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USA, Germany, South Africa
Crime, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Roel Reiné
Ving Rhames as Weyland
Tanit Phoenix as Katrina Banks
Michael Dube as Baby (credit only) (as Michael T. Dube)
Sean Cameron Michael as New Doctor
Mark Elderkin as Sgt Fury
Roxane Hayward as Prudence
Olivia Jackson as Palmer
Yrsa Daley-Ward as Salinas
Michelle van Schaik as Olga Braun
Hlubi Mboya as Diabolos
Danny Trejo as Goldberg
Dougray Scott as Niles York
Luke Goss as Carl 'Luke' Lucas
Robin Shou as 14K
Langley Kirkwood as Dr. Klein
Storyline: Convicted cop-killer Carl Lucas, aka Frankenstein, is a superstar driver in the brutal prison yard demolition derby known as Death Race. Only one victory away from winning freedom for himself and his pit crew, Lucas is plunged into an all-new competition more vicious than anything he has experienced before. Pitted against his most ruthless adversaries ever, Lucas fights to keep himself and his team alive in a race in South Africa's infernal Kalahari Desert. With powerful forces at work behind the scenes to ensure his defeat, will Lucas' determination to win at all costs mean the end of the road for him?
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Cars, guns, violence and action...
Well "Death Race: Inferno" sure is no match for the first movie (2008), but it is an improvement on the second movie (2010) - and I am not talking about the old original here, only the most recent movies.

It can be discussed whether or not moving the location for the death race to South Africa is a good idea or not. Personally, then I found it to be a nice change of pace, although there was just something more interesting to the course when it was held at the prison area. But South Africa does have some nice touches to the track.

Story-wise, then it is essentially the same routine, nothing much new to be seen here. And the story is semi-predictable, though the story does throw a curve ball towards the end, as the race is coming to a conclusion. And as for the actual ending? Well, that particular ending would split the audience into two groups; those who loves it, and those who doesn't.

There is a good amount of violence and mayhem to "Death Race: Inferno", and isn't that why the audience watch these particular movies? I believe it to be so. And the action, racing and violence does work out in a greater unity, providing good entertainment.

The people hired for the various parts actually did good jobs with their given roles, and I must say that Luke Goss (playing Frankenstein) actually did a much better job than he did in the 2010 movie. And it was also nice to see other people in the cast revisit old roles.

However, the broth is wearing thin on this franchise already, and just how much more can they possibly milk from this without it becoming more of a parody on itself than it has already become? Better to stop while you are ahead...

This is a man's movie, all muscle, testosterone, cars, action and violence. The story is a no-brainer, so just sit back, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.
In Terms Of Being Fair
If you didn't like the original mainstream Death Race or its sequel, don't bother watching this. Now if you liked what the b-movie sequel brought to the table then this movie may be worth watching only to see the loose ends get chained up, literally... while also being slightly hard to watch.

Carl "Frankenstein" Lucas(Luke Goss)is finally able to get out of prison if he wins "one last race" except since the Weyland company is bought out by a whole new boss, Lucas is now expected to perform in a slightly different race with a slim promise of freedom.

All the characters from the prequel are here and while its fun seeing them together there is a lot of cheesy moments where a lot of the tension from the last film is distastefully undone and the audience is left wondering "well what next?."

The main villain is a one dimensional prick. There is a lot of unnecessary use of the F-word in odd dialogue. I mean the dialogue is bad at times. The action is pretty much summed up as South African local ,slo-mo impacts, choppy cuts, some strangely incited explosions, and death... While I can nitpick the movie's logical flaws all day, you can't ignore the bad acting and behaviors of most of the disposable characters. It leaves the audience going "why would ____ do this?" many times over.

Dialogue, concept, and execution are poorly done. The only thing it does right is finally connect the previous films- if not through insane conditions. Its entertaining at least if you turn off your brain and watch the conclusion unfold.
Painfully disappointing
Let me start by stating that I loved DR1, and found DR2 a surprisingly (and unusually) well-made and entertaining sequel, even if (clearly) not of the same caliber as the first movie. As such, I admit I had fairly high expectations for this third film, although I was not hoping for anything more than just a plain, good ol'fashioned, B action fest.

What you get instead is a badly edited piece of manure that lacks coherence, but is rich in really poor and amateurish performances, stuffed with mostly mediocre (and occasionally outright pitiful!) f/x. I cannot understand how the same director (and largely same cast) responsible for DR2 could end up with this mess! Sure, most of the problems - 'snipped' action sequences, scenes sequenced so quickly and randomly that they resemble a meaningless collage of music videos, nonsensical dialogue that makes you think the actor/actress is responding to lines cut from the final product, words dropped/missing, incoherent scenes, confused camera work etc. - could be explained by a hatchet-job in editing. Still, no matter how bad the editor may have been at his/her job, it cannot possibly explain the amateurishly exaggerated performances from virtually all the actors/actresses involved, very much including Ving Rhames, Luke Goss, and Danny Trejo, all of whom have proved themselves before (to a greater or lesser extent) to be able to carry their lines and scenes rather well.

This movie obviously had a much smaller budget, and did not have the benefit of inheriting the original cars (and probably some sets) as DR2 did. It is all the more surprising, then, that the director did not even make full use of the f/x and explosions/kills that they did spend money on, oftentimes opting to cut away from them and not letting them play themselves out on the screen!(?) There are a few genuinely nice (sometimes even beautiful) shots (courtesy of the stunning desert location) a few somewhat interesting cars (though most are entirely too reminiscent of those in Fast Five) and Eugene Khumbanyiwa (the actor who played the Nigerian warlord in District 9) is as deliciously psychotic as ever - but they are the rarest of exceptions in this otherwise confused, utterly amateurish endeavour. I found myself beginning to yawn about halfway through, and could not help but feel that DR3 compares to DR2 much the same way as, say, the Nemesis sequels compared to the original Nemesis.
action thrill ride
One hell of an exhilarating and explosive action-packed thrill-ride from start to finish. A high-octane action sequel to this hard-edged franchise that continues to bring on the heat. A turbo-charged roller-coaster ride. An adrenaline-charged and wickedly entertaining movie that's big, epic and truly unrelenting.

wonderful cinematography African desert looks stunning and breathtaking third time is more exiting and brutal,the look of the film is more like mainstream big budget but with its limited budget for direct to bluray and DVD release this is the high end film to look for this is truly pure entertainment 8/10
Could have been worse, could have been better
I didn't like the first "Death Race" movie when I saw it years ago. I thought it was inferior to the classic Roger Corman "Death Race 2000" it was supposedly remaking. So you may wonder why I decided to watch this direct-to-DVD sequel. To put it bluntly, I was desperate, wanting some entertainment but unable to find anything better.

Surprisingly, I didn't think this was a terrible movie. It had some good attributes. First of all, the production values are really strong for a direct-to-DVD movie; this one could have played in theaters. Also, the South African locations give the story a colorful and fresh backdrop.

Still, I thought the movie could have been better than it ultimately was. There's not much in the way of story and characters; this is a pretty thin screenplay. Also, the action soon becomes kind of monotonous, not helped by the fact that much of the action looks alike because it's all given quick edits and the action taking place close to the camera lens.

In the end, the movie passes the time, but that's about all, so wait until you've exhausted every better movie choice you have. The only other possible reason some people might want to see this movie is a chance to see Danny Trejo's buns (ewwww!)
I promise to hunt & track everyone down that had anything to do with the filming of this movie and bring them to immediate justice..
I do not even know where to start.

This can only be "generously" classified as a major debacle.

I just don't know what to say................

I began to watch this with my usual suspension of reality, but it was only 5 minutes into it that I realized that I needed to get drunk real quick if I was going to last for another 20 minutes or so.

After 20 minutes I went into brain freeze and decided to keep it on for the background noise. I suffer from tinnitus.

If you want to put aside some time then give me a call. I have better home movies then this piece of c _ _ p!

Please do not see this travesty. If you do.....you were warned.
Lacking only a little girl on girl action
I feel sorry for actors like Ving Rhames and Danny Trejo because I think they deserve better than this, since this movie lacks any redeeming features at all, nothing. The shooting, direction and continuity are so bad I find it incredible that this has even been finished, produced and distributed. It has all the quality and finesse of a Jean Claude van Damm movie made in Rumania. It could have been OK, except that the action scenes were all so weak, so poorly hashed together, the continuity between scenes is laughable. Some of the characters, like Prudence contribute nothing material to the plot or the story and then they exit taking no further part, when they could have easily been written into it more effectively. It is so badly written that they had to retrospectively explain in laughable detail, because not enough care was taken in the first place to have it hang together. The writers and Roel Reine concentrate so hard on cheap and very nasty titillation that the have even left in an up skirt shot, which I presume was supplied courtesy of the wind and coincidence, because they couldn't have contrived it themselves and they shouldn't have bothered leaving it in. As far as cheap and very nasty titillation is concerned the only thing left out was a little girl on girl action and whereas with a Jean Claude van Dam or Steven Segal movie they are SO bad that they are almost good, this isn't. This is not bad enough to be good, that's how bad it is.
just horrible and painful to watch.
i saw death race 1 and 2 and liked them a lot. so i had my hopes up for death race 3... i have never been so disappointed in my life. the only audience this movie may speak to consists of violence junkies that do not care for plot.

Reasons to watch this movie: 1) hot chick 2) nothing else really

Reasons not to: 1) No storyline 2) Perverted 3) Bad actors 4) Extremely violent 5) some things Don't make sense 6) Bad Jokes 7) cheesy 8) predictable 9) cliché 10) overproduced

Overall i have never ever facepalmed so much while watching a movie. i do not recommend. it was a total waste of time. I am now filled with regret and frustration.

I see there are a lot of positive reviews so maybe you Will like it. but it is not meant for me.
I found it decent
I'm not sure what we are to expect from a straight to DVD sequel to a prequel. I got just what i expected to get. Cars shooting and blowing up people dying a egotistical main protagonist and a twist which was unexpected yet also closed the chapter on this series.


This movie picks up where DR:2 left off with Luke becoming and racing as Frankenstein. He has lied to his friends about his new identity to protect them and has had major facial reconstructive surgery to look normal again after being burned. During a fight its revealed that Luke is Frankestein. Movie ends with Luke and Katrina driving into Niles and getting away. Its then revealed that Niles was "swapped" in place of Luke as a burned Frankenstein and now is imprisoned and wearing the mask seeking revenge which brings us to the 2000 Death Race movie and the old Frankenstein (Niles) death and entrance of the new Frankenstein Ames.
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