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Mystery, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Keir Burrows
Yolanda Vazquez as Mariana Carter
Emma Hanson as Oxford Girl
Molly Bas as Young Ana
Joseph Teague as Maintenance Man
Julia Savill as Granny Brenda
Holly Joyce as Vice Chancellor
Casey Lawler as Sergeant Dawkins
Noah Maxwell Clarke as Stovington
James Farrar as James the Righteous
Harrie Hayes as Jill
Storyline: Anti Matter (AKA Worm) is a sci-fi noir take on the Alice in Wonderland tale. Ana, an Oxford PhD student, finds herself unable to build new memories following an experiment to generate and travel through a wormhole. The story follows her increasingly desperate efforts to understand what happened, and to find out who - or what - is behind the rising horror in her life.
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Very good film true to what scifi drama should be
I had no idea this was a low budget/indie film until I read that it was. Keep in mind there are no high tech CGI gimmicks as far as I can tell and no famous Hollywood actors in it. Still, the film was good, much better than the usual low budget drivel. The acting was really good. The director must have made a choice to not use his limited budget on CGI and that must be a good decision because low budget CGI makes a movie look like low budget. Low budget usually also shows in the props and studio setting that is used. Again, good choices must have been made so that the low budget is hidden. Excellent work. I can only imagine what this crew can do with more $$$. Thanks
Physics Students will hate this movie
Probably the stupidest movie I have ever experienced. They could stage the theory in a great way and everyone would love that. But this was very very cheap. Some people actually do not understand how to present something boring. Science is boring for most people on the planet but still they loved movies like Interstellar. The way they have played with physics, it became a joke! Total waste of time!!
Brilliant Indie with "weaponized editing"
I have said before that if I had a dollar for every "auteur" indie (where the writer and director were one and the same) that aimed for the stars but kept hitting the floor, well, I could retire.

But for every dozen or so indies that hit a brick wall, one soars. This is the one that soars.

Indeed it aims high, turning what looks like a basic "sci fi experiment gone wrong" into an existential crisis of the soul.

But it succeeds, astonishingly, at being both entertaining and bemusing.

I was glued to the screen from the beginning to the end. That seldom happens.

The actors, the script, the direction, all remind me of Hitchcock at his peak. YOU CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO THESE PEOPLE.

And the editing, OMG. This is the first film I can recall where aggressive editing was used instead of complex SFX. The editing is beyond brilliant, it moves the audience at a visceral level from scene to scene.

Okay, okay Mr. Burrows, very well done.
I'm not writing any serious stuff here just what I felt about the twist and everything. Well, I'm already spent big part of my life watching movies, lately I saw nice movies, okayish movies and the 'whatever ones'. But this thing, although it's probably not the best movie I ever saw (no offense), this piece is already something. You were doing short movies, then this, and Sir, you just made it, twisted my head, gave me bad feelings and a warm surprise which I haven't felt some time ago - you put a real shining star up in the sky.

I don't know how soon you some smart Hollywood producer will give you a buzz but I may predict right here that someone want to do a bigger budget movie out of this; I'm pretty sure.

Great story, great job, great cinematography, little cracks in the story telling but nothing seriously negative. Do you realize that you are not a student anymore, right? As you got me, I'll keep an eye out for your movies and I can recommend this to anyone who's reading this.

One more thing: Yaiza is so cool and did such a decent acting! OF course, Tom and Philippa too but Yaiza was just wooow. So overall verdict for me is an 8 which is more like 9ish but surprise factor is 10.
REALLY misleading poster/cover
Definitely watchable, but no science fiction graphics like that in the poster. Like nothing. in fact I was sure the cover was incorrect for the film. Its essentially what I'd expect if I went to a talented artist and said i need a poster made up for a movie, its science & fictional, and called antimatter. And that's it.
Good sci fi, not much science jargon
A better than average sci-fi movie. I read some other reviews about how the move starts out with a lot of confusing science jargon so I hunted it down for viewing with high hopes that maybe for once someone with a science background had written a movie script, this is NOT the case.

The catch science phrase for the movie was 'hypothesis' and was misused off and on, but admittedly it was better (the science script) than most stuff

The acting was very good, direction was quite good. The gratuitous sex stuff was a let down in that sex somehow meant two people were very much in love, this somewhat central idea of the movie would have been better served with some meaningful flashbacks of the couple sharing some quality time together in other ways.

There was some symbolism in the movie with mirrors I very much appreciated, its too bad the creators did not do anything else in that direction, but it was nice they did toss in that one scene

Good science fiction movie that was scripted out with at least a little bit of thought for a change
Emotional drama with quantum phys. paradoxes put in "macro reality"
Nothing special about the movie - except the very idea! And exactly that's where this movie move most people, assuming that they get the (popular) science presented. One must praise the effort of the production team (esp. the writer/director) for coping well with the quantum physics paradox on macro-reality level in the story. What is soul? Is it merely "a light reflection" and has weight (as do photons, relativistically eternal)? That difficult job is exactly what they achieved and made it nicely emotional and mystifying. Good acting on the behalf of young cast for that manner. Without much of budget or special effects, but there it is: a fine piece. I found it subtly touchy.

Made me wonder-off and far-out - for the cosmic and multiverse miracles against one's soul, memory, love... I expect at least some people also to spend a bit of time contemplating and reflecting about our reality, quantum paradoxes, (observer) soul and more and more accepted concept of multiverse upon watching it. It is confusing, esp. on very end. But it's how quantum micro-universe is (today at least) confusing to the best physicists and cosmologists there are too.
Weak plot
I don't have a problem with low budget movies. But they have to have a good plot, twists you don't see coming and and ending that makes some sort of sense. The premise of this film is that a scientist discovers a way to create wormholes to move matter. Her two colleagues work with her to test the wormhole machine and keep it secret so they can patent the process. They test it on marbles, Rubik's cube, plants, worm, mice, cat. Oh gee, what will they feel they need to test it on next? If you can't figure that out and foresee what will happen when one of them is the test subject you must have never watched any sci fi ever. After that the movie relies on the type of plot where no one communicates with anyone else. After boring the audience at the beginning of the movie with all the science behind the wormhole process it has a very unscientific and implausible ending. The worse part is I paid to rent this movie on Amazon, based on Rotten Tomatoes rating and now I feel I can never trust RT again.
The Nature of Man, written by people in Monkey Masks
Pop quiz hotshot, you wake up one morning and go see your friends. They are suddenly acting very evasive and hostile towards you. Do you a) ask them what is the matter and wait for an answer, or b) just ignore it and carry on as though nothing is wrong. What do you do. What do you do?

If your answer is a, welcome to the real world. If your answer is b, you will love this film. An interesting premise ruined by people deciding not to act as any normal person would do. Indeed, if they did act normally, this film would be around 30 minutes long and actually be a really good short film. Such as it is, we have to sit through an hour and a half of a mish mash of genres, to an ending that basically could've been tied up long before you get through your first handful of popcorn.

Anti Matter, or Worm, follows the story of 3 scientists who invent a wormhole, basically. I couldn't tell you any more because the first part of the film is so filled with scientific terminology that they could've been making anything, really. It then turns into scifi, a bit of horror, a random chase movie thriller, and a romantic drama. It's all well done all the whole, the acting is decent, directing is solid and the script is serviceable. So far, so 7 or 8 out of 10.

The problem is that the story, in order to fill a decent run time, becomes so convoluted that it begins to detract from the film's central ideas. The chase scene is so bizarre, it seems to have been taken from another film. The various red herrings are unnecessary and increasingly ridiculous, culminating in a comical playground chant that I genuinely couldn't work out was meant to be serious or not. There's even a gratuitous sex scene, which possibly ranks as the most shoe-horned excuse for nudity that I've ever seen.

It's so frustrating that a movie with an interesting idea and decent cast and crew would feel the need to keep adding more and more nonsense, and culminate in an ending which is nonsensical to the point of just kind of shrugging and going, "well, yeah, there you go". There's even a touch of ambiguity about it, which would've had me walking out if I wasn't comatose already.

How you like this film will depend entirely on my opening question. If you don't mind the fact that everything that happens could have been easily explained straight away, and not slowly dragged out, than give it a shot. I don't like it, but I respect it.
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