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France, Mexico
Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Jonás Cuarón
Yuri Zackoqv as Ramiro (as William A. Rodriguez)
Butch McCain as Radio Talk Show Host
David Lorenzo as Ulises
Diego Cataño as Mechas
Lew Temple as Border Patrol Agent
Marco Pérez as Lobo
Oscar Flores as Ramiro
Storyline: What begins as a hopeful journey to seek a better life becomes a harrowing and primal fight for survival when a deranged, rifle-toting vigilante chases a group of unarmed men and women through the treacherous U.S.-Mexican border. In the harsh, unforgiving desert terrain, the odds are stacked firmly against them as they continuously discover there's nowhere to hide from the unrelenting, merciless killer.
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The 3rd Act ruined the film..
A group of people trying to cross the border from Mexico into the United States encounter a man who has taken border patrol duties into his own racist hands. Although the film started actually pretty strong and it was at least watchable for the first 2 acts but when the 3rd act came along the movie just became a tired mess that even Jeffrey Dean Morgan couldn't save it and sure the movie might get a bit political for some but honestly i didn't found any of those people interesting or even had a good character development when the character of Morgan was at least a bit enjoyable and fun to watch but that is the problem with the actual 3rd act because they turned his character into some weak jackass and even the dog turned into a bad cgi balloon. Overall the film had it's good moments for sure but the poorly developed characters and the badly made 3rd act completely ruined the movie. (5.7/10)
Beautifully shot...but that is all
"Desierto" boasts actors that clearly have talent, the actual production of the film is decent as is the cinematography of the beautifully brutal desert. However, this film is poorly directed, predictable and shallow, and the premise is laughable--An American picks off illegal immigrants crossing off the boarder.

This film beats the audience over the head with its narrative, it tries to ignore the actual legality of illegally crossing the boarder by making the viewer feel "bad" for those doing so. Furthermore, the villain is like a caricature. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character is a stereotype. Repugnant as it is, the white man is a racist villain merely because who else would be? What is even worse, is that besides being blatant in its political motives it ambiguously paints the portrait that anyone who is opposed to illegal aliens entering an autonomous nation is akin to the racist murderer that is not even that scary but is intimidating because he is the only fool with a firearm.

In short, this movie is the most horrific film in its presentation or direction, but it is profoundly shallow while also being a film that tries to preach without preaching. Nothing is more pretentious. It is not thought provoking or provocative. A balanced film, say depicting the trials of immigrants, the oppression and violence of cartels partnered with the struggles of boarder patrol agents and the American citizens at risk along the border could have been a strong, well-rounded film that heralds the human spirit and justice over lawlessness. However, this film does not do that. It is shoddy in script, narrative, and message.
Should Not Have Been Made
People trying to reach the United States are shot dead by Sam (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) a pure racist and he is helped by his dog Tracker.

Why would anyone make a movie like this? Why would anyone want to star in a movie like this? It is basically someone shooting fish in a barrel, but the fish are human beings looking for a better life. Say what you like about illegals coming to the United States, but this story is way over the top.

Yes, there is a cat and mouse aspect to all this, but this doesn't make it right. Yes, why would anyone even watch a movie like this? I only watched to be sure that Sam got his in the end as we had the feeling that Moises (Gael Garcia Bernal) would find a way to end Sam.

Don't talk to me about production values, the acting, the cinematography, this is just wrong and it should not have been made. (1/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: Yes and in sub-titles too.
Desierto thrills with a survival story
Desierto is a top notch thriller for a foreign language film that delivers on the intensity with a base pumping music score. From the director Jonas Cuaron (Alfonso Cuaron's son) is starting to take up the reigns in making a thriller film like how his father did to 2013's Gravity.

Desierto is about Mexican immigrants crossing the border to start a new opportunity for a better life. Moises (Gael Garcia Bernal) is traveling with a group; he is looking to cross the border illegally to go home back to his son. As they travel across the desert terrain. They are all hunted by a sniper toting man named Sam (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). With Sam on their trail, as he snipes and hunts them down one by one. It is a matter of survival with Moises and another immigrant Adela (Alondra Hidalgo) who also is trying to seek a better life in America.

The plot is basically straightforward and plays out as a survival adventure as these characters are trying to survive a vigilante. Besides the scorching hot heat, dehydration, and rough terrain. They have to avoid being caught by Sam and his hunting dog, Tracker.

The film does have plenty of thrills, that put you on the edge. As these characters try to avoid being sniped. Or trying to stay ahead of the trail away from Sam. Cuaron does have a good use with their music composer score Woodkid. Which delivered on the score.

Also, some good performances with Gael Garcia Bernal, and Alondra Hidalgo. And Jeffrey Dean Morgan was also good and menacing as an alcoholic vigilante.

The film is fast paced with a thrilling chase of cat and mouse in a desert setting. Sure, characters do have that cliché of not making smart choices as in having opportunities to trip or push the bad guy off the cliff as he climbs up it.

The film does struggle with weak flat characters in the script. Yes, a group of immigrants, which we only need to know about two of them. As you can tell, the rest will be picked off quickly. The two we do learn, the characters are written in a flat dimension that it was still difficult to care for them. Moises, we learn that he was accidentally deported back to Mexico, separated from his son that lives in the U.S. He made a promise that he would come back and holding on to his son's stuffed animal toy. Adela, we learn her parents wanted her to live in America to start a better life. We learn very briefly with these characters, and still have a little emotional feeling towards them.

Otherwise, Desierto is an effectively good thriller film that has worthy performances; intense cat and mouse hunt chases, and a decent characterization. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.
Dangerous Border Crossing Film is One-Dimensional
The opening scene of "Desierto" is filmed in a quasi documentary style with a dozen illegal immigrants seeking to cross into the United States across the Mexican Border. But after the first scene, the drama lapses into a routine action film.

After the truck breaks down in the desert, the immigrants begin to walk through the desert en route to their new life in America. But suddenly, a psychopathic killer and his efficient tracking dog begin to hunt down the defenseless people, knocking them off one by one.

A man and a woman are the only two survivors, and the long final stretch of the film is the cat-and-mouse game played on the desert.

While "Desierto" may have provided one of the most nefarious villains of recent memory, the film itself is not memorable at all. Rather than explore profound themes about the current issues of immigration, the filmmakers content themselves exclusively with a long chase sequence.

By the end, we do not even learn the motivation of the psychopath. This film lacked depth, and the ending scene was especially inconclusive. A much better "desert" film is the silent classic "Greed" as directed by Erich von Stroheim. At least in that film, there was a great payoff in the final scene filmed in Death Valley.
Prey for them
If you keep yourself distanced from others, you do not recognize those others as human beings. As fellow persons, who deserve your respect. This was done and thought of way before someone claimed he wanted to build a wall, that would solve the "problem" at hand here. Politics aside for a moment if possible, this is a journey for people who seek a better future for themselves.

Of course some would say and argue they don't deserve that and we'd be right back to square one. So while I said politics aside, it's almost impossible to watch this and not having an opinion on it. Whether you think the people crossing the border are doing the right thing or the guy not letting them off the hook so easy is the one who's right, do not forget: We're talking human beings here. And while this is a fictional movie, there is some real life based idea behind this. Which makes it somewhat hard to watch if you think too much about it.

But as a movie it works. The characters are believable enough and the suspension is high as it should be ...
JDM fans will want to watch this to prepare for TWD!
This was a surprisingly good movie! Unlike other reviewers, I did not see the "politics" in the movie at all. The fact that the gunman was killing illegals was just part of the story line. The same guy could have been killing sorority girls and not Hispanics, and the plot would have been: serial killer attacks sorority girls. It is basically the same plot and story line of any "slasher movie"--only in this one, JDM uses .300 WinMag and not a butcher knife.

I thought the movie was well acted by Jeffery Dean Morgan and Gael Garcia as the protagonists. The dialogue was insipid at times, but the overall tension created by Morgan's character and more so, by Tracker, his dog, was excellent.

If you want to get ready for Negan in The Walking Dead (also played by Jeffery Dean) then I recommend you watch Desirio as a warm-up.
No countries, no borders
Desierto is a good entertaining movie with a story that makes you think about how some people are just evil to the bone. Jeffrey Dean Morgan does an excellent job playing the racist border controller with his loyal but lethal dog. He's the kind of guy you hope something really bad will happen to him during the entire movie. He plays the redneck racist American that can not stand immigrants while he's himself a descendant of immigrants. There are a lot of those people right now so this movie could teach them a lesson even though I think they are too stupid to understand. The movie is beautifully shot. If you are a nature lover you could just watch the movie just for the nature shots. For the rest the story is what it is, illegal immigrants being chased by a racist killer. But it's captivating to watch.
Desierto Leaves You Desolate
Chase movies can be a hit or miss genre - this one has exciting hit possibilities but misses on just about all the points it should score on. We know basically nothing about any of the characters - what drives them, where they are from, or quite why they do the things they do. The hapless runners are all Mexicans fleeing poverty - on their way to the USA via the 'back door' of the badlands (Donald's wall would actually have helped them!) and the Hunter...well, he's somehow just driving around the desert looking for people to murder. With him, he has his trusty dog - trained to hunt down and kill whatever his master sends him after - human or otherwise. Once the murderous chase is on you know exactly what's about to happen every bloodied step of the way.

No subtleties here, just people led to the slaughter - and so it goes, repetitively and soullessly on and on. Some nice visuals, a promising opening and a curious music score can't add any more to the threadbare script. Only a famous movie-making father (Alfonso Cuaron) could fund this, his son Jonas Cuaron's minor attempt at fame - surprisingly, this was Mexico's entry as 'best' foreign language film at 89th Acadamy Awards (must have been a very light year indeed!) Lovers of mindless excitement won't be too disappointed - thinkers can expect to be.
Repetitive, dull and unimaginative
It's quite incredible that a movie as short as 90 minutes could be so dull and ineffective. But alas, 'Desierto, directed by Jonás Cuarón, does just that. The movie is extremely simplistic to the point where the audience never really knows why any of the events in the movie even happen. There is no discussion of motivation almost all of the characters, and the plot is simply just one long game of cat and mouse with absolutely no twists or surprises along the way.

The mice, in this case, are some of the most uninteresting characters that I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. There was only one moment in the movie which I thought was genuinely an interesting character moment. Perhaps if the cast was larger, and plot more complex, this would not have been such an issue, but unfortunately we have the opposite - the plot literally could not be more basic, and for most of the movie there are only three characters. But these characters are completely unable to carry the movie or make it faintly watchable as they are, simply put, horrendously uninteresting and unimaginative. There is a raccoon who appears for around three seconds in the movie that I swear was more interesting and potent than anyone else in the movie.

The performances, just to add to the shameful mess that is this movie, are fairly poor, save Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the unmotivated, psychotic murderer that randomly comes across a group of survivors and decides to start killing them. So basically his character in The Walking Dead. But even Jeffrey Dean Morgan, with his reliable charm and strong performance, cannot save this one.

There are a few moments of genuine tension, which did have me guessing what would happen next, but that is the only other positive I can squeeze out of this one. This movie is like Catch Me If You Can, but instead of a great story and thoroughly enjoyable characters and performances, you are fed the most repetitive, dull and forgettable excuse for a story and characters that is this movie. Even though 90 minutes may not seem long for a movie, trust me, this will feel like a lifetime.

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