worked very well in the sterile atmosphere of "2001:A Space Odyssey" but did not work so well in the human world of "A Clockwork Orange". Another thing: what's up with that scene in which Alex and his Droogs are riding through the country in their car? Those are some pretty cheesy effects -- the use of an obviously stationary car in front of a moving picture, to give the entirely unrealistic effect of a moving car. And the drunkard in the second scene on the street: could he be any more of a caricature, waving his bottle in his hand wildly, while slumped against pavement and singing an old diddy? Sometime I will read the book, so Kubrick's sometimes amateurish adaptation will be cleansed from my memory.
Near Perfection. A brilliantly harrowing portrayal of social depravity, state and media manipulation of life, the selfishness and greed of our species, and the fact that every single one of us has equal capacity to be evil, good, right, wrong, kind, murderous and just about everything you can think of, as well as the power that various external forces, such as music, have to manipulate, change and influence a human being.
Sick and Disturbing, But Ultimately Brilliant
Stanley Kubrick directed and co-wrote this wild and crazy film which deals with a murdering, stealing, and raping Malcolm McDowell and his small gang of thugs in a not-too-distant future. They are in London and by night they terrorize anyone and everyone who they want. When McDowell is betrayed by his fellow mates, he is put into prison and is subjected to an experimental therapy which works wonders for the youth. Now the thought or sight of violence is sickening to him. He also grows sick of Beethoven's music, which he once loved, because of its use in the experiment. When he is freed, he runs into all those who he crossed in his past and they all have revenge in mind for McDowell. McDowell ultimately tries suicide to escape his life, he fails, and is then given a formal apology from the state and is reverted back to the way he was in the beginning. "A Clockwork Orange" is ultimately sick and disturbing, but conveys some real strong messages in unconventional ways. Kubrick shows that there are some solutions to various problems, but many times those solutions cause new problems that are just as nasty, if not more so, than the first set. McDowell shines in his role. His character is basically the only three-dimensional person in the movie and it is meant to be that way. The other characters are meant to be somewhat flat and under-developed to show just how alone McDowell is in his twisted world. Overall a great film and easily one of Kubrick's best. 5 stars out of 5.
A Brilliant, Startling, and Unforgettable Film
I became an instant Kubrick fan once I saw 2001, and I became even more hooked when i saw Dr. Strangelove. A Clockwork Orange solidified my belief that Kubrick is bar none the greatest director ever. This truly unique sci-fi film remains the most disturbing movie I have seen, and it's 35 years old.

The fact that this film lost Best Picture to The French Connection puzzles me and yet, at the same time, doesn't surprise me. The Academy could never reward such a daring film as this, especially a science fiction film. 35 years later, this movie would still warrant a hard R rating, if not a near NC-17. The way that Kubrick puts the violence in the film like it's no big deal is really scary and disturbing, which makes the movie marvelous.

The cinematography and editing of this picture are truly mind-blowing. From the opening image of the anti-hero, Alex, staring down the camera, to the eerie ending shot, you cannot keep your eyes off of the screen. The way the film was shot remains cutting edge to this day, and you'd be amazed at how long the takes are and how mind-blowing the cinematography is. And one could never forget the sex scene, basically a motion blur, to the William Tell Overture. The use of slow-motion was also used perfectly, a breath of fresh air in a time where it is used sloppily and for no reason.

The direction is like none other. The rape scenes are unflinchingly done, and the sporadic and flashy style (rendered cliché by films such as Saw) makes for some of the triipiest scenes on film. Kubrick did wonders with the camera and made for an insane trip, with a startling message of violence in our youth and the effects of a government experiment. One must watch this movie more than once to truly appreciate it.

What really, really makes the film so incredible is Malcolm McDowell. His portrayal of Alex, a young delinquent who entertains himself with violence and rape, is truly one of the greatest performances on film. His nasty sneer and devilish performance is flawless. You can see the way he holds back a grin when he says he's going into jail for murder, and during the treatment scenes, his delight turning to utter shock is unforgettably real. He makes the film what it is: a classic.

As much as I have gushed about the movie, it is definitely not for the faint of heart. The rape scenes get very out of control, and the subject matter is incredibly disturbing. However, if you keep an open mind and aren't a stupid teenager who will watch it for some T & A, you'll realize how amazing of a film this is, and how well it holds up after three and a half decades.
The parody in MAD Magazine titled 'A Clockwork Lemon' is the perfect review for this film
Well, I like countless others was swept in to watching this supposed Classic by the reviews and the acclaim, however one thing struck me as odd, why did Roger Ebert give this film a bad review? Well I had to find out. I started watching the film with uncertainty and was initially haunted by its opening theme when the title flashed on screen. The opening scene, as the camera zoomed outwards, tingled my dislike for the film, the nudity of the female statues. I thought to myself, well this was expected, but as I watched on, due to the violent scenes, including the fight with the other gang and the rape of the writers wife; I started to feel an extreme revulsion towards the film and switched the screen off. Then I thought to myself, it might get better, so I continued. But it only got worse. My 1 star out of 10 review for this film is because any director, even Stanley Kubrick, who seeks to glorify violence and nudity will never stay in my good books. On top of this grotesque and dirty scenery, violence and nudity was coupled with the mesmerizing music of perhaps the greatest composer to have ever lived, Ludwig Van Beethoven. This was where I put my foot down, for, as Alex says, when he is being tortured with Beethoven's music by being showed violence with it, that it is sin. Stanley Kubrick has committed sin and the writer of the book is absolutely demented. Instead of this film, another one that portrays the oppressive nature of governments, systems and organisations that attempt to control our choices; and leave us without the freedom to choose, 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' should be watched because without nudity and extremely less violence it conveys its message. And the book was written and published the same year as Clockwork. This film(Orange) is a complete and utter failure and those who like it only prove that like Alex they also have a taste for the old ultra violence.
Entertaining and well-made, but overrated
A Clockwork Orange is a movie with a cult following, Kubrick is a director with a cult following. I think its reputation is a bit over-hyped, personally. It seems to me there are opportunities where we could have been allowed to feel empathy with Alex, but instead Kubrick just gives us the thug's joke-y, flat inner monologue or funny melodrama. It's a shame, because I think Kubrick would have dug that. Kubrick is not all chill. There are moments of real emotion in his movies, but when Alex is scared or sad or angry, it all seems like a joke. Even if this was intentional, it could have been a better movie.
I am reminded of the Emperor's Clothes...
After reading the reviews of the 250+ opinions of this film I am reminded of the Emperor's Clothes... and after reviewing this film again I can clearly state he has none. This film is Gratuitous in it's Violence of a Physical, Sexual and Mental type the 70's spawned. Kubrick is NOT God he is a director who pushed the envelope with great success. Best thing I can say about A Clockwork Orange is that its disturbing... the Worst is that it's an over rated waste of celluloid.
A Clockwork Orange feels more like a disturbing, explicit and dangerous mess, rather than depicting mature, violent themes on screen.
Original Score: 1.5/4 Movie: **1/2 (2.5/5) Quality: **1/2 (2.5/5)

Notice: This film is BANNED in Malaysia, I found an imported copy of a licensed DVD of the film at my school library, that's how I got to witness the film for myself. I meself promised meself never to go anywhere near this daunting film, but I did, and its might have taught me something, but it has scared me even more so.

What the hell is this film trying to do? Scare us? Tell us something? Or both? I wouldn't say so. A Clockwork Orange feels more like a disturbing, explicit and dangerous mess, rather than depicting mature, violent themes on screen. With a great song being misused in the film that it perhaps leaves behind a few bad memories when one returns to the film which featured that song as an icon.

The film's dialogue, performances design and images certainly has got something to say when it comes to "What's right and what's wrong." Though some might be offended very badly with the film's "Ultra" explicity.

Actually, it is a look into crime and punishment, obsession and the pains of getting out of obsession. Albeit presented in Ultra-Ultra unpleasant ways that could be more explicit and disturbing than one might imagine. It isn't gory or violent as one might imagine, only explicit and disturbing to the beat. The only knowledge of preparation one must have before an initial viewing of the film, is one's mental shield of relevance must be fully charged. Mine was, and you'll see why, and why it is almost fully drained after segmented viewings, spanned over a single day that complete a single complete viewing of "A Clockwork Orange" itself.

The various problems with the film is with its strong and extreme "Adult" Content that is presented on screen itself. So much that some might not rewatch it again, so much that censorship is going to pull out the film from being shown, so much that it could offend the intelligence of audiences. Including, your humble reviewer here. Sure, the content does tone down at times, however at the explicit "Nudity" moments I would grab a wide, long and thin book from my school bag (I watched it in the school library) and hold it in front of me in such a way that I myself am blocked from view of FULL FRONTAL NUDITY (Especially female) presented on screen. Nudity is a particular element that I cannot stand, for I shall not fall for any of that "Sexual content" that I have been fighting off.

The film "it" is. It is to depict a dark, dystopian future of Britain. Starring a gang of boys who's interests are sex and violence. And when their leader, Alex Delarge (Actor: Malcom McDowell), is betrayed by his own gang members and being arrested for a murder he had committed (his friends didn't defend him). Sent to prison, he volunteers for a brand new treatment method to reform his ways and cure his sinful obsessions.

There he is, a repentant criminal, and accepting treatment, also humbly narrates his journey. A fictional one, to be exact. Somehow, as disturbing as it is from the start to the midpoint of the film, that point's where the sharp point arises, and where the Razor sharp disturbance tunes down its high piercing frequencies. Provokes thoughts about repelling violence and sexuality at the same time forcing us to think with its disturbance. But somehow, it feels more like a mess than a piece of work infused with philosophy. It is both at once, I suppose.

I would very much prefer the treatment to work on both Alex and other citizens who need help. To allow the power of science to solve society's troubles with violence and lust, is exactly one of the ways to demolish some of the greatest crimes and sins of humanity from both society and the world. So why that ending? Alex was cured with the treatment, no more of that sex, violence and young juvenile delinquency. If the effects have worn off, give it another go. Or more irreparable damage could happen. That damage would be permanent if it happens. Remember: "What's done, cannot be undone." Therefore it is best that crime doesn't happen even once.

Messy in a sense with its scenes of nudity, and its disturbing images, Alongside of the background music (Which consists mostly of classical music.) that heightens both the humor and the disturbance. (However this is no laughing matter, I hope the actors are alright during the filming process, I hope that none of them are hurt because they had to do this. Also, this is what you will define AS COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT DARK HUMOR!) Never before have I been so worried and disturbed by a film, although it was rather a quick recovery from the experience, I've learned a few things and only those few things only, is that one must never take a single footstep into the path of crime.

How should a film depict certain common problems shared by human beings in its "Virtual Reality"? Only in the moderate ways and not the X Rated ways. Do it that way and it'll spark controversy and more negativity. Bearing with the film's content all the way through, it didn't let me enjoy myself in any possible way, neither felt any guilty pleasure in any sense for the reason being of watching it for a purpose.

That's why if it was expressed in a less explicit way it'll tell the audiences something more or in a better way without scaring them to the extent of being offended and depressed. Neither results were my feelings, however, worried I am, about how others would feel.
I truly don't understand why so many people hold this piece of crap in such high regard. I think the premise of the film is o.k. and there is enough material there to really make a quality film, but what was presented, is virtually unwatchable. Here we are shown, what is supposed to be violent street hooligans, but what I saw was wimpy looking, makeup wearing, nerds who dress in matching jumpsuits and sing show tunes while committing violent acts. What am I missing?

For me to admire such a piece of art, I would have to find this believable and I certainly don't. Even if I were tripping on acid, I wouldn't find this movie believable or enjoyable.
... a hugely original and stylish film that is compelling and very shocking.
A Clockwork Orange is a powerful and disturbing film that never seems to even attempt to condemn the violence it shows. It is extremely stylish in its look and sound with outrageous costumes and sets and a sinister electronic soundtrack often based on works of Beethoven. Malcolm MacDowell gives an extraordinary performance as Alex, the film's protagonist. For the first half of the film Alex is cold and unfeeling but once he has been imprisoned and given a shocking new conditioning therapy, he becomes a sympathetic character, someone whose life has been destroyed by a cruel justice system. The scene in which Alex goes back to his home after his release and is thrown out by his parents is actually quite moving as you really feel for the character however cruel and heartless he has been earlier in the film. The scene in which Alex is actually given the conditioning therapy and forced to watch scenes of extreme violence is one of the most terrifying and disturbing scenes ever made. Kubrick injects A Clockwork Orange with moments of very dark humour throughout. This adds to the shocking nature of the violence as most scenes of violence are actually played for laughs, however sick they are. The only bad thing about Kubrick's film is that he changes the ending from the original one in Anthony Burgess' novel. The original gives the message that the only thing that will reform a criminal is if he wants to change himself. Kubrick seems to be saying that someone like Alex cannot change at all and the evil inside him is always there. Overall,a hugely original and stylish film that is compelling and very shocking. A Clockwork Orange will not be to everyone's taste but watch it with an open mind and you will see what is possibly one of the best films of the last 30 years.
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