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IMDB rating:
Dennis Gansel
Mark Ivanir as Aslan
Nathalie Griffin as Woman in airport bus
Cosima Shaw as Andrea Berger
Merab Ninidze as Sagalayev
David Akinloye as White House Press Secretary
Joan Pascu as Lukovitsch
Michael Ihnow as FSB officer
Ivan Vrgoc as Sergej
Secret Service Agemt as Michael Bornhütter
Marco Ammer as Chief Waiter Pjotr
Isabella Vinet as Jekaterina
Alexandra Starnitzky as 1st Fligh Assistant
Alexander Yassin as Alexander
Rade Serbedzija as Onjegin
Dragos Bucur as Shamil
Moritz Bleibtreu as Paul Jensen
Reiner Schöne as Sokolow
Stipe Erceg as Vladimir
Max Riemelt as Dima
Michael Bornhütter as Secret Service Agent
Storyline: A journalist gets caught up in a terrorist plot in Moscow while investigating the Russian secret service.
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The Best Conspiracy/Political Thriller of The Year
In 2008, the American Carnegie Endowment's Foreign Policy magazine named Russia as "the worst place to be a terrorist" and highlighted especially Russia's willingness to prioritize national security over civil rights.

But this movie represents the other side of the story which is based on the similar life experience of Luke Harding who summed up his Post Cold war Russia Experience in his 2011 book Mafia States. Now most of the people who don't know about him know this-

Luke Daniel Harding (born 1968) is a British political journalist working for 'The Guardian newspaper.' He was the correspondent of 'The Guardian' in Russia from 2007 until he was expelled from the country in 2011 over his critical articles. His 2011 book Mafia State discusses the political system in Russia under Vladimir Putin, which he describes as a mafia state.He is the first foreign journalist to be expelled from Russia since Cold War ended. He is now posted in the London office of 'The Guardian.'

The movie basically depicts his experiences thought with some changes but the basic settings or plot remains the same where a foreigner journalist who is from Germany (and also the son of a deceased political journalist who used to work with the same magazine during the USSR era and post USSR era.)comes to work for a Russian Celebrity Magazine who publishes page three stories for rich and influential Russians as they no longer publish stories which might displease the powerful government and The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation who treat media censorship as a necessity to suppress the things they don't want to go public in dealing with matters of terrorism or national security any way they please to justify here the concept of national security over human rights.

But the movie not only depicts the inhumane methods of tortures developed by stasis in Germany during WW-II days but also the terrifying possibilities of secret services' hand behind some of the domestic terrorist attacks to justify the military warfare in Chechnya. As one character says,"The threat of terror is the only thing which unites the people of a country its a historic fact."

He also says,"Russia was on its Knees..In 1988 Russia was as poor as a third world nation, most reflecting for the country that once was second most powerful in the world; everything collapses..Army, economy, whole society..we were at the abyss. Then the president managed to take us back. Only a fool thinks that it doesn't have its prize."

So the story deals with the question of who being the actual threat is. the main character writes an article of a recently deceased investigation journalist who was found dead in mysterious circumstances completely unaware of the fact that he soon will be involved with psychological war with secret service officials and terrorist attacks and dark and twisted power games who will terrorize him and will test him when his fathers past is also revealed during his investigation for truth.

Overall the movie do raise questions about some serious issues of human rights and social willpower to resist the misuse of power which uses terrorist attacks to make more anti terrorist laws to give more power to military and make the life of common man more difficult. It represent the side of modern day Russia which has been hidden or unseen for masses of outside.

I saw this movie and it do has a similar plot with the book Mafia State though i have not read the book completely yet an on screen view was a treat. It had a gripping plot and twists were in plenty. Every person shown in the movie was not what they claim they were..there were many moments of doubt and suspense and it is entertaining.

On the whole the movie is a decent effort and to show these kind of stories is always a challenge. Screenplay is good and it is fast pace. Acting is also decent and some serious efforts by male lead has been put in some scenes especially in the FSS prison where the inhumane conditions prisoners are kept in.

I was impressed by the movie and it is a great to see a decent political thriller after the Pierce Brosnan starer Ghostwriter and it is commercially entertaining.

My rating is 7.5/10..

Go watch it for things Russia is not famous for!!
Conspiracy thriller
I try to avoid reading or watching anything about the movies I'm going to watch, as was the case with this movie here. That's why I guess I expected something different only knowing the title. The movie came to be a neat little conspiracy thriller, based a bit on experiences the filmmaker himself had when he visited Russia. He does mention this in the Audio Commentary which can be found on the German release of the movie (which was shot in English).

Moritz Bleibtreu, a very well known and accomplished actor in Germany, does a decent job, playing an everyman (his character being a journalist). The story moves along fine, but it should have tried to stay focused on its main theme. As it is the usual downfalls (coincidences and convenient momentum) do not help the movie, but it still is a nice little entry into the conspiracy movie "genre".
Mean machine
By watching this movie the one can think that the cold war never ended or is it just a thought? This movie was mostly about persuasive way to portray the East in the style that western propaganda is serving the Russian story to their brain-washed audience. Nothing more than that because the plot looks like the badly developed scenario for the cold war thriller and directing is pretty mediocre. Without the brilliant Moritz Bleibtreu this would be just a piece of junk. The director got lost in the conspiracy theories behind the Russian military actions in Chechenia with the apparently stolen idea on the staged terrorist actions of CIA regarding Sept.11 developed by Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11. In several moments the director tries to explain where did he get the idea of implying such things after all, when showing us 9/11 photos among the father's stuff but remains silent on that part. Pretty transparent and pathetic.
Very good movie, but the title should be changed to
"The Naive German Moron In Russia". yes, i'm serious about this and not joking at all. from the very beginning of this movie, i knew it's a very good movie with all the proper casting all over. the young guy, the main character in this movie is such a naive moron who came from Germany to work for a Russian celebrity magazine. but his naivety and his loneliness made him lose his alertness as a foreigner, a stranger in a strange land. he allow his 'little head' doing all the stupid things that he should not do in the first place. this guy made me feel pity on him but at the same time, i think what he later encountered served him right. this is a highly ideological movie, portraying the current situation in Russia. it's also a warning to all the younger people who are interested in politics that passion is a very dangerous thing once government and government policies are involved. like what this German moron said when he was in bed with his newly found love: "it seems that he's doing nothing but protesting." there are indeed so many young guys who actually do nothing but only interested in demonstrations or protests against the reigning government. they think that peoples' power is the weapon against police or military forces. by yelling and screaming, they can achieve what they wanted, but what they got are either prison time or bullets in the head. the first thing that all the politicians in power would do is how to maintain their power and how to suppress the dissidents. this movie would allow you to understand why most Chinese young people would never like to do anything against their Chinese communist run government after Tien-An-Men Square massacre. because passion simply cannot stop a bullet.
"Your bird can't sing anymore"
Dennis Gansel has become one of my favorite directors, giving us multi layered masterpieces like Die Welle(The Wave) and Wir Sind Die Nach(We are the Night). Die Vierte Macht or The Fourth State disappoints a bit, but is far from a bad film.

Paul(Moritz Bleibtreu) gets a job on a Russian paper where his late father worked. The two where not on the best of terms by the time of his death. Paul and the young photographer Dima(Max Riemelt) goes around and attends shallow parities in the obliviously globalised Moscow(in a interesting wink to the club-scene in Wir sind die nacht). Paul soon meets with the radical reporter Katja(Kasia Smutniak) and the two soon fall in love. Dima warns Paul not to have longer relationships with Russian women(strange as he is Russian himself...), and soon Paul is framed for a terror bombing.

The acting and writing was pretty good. The relationship between Paul and Katja feel genuine, an improvement over the not so well fleshed out relationship in Wir Sind Die Nacht. On the other hand the acting and writing is not as good as in Die Welle and Wir Sind Die Nacht, Gansel has a lot of good ideas going on but I think he needs a co-writer who can help him write. That said some of the characters are really well fleshed out.

Mark Ivanir(who looks like he is Peter Stormare's brother) as Alsan, a Chechen terrorist, steals the show completely and is by far the most interesting character. Rade Serbedzija also gets some interesting stuff to say at the end.

The cinematography is a bit bland and seems to have been color corrected a bit to much but the music is pretty good. There is some interesting visuals like the contrast between the modern, globalised club and the small, traditional Russian bar.

The story seems very realistic, it is much like all the news we get from Russia these days. The plot seems all to plausible.

In the end, I think people should see Die Vierte Macht if they get the chance but Gansel can do better than this.
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