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Drama, Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Rebekah Fortune
Elester Latham as Coroner
Luke Saw as Soldier
Shawn McDonald as Hotel Manager Mr Evans
Peter Lloyd as Steve
Adam Birdsey as Soldier
James Fazakerley as Soldier
Ian Birdsey as Soldier
Gus Barry as James
Rebecca Reaney as Bryony
Lara Lemon as Lisa
Storyline: After the tragic death of her husband, a soldier posted to Afghanistan, Bryony tries to build a new life for herself and her young son, James. Struggling with her own grief she fails to notice that James has become secretive and withdrawn, spending hours alone playing out death scenes with his toys. When things start to go missing and furniture is smashed Bryony blames James but when she confronts him she finds herself facing a reality more terrifying than any nightmare. As her world crashes around her Bryony realises that he ate a way to reconnect with her son she and James will be separated for ever.
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Nicely Done
Deadly Intent is a nice suspense story. Things go bump in the night as you hope they will (or hope they won't depending) and the family angle keeps you engaged throughout the film. I enjoyed the visual style of the film and the hard work the filmmakers put into it. The music helped set the tone early on and I always love when we're fed story hints as it goes along.

Independent films always have some kind of limitation or another, but the director did a nice job crafting a rounded film. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. It's a good film to check out this Halloween season so grab some popcorn and curl up on the couch. Lights being off is optional. ;)
Good film if you are having problems falling asleep
My quick rating - 2,6/10. I am on a roll today. Another boring movie, this time with a ghost of a father killed during wartime coming back to reclaim his son. Stuff falls off shelves, toys move around, things go missing....seems like what happens in everyones house, really. This big huge ordeal (read the IMDb plot, makes it sound like it is) is just there. Since the ghost is evil, I guess the entity is a better word. But in the end, this is just dumb. Bonus point for the scene where the mother tries to use a makeshift ouija board out of a household glass and the words yes and no written on paper. They should've used cgi for that to make this movie more ridiculous. The bad part is, I bet the film makers actually were trying to be serious about this film. I am serious when I say, don't waste your time unless you are related to someone involved in it.
Slow Burn Indie Horror
I'm a big fan of indie films and horror and I love when they come together well. "Deadly Intent" is a slow burn ghost story about a young boy named James who lost his father to war, only to have visions of him (and worse) begin to occur.

There is always a wonder of what is out there after death. Everyone wants to see their family members and friends who have passed again, but at what price? Just because it looks like your father (or loved one), does not mean they are what they seem. "Deadly Intent" sets the stage of the movie, you get to know the family as the center of it, you get to feel their grief. The movie is as much about the relationship of the the mother, Bryony and James, as it is about the ghost aspect.

The movie is beautifully shot and cleanly edited. I recommend giving it a look.
Decent thriller worth a watch!
When her husband dies Bryony tries to rebuild her life with her young son James. The young actor who plays James provides a terrific performance. James in typical movie fashion starts acting weird and withdrawn.

Although parallels could be made to something like "Babadook" and even "Kill List" this UK chiller really does stand out on its own.Some really good performances help enhance the quality of the script. Although there are some jump scares here and there they do not overdo it.

Kudos to the crew as for a low budget independent film they do a very good job
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