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Drama, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Charles Chaplin
Virginia Cherrill as A Blind Girl
Florence Lee as The Blind Girl's Grandmother
Harry Myers as An Eccentric Millionaire
Al Ernest Garcia as The Eccentric Millionaire's Butler (as Allan Garcia)
Hank Mann as A Prizefighter
Storyline: A tramp falls in love with a beautiful blind girl. Her family is in financial trouble. The tramp's on-and-off friendship with a wealthy man allows him to be the girl's benefactor and suitor.
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Charming to the last
City Lights is a film which is beloved and revered. And it is easy to see why. As comedies go, it may not be among the funniest films ever made. But if there is any shortfall of laughs the film more than compensates with an overabundance of charm. And it is not as if the film is totally lacking in laughs either, there is plenty of good humor here. But in this case it is the story, more than the jokes and gags, which really is the key to the film's success. That story draws you in, makes you root for Charlie Chaplin's famous Tramp. It's a beautifully unique love story which will definitely bring a smile to your face and ultimately maybe even a tear to your eye. City Lights is the brilliant result you get when you have a master of his art form at work.

The simple, though thoroughly captivating story, follows The Tramp as he falls in love with a beautiful, blind flower girl. She can't see him for the lowly hobo he is, a misunderstanding upon her initial meeting leads her to believe he is a wealthy gentleman. The Tramp is more than happy to allow her to maintain that illusion. He gets some help in this endeavor from a drunken millionaire who befriends him. The Tramp gets money from the millionaire, stays in his house, drives his car. All very helpful in keeping up the ruse of wealthiness for the blind girl. Unfortunately the drunken millionaire is only friends with The Tramp whenever he is in fact drunk. When he sobers up he doesn't remember The Tramp at all. This of course causes awkward, and funny, complications. Meanwhile the flower girl has problems of her own. She's behind on the rent and, unknowingly since her grandmother hides the notice, about to be evicted. The Tramp is determined to save the day, pay the rent and also somehow pay for surgery to cure the girl's blindness. How will our shabby little hero pull this off?

Chaplin is a master of his craft at the peak of his powers. When City Lights was released the era of silent films was at its end, the talkies had taken over. But Chaplin was determined to tell his story his way, really the only way a story of The Tramp could ever be told. Who would want to hear The Tramp speak? The brilliance of the character is in the pantomime, the expressions. Chaplin tugs on the heartstrings without ever saying a word. Other performers in the film, most notably Virginia Cherrill as the blind girl and Harry Myers as the millionaire, play their parts well. Cherrill in particular deserves much credit for the film's ultimate emotional wallop. But this film is Chaplin's through and through, his fingerprints are on every frame. A brilliant performer, a brilliant director. Every moment is so well thought out. Maybe the film is not outrageously funny but there is plenty of humor to appreciate. Even if you think a scene may drag on too long, like a boxing match late on in the film, you can't help but appreciate the effort that went into it. It may be a little long but the scene is undeniably worked out beautifully, Chaplin showing an absolute mastery of choreography. It is a comedy film in which ultimately the comedy is secondary. Yes, there are jokes and gags and no, not all of them work perfectly. But there are definitely enough good comedic moments to keep you entertained. But more importantly there is a story to keep you enthralled. The love story between The Tramp and the blind girl warms your heart and makes City Lights a true feel-good movie, one worthy of its status as one of the most beloved films ever made.
It is an Emotional Movie
I was a little boy when I first watch this movie.

Charlie Chaplin is a good actor who can describe her though through his movement

He has a nice Cuteness in his own.

Although there no voice in city light but you can understood all they want to tell you

At last An Emotion there was only him everybody left him alone..........
You can't go wrong with Charlie Chaplin, but City Lights is even better than Chaplin's films usually are.
Chaplin takes himself a little more seriously in City Lights, and the results are spectacular. The musical score which Chaplin composed for the film was one of the many highlights, and even though Charlie's performance is much more dramatic than usual in some scenes, the hilarious comedy for which he is known and loved is still abundant.

City Lights is so well made that it is one of the very few movies in which the obvious flaws can be gladly overlooked. Yes, you can clearly see the string holding Chaplin up in the sidesplittingly funny boxing scene, but who cares? That is such classic slapstick that little things like that really don't matter. Besides, let's keep in mind that this movie was made seventy years ago.

Chaplin does a phenomenal job in his traditional role of the tramp, and develops a perfectly convincing romantic relationship with the blind flower girl on the sidewalk. His friendship with the drunken rich guy is hilarious, but it also makes a significant comment about the problems of alcohol. This is truly a great film, which should not be forgotten.
CITY LIGHTS is a gift to all the people that loves CINEMA
Charles Chaplin is one of those directors that you can't say easily what is his best film..........because nobody remember Chaplin with inly one film, because your say Chaplin and you don't think in only a film, no,you think of Chaplin like one of the greatest directors of all the history of the cinema. Chaplin is not only the teacher to all that new comedians, no he is a teacher and an inspiration to all who loves films because Chaplin is not only a comedian he is much more than that and City Lights is a gift to all the people in all the world that loves films. I love this film because contains elements of a comedy but also of a drama film. I think that have already says what i think about Chaplin, but the rest of the cast is really awesome. My favorite character in City Lights is of course The tramp but i love the personality of the eccentric millionaire, this character is a really good one in this film.

About the story of the film is really simple: the tramp fell in love with a blind beautiful woman who doesn't have money to pay the rent of her house and the tramp tries to do some money by working and with an eccentric millionaire that wanted to kill himself and that have to personalities:only when he is drunk the tramp is his friend.

The best scene of this film is the one when the tramp comes to boxing,i think is just great just as the beautiful end

In conclusion: if you love films you need to love Chaplin and of course if you consider a films fan you need to see City Lights because for me this is a gift to all the people in the world and i think that in a 100 of years the people will going to still watching the Chaplin's films.

CITY LIGHTS:10, just perfect
Ultimate Chaplin
(Do you really need to post a spoiler warning for a movie that as of tonight is 77 years old?)

I haven't read other reviews so forgive me if I repeat any previous postings. "City Lights" is, with nary a doubt, the greatest love story ever told. Forget "Casablanca". Forget "An Affair to Remember". Forget "Love Story". (For the love of Christ, forget "Love Story".) This is a movie about the purest love.

We have the simple, ubiquitous Tramp. He is smitten with a blind flower girl, who has mistaken him for a wealthy man. There is a new operation that "cures" blindness, and the Tramp will do anything to help Flower Girl regain her sight. He tries to win a boxing match in which he is clearly outclassed. In an era that is forgotten in modern times (pun gleefully intended), he cleans the streets of dung. (One of the best sight gags in screen history happens when the Tramp has to clean up after an elephant.) Finally he steals from a wealthy man to get the money he needs to pay for Flower Girl's operation.

And then, after he has spent many years in prison, the Tramp is reunited with Flower Girl.

My fellow males, this is a wonderful "Chick Flick." If your lady friend isn't reduced to tears by the last 4 minutes of this movie, you need to find a new lady. I've seen it a dozen times and it always gets to me.
Silence whispers hopeful wishes from the blind girl's eyes in City Lights
Finally I had a chance to watch a Charlie Chaplin film completely. Thinking the time it was created, it's not possible to become a fan of Chaplin. I said myself "a silent film could be such impressive" after I had watched it. My second language is English and I found the time of speech quotations appropriate and the musics are also so wonderful. Suddenly decreasing and increasing the voice of themes make the film special.

After I had watched it, I also taught that lots of scenes of City Lights were used in "Yeşilçam" which is the name of cinema sector in my country, Turkey. I don't know, the other film might have used these scenes completely or as a part, because City Lights really contain too much material. For example, blind girls are so famous here and they usually sell flower in the street while seeking the love of life or a rich and drunk man inclined to suicide is saved by a poor man and they become friends but the rich one doesn't remember when he sobers up.

All the things I counted above are enough reasons to watch and admire it. Finally I would like to say that: "Imitations exalt the original."
Not His Best, but Redeemed by Many Great Moments
It may be the haze of all the intervening years, but I don't think Chaplin made anything but 'Classics' from 1916-1936. You can pretty much watch anything from these couple of decades and see, if not an entire classic, at least frequent moments of brilliance. Such was the man's genius.

Of this oeuvre, some items stand out as especially worthy of praise: all the full length features in this period, for example, are worth seeing today. Most live on in the work of other directors, cinematographers and actors who were influenced by these films. In fact it could rightly be said that Chaplin lives on in innumerable moments on screen and in the attitude he brought to the project of making films - raising it from a novelty to it's status as art today. No filmmaker did more to advance the art of film.

City Lights is certainly one of his masterpieces. It resembles his other features from the 30's (and throughout is career) in it's utterly distinctive look and feel. Due to the unique style of directing, his absolute control of all aspects of the production and the use of his collaborator/cinematographer, Rollie Totheroh, all Chaplin films have this 'look' that the film wears almost like a brand.

The most striking thing, to me, about CL, is the pure symmetry of the story. Everything is pared down to the double story of love story/infatuation and friendship/exploitation. The love story is predicated on deception, while the friendship is predicated on alcoholism. The parallel stories take place almost independently of each other. It is this lack of cohesion that to me at least makes it less of a great film than, say, Modern Times.

Nevertheless, there are many great moments in the film to admire. The two best scenes, IMO, are the boxing scene which is genuinely one of the most hilarious sequences ever filmed (if you want to know where Jackie Gleason, Lucille Ball and other masters of physical comedy got their chops, a good place to start is right here) and the final scene/fadeout.

The ending is beyond genius, almost as if God had AD'd this scene for Chaplin, it is so profoundly moving. That said, a great ending, even one as great as graces City Lights, does still not resolve the issue of the un-meeting story lines which proceed along parallel tracks for the whole film.

It is still worth your time to watch this supremely gifted physical comedian at the top of his game, and even more so, IMO, in repeat viewings. No silent actor rewards the repeat watcher more than Chaplin, as his constant, offhand improvisations often escape first or second notice and only become apparent upon repeat viewings.
A comedy that is actually funny!
In this film Charlie Chaplin plays the role that he is most known for: the tramp. This was my first Charlie Chaplin film and i really enjoyed it. there were to many gags in this film to count but almost all of them were funny unlike some of today's comedies were all of the gags seem to either be unfunny or just fall flat! This comedy tells the heartwarming story of a tramp who tries to make money so that he can pay for a blind flower girls eye treatment so that she could see again. The tramp always seems to get himself into some kind of trouble where ever he goes! i highly recommend seeing this! It is not boring at all and it is very funny! Bravo!
City Lights: Or How To Make Famous Actors Weep
Making Jack Lemmon cry is a delight reserved for demented people, but---when he was alive---there WAS a way to make the man weep. Just show him the last scene of City Lights. If you can get hold of the American Film Institute's Top 100 Laughs TV special, you can see for yourself. Lemmon cries while describing the end of this movie. Then I cried. My wife laughed. She's such a little trooper.

I won't give away what that last scene is, but it's easy to see how it could make a person bust up just thinking about it. Charlie Chaplin was certainly not afraid to hit those maudlin notes. His Tramp character was lovable enough and Chaplin the artist was talented enough to get away with milking you for every emotion you've got. Funny how some people can mix tones in the same movie and make it work so well while others can't even get one tone right.

The story: the Tramp makes friends with a blind flower girl (Virginia Cherrill) and works various jobs to help support her. She doesn't know he's broke, instead thinking he's a rich benefactor. Along the way he tries his hand at a few different vocations, including a hilarious attempt at being a boxer. He also parties a lot with an actual rich man (Harry Myers) who spends most of the movie drunk as a monkey. Whenever he sobers up, out goes the Tramp. No one can ever see our hero for who he truly is.

City Lights is a short and pithy movie, as were most of CC's works. He knew how to tell a compact story with oodles of hijinks, a little drama, a message and plenty of feeling. The AFI definitely had l'amour for this picture, ranking it 76th and then 11th on their 1998 and then 2007 Top 100 lists. That's a remarkable leap in the span of 10 years. Do you feel that strongly about City Lights too? I'm not quite as enamoured with it as the AFI, but it's a wonderful picture. Jack Lemmon's sloppy tears are proof.

If you dug this snapshot review, check out the website I share with my wife (www.top100project.com) and go to the "Podcasts" section for our 23-minute City Lights 'cast...and many others. Or find us on Itunes under "The Top 100 Project".
a daring masterpiece
Say what you want about his politics, his love life, his Victorian sentiment, or his overwhelming ego; if Charlie Chaplin had never made another film he would still be justifiably famous, not only for creating a masterpiece, but for single-handedly keeping the art of silent comedy alive long after its untimely death. It's ironic how the passing of silence liberated Chaplin to a point where he could fully express his pantomime genius and find, at long last, the elusive tertium quid between laughter and tears. Was there ever a more unpredictable companion than millionaire Harry Myers, matching the Little Tramp drink for drink until the sober light of dawn revealed the callous Jekyll behind his generous Hyde? And was there ever a more heartbreaking moment than the final, devastating close-up, when the once blind flower girl confronts the shabby vagabond she thought was her handsome young benefactor? "I can see now", her poignant last words, leave more unsaid than Chaplin would later be in the habit of leaving, and however unintended reveal striking insight at a time when every other movie was saying, "I can hear now".
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