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IMDB rating:
Jason Bourque
Sean Bean as Neil Wistin
Tommy Europe as Team Leader
Mohsin Khan as Abid's Son
Kamal Malik as Abid
Nilofar Gesawat as Abid's Wife
John Emmet Tracy as Daniel Winters / FBI Spokesperson
Kirby Morrow as Dave Wistin
Sharon Taylor as Agent Jenkins
Kevin O'Grady as Father
Bradley Stryker as Ted Little
Patrick Sabongui as Imir Shaw
Viv Leacock as Agent Barker
Mary McCormack as Ellen Wistin
Joel Moore as Gary
Storyline: Neil (Sean Bean) is a private drone contractor who spends his workdays flying covert missions then returns to a family life of suburban mediocrity - without his wife or son knowing about his secret life - until a whistle-blowing site exposes him to a deadly threat. Believing he is responsible for the deaths of his wife and child, an enigmatic Pakistani businessman (Patrick Sabongui) tracks him down, leading to a harrowing confrontation.
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Dreadful garbage
Don't waste your time. The storyline is reasonable, but the implementation is awful. Painfully slow for the first hour or more, then all rushed at the end. Acting is woeful, with the exception of the 2 male leads. The wife is hopeless, and the son is worse.

What could have been a reasonable film is so poorly done that you'll be lucky to sit through it.
misleading title and billboard, watch out not what you expect
the title is misleading, i was expecting an action flick but unfortunately it was frustrating. Let's say it straight, It is a family drama, don't expect car chases, bombings, adrenaline. The movie is so slow, so tiresome you wouldn't cope with it. it is like a theatre play, most of the action takes place at home, family dinner with an unexpected guest. I watched 3/4 of the film expecting it to start and show the potential but NO, it didn't happen at all. It shows the main character lives a life that his family is unaware of. the final scene is like a high school play, too bad such good actors had to do such a bad movie. It is not a thriller, there is no suspense. there is moral questioning regarding US military policies in international conflicts yet the way the director approached the theme is not appealing at all. what is more, there are some hints about his family showing it is not the perfect family yet the hints take us nowhere in the story, they don't seem to work at building the plot or the story.
Worst Than Expected
The main reason that I did not expect much from this movie is Bean is not much of an actor. The acting by the entire cast is stiff, the story line is anti-American propaganda and is preposterous. I can't image how I would feel if I paid to see this in a theater for $10 or more. I only paid $1.50 to rent and I did not finish it. Hope that helps.
Pakistan visuals
The way Pakistan shown in the movie is not Pakistan at all, Its India, full of garbage, clearly you can see Hindi language written on sign boards and cars "TATA" you find these in Pakistan.

Pakistan is way beautiful than that.

Its worth visiting and spend your vacation there.
One more stupid leftist movie
This movie is politically stupid and its intention seems only to divert the western countries from the defense of their citizens. Only the terrorists are responsible for the death of their co-citizens and family. Westerners have the right and the duty to defend themselves and of course there are co-lateral damages like in any war.
Not satisfying at all
I liked the movie at the end because it sends a personal message about one taking lives without giving any thought. Besides that, nothing else were any good.

Sean Bean tried to pull this one off, and was fairly successful, but came up short. The acting from the supporting actors was horrible, never seen anything like it. It made me cringe all they way, and not in a good sense.

they tried to put the entire action and climax at the very end- But that ruined it. The first 1 hour and 10 min were complete trash, where the viewer has no idea what is going on. Glad this movie didn't hit theater because people shouldn't bother chosen this movie over anything else.

This movie should be forgotten
real face of CIA
there is no such thing as Taliban(terrorist) in this country anymore. America did not kill terrorist in Pakistan , our army did and these drones attacks only occur in Afghanistan near the border of Pakistan. and this movie not filmed in Pakistan. I don't know why America showing Taliban in Pakistan and American drone in Pak. Actually American gov had made these so called Taliban were feed them time by time when ever they want to. i hope some day people of the world can understand some day near by. why they were murdered innocent families along them terrorist. but one thing i never understand that Pakistan had never linked with 911. all the terrorist were from Arab countries especially from Saudi Arab, but i was always need to know that why they were not ever put fingers on them . may be because they have business with Arabs. mostly big brand in America owned by Saudi Arab princess. i am really appreciate this movies and his director writer they done a very good job here. at least they shown some of the real face of CIA.
Good plot, good ending, not bad acting, wasn't boring
If you look past Neil and Ellen Wistin's cast's acting, this movie is pretty good. The plot is sound and the movie wasn't boring. It was slow but they didn't stretch it out longer than this movie should be. I think the movie got it's message across.

And it leaves you with a question as to why is the US still going on with it's drone strikes if they know that the collateral damages/civilian casualties will just facilitate terrorist groups get more bodies on their side? They are fabricating terrorists themselves and then going around killing them; and in that process, killing more civilians leading to more terrorists.

It is a pretty good movie for one time watch. Give it a go if you are not looking for something thrillingly entertaining but just a casual Friday afternoon.
Drone On...
This is a totally unoriginal story. Very similar to the recent Pierce Brosnan film IT. This narrative has been played so out so many times in so many films you can skip the unsurprising ending. If you want to save a dollar just watch the trailer, you have the whole unimaginative story.

Sean Bean & Patrick Sabongui are excellent actors and their performance are first rate considering the material but the rest of the film is a complete dud and hard to watch. Looking on the producers list of past films he is not known for ground breaking or original stories and this is waste of 90 minutes of your life.
Very Well Done - Better than expected
Based on the comments I read here, I wasn't going to watch this movie. One even said this was basically the same as the movie I.T. which is silly. They are two entirely different stories.

Yes. They both involve psycho's but I.T.'s psycho is truly going psycho for the most flimsy of reasons. I couldn't even finish watching that movie.

This movie however really delves into a legitimate reason why someone would do what the antagonist did in this movie.

It avoided a paper thin presentation of the Muslim's rage against the guy who killed his family by drone strike. And it had a totally different take on the possibilities where this movie could end up. I'm saying it like that so I don't ruin the movie.

The acting while not stunning was quite good. The writing was actually understated which I liked. The response of the government to this situation seemed more plausible than some movies that are so over the top.

This should be rated higher, at least a solid 6.5 to 7.0. In my mind, this movie is worth an 8.
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