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USA, Brazil
Thriller, Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Darcyana Moreno Izel
Robert Fleet as John
Emilio Dantas as Andre
Arthur Monteiro as Esteves
Fidelis Baniwa as Rafael
Mina Olivera as Mina
David F. Park as Robby
Mark Alan as Jay
Storyline: Dark Amazon is a supernatural thriller shot deep in the Amazon jungle of Brazil. After the discovery of a breakthrough cancer cure, a documentary film crew foll lows a group of researchers into the heart of the rainforest to capture the entire experience. With the cameras rolling at all times, the former Reality TV crew focuses on the researchers' personal drams, leaving some feeling very uncomfortable as well as capturing strange unexplained occurrences. When the research samples are mysteriously destroyed, things take a deadly turn and they're left stranded, scared, and fighting for their lives, facing both physical and potentially supernatural forces. To make it back to civilization, they must traverse the dangerous rainforest and resist the mental and emotional anguish of this deadly journey.
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It's the canoe's guy foot
The production starts off with the end found footage of a green ground cam and then works it way up to it. A group of people are follow migrating frogs in the Amazon Rainforest because they have evidence it produces an enzyme that can cure cancer. They listen to local folklore about the devil spirit Anhanga who protects locals from foreigners. One by one...

The creature...did we see a hand?...makes Predator noises. We are subject to the green cam, ground cam, Mina screaming in the dark cam, foot cam, jerk cam, and "what is that?" cam.

It was shot on location using real Brazilian customs, drink etc. The natives wore black Hanes under their loin cloths. The film gave us a false conspiracy message as the only new thing they added to found footage. Watch the Sean Connery version instead.

Guide: F-word. No sex. National Geographic style nudity.
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