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Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin
Kristen Wiig as Lucy (voice)
Nev Scharrel as Agnes (voice)
Katia Saponenko as Niko's Mother (voice)
Jenny Slate as Valerie Da Vinci (voice)
Dana Gaier as Edith (voice)
Brian T. Delaney as Commercial Announcer / Military Officer / Additional Voice (voice)
Trey Parker as Balthazar Bratt (voice)
Michael Beattie as TV Show Host / Scar-Faced Man (voice)
Miranda Cosgrove as Margo (voice)
Steve Coogan as Fritz / Silas Ramsbottom (voice)
Steve Carell as Gru / Dru (voice)
Andy Nyman as Clive the Robot (voice)
Julie Andrews as Gru's Mom (voice)
Storyline: After he is fired from the Anti-Villain League for failing to take down the latest bad guy to threaten humanity, Gru finds himself in the midst of a major identity crisis. But when a mysterious stranger shows up to inform Gru that he has a long-lost twin brother-a brother who desperately wishes to follow in his twin's despicable footsteps-one former super-villain will rediscover just how good it feels to be bad.
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Very disappointing
I'm a big fan but this movie was totally uninspired and lacks the charm and anarchistic humor of its predecessors completely. The story is confused, several plot lines (like Ramsbottom, Dr. Nefario) remain open or are illogical and sketchy (like the Minions' jail episode). I just hope that the crew will regain its old performance, and that the Minions will be back - YELLOW, please!
Really wish this coming movie win Best Picture
The third Despicable Me film chronologically is also the third-best in terms of quality. But it has just enough energy and flashes of inspiration to suggest it's a franchise that could run and run. The Minions are so cute.

I really liked the film. It is funny, touching, fast-paced and gives attention to all its characters.
Steve Carrell makes the same movie, again
It's a soulless cash grab and nothing more. There is no continuation from the previous installments; the only thing it has in common with its predecessors is that it's equally unfunny and has no substance. I would go as far as to say that Robert Rodriguez's film Sharkboy and Lavagirl, while not a very good movie, had more charm than the film at hand, because Despicable Me 3 had no charm.

To be clear, I hold Sharkboy and Lavagirl in high esteem for its sentimental value.
Good, but it could have been better
I loved 'Despicable me' 1 & 2 when they came out at the theaters. 'Minions' was a big disappointment and a huge insult for the first two. And when I found out that there was going to be 'Despicable me 3' I was excited because Gru was coming back again to the action and not only the minions. And well, about Despicable me 3:

I wouldn't consider it like the worst of the series (the worst is Minions), but I still wouldn't call it the best. It is hilarious and very enjoyable, but there were two things about it that I didn't liked very much: one was that I found it a little bit short, and the other one was the villain Baltazar Bratt. Some of his scenes were a little long at the point that his stupidity was like a pain in the ass.

However, the union between Gru and his brother Dru, the minions, Lucy and the daughters of Gru made the movie funny enough for me. It is highly enjoyable and family friendly, but I was expecting a bit more.
Uncomfortable humor and tried plot line
Going into the film, I thought it would be another fun, and enjoyable Illumination animated film, but there was something off with the humor used, and the range of characters from the start. Having one villain dance to 'Physical' against a pole, and on a exercise ball, wasn't really that appropriate. And with Gru's twin, it was played homage to the low level of entertainment that 'Jack n Jill' brought about, except being animated. Gru and Dru didn't properly embrace for a normal hug once, it was always just out of control strangling each other around the waist? And why would you have two twin brothers, in their underwear, lying down by each other, on a beach in the evening? Just an example of how appropriation for gender, and sexual curiosity has been encouraged for children's film, and in their everyday lives. You can say it is just a playful children's film, but that should be the reasons content like this should not be present at all.
"Despicable Me 3": More of the same. Only not enough of it.
The just-released animated comedy "Despicable Me 3" is a movie that probably didn't need to be made. But don't try telling to that to the filmmakers. They're far to busy bathing in the billions this mega-popular franchise has brought them since the first one lit up theater screens back in 2010.

Oh, Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig are just fine as the two leads, with ample lines to have you laughing out loud while perpetuating the pair's solid chemistry. But there's just not a helluva lot of new ground being covered here. And curiously, neither the hilarious legion of those yellow yucksters, the Minions, nor the crazy cute trio of kids is featured with any degree of purposeful prominence.

And the third wheel who WAS shown the spotlight, for my money (and I did pay to see this flick) shouldn't have been. Trey Parker. Stick to your gift of creating cartoons like the iconic "South Park" and not to lending voice to the characters in them. Valiant effort to be sure. But you just did not do it for me here, bro. In fact, you might say that you killed all the entertainment right out of your overwrought role much like you off poor Kenny practically each week on your satirically sardonic TV series.
Feels More Like a Sitcom Than a Movie
As far as disposable sequels to kids films, Despicable Me 3 is pretty much on par with Cars 3 (2017). It's not a particularly memorable film nor can it really hold its own against something like The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) but at least it's not unpleasant. In-fact in may ways Despicable Me 3 is better than the original in that it improves its look-and-feel and provides a decent foil for once in the form of Trey Parker's Balthazar Bratt. Of course it's to the detriment of neutering the refreshing mean-spirited-ness of the original, but hey, at least you still got those Minions am I right? Despicable Me 3 catches Gru (Carell) and newly minted wife Lucy (Wiig) trying and failing to secure the world's largest diamond from the hands of Bratt our flamboyant 80's themed villain. Fired by the new head of the Anti-Villain League (Slate), Gru and Lucy discover he has a twin brother named Dru (also Carell) whom their parents separated at birth. With nothing on their plate, Gru, Lucy and the girls (Cosgrove, Gaier and Scharrel), travel to the Mediterranean coasts of Freedonia to meet Dru.

When the family lands in Freedonia, the movie descends into a series of fun but thematically incongruous vignettes. Gru bonds with his brother over Dru's desire to become a villain, Lucy fails, succeeds and fails again to become a mother figure to the three girls, Agnes, the youngest of the three tries to capture a unicorn, Balthazar Bratt sees his plans for world domination come to near-fruition and the Minions...well let's just say they have their own thing going as well.

About half of all this busy, busy, business works at least as far as furthering the plot. The fact that none of the film's insanity really coalesces into a compelling whole, only makes the film feel more like a mediocre sitcom episode than an actual movie. Yet as far as inspired moments of slapstick, Despicable Me 3 supplies a little bit more than is to be expected. One highlight involves Gru and Dru driving around the Freedonian countryside in a golden-plated mean machine while police follow while riding literal pigs. Parents will find these comedic bits more amusing than funny but the kids, the kids will be rolling up and down the aisles.

And isn't that what this movie is ultimately about? To provide entertainment to children? While I don't necessarily condone families watching kid's films for their own sake (and this one in particular is all over the map as far as messaging), there's not really all that much to object about here. Despicable Me 3 is at its core a thoughtless but entertaining jumble of sights, sounds and goofiness. Thankfully unlike your racist aunt, Illumination Entertainment has not used the Minions for nefarious purposes...at least not yet.
A real piece of fun, largely underrated
I watched the movie with my 6 year old boy. We both spent good time and had a lot of fun.

The images (3D rendering) were outstanding. The acting was excellent (at least in French !). The story was rich enough for adults, with a lot of funny references and still enjoyable for children.

Can there be a better movie aimed at this kind of public ? I am not sure... You can have something different, probably not better.

I am more into Lynch, Cronenberg, Fincher, etc. and I am not used to this kind of cinema. However, I found it really enjoyable, and I am extremely puzzled by the current ratings (6.4).
They need to stop making bucks off of these movies
The first Despicable Me I really enjoyed, the second one was okay but not that great, the Minions one was mediocre, and this third one is iffy. Despicable Me has also had shorts and I saw a few of them like the House Makeover one, the Training Wheels one, and the one that played before Secret Life of Pets. The Training Wheels one was okay, the House Makeover one was pretty good, but the one that played before Secret Life of Pets was sub-par.

I think that they need to stop milking this franchise because Despicable Me is just getting worse and worse with each movie and short and from the cliffhanger in the end, I could tell that there's probably going to be a fourth one about Dru's career as a villain. And what's going to happen? Dru and maybe even Gru are going to meet their dad who they haven't seen in a long time and maybe bring him into the family? Are the girls going to find out that their biological parents abandoned them and leave Gru to live with their parents? And what if they make a T.V. series?

None of the characters I thought were very good and are shadows of their former selves. The new characters, Evil Bratt is obvious and Dru is an unnecessary character, he caused trouble for Gru and doesn't even know how to drive yet he has a car. Lucy is annoying with how aggressive and hyper she acts and an unnecessary mom and teammate of Gru and she and Gru are burdening a 6-year-old little girl with stuff about work. Which I think is too much for a 6 year old to comprehend. Not to mention, the kids act too precocious now. Like how could a 6-year-old girl know how to cook soup? She also sold her unicorn, well, Despicable Me is dead now. Isn't she too young to be even thinking about businesses anyway? And she adopts a goat? Why would she adopt a wild animal? And the minions are now more annoying trouble-makers than ever.

There are too many popular songs in there. But I really loved the end credits song. This movie is kind of like a rehash of Despicable Me 1, 2, and Minions. A villain causes destruction to the town towards the end, the girls get kidnapped by the villain, and a boy falls in love with Margo and even talks about getting engaged with her even though they're too young. And he also does embarrassing things such as smooching all over her.

Edith's voice actor sounded a bit too old for her age.

There are a few good things to say about this film, the action scenes are alright, there were some heart-warming moments between Gru and Dru and I like how they help each other, and I also like how they got three different stories going on, one about Lucy and the girls, one about the Minions, and one about Gru and Dru being spies. Agnes's new voice actor did pretty good on her character and I think she sounds kind of like Elsie Fischer, but I still miss Elsie Fischer's sweet, babyish voice but she no longer has that voice.

This movie was clichéd, silly, cartoonish, predictable, slow, and therefore boring. I barely laughed at even one part, the humor was lowbrow and the dialogue foolish. And I can probably guess what the fourth one is going to be about and that there may be a fifth one.
Despicably Average
Now is the time for the DM franchise to call it a day, it's not that there aren't some funny bits in this movie there just isn't enough of them. The few limited laughs occur when the minions are involved (this does not mean we need another Minions movie) and most of these are because of the mental minion language. Sorry guys but it is time for this franchise to go into retirement.
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