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Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Mike Birbiglia
Gillian Jacobs as Samantha
Emily Skeggs as Shy Sarah
Neil Fleischer as Pianist Seth
Tami Sagher as Lindsay
Erin Darke as Natasha
Sondra James as Bonnie
Kate Micucci as Allison
Glenn Wein as Psychiatrist
Richard Kline as Dr. Coughlin
Storyline: JACK (Keegan Michael Key) & his girlfriend Samantha (Gillian Jacobs) are a perfect couple who are also Teammates on a popular improv group that perform at a struggling comedy spot in NYC. Together, the team has a family like bond but individually they have their personal dreams of being on the weekly television show "This Weekend Live".
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Don't Think Twice--Just Watch It!
"Don't Think Twice" is a movie about a group of friends who have kept alive an improv group known as "The Commune." One "show- boater" (played by Michael Keegan-Key) in the group lets loose during one night's performance because he knows a scout from a knock-off of "Saturday Night Live" television show will be in the audience. Lo and behold, he and his girlfriend (expertly played by Gillian Jacobs) land auditions while the rest of the troupe, albeit through clenched teeth, wish them good luck.

I think the one huge mistake about the movie is its promotion. Billed as a "comedy," that is just an incorrect and very misleading label. Yes, there are some comedic moments, but this is a serious look about these peoples lives. When some of them come to the realization they have made it as far as they are going to make it, well, it's just painful to watch.

Comedian Mike Birbiglia, who wrote and stars in this movie, is just amazing. His ensemble cast are also top-notch. One of the most poignant parts of the movie is when Gillian Jacobs' character pretends she is at the bottom of a well and replies to her boyfriend, "it's okay for me to be at the bottom."

I can see why some people are disappointed, and I will strongly caution (again) this is NOT a knee-slapping, gut-busting comedy. It is an all too real lesson about life. Rated R for language and adult situations.
if you're looking for laughs, you will NOT find it here...
you can call it a "dark comedy" at best, but it is NOT a funny movie, unless you have a very low standard for making you laugh. it's not a very interesting story, and unless you can relate to being in an improv group, you probably will not enjoy anything about this movie.

I thought about shutting this off about 30 minutes in, and wish I would have, it didn't get better, it didn't get interesting, and definitely did NOT get funny...

snooze-fest!, unless you can relate for some reason, just give it a pass...

there is not a thing that will make you laugh...
Honest, sweet, funny
I loved this movie!

I'm a big fan of stand up and improv (and of Mike's work in the comedy world) so this movie was perfect for me. It was interesting to see how the world works on the inside and from what I've experienced and seen/read, Mike did a good job of showing the improv/SNL type scene. A very vulnerable look at what it really means to "make it" in comedy.

Beautifully filmed, amazing casting, great script! The cast was incredible and the whole movie felt very natural, like you were watching a group of friends hanging out. It wasn't forced or filled with clichéd characters which was very refreshing.

The cast had amazing chemistry and it was fun to see some regular faces from UCB show up on screen. Would watch again 10/10
Great movie for those who like spending time with funny people...
I find that there is more to love in humanity from the art that humanity creates than the moral goodness of humans.

For that reason, I never get tired of well-told stories about people struggling to give birth to creative works. And this film is a well-told story.

The characters are all likable and well-developed. There is a great deal of camaraderie between our heroes. At the same time, there is also intense competition and even resentment between them as some succeed and others struggle.

And the movie's funny, too.

Have you ever watched and enjoyed "Comedian's In Car's Getting Coffee"? If so, then I strongly recommend "Don't Think Twice."
Good for a quiet evening
This is amusing and has a few moments, but no laugh out loud moments during this film.

The story is of a comedy cast trying to make it in the competitive New York market.

It does digress and veers off track – sometimes becoming overly melodramatic. There's a love relationship, one of the cast has a dying father, another meets up with a high school sweet-heart who is pregnant. If it would have stuck to the nightly comedy routine and the tensions within the group it would have been more unified. So after awhile what exactly are we left watching? Never felt very engaged by any of the characters.

The ending is overly schmaltzy with all participating in a group hug, but in the prior scenes there were fierce and combative arguments...

Good for a quiet weekday evening.
Don't Think Twice
"Don't Think Twice" is a real, heartfelt dramedy about a improv comedy troupe named "The Communes". The film begins after this troupe has been going for maybe over a decade, and all of its members are in their 30s and still have day jobs to get by (except for Lindsay, who has rich parents). The film starts with their preparation for a show, and it shows their connection to each other.

Improv comedy is about the group, as one of the three rules in the beginning of the film states, but this film is about each character, and how they let go of the group and move on. Unlike many comedy films today, the comedy in the film is character based, and since the characters are the main focus of the film, the comedy is intertwined with every scene. It isn't a film that has "jokes" necessarily, but its a film about funny moments because of the interaction between the characters, which is very similar to improv.

As stated in the beginning of the film, there is no losing in improv. Even as they fall, they can make it good on the way down, and they do that in real life and in their improv towards the beginning of the film. The problems begin to arise when the rules they could follow so easily before begin to fall apart. They said it was all about the group, but they can't progress in their career and get on "Weekend Live" (an obvious jab at SNL) if they don't worry only about themselves. They can't say yes to everything if they have to look out for themselves first. They have to think first if they're doing written material.

The highlight of the film is its performances and writing, but it is a visually interesting film in some regards. Scenes are shot with care and attention to the state of the characters. For instance, there is one scene in which Samantha is doing her last improv show alone, and during her performance she realizes that, even though she loves them, she likes being away from her troupe, and especially Jack. The scene is shot closer to her face and with a mire shallow depth of view as it progresses and she becomes more satisfied with her independence.

So, obviously the group begins to fall apart after Jack goes to "Weekend Live", but they end up accepting their maturity and realizing the only way they could keep the group together is to let each person do what's best for themselves.

This is the kind of film Judd Apatow wants to make: it isn't shot boringly, the comedy is real, the characters are relatable, and the drama doesn't feel forced.
Drama, Humor, and Depth - See "Don't Think Twic
Mike Birbiglia is a great comedian and storyteller who has proved himself to be skillful writer/director. Birbiglia's second film, "Don't Think Twice," is a rich, deep mixture of drama and humor dealing with the trevails of an improv comedy troupe. I won't rehash the plot - suffice to say that the ensemble cast, which includes Birbiglia, feels genuine. They come off like a genuine improv troupe, which is essential for the story to work. Don't sit down expecting a laugh riot. You'll laugh a lot, certainly, but this is a story about people that work in the humor field trying to keep their heads above water - and maybe hit the big time - in a tough, highly competitive business. Birbiglia and his outstanding cast create something special here. Don't pass this one up.
Great insight into improv side of the comedy world and the struggles and emotions involved with trying to fulfill the dream of stardom. Both funny and touching,the film follows the ups and downs of each member of an improv troupe as they attempt to find their niche while dealing with day to day struggles with family, relationships and each other. It doesn't have light sabers or magical creatures, but if you can get past that (because you're an intelligent adult with a sense of humor) then I would recommend this film. The casting was perfect and I've added this film to a short list of movies that I can go back to at anytime and enjoy.
Maybe funny for a niche audience. For the rest of us...dry and flat.
As a fan of of Improv in general - I was disappointed. I can see how some of the scenes and situations in this movie might relate to the struggling actor, but for the rest of us that just wanted a good comedy - it fell short.

It had potential to deliver on the drama side, but the character building seemed rushed, the roles were flat and predictable and the writing was dry.

For me, I think that in Improv half of the fun is actually being there and seeing the characters make up the comedy live. However, when it got to that part the material just wasn't funny at all. I kept waiting for the (really predictable) climax to "wow" me, but it just never happened. I won't spoil it with the details, but even the ending was forced and awkward.
Pretty good drama, but cringey improv. Not funny, but not bad.
Hi film makers. Here a free tip. Never make movies about people that are supposed to be funny, and then show what is supposed to be funny. No actor ever, ever ever ever, manages to make that not cringe worthy. They come close here, but maybe as close as anyone ever will be.

Here the thing: We see a lot of improv comedy, and it is supposed to be funny, and the audience is laughing because it's funny. (in other words, we are told that is funny or not) Here's the problem: we get to see what the audience is seeing and it's NOT funny. That really takes me out of it. And even if it WERE funny, we would know it was probably scripted, and scripted improv, well that's not very funny. (I realize the improv scenes a probably a blend of script and not, any-who, it not funny)

Let's say you made a movie about the worlds funniest joke. It would be a lot smarter to not show the actual joke and just let the mind wonder about it. As soon a you show the joke, well, it ruins it, because chances are it's not the funniest joke ever. See?

OK. With that said! Most of the improv seems quite natural though, and the acting is good. I didn't find the movie very funny, but I think where it shines is in the drama. Because this movie has some pretty good, heart felt points about human behavior. It's got some tense scenes, and quite a few times it hits quite close to home. (At one time I was like: wow, that character is me. NOT gonna say who)

I sort of wish they had solved the improv-thing in another way, by maybe not showing so much of it, or making it supposed to be cringey. I don't know.

It's a sad movie, not really a feel good one, and that's good.
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