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IMDB rating:
Christopher Ray
Ted Monte as Big Ed
Mike Capes as Detective Sanders
Sinjin Rosa as Jake
Cameron Jebo as Greg
Weston Cage as Doorman
Bill Voorhees as Evil Clown
Nicole Fox as Carrie
Tim Abell as Balthazar Kane
Richard Moll as Pale Man
Storyline: A reclusive circus master invites a group of social media stars to his house of haunts. Anyone who can make it out before being scared into submission will earn $250,000 - but the stars soon learn they are not only competing for money, but also fighting for their lives.
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excellent movie
I'm not a big fan of non mainstream movies. After watching this movie, that has changed. If you watch this movie and are expecting realistic graphics and big budget effects, you will miss the whole story. I sat and watched this movie with the family, not one of them picked up their phone, or went for a bathroom break. The movie kept a pace that didn't leave the typical "filler" scenes designed to just add time. Instead the plot just kept moving leaving a very unexpected twist at the end that none of us saw coming. I would also suggest that you watch some of the other films from this director. He has really found a way to make the typical "Made for TV" movie into an enjoyable and entertaining event. Two thumbs up from me.
A Bloody Satisfying Horror
I just watched the movie because I'm really into clown-based horror movies like It. "Circus Kane" is a bloody horror about a group of teenagers invited to a game to gain 250Ks. I really enjoyed the bloody atmosphere of the movie . Definitely a lot of effort was put into making the decoration of that house . the performances are acceptable considering the amateur cast . it's actually hard to get believable performances from an amateur young cast for an horror movie like this but Christopher Ray made it happen . I counted. There were about 1000 subtitle lines (dialogues) which is a bit too much for an 88min horror movie but the script was well written and dialogues makes you think twice . the end was a bit downer . there was no need to make that unnecessary twist in the end but overall Circus Kane is definitely a bloody flick that worth watching in this famine of horror days.
Balthazar Kane you win again.
Balthazar Kane (Tim Abell) ran a side show of horrors and magic. We pick up years later as he has invited 8 people to come to his home and if they make it all the way through, they win $250,000. The story is told by Tracy (Victoria Konefal) the final girl as she talks to the police. She includes all the stuff that happened when she wasn't there. The group goes through a series of puzzle rooms, trying to figure out the deadly clues and proceed.

The characters were good, but not exceptional. I liked the puzzle room scenes, but when that ended and it came to the chase, I lost interest. Nice twist, although the clues for it didn't click with me as clues. It appears they were going to do something with seven of the eight contestants such as make them into the 7 deadly sins. I think the similarity was more of a coincidence than by design. If you name a film "Circus Kane" you at least need a Rosebud.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
Not half bad
This was an okay movie considering I went in expecting very little.

I won't give any spoilers but I will say it does deliver on its promises, it's gory, psychotic, twisted, nice creepy and thought out sets and visuals, then it has a little surprise thrown in for good measure.

Yeah we enjoyed this one, maybe not one to watch twice but worth a look once.
Worth the watch
I at first did not think was gonna be any good. The first time I saw it. I was confused at the end and thought, it was not worth a re-watch. However, like 10,000 Maniacs and even The Shining (Kubrick version), which I turned out to love, but hated first viewing. I thought, give this a chance. I am glad I did. I caught so many nuances I missed the first go round, that made me confused on the ending. But the second viewing cleared all that up. First of all, clowns are scary. But even more scarier? The watcher who sees all but you never see pulling the strings of said clown. THAT is what makes this so scary. Give this a go, make a night of it, invite friends over, crack open a 12 pack and enjoy. I promise, The Director nor actors will let you down.
Can you say "I want to be Rob Zombie"?
The character Kane tried to look and sound like Rob and his circus ring leader vibe. The story rips off the murder world vibe and last man standing plot of Zombies new movie "31" (which was his worst cinematic effort yet.) Even with this it could have at least been mildly entertaining but it flat out sucked. There was no attempt to thrill with cheap gore or jump scares. Nothing at all entertaining. Just a lot of standing around and listening to bad actors try and talk us to sleep. The dialogue sounded like it was from a third graders play. Whoever was responsible for the script certainly didn't do the non talented actors any favors. It was just a flop all around. Nothing positive to say about it at all. I give it three out of ten.
Complete and utter rubbish, nothing about it is any good
If you are looking for a horror film to watch, then leave this and go to your back catalogue for 2 reasons: 1) You know you will enjoy whatever you choose 2) You will not waste you time and still be unsatisfied

The only thing that stands out is the location for the filming. Everything else - the acting, the "special effects", the dreadful story, the acting (so bad it's worth noting twice), the character development is all nothing special. Like it came out of the 1980's.

Lord the characters, nothing about them was endearing and one in particular, shortly after meeting him I was already waiting for him to die - sooooo annoying. The acting was possibly what you would expect from fresh young faces who will do any job for experience and the script writing really didn't help them. The special effects, were like someone was given a bunch of plasticine and bright coloured paints, unconvincing and cheap.

As a film in it's own right it's bad, very bad but for a film trying to cash in on how popular the new IT is then it's REALLY bad.

Leave well alone.
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