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IMDB rating:
Aaron Mirtes
Caitlin Rigney as Mr. Randal's Daughter
Ella Romero as Inquisitive Customer
Caity Runger as Obnoxious Customer
Johnjay Fitih as Town Sheriff
Monica Baker as Heather
Eric Corbin as Ribcage the Clown
Madeleine Heil as Stoner Roommate
Tom Seidman as Pops
Burt Culver as Mr.Randal
Storyline: Emma, a college student with a crippling fear of clowns, must come face to face with her worst fear when an evil spirit in the body of a clown is summoned terrorizing the town she calls home.
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Just yell "Stranger Danger!"
An unexplained "paranormal circus clown" named Ribcage is killing people and their little dog too. Emma (Brittany Belland) who is afraid of clowns is next up because she is afraid of clowns. We get some explanation about the demonic clown near the end, but begs more questions than answers.

The nuts and bolts were fairly decent. The clown was big and scary. The girls did a decent job acting. Mood was set with neon lights and occasional fog...inside the store. The main problem was creating a story to hold one's interest other than there is a clown on the loose with 99 red balloons.Maybe he could sneak up on one of the girls in the shower or better yet, both girls in the shower...sure it's been done, but for some reason it never grows old.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
To all those who hate on this movie
If you get a movie called "Clowntergeist" and can tell by the cover alone thst its going to be a ripoff of "IT", either A. Don't get it B. Din complain. With a movie called "Clowntergeidt" you shouldn't be expecting an original idea, or for the actors to give an Oscar winning performance. Is this a B movie? Yes. But its a lot better than a lot of B movies out there. In for one, enjoyed this.
Lol how could an evil clown movie be this bad?!!
Oh my heavens, what a bad yawn-inducing mess, where do I begin? Well it was overall just plain boring, the plot was pretty much totally incomprehensible, especially at the end, it all took itself way too seriously with not a hint of dark humour, and I really don't think I've ever seen a lamer evil movie clown in my life! The guy wasn't creepy at all, he was just laughable, and not in the traditional sense. He crawled around like a wheezing dog and didn't do anything 'clowny', like in the movie Stitches, and I was frankly embarrassed for that actor. And he was most definitely not a "Clowntergeist", because he wasn't a ghost, he was just a regular old ooga- booga clown in a crummy getup that jumped out at the camera at regular intervals who was demonically possessed for reasons, so you can add false advertising to the annoyances! I really hope we don't get a slew of cheap evil clown crossover movies just like this because of the popularity of the new IT movie or else the notion of the horror clown may go the way of the zombie and the shark, done to death! Awful waste of time, the only mildly good part that was actually a bit scary was the short film done by the same director that was shoehorned in as a sort of prologue at the beginning! To each their own but I'd say to just plain avoid this rotten apple of a horror movie like a snotty clown rainbow hanky flying right at your face!!! :P x
A girl with a fear of clowns starts getting nightmares of a clown being in the house. The clown kills her dog and leaves a balloon with a date and time on it. She finds out it wasn't a dream and the date on the balloon is when she is going to die. She has two days to figure stuff out.

This was a pretty crappy flick. The picture and sound was impressive but that was it. For one the clown wasn't a ghost but in fact a demonic clown. Clownorcist would've been more fitting . The clown wasn't scary looking at all and he moved like a gorilla zombie. If you can get past this you'll have to deal with the story not making much sense. She knows what time she's going to die but instead she keeps worrying about getting killed all the time. You keep yelling at the screen "you got one more day he's not going to kill you yet?" and the worst is we are supposed to be in suspense that she might die.

The violence is tame but there is a ton of jump scares and just as many clichés. Maybe it should've been Clichetergeist or sorry Clicheorcist. Maybe just forget about this one altogether that is obviously trying to jump on the "It" train similar to Circus Kane that just came out.

4 balloons filled with dog guts out of 10.
Clowntergeist: More Ronald McDonald than Pennywise
Cashing in on the renewed popularity of killer clowns Clowntergeist tells the story of a demonic clown who kindly provides you with a red (Shocker) balloon with the date/time he's going to kill you on.

No poltergeists here, just a really dreadful clown (Not even the one on the poster) who grunts like an animal and has variable supernatural rules.

The cast are quite competent but don't have much to work with and the finale twist is laughable. Would have worked better as a horror comedy.

Want a decent clown horror? Watch Clown House (1989)

The Good:

Predictable but decent opening "Twist"

Some quite original ideas

The Bad:

Crap antagonist

Poor twist

Lore makes little sense/isn't explained

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

The redneck weapon of choice is the crossbow
Just a Mockbuster
Warning, this review is more of a rant.

This movie is clearly a Mockbuster that is coinciding with the release of the new Stephen King It movie. Watching the trailer itself plainly displays the directors lack of creativity and originality, and like many wannabe directors/writers, he chooses instead to piggyback off of higher budget movies. This makes the director/creators, by it's very definition, a parasite. And quite honestly, I don't understand the logic. You want to be a director/writer and make movies, but you can't think of and create your own content? Clearly, this movie serves more along the lines as a cry for help than anything else. This entire situation would be different if the movie served as a sort of parody of the "It" franchise, but it's clear that it doesn't; the movie tries to take itself very seriously, thus infringing on copyright and intellectual property.

I rated this movie a 1/10, and I highly suggest that if you appreciate movies and respect the art that they inherently stand for, that you also do the same.
Not too bad for the genre.
This is a high quality production with some decent acting. Unfortunately the dialogue is very boring. There are a lot of heart to heart conversations that do nothing for the movie. There's also no nudity and very little gore. The over all story was average for a horror flick. I liked the clown even though it appears to have lots of super powers and is able to live through anything. I totally knew that the old guy was evil and then that he would kill himself. They completely set it up for a sequel too. I could live without that.
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