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Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
John Stockwell
Anthony Azizi as Mehdi
Colby Lopez as Brett
Eyas Younis as Saeed Refai
Cailey Fleming as Danielle
Elly Hebert as Dead child
Ariadne Joseph as Tilson
John L. Armijo as Insurgent
Matt Gallini as Ahmadi
Anne Heche as Riley
Dave Annable as Gabriel
Wesley Snipes as Isaac
Storyline: A team of highly trained operatives find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its AI is suddenly shut down. The crew begins to experience strange and horrific phenomena as they attempt to uncover what killed the previous team.
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An actual honest review
I'm sick of directors and producers writing their own fake reviews of their own movies. This was n't a "gem of a movie," this was a disgrace to the film industry.

This title should be called "joke of the toy guns and horrible fighting," that's all that needs to be said.
What happened to Wesley Snipes
A team of highly trained operatives find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its AI is suddenly shut down. The crew begins to experience strange and horrific phenomena as they attempt to uncover what killed the previous team. Armed Response is the kind of film that is gonna make you question yourself 3 simple things: "why am i watching this?", "why am i so bored?" and "what happened to Snipes career?" and believe me i asked all those questions myself since the movie was awful in ways that i can't explain for example a guy gets killed by getting his arms stretched off from a wall with awful cgi, someone else dies from a truck and a lot of people either kill themselves or die from a ghost also spoiler it's not an action movie and Snipes fans will be disappointed he hardly does anything in the entire movie and he eventually dies from grabbing a glass window with electric power. For around 48 minutes the film is trying desperately to make everything a mystery and we just don't care. The acting is mediocre at best and Seth Rollins should never ACT again ever and WWE needs to stop making films in general, the marketing is off in so many ways and the entire film tries to kill it's remaining characters in less than 25 minutes and it's 1 hour and 33 minutes of a sh*t show. I'm so disappointed by this movie it was stupid, boring and above all awful and Snipes should start reading better scripts the next time. (0/10)
The worst writing and screenplay = a waste of low budget funds
What was WWE Studios, KISS' Gene Simons and Wesley Snipes thinking producing this mess? Did they read the same screenplay I just watched and say "let's do this"?

OK I get it, Wesley Snipes must've pushed this film because he was to star in it (although not the main character), but what was everyone else smoking?

This is the first (and hopefully last) attempt at writing from Matt Savelloni. This film was total nonsense, with more plot holes, missing plots and confusing dialogue than each of the 93 minutes of run time. And of that 93 minutes, I'd say at least 15 mins where the same series of empty corridor shots with dumb bright beams coming from the windowed walls - totally pointless. Someone got bored tying the screenplay and copy- pasted "freeze camera at empty corridor #6 for 1 minute". And the dialogue - worst I've seen in a long time.

The only decent aspects of this film were Matthew Irving's cinematography, and (being very generous here) actor-turned-director John Stockwell's directing - although if he ever does the multiple fast zoom-in zoom-outs (during the war conflict scene) again, he should just stick to acting.

Oh ya, the acting... terrible. This was Anne Heche's worst acting, as if she dreaded being in any scene. And as for Wesley Snipes, he looked so bored in every scene, even the only fight scene he was in was boring.

Had more effort been put into the concept (hired a professional writer to give the screenplay a huge face-lift - for starters), and had the director cracked the whip a little more, there certainly was room for potential.

Instead, I had to watch a film with trained military walking around solo (not in pairs to watch each others '6') with the same gun and flashlight held up, constantly startled, pointing the flashlight around and entire room over and over, and saying "who's there!?". Or someone laying dead with half their skull missing and his buddy crouched over top of him calling his name (as if asking "are you OK?!") expecting him to answer.

Seriously, OK an amateur wrote this garbage, but who wasted their money to fund and yet approved this garbage?

It's only a generous 2/10 from me only for the decent cinematography and a few good acted and intense scenes here and there.
A Low Budget Action Jumble
Armed Response is a low budget action/sci-fi movie starring Wesley Snipes and Anne Heche amongst others. A special forces team is assigned a mission of going into a highly classified location known as The Temple. The Temple is where a super computer used to interrogate high profile suspects is located. Upon losing contact with the team which was guarding it, a rescue/investigative special-ops group is sent in to assess the situation. They discover that everyone is dead and that there is a wanted war lord locked up in the facility. The plot thickens when it turns out that the super computer in fact killed almost everyone and has now locked the new team in the facility and will not let them out. They have to work out how and why this is happening. From there the movie gravitates more towards sci-fi and horror action.

Overall it's a poor effort. It had some potential but it was wasted as the acting is wooden and the dialogue goes from mediocre to bad. The effects are as one would expect from a low budget production and the big twist is easily predicted and not that difficult to work out. The actors seemed to try but the story and script obviously did not leave much to work with. Not the worst movie out there but its predictable and not really worth the time of watching it either.
The latest Snipes is like watching the latest Seagal...
Wesley Snipes. The man of Passenger 57, Demolition Man, U.S. Marshals, The Blade Trilogy.. But also films like Murder At 1600, The Art Of War and Game Of Death are also among his best but we've also had to endure a lot of trash (see almost everything else in his filmography for that).

His latest success was his performance in the flawed Expendables 3. With "Armed Response" he really hit a new low. That also goes for Anne Heche (why is she in this movie ?). I read the bad reviews but watched it anyway because I was prepared it was not just an action movie, but an action/horror movie. Well, it wasn't either. No scares, no action, no fighting, no thrills, no tension.

Just one single location and one 'special forces' team trying to figure out what's going on for the entire running time of 90 minutes. You'll get bored out of your mind because nothing happens. Some people show up dead, they are trapped, the computer did it, zzzzzz. Goodnight..
Wesley Snipes must be desperate to have lent himself to this.
I wish I could have given this movie a zero because it doesn't deserve even one star. It is impossible to spoil the plot, actually, because there isn't one to speak of. The reason I ticked that box is because I am going to tell you how it ends, which is such a stupid ridiculous ending that I wanted to hurl. A bunch of armed characters - it wasn't obvious what 'agency' - arrive at a penal facility of a rather weird kind that has been compromised. Lots of time is spent checking empty rooms and shouting 'clear' before finally one dead body is found. A maniac is found locked inside a sensory withdrawal tank. The team members get bumped off one by one by some mysterious invisible enemy. Why they blaze away at "it" with apparently useless weapons (half of them only have pistols) is just one of the thousands of plot holes. Anyway, they all get killed in the end. And here it comes - what is the "enemy"? It is the building itself!! How a "building" can mangle them up is not apparent. Guy walking down a corridor suddenly starts blazing away and then argh! kabump! He's dead! Perhaps concrete walls can suddenly become space aliens? Do not waste part of your life watching this drivel. All I can conclude is that Wesley Snipes must be on his uppers and desperate for cash to have accepted a starring role in this tripe. I am certainly going to look VERY closely at the reviews of any more Wesley Snipes movies in future.
Your guess is as good as mine, when it comes to the plot.
This is the third time recently, I have been the only one in the cinema, and the second time in about a month for a movie with a zero percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

A recently abandoned prison is ... haunted? Alive, ... via artificial intelligence? ... and kills a group of people working there, knowing that a specific military group would be sent to investigate, and it would be the same people who are responsible for a killing in Afghanistan, and this haunted/ alive prison kills them one by one, after having " judged them " , while each person individually plots to double cross and kill each other ... ? I don't know, this makes absolutely no sense, and​ it genuinely left me feeling disoriented afterward. I'm not joking, I sincerely felt like I was in a fog, and couldn't immediately think clearly after this one, basically speechless as to what I had just witnessed.

Director/ former actor John Stockwell has his moments, but this isn't one of them, but at least he, and cinematographer Matthew Irving, try to make this good looking, but novice screenwriter Matt Savelloni's incoherent screenplay sinks this from minute one. ( Why was the opening scene, of the kid dying, even here? It has no effect on the plot in any way. It seemed like it was going to be yet another film where the lead actor has to rise up, against all odds, and redeem themselves, but happily, that's​ not the case here. Faint praise that. )

Any Wesley Snipes' fans who may watch this just because he is in it, and featured prominently on the poster, will be sorely disappointed, as he:s just standing in the background during most scenes. There is no real main character here, most characters have about equal screen time, and a lot of it is just them looking in empty rooms, and shouting, " Clear! " for most of the early scenes.

The most baffling moment comes when the building comes to life, and grabs a guy by both arms, and simultaneously rips both arms out of their sockets
Horror movie in 1990 style
We are in 2017, a movie with a plot from 2 decades ago is something that we should not see anymore.

Some actors are trying but the script is not helping. Do not lose time with this, just skip it.

A team of pro is re-joined to solve a situation, situation that it is very clear for the audience from the moment of entering in the building, you will be like "I know what it will happen, I know who did it". So it is no fun, no mystery, nothing new, nothing innovative.
I like this kind of Science Fiction....But.....

A U.S. Army Specialist Four (4) E-4, emblem on hat (Special Four (4) Issac (Wesley Snipes)) not a Leadership Position, would NOT be In Charge of Anything, a Corporal E-4 considered the lowest Leadership Position in rare cases when a E-5 Sergeant is not available, not even in cases of U.S. Military Special Warfare, as there are no "Enlisted" nor Junior NCOs (E-4 Corporal to E-6 Staff Sergeant) due to the Years to almost a Decade just to train new U.S. Military Special Operations Team Members so by the time they are Active Special Operations Team Members they are already E-7s or Higher.

Intelligence Agency types would never wear Enlisted Ranks, at the very least they wear O-1 U.S. Military Officer Grade, so that if necessary they can Order and get some Support from U.S. Military.

You need a better more experienced U.S. Military Technical Adviser.

National Security Assets (Facilities). I am omitting this detailed part, as what an actual "Armed Response" would be, as currently would be used for Real. Let's just say a small "Team" as depicted would not have been sent to investigate.

As far as building a Computer and writing Software (a Program) as depicted, Highly Probable, due to Moore's Law, and the Fact that for quite some time the National Security Agency has been designing and building their Own Computer Processors that far exceed the power, speeds, and capabilities of any Civilian Supercomputer.
We don't get spooked
Something at "Site 9" interrogation center eliminates everyone there. A team lead by Wesley Snipes is tasked to find out what happened. Joining the team is Gabriel (Dave Annable) the designer of the "Temple" computer system which can also tell if you are telling the truth by examining minute changes in a person's temple. Gabriel has been able to work his way into a bottle after his son died...the lone character build up feature. Once the team gets inside, they discover the people killed in the opening clip plus an unexpected guest. They struggle against the electronics. There is action in the flashbacks as to not slow the pace until the real action takes place. The science fiction aspect enters the feature late. I would hesitate to classify it as "horror." Fairly decent action film, similar to some low budget indies. We really don't have any real clues as to what is going on until well into the story. Dialogue could have been better. BTW If a person leaves a classified government facility their access is removed from system and codes are changed. Just saying.

Guide: minimal F-words, no sex or nudity
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