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Drama, Biography, Music
IMDB rating:
Benny Boom
Deray Davis as Legs (as DeRay Davis)
Ronald Brooks as Money B
Chris Clarke as Shock G
Annie Ilonzeh as Kidada Jones
Katerina Graham as Jada Pinkett
Cory Hardrict as Nigel
Dominic L. Santana as Suge Knight
Hill Harper as Interviewer
Lauren Cohan as Leila Steinberg
Jamal Woolard as Biggie
Jamie Hector as Mutulu
Danai Jekesai Gurira as Afeni Shakur
Storyline: Tells the true and untold story of prolific rapper, actor, poet and activist Tupac Shakur. The film follows Shakur from his early days in New York City to his evolution into being one of the world's most recognized and influential voices before his untimely death at the age of 25. Against all odds, Shakur's raw talent, powerful lyrics and revolutionary mind-set propelled him into becoming a cultural icon whose legacy continues to grow long after his passing. ALL EYEZ ON ME stars Kat Graham, Lauren Cohan, Hill Harper, Jamal Woolard, Danai Gurira and Demetrius Shipp Jr. as Tupac Shakur.
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Terrible film. Just bunch of random scenes with no story
Damn!! Had the so called pleasure of seeing this so called Biopic of Tupac today, and well as you can see by my rating and the title it is not good. But do not think i am a hater, I love most films. And for the people who know me, they know how much I admire and love Pac. So it was incredible disappointing to see this garbage. It baffles me how even the actors involved were okay with this. This film has just bunch of random scenes, which have no connection to one an another and no introduction to lead them in, it was like the writers, and i do mean writers! because there was 3 decided to put random scenes and then were like "How are we going to connect them? what will be their part in the overall story" and the director replied "Who cares, we will show the audience the progression from Tupac from child to adult and have it in between interview with him, trust me it will look cool" But it didn't. Not only that, but some of them were not introduced or had any real meaning to the story, while others were complete lies. Jada Pikett-Smith came out and said every scene involving her was a lie and never happened! What?! Gotta be joke, right?... Nope, its true. She came out and publicly said it. I cant believe that after such great story telling biopics like Notorious B.I.G and N.W.A we get this piece of trash! I'm sorry but this movie was terrible. They made Pac look like an idiot. its that simple, he listened and agreed with people in the film from first contact, his actions and rise to fame were overlooked by him acting like a spoilt brat. his charisma and portrayal of thug life, gangster type was non-existent as he coward back from any real decision in the film. Do yourself a favor and watch Tupac: Resurrection 2003 documentary then this film! It is much better.
Just a big disappointment of a Insult to a Legend!
When I first saw the trailer, I wasn't in no way wanting to see this film. I knew this was going to sucks (Which is why I missed it, but eventually got around watching it online). I had a "Yin and the Yang" thinking that if there already a good movie (Straight Outta Compton), and there a possibility there will be a bad one (This film), and boy my prediction was surprisingly correct. This film was just a disgrace towards the man, just a big disappointment. Too much in this movie is just disappointing, like they just fails really.

The first big disappointment is that the tag-praise "The untold story of Tupac Shakur", just misleading because the stuff we already know like him being in Prison, him getting shot, getting shot the other time, getting signed to Interscope, leaving interscope to get signed to Death Row, the sexual assault charges, all of that is in this film which is neat but the issue is we already know about all of this, it is not at all "Untold". Another is they don't even go though these events, we just have about 3-5 minutes of watching it, then onto the next scene. No explanation at all.

Even the stuff we didn't even know like the poem scene, are made-up for this film, which is just insulting, and another is they left-out a-lot of things like the groups "Outlawz" and "Thug Life" as well the Movement, his support for Anti-Violence towards women (Despite he did mention he will never rape, but that just like what anyone would say), his Step-father, and most notably the "East Coast and West Coast Rivalry", which lead in to an nonsensical scene (Spoiler Alert) in which he telling Death Row East that he despise everything about them, which according to someone like me who knows a-lot about 2pac and Biggie (No, I'm not a crazed Fanboy) I understand why, because it most likely because of his relationship with Biggie, but it just doesn't makes sense to a audience member, because Biggie have little-no-do with these guys and it all probably because of the Rivalry which they never really shows, so therefor.

The biggest disappointment (And I save this for last) the ending. Just really, now if you saw the Notorious film ending they showed like what his legacy was like in the East Coast Hip-hop scene, basically paying tribute to him, but here however (Spoiler Alert) after 2pac was shot for the second time (And this time permanently) it just ends, well not really, but it kinda went like that, in which after he was shot, a text came on the screen, mentioning he dies a few days later and then it ends, just still that kinda make you reacts "Come on, that the best you can come-up". Really just shows they're so lazy making this, which shows lack of Emotional and powerful meaning, like there no-one else feeling emotional about his death, except for Suge Knight, but no-one that is at least likable.

A-lot of bad acting (Especially Snoop, seriously a voice-over in a all-live-action film, that just brilliant), terrible praising (Which I already mentioned), Mistakes that are like things that never even happened like again the poem scene and Suge saying Pac owns Death Row East (Back to that issue, well kinda) and just over-all a sloppy film. There good things about it like Biggie who I'm surprise they cast the same dude who played him in Notorious but nor he can even saved this film, as he pretty much a minor character (Going back to the Rivalry issue), and 2pac's mother was kinda done well by that Walking Dead chick, but the downfall comparing to her performance (A general political ex-leader) and 2pac's actual mother, just meh.

If you like this movie, that fine, I don't really care honestly, you have the rights of your opinion, but this still was in-fact a disgrace, and I still don't understand how this was a commercial success, but it gotten its place at critically, and you already knew that I understand why.
A pop culture drama concentrating on a particular community
In a biopic a story can't be changed or modified to make it better ,but the direction acting and scene time either uplifts the movie or drops it . The movie is full of showcasing pop culture and effects on racism. Although there were a few good dialogues uplifting the movie . It seemed like a couple of vague scenes mixed to gather to make it a movie . The songs entertained the most in the movie . Poor acting and editing made movie look long and never-ending . There weren't any particular inspiration or take away from the movie . Instead it gave a impression to ignore all wrong doers get exploited , don't stand up against the oppressor , maybe that's how the story had happened. Anyway , if you are looking for a song based pop culture entertainment , do watch it .
Like a mashup YouTube documentary
The hype about this movie was unreal. Things like "We will make Biigie's movie look like a cartoon" were flying around everywhere....

What a colossal disappointment. To have the life of such a person and character like Tupac and mess it up this bad, takes a special kind of bad. I thought that a small scale studio would have done a better job in exploring some unknown past but instead it focused on all the mainstream points of his life trying to shove a song anywhere they could.

The whole movie had zero flow, nothing seems to connect to the previous or future scene. It just feels like a mash-up documentary that someone made on Youtube and threw in a few Tupac songs.

The point of the movie was to make people discover and appreciate the personality, vision and spirit of Tupac. To show that he was a visionary and more than just another "rapper" from the block who cares about money, ice and women. Tupac was like shown as someone who is only hungry for glory and needs to settle some score instead of reaching out to people and connecting with them through music.

I can't really find one good thing about the movie except the Tupac's mom who only felt like a real person. The rest of the cast is flat out trash with no previous experience acting anywhere.

If you are a fan of Tupac, avoid this garbage at all costs...
Some dude that was allegedly cleared of something named Parker . . .
. . . ended his flick "BIRTH OF A NATION" (aka, WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE GRAPES OF WRATH) with a message printed on-screen claiming that the ONLY way to deal with Urban Unrest back in the 1800s was through a thorough axle greasing (which gave rise to the expression, "The squeaky wheel gets greased"). Now Director Benny Boom carries this theme forward with another True American Story, ALL EYEZ ON ME. Mr. Boom makes it clear that the protagonist of this Tragic Tale emerged from a deep gene pool of UltraViolent Urban Guerillas, not unlike Parker's earlier Nat Turner Doomed Hero. Abraham Lincoln was 22 years old when Nat got greased, causing this Great Emancipator to found the G.O.P. on a Repatriation Platform. Though as President, Abe was gunned down like NAACP Leader Tupac Shakur, Grateful Americans carved a giant replica of him on Mount Rushmore for his Great Idea. ALL EYEZ ON ME carries Parker's saga of Nat forward nearly 200 years to prove that America is NOT a safe or suitable environment for transplants with the characteristics of Nat and Tupac. It shows Tupac causing the death of a six-year-old from his own clan in a public park, while committing numerous other felonies against his misplaced cohorts. It also depicts some guy named "Shug" engaging in countless violent felonies, as well as a stray prison-yard murder as another example of fraternal warfare. The U.S. Government is justly criticized for wasting nearly half its budget to lock up nearly all the Urban Males, and many of their Moms, such as Tupac's. Leader Trump MUST redirect a small fraction of this "corrections" budget to implement Abe Lincoln's own Grand Correction plan of repatriating a kidnapped, hostage population to the more suitable environment from which it sprang. Leader Trump should start with the Will and Jada Smith Crime Syndicate, which the ALL EYEZ ON ME whistle-blowers finger for Tupac's slaying, if not Shug's. The Streets of Chicago have been stained with ENOUGH blood, let alone L.A., Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, etc. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favor of Leader Trump's Muslim Deportation Proposal recently, so it seems unlikely to scotch an idea adopted from the also revered Abe Lincoln which will curtail any more of this ALL EYEZ ON ME-style UltraViolence.
So disappointed
I'm just going to keep it short and sweet. I'm a huge 2pac fan. This movie definitely did not do him justice. The first half pre-death row days was by far the best part of the movie. I've been anticipating this movie for almost two years. It's no where near the caliber of Straight Out of Compton. It's probably better than Notorious though. So much was left out and things added that were not needed and out of order.
All Eyez On Me a good but Impossible to make biopic
We all waited so long for this biopic to be projected on the big screen and it's finally here ; all the more for me who lives in France and had to drive to Luxembourg because the movie was not produced in my country. Is All Eyez On Me worth watching? My answer is "yes absolutely". Does it come up close to the expectations that you had ? "No, absolutely not".

First of all, let me say that I read lots of film critics and critics from users that had already influenced my opinion on this movie before I even went to watch it in the theater. I felt it would be a total disaster. But everything I can say is: "haters gonna hate". For the people complaining about the structure of the movie, I personally did not see any problem with it and the sadly well-known first hour of the movie, except for the succession of scenes that maybe was a bit too much and really slowed down the whole pace of the movie. But, what did you guys expect?! The background of Tupac Amaru Shakur, all his influences and how he rose to fame are NOT to be told in an hour. It is simply  not possible, because there is just too much to put on the screen and while making a movie you have to make choices. I really feel like the key moments of his life as well as his artistry were rightly shown. You see him playing in Hamlet, but also in the lead role of Bishop in Juice, you even get to see him play in Above the Rim and tell the story of Brenda's got a Baby in front of the producers with who he has a dispute over whether or not the song can be put in his album. You see Demetrius Shipp Jr starting a monologue in front of them eventually ending up to convince them the trademark of rap is "Truth". How is that not showing Tupac was one of a kind?! To the people who are criticizing Benny Boom for not showing the work ethic of Tupac or his energy, you definitely lack objectivity on this one. It is a 140 minutes movie, it seems evident that they are not going to focus on his work ethic 20 minutes to tell his story, it is not the main point of the movie. If you want to see or hear that stuff, go on YouTube, there are tones of these videos and stories about this. However, I feel that there was just enough hints to how he would work and the energy he would put in his music. There is a scene in a studio session where he yells at the engineer for he feels his vocals were flat and too much blend in his music. He also wakes up in the morning surrounded by hoes and writes his stuff.

I agree on the fact that we would all rather focus on his work ethic than see way too much shots of asses and hoes walking through the club. This side of Tupac is what the media depicted him as and definitely was not what characterized him as an artist. But, it is true that he had every girls at his feet so...Why not.

Demetrius' performance is on point. I really insist on the fact that the man got the Tupac part at the best that anyone could have. It's scary at times, he got every moves Tupac had. There may be only one scene where he did not do so well: the court scene. Too much head bobbing and more agitated than passionate. Other than that, you can't blame the man when seeing his performance, he had so much on his shoulders for his first role and he did great.

Few things that disappointed me was the House of Blues scene where Hail Mary is being sung...Come on that's just SO NOT TRUE... We all know that classic concert and why on earth did they not put 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted and did not give Snoop a bigger role? All the more that in one scene both agreed that this song would be a classic. Instead of that everyone sings Hail Mary along with Tupac while the album was not even released yet...

The end is also quite abrupt. Tupac is getting shot in Vegas and we hear some gospel...Black screen. I understand that the film could not had been 3 hours long, but why did they not put 15 or 20 minutes more to show the people at the hospital, or focusing on Frank Alexander and the discussion he had later on with Suge concerning the flaws in the security? It would have been way better! If you do not know what I am talking about go and see on YouTube the "Before I Wake" documentary, which provides great insight in the friendship between Frank and Tupac.

All in all, All Eyez On Me was rightly made. There are a few mistakes such as the Hail Mary or the Iphone which I do not speak about because it is not even 1 second but 0,5 milliseconds on screen... Hardcore fans will think that the movie just not goes enough in depths, but it needs to be understandable to everyone. People do not care about seeing his life at the house or his 5000 friendships. We just want his story, his influences, an insight in his way of thinking, work ethic and the movie just already shown all that, in two hours and a half, which was not enough.

They would at least need 10 hours or a series to show everything, but it is sure that it will never be made because Demetrius is tired of playing this role and the critics does not come as helpful.
Quite disappointing and saddening.
I was truly disappointed after watching the film, basically because there was a chance to portray the life and times, the ideology and thoughts, and, the black and white of a truly exceptional being who was a combination of so many beautiful, unlovely, raw, and sometimes contradictory things and turned it into 2h 19 mins of superficial shots of Wikipedia references.

Instead of introducing Tupac Shakur to an audience/generation that he may not be known to, and highlighting his significance to those who do, this film manages to render him into someone below average: No one will ever watch this movie and think "Hmmmm.... now I get what all the hype surrounding him is". No one will see this film and comprehend why Tupac's legacy is so important. No one will see this film and understand why he is what he is.

The dialogue is not of a proper standard to narrate and discuss the life of someone who was a true craftsman with words. Many key events are done in an embarrassingly corny manner (Listening to "Who shot ya?" in the jail yard, witnessing a man being beaten by police as a teenager, meeting Kidada Jones, the entire *%$#&^% thing...)

For those who are "meeting" Tupac through this film, I advise you to go and watch his interviews and read his poetry, because there's so so much more to him than this. And I think I speak for many when I say that a more skilled crew of filmmakers should redo this project, he sure does deserve it.
Completely underrated film...
This movie has gotten a lot of hate...and I don't understand it. Fantastic acting, good pace, and very accurate (at least a REAL 2Pac fan will know it is). Personally thought it was better than Straight Outta Compton, which was also a very good film. Demetrius Shipp completely embodies Tupac, it's so eerie how much he looks like him honestly. Very good movie that you should watch for yourself and ignore all critics and their opinions.
Please somebody remake that movie . Its PAC's life man . . :(
Really really big disappointment . Cant really believe this was Pac's movie. It was literally sh*t. Every scene happened too fast . The only emotion I got was when his songs were played on and you could here his voice and his lyrics. Thats it . Nothing else . No emotion . Everything you're gonna see there are just things you know. The story is poorly written . When I think about Pac , a lot of things comes to my mind such as : his lyrics , the meaning of them , his concept for the world, what he was trying to speak and to tell the world etc etc. I don't think any of them were in the movie . Neither the story with Biggie wasn't that clear as Biggie's version .I don't know just disappointed :/ :(
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