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Drama, Romance
IMDB rating:
Adam Dufour
Victoria Jackson as Dr. Carol Kennedy
Brady A. Myers as Community Service Organizer
Kaitlyn Kearschner as Samantha
Nathan-Andrew Hight as Scott Owens
Daniel Main as Mr. Reeves
Ryley Nicole as Erin
Miranda Smith as Joyce
Shelby Taylor Mullins as Rayne Davis
Diana Schmitt as Joyce's Mother
Tim Ross as Jeremy Davis
Storyline: While doing community service at a special needs home, a rebellious teenage girl develops an unlikely friendship with a young mentally handicapped man who lives there.
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God Works In The Least of These
Andy's Rainbow was a wonderfully written and produced Christian movie. This movie does not have the look or feel of a movie written, directed, and produced on a low budget. It was very well done. The story line was an emotional one because both stars had a troubled past. However, Andy's outlook on life was guided by his belief in God, where Rayne's outlook was guided by a life without God filled with hopelessness. Andy's disability did not keep him from sharing his love of God and drawing Rayne closer too. You will not leave the theater unscathed. The movie draws the viewer into caring about both of these actors. I was totally engrossed from the beginning to the end. The climax left me with tears streaming from my eyes. Kudos to the author and director for an exceptional job addressing the fact that people with disabilities have feelings and need acceptance and love just like everyone else. God's love shows us how to act, but we often forget when someone is different than us. This movie brought that fact home to me in a way that was unforgettable.
How a pure heart can pierce through a calloused heart.
What a beautiful film!!! It's impossible not to fall in love with Andy. He is sweet, charming, and guaranteed to make you chuckle once or thrice. ;) He inspires us to be motivated by the love that we receive from God rather than the highs and lows of life's punches. So well written and unpredictable. You will surely need a box of tissues. Kudos to Jacob Dufour for your performance and an amazing screenplay! Shelby Taylor Mullins was amazing!! Adam Dufour, great film! You must be proud. God is certainly pleased with you all. May you all continue to delight in the Lord as He continues to give you the desires of your hearts. You have already made a lasting impact, but there's certainly room for more in this world.
When Rayne Davis, a rebellious girl, is sentenced to community service at an institution for special needs youth, she meets Andy, a young mentally handicapped man.
This was a deep and impressive Christian movie. The lead actress was beautiful, comfortable and natural on screen. The actor who played Andy did a remarkable and convincing job of portraying a mentally handicapped young man, whose simple view of the world is insightful and honest. All of the actors were believable and well done, in spite of the fact they are, for the most part, all novice. The characters were deep and complex and changed appropriately throughout the movie. The story was well written, with a very moving story line and with an important Christian theme that highlights grace, acceptance, life, death and God's love for us all.
When a young girl comes to fulfill her community service, she meets a young man who will soon change her life.
This movie is amazing! I laughed, I cried, I loved every minute of it! A story of friendship, love, and God's love shines through and is the heart and soul of the picture. We are reminded that the "simple" things in life are often the most unique and wonderful!I related to the film because I am a care taker for special needs and challenged individuals and often times they remind me of how beautiful life is and all the blessing that come with it. I look forward to others films and projects by this group. I highly recommend this movie. It will have you engaged with the story and characters very early in the film and soon you will be in love with the story and characters. A must see!!
Fine if you wanna spend your time on religious propaganda
The overall quality of the movie is bad, with a poor storytelling and actors of second order.

I was rather annoyed by the fact that the whole point of the movie is the promotion of a rather conservative Christian agenda and that religious ideology is pushed forward especially in the final part of the movie.

As a matter of fact, I shouldn't have been surprised, since I only later realized that the movie is produced by the Amor Domini Productions ( = God's Love Productions, for those who are not familiar with Latin), whose self-description is: "Located in southern Indiana, we strive to produce inspirational, God glorifying material for all audiences".

I think that says a lot, and clarifies what the real purpose of the movie is (religious propaganda). What a waste of time!
Everything about this film screams amateur. Amateur acting, filming, sound. The cinematographer must feel pretty awful as well because those recording angles are garbage. Good idea for a film, put together horribly. From what it seems the main actor had never been taught to act, nor most of the people in this movie. Would not recommend in the slightest.
Wow! Powerful film!
I had the privilege of viewing Andy's Rainbow at the International Christian Film Festival this weekend. What an amazing and moving story! Definitely a tearjerker! The actors were extremely talented and very believable in their roles! Can't wait to see their next film! I'm a fan!
Amateur - You Bet, but...
Cons: The editing was somewhat choppy, the music mostly synthesized, and the fire was CGI.

Pro: The story.

The movie is a tad slow at times, and it probably could have been trimmed down from the nearly two hour run-time. But the story shines. I doubt it will happen, however, if a big production house picked up this script, and stuck to the essential plot, it would be absolutely amazing! I'm not saying this version wasn't great - on its budget it really was. Too many folks today want fast action and slick production, and it's those who will dismiss this little gem offhandedly.

Enough reading. If you haven't seen Andy's Rainbow, do so. Now.
Awesome Movie
An awesome movie! This movie made me cry, laugh and appreciate life! The struggle of a young lady with life and the meaning of life that shows how kindness can change a life. This movie gives hope and strength and shows where these things come from. Andy's Rainbow carefully and sympathetically shows how the deep struggles and pains of life can be turned into strength through faith. Andy's Rainbow challenges a person who has not faith to know the one who gives faith. The movie challenges a person who has faith to be faithful. A really great movie for any age. A movie that might change the fate of some teenager struggling with the will to live, and shows those who surround our young people the need for compassion.
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