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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ridley Scott
Tom Skerritt as Dallas
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
John Hurt as Kane
Ian Holm as Ash
Yaphet Kotto as Parker
Bolaji Badejo as Alien
Storyline: A commercial crew aboard the deep space towing vessel, Nostromo is on its way home when they pick an SOS warning from a distant planet. What they don't know is that the SOS warning is not like any other ordinary warning call. Picking up the signal, the crew realize that they are not alone on the spaceship when a alien stowaway is on the cargo ship.
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Classic horror
The further we go in special effects, the more movies show us and ignore the unseen, the more people will return to dark horrors like this one.

It's hard to look at this film without considering the sequels and knowing the alien itself, however when made the alien was mostly unseen and a mystery. It's difficult to forget what you've seen, but it's important to approach this film first if possible rather than joining the series late.

It's amazing that this is over 20 years old - apart from the actors looking so young, the film doesn't feel dated at all. The sci-fi visions here are still bleak and futuristic as they were then - this is not the Star Trek vision of the future. The foreboding exists long before John Hurt spills his secret, Scott's direction is excellent throughout. Once the alien is "born" the tension is cranked up and the characters dispatched one by one (a formula we know oh-so well now!)

However here the characters are not merely alien-food but have some dimension to them. Weaver is excellent, while the support cast is full of great support actors (Stanton, Kotto, Hurt, Skerritt, Holm), but of course the real star is the one we see least of.

We barely see the alien in full detail, most of the time it is set in shadows, moving with deadly intent.The alien here is not simply a killing machine as seen in later films but is cruel with it. Witness the alien trap a female crew member and slowly rub up her leg, moving with slow seductive movements before moving with terrifying speed to kill another crew member sneaking up behind it. The slow movements betray the alien's pure cruelty.

The film is a study in terror. It may not be as action packed as the other films in the series but it brings the claustrophobia of being hunted to a new level.

One of the best movies ever made!
I give it a 10/10 without doubt. I am not giving it a 10/10 out of compassion but because of the creative and cinematographic (relative)perfection. Please mind that even though it has a new directors cut re-release, this movie is actually a full 25 years old!!! Even when you watch it now it stands it own and that is the magnificence of the art-director and of Ridley Scott, the film director.

Ah then you get to see one of the best (or simply the best) female action heroes ever created on screen. Sigourney Weaver is just so memorable. Please don't forget that the brilliance of this movie launched a whole quadrology. That itself is a testament to this first one: Alien. The second one Aliens directed by James Cameroon is an epic in itself but much of the foundation was (perhaps inadvertently) laid by Ridley Scott in this movie. Please note another side effect was that female heroes were used by Hollywood after this movie in very big productions.

Each shot, each scene and sequences build up the film in a fantastic manner that is old school but still so difficult to achieve. It is like Da Vinchi's painting. It is old school style. But still difficult to do. Story is about the crew of a mining ship who end up with an alien while answering an SOS call. Alien: not as in an illegal immigrant (er.. this is not a political movie about borders and immigration...) Alien as in the most scary creature ever devised. Truly alien. In every way it is so brilliant.

I had a great experience when I watched it again. Definitely one of the all time greatest movies.
Timless horror/sci-fi classic.
First time I saw Alien I was about 12 years old back in 87, and I saw it alone. Cant describe the feeling. I've never been so scared and fascinated. The day after I saw Aliens. I cant never ever forget those two days. Pure movie magic! Today in 2017, I've must have seen Alien about 20 times. The movie never fails. I learn to love something new about it every time as I get older. From my viewing in 2017 I was struck by the FANTASTIC score of Jerry Goldsmith. I've listened to the soundtrack 3 months now. Its ART and it stand on its own. The whole movie is art. MINIMALISTIC ART with great atmosphere, acting, special effects, cinematography, music, and everything else...

I strongly recommend Alien for all eternity.
One of the best films ever made
Not much to say that hasn't been said about Alien. I am doing my small part to pump the rating up to a solid 9 where it belongs.

I saw this on the big screen during it's opening week when I was 11 in a REAL theater - huge (holding 1075 people), packed house, spring-rocking seats, 70mm film, six track Dolby...wondrous. I have watched Alien at least 50 times since and I will never grow tired of it.

The overall mood of the film is chilling and suspenseful. The detail and sheer beauty of the Nostromo's interior is stunning. I could easily watch an entire hour of slow, sweeping pans of the rooms and corridors alone. Nothing before or since has ever come close.

The special effects in Alien are fantastic by any standard. Yes, there is one scene in which someone attempts to stand something upright on a table and another where something appears to be moving on a dolly that reveal some limitations, but these are more than acceptable trade-offs for the realism of makeup versus CGI. I am sure the editors wished they had a few more takes to work with, but they did their best with the shots they had and these very minor flaws do not detract.

I would have thought that by now, CGI would be a match for "old-fashioned" silicone and makeup, but sadly no. CGI still looks fake and has never produced a single, believable, creature or superhero in all these years. Ever. I find that very sad. I don't know if it is because the technology for realism just isn't here yet or if it is simply a lack of human talent in adding in the "imperfections" that make things look real. I suspect it's a combination of both plus a lack of budget for the time it would take and I don't think we will see real-looking CGI for at least another 30 years. I wish more films today would shun CGI altogether. Models, silicone and makeup are far superior. Come on CGI effects teams - CATCH UP!

Well, that's my rant on CGI... But although the sets and effects are wonderful, Alien is not a special effects film. It is pure suspense and horror in a sci-fi setting, done to perfection.

Alright that's enough. If you are the one person alive who hasn't seen this, what are you waiting for? If sci-fi or slow suspense is not your cup of tea, so be it. It takes all kinds to make a world, but give it a shot - give it its due. Alien is truly an amazing work of art.
The film that started it all
I'm writing this review not because I think 'Alien' needs another 5* review, but because I read a post on an internet message board by someone saying, 'I can't believe this piece of junk is considered scary!' So, I re-watched Alien, trying to see if I could see where this poster was coming from. I guess there are now two types of viewers. The first - like me - grew up on Alien in the late seventies/early eighties, where it was one of the most ahead of its time films ever made. It started off the whole 'monster-munching' movie genre, where a lone creature stalks and eliminates a team/crew/whatever one by one. There have been countless B-movies made since its release in 1979 which have tried - unsuccessfully - recapture its look, feel and financial viability, but pretty much all have failed.

Then you have the new generation - those who have grown up with 'Avatar' as the 'normal' quality of film. It's fair to say that Avatar is a vastly superior film to Alien, but only because it has the budget etc. If you're used to seeing thousands of alien creatures fighting over a mystical landscape, watching a single creature (which, as some times, comes across very much as a bloke in a suit) jump out of the darkness about five times in two hours, comes as a bit of a let-down.

However, when it comes to purity, Alien will beat pretty much every movie ever made (even its highly-regarded successor, 'Aliens,' which - although also excellent, is not as pure as the original, as it blends genres more).

If you know Alien and generally appreciate horror and/or science-fiction, you'll probably already love it. However, if you're new to the genre and primarily are used to modern filming techniques, you may have to put yourself in the place of the audiences back in 1979, who had never seen such a claustrophobic and tense piece of horror.

The xenomorph itself, now looking a little dated (in my opinion the dragon-thing at the end of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland looked more horrific!) may not cut it compared with modern special effects, but - again - it was way ahead of its time. Alien will stand the test of (cinematic) time. Film history will always have a place of it (and Aliens), just don't go thinking that films have always been made the way Avatar and Lord of the Rings have.
A Classic Sci-Fi Masterpiece
With an impressive cast of talented actors and an amazing director it's easy to say that Alien is a classic even if it's slow as a film and has only one Alien in the entire film it still has you on the edge of your seat it's a well made masterpiece with great performances by everyone especially Sigourney Weaver as Ripley this was the time when films were actually awesome another great thing about the movie is the practical effects and the costume is really great the Alien skull is kinda stupid tho but still cool. Alien is like The Terminator it started as horror and then went to action, if you like Sci-Fi you gonna love this movie. 9 out of 10.
This guy should have directed Prometheus
What? It's the same guy? Can't be! The only reason I went back to Alien is 'cause I just saw Prometheus. You know. The one that is supposedly not a prequel to Alien but is nothing but that.

I think the problem with Ridley Scott is that he was able to get his teeth into the script process in his latter films. I would have to imagine that he was controlled and was far away from the screenplay for Alien, since this is far better than Prometheus.

Unlike the latter, I liked and was invested in the characters of Alien. I couldn't figure out why 'cause the presentation of such was so similar. Then I realized that it was 'cause they were workin' class people. The title card says it's a mining vessel. My mind then made the connection due to real life and past caricatures. Then the quality acting helped, too.

And characters were the main problem in Prometheus. Ill-defined and vague. I didn't care. (The mohawk guy was portrayed as a no-nonsense in-it-for-the-money guy. That's the blueprints for a mercenary or gun for hire. Not a geologist.) I miss the sci-fi of the 70s and 80s. Sure, the computer graphics were silly compared to today. Along with all the blinking lights that obviously had no purpose. But the models had dimension and the shooting style had grit. And story was king.

The best part of Alien is that it could breath. Slow and steady but it all had a purpose and was interesting. But then dozens and dozens of horror movies took that as "kill time for 45-minutes and then start the movie".

Then someone thought they could second-guess the process and invited the marketing guys to the table. What a bad decision!
Wow...Just, wow....
I am speechless... This is just one of the best movies ever made. Ridley Scott, you've done well... Mixing such an old, boring plot with new elements, making it better than the both of the things.

Sigounery Weever is a great actor in this! She shows that gender for a protagonist really doesn't matter. The xenomorph alien looks so scary! It is one of the scariest movie monsters ever to exist in movie history!

This is both a sci-fi and horror film, and perfectly balances between the two, like, I can't even, OK?

10/10. There is nothing wrong with it. This movie is an absolute masterpiece.
A forefather to horror
Alien (1979) is easily one of the greatest horror films of its time, and is still today. The atmosphere it provides along with the setting go hand in hand. Providing an almost claustrophobic environment with nowhere to truly run and hide. With its tag line, 'In space no one can hear you scream,' becomes true. The characters having no one to contact or to run away being that they're blanketed by space. The unique personalities of all the characters make them each interesting for their own ways. And the build up and tension created by the movie allows for the scares to come much easier. This has been and may forever be my favorite movie.
This movie is the best horror movie ever! It has a very spooky feeling and you can watch this movie over and over again and never gets boring. In my opinion I think alien is better than aliens but that is a question of taste. Sigournew Weaver is an excellent actress and really gets the movie to be that spooky that it really is. When I said that is a classic movie, I really mean it. It has has mystery, entertaining and very good actors. Even that the film was made in 1979 it still feels very good and new in some way. The cons of this movie is that the computers in this film is old, but that dos not have a big deal, and you don't notice it to much. Overall this movie really shows what a horror movie looks like and I give it a big thumbs up and I would love to see it again.
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