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Action, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Mahesh Manjrekar as Ranjan Mhatre
Vidya Sinha as Mrs. Rana (as Vidhya Sinha)
Chetan Hansraj as Mhatre
Salman Khan as Lovely B. Singh (as Salman Khan)
Mohammad Faizan as Sartaj L. Singh (as Master Mohammad Faizan)
Rajat Rawail as Tsunami Singh
Aditya Pancholi as Vikrant Mahtre
Reema Debnath as Savitha
Hazel Keech as Maya
Katrina Kaif as Herself (singing voice)
Kareena Kapoor as Divya S. Rana
Asrani as Shekhar
Raj Babbar as Sartaj Rana
Sharat Saxena as Bindra
Storyline: Reading from a diary a lad comes to know about a nobleman from Jaisinghpur, Sartaj Rana, who invited the wrath of the Mhatre brothers, Ranjan and Vikrant, by sending Lovely Singh to free abducted women bound for Thailand. Feeling threatened, he hires Lovely as a bodyguard for his collegian daughter, Divya, and her friend, Maya. Divya does not appreciate being followed around by Lovely and creates a fictional woman, Chhaya, who distracts him by repeatedly phoning him and telling him that she loves him. Lovely believes this person to be real and falls in love. In a bar, Ranjan's brother attacks Divya and is killed by Lovely - setting into motion a chain of events that will pit Lovely not only against the enraged Mhatre brothers - but also against Sartaj himself - who believes that Lovely is attempting to elope with his daughter.
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A convoluted love story
Undoubtedly its raining Salman Khan. It happened with Amitabh, it happened with Rajnikanth - and then they said it marks the end of the phenomena. The mass-hysteria, the madness will never occur again. With yet another 100-crore feather in his cap Salman Khan not only reigns supreme at the box-office but marks the sighting of Haley comet phenomena. No longer he needs Abhinav Kashyap, Anees Bazmee or Siddique. Audience are drawn into the cinema halls not to question the logic but to witness the sheer star power and "Bodyguard" is no different. Cinematic liberties are masked out with shirt buttons being ripped off and goons defying the laws of gravity.

Kareena is gorgeous. Raj Babbar and Vidya Sinha are dependable. Rajat Rawail is the new comedian in the block (in an unwarranted comedy track, least to say appalling comedy). Asrani was a glorified extra. Aditya Pancholi, Mahesh Manjrekar and Sharat Saxena lend adequate support. Hazel Keech has a strong screen presence. In his last few outings Salman Khan has formed his camp encompassing his trusted soldiers which is yielding results.

Himesh Reshammiya gets back on all his fours into the fold of his mentor. "Teri Meri" grows on you over period of time, only to prove why HR was undisputed king of the masses in his prime.

The last 30-minutes will have the audience divided, they will either love it or loathe it. And yes there is tribute to famous "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge" train sequence & "Kuch Kuch Hota Hain".

PS: Don't be eating your own words a few years down the line, should you see Salman Khan doing "Rishtey mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hain.... MIND IT".
Waste of time and money
The 'Try to be' remake of Dabangg but its all waste and crappy. One body guard trying to protect our heroine from the villain but there is one thing missing, the Story. There is no story in this film and to make some money out of it main attractions has been all the cast list. I would advice Salman Khan to stop experimenting because Dabangg was one family venture which went all excellently right but this piece of crap is down the drain. No doubt the action is good but acting is very poor and also the story line Two Hollywood movie stories cannot make one Hindi movie. Telegu action sequences OK acceptable. Salman's acting have also deteriorated in this movie other than Dabang. I give only 3 out of 5 to Salmans action and total movie acting rest of the cast sorry to say, made a mess.
I really wanted this to be a good movie but...
First thing first, I really wanted this to be a good movie(just for a change as for my past experience with sallu-starrer movies), but alas...

So, what went wrong? Apparently everything. Awful direction, bad action sequences, brain-dead story-line and a lot of confusion.

Though there are few songs that you can hum around and then there are few shots where you can find a little (probably a very little) character playing but they are pretty rare and for most of the movie it looked like a Big-Salmanized-Version of 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'(whether a son reading his dead mother's diary) or 'Ghajini'(concealing the identity with role reversal).

Few stunts that you have to believe to be deliberately shot like that way(Nobody in right frame of mind can imagine something so..give me the word...stupid) can send chills down your spine.

Yet again Salman khan proved that in Bollywood its the star cast that makes the movie successful. Perhaps times for him to prove something to himself too.
OverAll Entertainining
This is an average masala pack. although the storyline and few other things are not up to their marks but it is entertainment package. There are two main action sequences and both are quite good. Comedy with Tsunami Singh is also quite good. You can also put this film in romance genre too. Music of this film is average with couple of very beautiful tracks. "Teri Meri prem Kahani" is really superb. It could have much better impact if it has a proper sequence to play as it started with any reasoning. Salman is looking dashing as ever and Kareena is looking really gorgeous.

This is a good time pass movie you can't rate it boring at all.
I would go with 3.5/5 worth a watch
Bodyguard wohoo.. FDFS imax house full yeah even the first seat filled bodyguard is not typical masala movie Its a love story and a story with a heart salman is excellent seeing him in romantic avatar after so much time loved it on the whole if u go for a masala movie only you would be disappointed

But if u wanna watch genuine good movie go for it it has its moments and the movie is really good Only 1 prob after seeing singham the action looks a bit amateurish but its OK when u have salman to cover up and finally kareena she looks beautiful in the movie she has an equal part as salman its not a salman movie alone but its of the m 2.. I would go with 3.5/5 worth a watch
If There Were A Nobel For Movies That Make You Want To Die This Wins It All
Body guard is undoubtedly *the worst* movie of all time (including Tollywood Hollywood and any other wood u can think of) .. this is one movie which deserves a negative rating ! I wish people wouldn't be thins kind with ratings.. This movie doesn't even come close to being rational . A person with the tiniest of logic would want to pour acid in his eyes to relieve himself of the pain he just endured ... the movie has the random-est of beings and *the most terrible* ending of all time ! If i could i would go slap all those producers and action directors that directed this piece of cauliflower yes this movie is that bad ! The toy helicopters and flying actors just add to the misery of the rational audience . To sum it all I wouldn't watch this movie again even if i were paid a 1000 bucks for it !
A love story which happens to be a masala movie.
After Dabbang and Ready, this film is going to be third consecutive feather in Salman's cap.

I felt a little disappointed with the treatment of the movie. The screenplay rushed at an odd pace. The first half was intriguing and speedy, but the second half stammers a bit. Again, in the last 20 minutes, we see a hurricane of emotions.

The movie has all the proportionate elements of a Masala Movie, but I seriously felt a letdown in the humor quotient of the movie. The so- called "Tsunami Singh" was a high disappointment, rather than him, his T Shirts looked funny. The dialogues were above average.

A die-hard Salman fan might get disappointed, but it was a pleasure seeing Salman in a romantic movie; that too; was totally unexpected. Music boosted the movie, due to which, the faulty screenplay gets sidelined.

Salman Khan is in top notch here. Kareena is back in the form. Mahesh Manjrekar, Aditya Pancholi, Raj Babbar are remarkable. Rajat Rawail as Tsunami is a letdown. He acts well sans comic timing.

Editing by Sanjay Sankla is good, he manages to keep the movie on track in spite of futile screenplay. Cinematography by Sejal Shah is marvelous.

Himesh Reshammiya has lived up to the expectations from the fans. Background score from Sandeep Shirodkar is top class.

After watching this one, my recent favorites from Salman goes in the following order. 1. Dabbang 2. Bodyguard 3. Wanted 4. Ready

Finally, watch it! Even if you are not a Salman Khan fan, you wont regret watching this one.
A Good Flick To a Watch
Yes we are witnessing a typical Bollywood Masala Movie.its got all the ingredient which makes it a successful venture. Bodyguard is adequately balanced with action,romance and comedy..bit of emotion is well.story start with hiring of lovely singh (salman)by sartaj Rana(raj babbar) for his daughter Divya (kareena). while guarding by salman ,she falls in love with Salman but doesn't make salman aware of this. on the other side villain (mahesh manjrekar) follow kareena to kill her..salman rescues every time and story goes on..but here is the twist in the end which is totally different from a typical Hindi movie..we can say a daring act by the director siddique. as far as comedy is concerned few comic situations is there in the form of fatty sunami singh though sometime its boring and look like a wastage in the name of comedy. action visuals are impressive,dialouge front is bit less focused. a full family entertainment I can say in one line. Go and Enjoy but let Ur mind relaxed for these kind of cinema.
Get 'Ready' For This 'Dabangg' Bodyguard
From the last 2 years Salman Khan, the 'jaaneman' of mass-pullers has been giving blockbuster hits like Wanted(2009), Dabangg(2010) and that has not been a failure a single time. Wanted, Dabangg, Bbuddah, Singham - Bollywood has got into form of welcoming spectacular action flicks, so Bodyguard is nothing new for it but a Salman touch. But Bodyguard is not a Action flick like the above ones. It's main stream carries Romance but we can see a situation also where action is necessary, just like Ready. Like Ready, this one is also an adaption of south hit 'Bodyguard'. But the question arrives is Bodyguard better or Ready? Ready was a comic-con movie where there was no serious matter, but Bodyguard doesn't lack of that at all. Bbuddah, even being a spectacular film stood a 'so-so' in the box-office, Singham disappointed very much in both fields, so can Bodyguard be the most successful Action movie of this year? The Answer's 'Yes'.

When it comes to being punctual and doing his duties perfectly, Lovely Singh is unmatchable. Taking great pride in what he does, he spares no effort in giving his everything to his profession.

Summoned for an assignment of guarding Divya, the daughter of Sartaj Rana, a business tycoon. Lovely Singh accompanies her to her campus, but ends up rubbing her the wrong way with his over-protective nature ...and paranoia about security. She finds him to be a major obstacle in leading a regular campus life. To throw him off-track and get him out of the way, she comes up with a 'master-plan'- that of trapping him in a fake love affair. 'Once he's smitten by the girl of his dreams and is reveling in his new-found romance, he will leave us alone, and we shall be free to do our own thing unhindered', says Divya to her friends.

She becomes an anonymous admirer of his and starts hounding him, expressing her 'feelings' in no uncertain terms. Lovely Singh however proves to be a tough nut to crack, and it takes quite a bit of doing from her side to penetrate his fort-like exterior. But once she succeeds in doing so, he transforms into a completely different person. Divya is triumphant and is all set to relish her regained freedom.

But things take an unexpected turn when she learns a few things about Lovely Singh. Things that she could've never even imagined! And she soon finds herself trapped in a dilemma that she's unable to resolve! And with her, soon enough, Lovely Singh finds himself ensnared in a web of lies, trickery and deceit!

On the whole, Bodyguard is a successful tale of Love, Faith & Betrayal. Even the film is not an action movie fully, the action scenes are sure to rain whistles and claps and shouts. When you see Salman's entry with the title track, be sure that there will be no mercy for applause throughout the hall.

Siddique's simple but effective story and screenplay has every essential present in it that can bring a rock-hard mood in the hero. Lovely Singh is the symbol of silence, toughness and roughness and the script helps enough to glorify it. The twist-in-the-tale in the climax, which is one of the most surprising ones appeared in recent times was a stunner that makes you forget everything but to concentrate on the movie. How Sallu was tricked by nearly every man he trusted even the person he was protecting throughout, Kareena's sudden change in emotion, the unique storyline and some few but awesomely stylish action sequences and moves makes Bodyguard a dream debut for any director. Just like Abhinav Singh Kashyap, Siddique just got himself a master-blaster at his first try.

The first half of the movie was just going by the story to come to the main plot but the second half was furious in parts and it totally abolished the flaws of the first part. The second part works in a respective manner and transcends conceptually to an unbelievable climax. There are some comic moments by Rajat Rawail & some tough moments by the hero himself which are joy to watch.

Music of this movie is a bit disappointing. The title track is perfect, no doubt. But other tracks are not so special. 'Teri Meri' is beautifully visualized and it can be a good pick.

This one should be counted in one of the best performances by Salman Khan. The always 'no-bakwaas', silent, sweet & tough in times Lovely Singh showed some guts and attitudes which are like the very first time in Bollywood. Lovely Singh overlaps Radhe & Chulpul Pandey this time. Bloody Good! Kareena Kapoor was pretty and stole some actually good moments. As this movie is mainly man-centric, Kareena's character can look a bit unimportant but as she's a good performer, she tried to not let us feel she was unimportant at all. Mahesh Manjrekar was disappointing. Aditya Pancholi in a cameo having a fistfight with Lovely was commendable. Rajat Rawail gives some laughs. Raj Babbar had nothing much to do. Others like Hazel(extremely beautiful girl), Asrani, Mohan Kapoor etc. were okay.

Vijayan's action will yet again steal the awards this year, only if Ra. One & Don 2 doesn't compete such well. BGM by Sandeep Shirodhkar were perfectly situational. Art direction by Shailesh Mahadik & Monica Angelica Bhowmick doesn't catch eye. Editing by Sanjay Sankla is appropriate.

Sallu's his intentions directly indicated that Bodyguard will shake the box-office for a big time and I'm sure he will pass with flying colors. Bodyguard is a must-watch for the die-hard Salman fans and those who are entertaining movie lovers, this one's a certain dish that they would lick fingers after finishing. Final verdict 'Khud Pe Ek Ehsaan Karna Ke Bodyguard Ko Miss Nahi Karna'.
Great Movie
I'm not gonna write an article that its not good, etc like people are saying, they are just stupid! This movie is best in my point of view, Action, Comedy & Style all things are in movie so people don't be mean! Salman Khan is acting good Kareena as always, good looking Action style is great New comer in comedy, good change Story is twisting & end is really changed, not same as most of the movies have Great Movie, Great action, people spend your time watching it & don't read useless comments because these people ain't getting a life! they want sex or pornography in movies which is not gonna make it a family Movie GREATEST MOVIE!
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