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Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Paul Schrader
Willem Dafoe as Mad Dog
Todd Emmett as Prison Skin Head
Tevis R. Marcum as White Power Inmate
Magi Avila as Nanny
Chelcie Melton as Sheila
Louis Perez as Mike Brennan
Jeff Hilliard as Gun Enthusiast
Ali Wasdovich as Melissa
Bruce Reizen as Maurie
Omar J. Dorsey as Moon Man
Nicolas Cage as Troy
Chelcie Lynn as Sheila (as Chelcie Melton)
Storyline: Carved from a lifetime of experience that runs the gamut from incarceration to liberation, Dog Eat Dog is the story of three men who are all out of prison and now have the task of adapting themselves to civilian life. The California three strikes law looms over them, but what the hell, they're going to do it, and they're going to do it their way. Troy, an aloof mastermind, seeks an uncomplicated, clean life but cannot get away from his hatred for the system. Diesel is on the mob's payroll and his interest in his suburban home and his nagging wife is waning. The loose cannon of the trio, Mad Dog, is possessed by true demons within, which lead him from one situation to the next. One more hit, one more jackpot, and they'll all be satisfied. Troy constructs the perfect crime and they pull it off, but in the aftermath, they keep finding the law surrounding them wherever they go.
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Cage and Dafoe in type cast-ed roles.
This is an indie production with a few big names but not a real good story.

The actors play their roles well and it's also shot in an acceptable way but I was missing something of a point in this movie.

Dafoe plays the very evil baddie and it seems like they wrote half of Cage life in this with all the Elvis,Humphrey Bogart and 50's references thru out. I think that even at the end of the movie he does a sort of Bogart impression and I could not tell if that was serious or not.

Some of the scenes were nice on their own but as a whole the movie lacks substance and therefor falls flat.

It's really a one time watch movie more so if you like Willem Dafoe or Nicolas Cage. I was hoping for a bit of a comeback for Cage with this one but after seeing this I'm guessing that will never happen.

If your an indie fan i think you'll like it but if your more like me wanting a plot or some surprises in these type of movies you might wanna give this one a pass.

What ever you choose...

Dead in the water
Fast cuts, split scenes, violence, profanity and drugs have been the go-to recipe for below average Guy Ritchie-esque films since 1998. While that particular film had a fantastic story, Dog Eat Dog clearly lacks in that department. Here we, again, get the overdue Cage in his stereotypical suit and tie, handing out wisecracks, being the smart guy (hint: boring) coupled with a few half naked tattooed chicks and plenty of rough looking ex-cons. Add drugs and what could go wrong, right? Another reviewer stated the film was 'unfunny and stupid' and I couldn't agree more. The whole thing feels like some old movie executives googled 'cool' and tried to make a movie from the words that came up. Thirty minutes into the film the actors have made references to Facebook, eBay and Elliot Smith. You know, to connect with the kids, yo. Possibly because nothing in this film will appeal to anyone above fifteen years of age. Also, the voice-over is always a dead giveaway for a plot that's too thin or convoluted you simply have to get it spelled out for you – or it doesn't make any sense. An utter waste of time. And by the way, how did Willem Dafoe get tangled up in this mess? Hardly worth downloading.
Surprisingly fresh! Really enthusiastic performances by all of the co-stars
I'll start by saying this movie isn't perfect, but I really, really enjoyed it. In short, the pacing was fantastic (not a dull moment, but at the same time you really got to know the characters), the actors all clearly were really enjoying making the movie and gave their characters their all (Willem Defoe in particular, and Nicholas Cage was completely revitalized for this role). I also really enjoyed the cinematography, some various effects were used tastefully to great effect. Finally one of the best qualities of this film is the subtle details, often humorous, of the sets/extras. This film made great use of the background for both humorous and dark mood setting purposes.

The one complaint I had with this film was the abrupt transition to some sort of symbolic "meta-scene" right around the last 10 minutes of the film. It just felt jarring and didn't really resolve or leave me thinking anything. I would not be surprised if I just missed some symbolism, but it just didn't resonate with me. But luckily I did not feel it ruined the film for me.

So in summary, this film is a fantastic surface level action flick. I would describe it as the inverse of the TV show "Cops". Similar camera-work during the action. It also had some real depth to it's characters, and man was there chemistry. It'll leave you wishing you could see more of the characters yet the point kind of is that you just see a glimpse of their lives. More would take away from the poignancy.
An unpleasant and aimless piece of trash
Despite his recent track record, Paul Schrader's overall contribution to cinema should not be scoffed at. He was, after all, responsible for penning three great Martin Scorsese movies (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and The Last Temptation of Christ) and one okay one (Bringing Out the Dead), as well as directing the likes of Blue Collar, American Gigolo and Light Sleeper, all interesting movies in their own right. Of recent years, he's been stuck in the straight- to-DVD game, churning out schlock to help raise funds for his own underwhelming personal projects. Teaming up with cinema-dodging king Nicolas Cage for the second time (after 2014's Dying of the Light), Schrader's latest - an incredibly violent and misanthropic crime thriller called Dog Eat Dog - may just be worst thing the once- respectable writer-director has ever put out.

Back in 1976, Schrader's script for Taxi Driver immersed us in the seedy and scum-laden underbelly of New York, a part of the world unseen by the majority of us, and demanded that we contemplate this world of our making. With Dog Eat Dog, Schrader seems happy to relax into a cliché-ridden world of motor-mouthed ex-cons, prostitutes in hotel rooms, and the "one last job" that will allow these anti- heroes to escape their life of crime. Cage plays Troy, the brains of the gang fresh out of prison. His friend Mad Dog (Willem Dafoe), has recently committed a double murder and certainly lives up to his nickname. Diesel (Christopher Matthew Cook) is the muscle of the group who, we are told, possesses great intelligence despite his ogreish appearance. They are rounded up by crime boss 'The Greek' (Schrader himself) to pull off a baby kidnapping, a job that could land them a handsome payday.

Based on the novel by Eddie Bunker, which I haven't read, Dog Eat Dog feels like it has been thawed out from the 1990s, back when Quentin Tarantino's output was still influencing every low-budget, independent feature. With Cage and Dafoe turning their bonkers shtick up to eleven, it's clear that Schrader intended for this to be a comedy. Are we meant to laugh at a knife murder because the woman is overweight, or at Troy as he threatens to blow a woman's backbone through her belly? Apparently we are, although I can't imagine anybody actually raising a chuckle. Dog Eat Dog is an unpleasant and utterly aimless piece of trash, with scenes connected by a plot so thin that it feels like Schrader's finger is on the random button. There's a brief moment of tension when the gang find themselves in an increasingly hostile neighbourhood, but True Detective already did it with more pizazz 3 years ago. Above all, Dog Eat Dog is painfully boring, and even at just 90 minutes, I found my eyes constantly checking the running time.
Not As Bad As I Thought
First of all, There are two things that make this movie acceptable, the story which is based on a novel and Willem Dafoe who really impressed me, everything else was just bad.

Matthew Wilder who wrote the screenplay, please just stop it, don't write anymore, it's bad. you literally ruined this good story, it could have been much better with such a team.

Cage was pretty good, didn't do something special but he was good, The same is for Christopher Matthew Cook, The only one who was special in this movie is the great Willem Dafoe.

I don't highly recommend this movie but if you love Cage or Dafoe you should see.

MY rating is 5.5/10
Worst movie these actors ever made
I love these two actors but this movie was so far beneath their characters I could not stand to watch it. Starts out with utterly no moral character, extreme psychotic behavior that is hard to understand or relate to with very poor vocabulary use throughout. I thought it would be a good movie when I saw who acted in it boy, was I ever wrong. A good actor does not get sucked into this kind of movie, ever. That is my opinion, don't let your kids watch this it is indifferent, extremely violent and nauseating. Hopefully these two actors will choose their scripts and movies with more selectivity in the future. Most all the movies in the past have been great movies for Nicolas Cage I was stunned he was in this one.
Incredible potential, not met
Dog eat dog is a weird little film. At times it makes you think you are watching a paul verhoeven film, which is a great thing in my book. Other times the scenes just feel rushed and bland. I didn't mind the film to be edgy. In my book it could have been a whole more edgy actually. That's the whole problem here. Dog eat dog does a lot of things but really impresses at none. For example the Bogart'esque scene would have been so much cooler if it would have been shot in black and white.

On the positive side, Dafoe totally steals the show. He portraits his character so natural that you could swear he is playing himself. No wonder all the cage fans are bitching.

Let's be fair, dog eat dog is better than expected but misses the target by miles being a genre classic since this film is nowhere near polished enough.
Death or victory
The film is inspired by Tarantino. It opens with a killing and "The Whistle Tune" from "Kill Bill." Three guys recently get out of prison. Troy (Nicolas Cage) was the most recent to get out and is the "brains" in the group. Mad Dog (William Dafoe) has psychotic tendencies and only Troy tolerates him as he helped him in prison. Diesel (Christopher Matthew Cook) is the muscle. They are hired to do various crimes for the head of the Cleveland Mafia. They hope to score one last task and go off to Hawaii.

The film opened with a lot of promise, but wanes after the first task. It should of had a second task, before the final one which was too predictable. Dafoe gives us a good performance with Cage being the weak link. This wasn't his film. I thought the ending was anti-climatic.

Guide: F-word, sex, stripper nudity
Stopped 1/3 through
I kept looking for a story line but found none. Possibly the worst movie I started to watch in years. I love Nicolas Cage but was seriously disappointed that he took a role in this move. Best thing they could do is burn all copies of it to save people from nonsensical violence and sex.
Strangely interesting in it's mediocre-ness
It might be a good thing that I don't know what to think of this movie. I liked it, it's not the best thing Nicolas Cage has been in, but you can't put it under the category of bad Cage movie, Especially when running lines with William Defoe who was worth watching in this flick and brought great essence to it.

I saw someone else review the movie. They stated the the film has Bite but No Bark. It made me curious enough to want to watch it, and after seeing Dog Eat Dog I think I understand what they mean. The film was shot amazingly with some powerful performances. Like I said before, Defoe fills the room and Cage is lucky to have him, but at the same time Cage is no slouch in this either. Plus the chemistry of all the actors together is well received, and once again to look at the movie...it really packs a punch.

But the plot of the movie is almost non-existent. The film is suppose to be about three crooks kidnapping a baby, yet this plot seems subliminal in relation to watching three crooks, one of them just recently released from jail have a good time, and see how they became acquaintances in the first place.

It's like the director is trying to tell us that we don't need a plot for a movie to be interesting, but I have to admit that this point my come across better if I knew it was going to be a convict version of Seinfeld, while waiting for these guys to do something. Still, very good film to watch
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