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Drama, Adventure, Family
IMDB rating:
Carroll Ballard
Alex Michaeletos as Xan (as Alexander Michaletos)
Mary Makhatho as Thandi
Hope Davis as Kristin
Jennifer Steyn as Aunt Gwen
Nicky Rebello as Coach Nagy (as Nicky Rebelo)
Garth Renecle as Hock Bender
Andre Stolz as Xan's Teacher
Charlotte Savage as Poetry Student
Ronald Shange as Policeman
Eamonn Walker as Ripkuna
Nadia Kretschmer as Tourist #1
John Whiteley as Tourist #2
Clive Scott as Tourist #3 - Eager Man
Andre Stoltz as Xan's Teacher
Storyline: During a nightly Porsche ride with his doting rascal Xan, white South African farmer Peter finds and adopts an orphaned cheetah cub, dubbed Duma (just Swahili for cheetah). It becomes the boy's inseparable playmate, even taking it to bed. Peter made clear from the start that the cheetah should be returned to the wild before its full adulthood. But the father is stricken down with a disease just before the cheetah could be returned. Xan's mother sells the farm and moves in with a city aunt. The cheetah escapes, but finds Xan at school, where the new boy is bullied. He decides to run away to the mountains with Duma. On the way they face countless perils, which courage, Xan's intelligence and Duma's instinct overcome.
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Well Made Family Film
I was surprised how powerful DUMA was - I remember all the good reviews it got when the W.Brothers butchered it's release, basically giving up on it and hardly putting it in any theatres because they did not believe in it and THEN it got some real raves and by then, it was too late. I'm glad to see that it is doing strong business as a DVD. The director is a veteran of well made "nature" films - BLACK STALLION, NEVER CRY WOLF and FLY AWAY HOME are all well made films where humans and nature try and get along. He does a marvelous job with this story as well. My children, ages 6 and 11, loved the adventure aspect of the boy trying to take his cheetah back into the wild. The acting is excellent (nice to see Hope Davis and Campbell Scott lend their talents to such a project) but the truly great performance is by Eammon Walker who plays Rip - a mysterious stranger the boy meets once stranded out in the wild. Walker plays a truly dimensional man and brings such honesty and subtlety to the character. The film is smart and emotional and beautiful. I hate that we live in a culture where bad remakes like The Longest Yard can rake in millions upon millions and yet a beautifully made film like this can't even get a wide release. It's a Catch 22 nowadays - so many people complain about the crap coming out of Hollywood - where are the quality family films and then here comes DUMA and no one hardly sees it. Do your family a favor and rent DUMA - it's overall message of how precious life and love is is something to savor.
Nature , friendship and courage
Duma reminded me of one of my favourite books "Rules of the Bone '. It is a movie about friendship between a boy living in South Africa and a cheetah named Duma. At first the story line may seem a bit simple, but then you will notice all the serous issues Duma deals with. The role of the young Xan is played by Alexander Michaeletos – he has really cute English accent which made me seek some more information about him. I found out that he is leaving in a farm in South Africa like the character he plays so well in the movie – real you can almost sense his feelings and fears. Duma is also a fine example of a coming out of age movie – I would like to quote some of the dialogue:

"Change, yeah. That's what happens. All the time. The little boy that left home......is not the little boy that is with me now, eh? See? Change."

Duma is a movie you would enjoy watching with your younger friends and relatives – they will like it and learn many things from it.

The cinematography is brilliants –you will enjoy the beautiful nature scenes or the animal scenes – I almost felt like I was watching a documentary about animals at times – so believable were those scenes.
Froma director's POV
Even when some people would like a story to be told the way they wanted, it's impossible to criticise someone else because his or her point of view.

There is a comment that makes you feel uncomfortable on the appartheid issue. Sad to see that.

This story is a well told one. Maybe not perfection, but I dare anyone to better it. The idea is beautiful. The performances, top notch, even when there are but two real ones. The cinematography is way out of our traditional American feature. Maybe this is one of the points that makes this story as compelling as The Black Stallion.

Please, try to think you're not an American or someone who's been brain-designed by the American film industry. This is the kind of films I ENJOY with my kids, because they enjoy them, and don't feel treated like fools.

Do I have a biased POV about American films? You got it! Not all of them, not all the time, but, yes, there's a deep and troubling cliché behind them.

Even if you don't like stories about animals and kids, please, please! watch for the African scenery.
Fantastic, heartwarming. Something kids from 5 to 105 might enjoy
I really enjoyed this movie! It was a great story about a boy and a cheetah he found orphaned at about 6 weeks of age. They grew very close, became best friends! It was refreshing to see a real motion picture. No computer graphics here all the real stuff. There were some sad parts, some slightly spooky parts but nothing that would be terrifying to most children older than 5. The cheetah is portrayed with a personality almost human-like. The boy and his cheetah go on a real adventure when it is time for the cheetah to return to the wild.

Breathtaking scenery, gorgeous wide open spaces and a few scary close calls with some hungry lions!!! In the end all works out well for all the characters. Not some syrupy, sappy ending just a good all around sensible ending.

I watched it on DVD, you should be able to find it if you look.

Duma movie great for families and parents
A lot of parents, myself included, enjoy movies and are constantly looking for something worthwhile to attend a theater and take our kids to. I prefer to enjoy the movie I've paid for and would rather be at least a little interested. Unfortunately the last few years have been extremely hard on parents; if we want to take our kids to movies we might as well sleep because the movie is going to insult our intelligence and have the kids repeating the most annoying catch phrases for the next week. I'd rather not and try to keep that kind of movie watching to a minimum or less. I found Duma by accident while I was looking through foreign films to be shown at Seattle's Northwest Film Forum. There they had a small summary of the film and I was curious to see if they were right. I took my husband and eight-year-old daughter to see Duma and was very pleased. Duma has the cute cat, a cute kid, loving parents, but also something more about growing up with a conscience and braving your environment to accomplish something great. I saw Black Beauty as a child and loved it. So tonight when I saw Duma I was surprised that the director Carroll Ballard also directed Fly Away Home another winner movie. This is the sort of film that makes you feel good as if you have watched Disney's White Fang. The previous reviewer mentioned that it was reminiscent of Walkabout; another good film. But how many films do we get to see a realistic Africa in? If the Disney company could take a lesson and hire intelligent directors like Carroll Ballard and I wouldn't have to screen the critics before going to the movies--boy that would be nice. I'm also grateful to Roger Ebert for recommending this film and making Warner Brothers take notice that the film they were ready to shelf is worth more than they give it credit for. My daughter cried, and laughter and said she really liked this film. I feel the same way, but on so many more levels. Kudos to everyone who worked on this film to make it worth substance!
Excellent movie, with two exceptions
First, it never opened here. No surprise. Albuquerque has only one theater that would show an independent movie of this quality, and for some reason, this one never got here. My other disappointment with the DVD was that there is no bonus material. I would love to see how this movie was made. As far as the movie itself, it's excellent. Both Xan and Rip are compelling characters, and Duma, the cheetah himself, is incredible. You can feel the heat of the African desert, the cinematography is done so well. The soundtrack is perfect; I'm hoping it's available somewhere. It's too bad the studio heads who make these decisions aren't bright enough to see what an incredible movie this is; if they were, they might have given this movie the commercial push it deserved. Still, it might do well on DVD; I know we're going to buy it.
Excellent movie for the whole family
We have 4 children between 5 and 11 and it is difficult to find a movie that we all enjoy. Duma did the tick and we spent a wonderful evening together.

The characters are deep enough to make them credible and stimulating some thoughts: is Ripkuna good or bad? why does the buy run away from him? why does the boy fight with his mother?

It has beautiful images, a great story, leaves a strong message (growing, changing and leaving is part of life)...in short a wonderful movie.

I am surprised that I had not heard of it at all before "stumbling" into it at the local DVD rental shop.
Parents - Decent Family Movie, but exercise caution for younger children
I'm not going to provide a comprehensive review, but provide a caution to parents who might be deceived by some of the other glowing family viewing endorsements. I have a hard time considering this movie appropriate for children as young as 5, as some suggest, or even a couple years older. If you're a parent, read on.

The story begins with the death of the mother cheetah by lions, thus orphaning Duma. I also read quite a number of reviews and yet none mentioned the father died. Most reviews suggest that sickness required the family be transplanted to the big city, not death. There are segments where Xan is trying to evade animals that could eat him. There's a segment, not very well developed and rather unbelievable, where havoc erupts when Duma enters school grounds and in an unpleasant scene, classmate bullies corner Xan in the bathroom while Xan is searching for Duma before the police see and shoot him (surprise...Duma saves the day). These things are not lightly touched upon in cartoon or offhand fashion, but presented as real events with real consequences.

Maybe these are spoilers, but my point is that for parent's screening films, it should be known. There are some parents and kids that don't seem ruffled by emotional themes that resonate especially with children (abandonment, death of parent(s), being lost, being all alone to deal with dangers or fears). There are other parents though that want to shy away from movies that do so at least at a younger age.

Our 7yo son crawled into our bed after the movie and wanted to be alone to cry after this movie. At some point in his growth, it will dawn on him that he could be all alone just like Xan. My son was also crying for the mother because now she was all alone. But one should walk into this movie at least being aware and prepared that you may need to talk your children through it.

This is not a movie to park your kid in front of the TV with and this is not a movie for 5 year old's. If you were hoping for an uplifting tale of a boy who rescues and raises a cheetah then has excitement and adventures before releasing him to the wild...it is, sort of. But that's like saying Saving Private Ryan is story about a man who, well, saved a Private Ryan. Along the way, it can get a little scary and touch on topics that you ought to be prepared to field.
Two paws up
Duma was one of the real sleepers of 2005, full of gorgeous scenery, good acting and a sweet story. Eamonn Walker as Ripkuna is exceptional as the Savannah smart man of the plains and Alexander Michaeletos as the boy on a quest is exceptional for his young age. The story may seem fairly pat but the execution of the plot is done with style and depth of emotion pretty rare in "animal" movies. However, this story transcends cheetah cuteness and extends to a boy's rite of passage quite literally. Duma is noble, adorable and talented which gives the movie a handsome centerpiece. The scene when Duma is reunited is one of the most touching in film history. Not sappy but full of courage and real love.
Ideal family fare
Young Xan and his father happen upon a newly orphaned cheetah kitten, and Xan adopts it. As Duma, the cheetah, reaches adulthood, Xan's father explains how he must be returned to the wild, but then suddenly dies. Xan, his mother, and Duma are forced to live in the city. Xan realises that this will be the destruction of Duma so he runs away, intending to return Duma to the wild as agreed with his father. Things go wrong, however, and Xan is forced to team up with itinerant Rip, who says he is returning to his village, but may actually want to sell Duma...

This undemanding family film has a very small cast but a great deal of attractive landscape and wildlife photography, as it meanders amiably through a plot which crosses Walkabout with Born Free. The story runs along fairly predictable lines, albeit with a couple of relatively unexpected wrinkles on the way. There are aspects which are, frankly, a bit unbelievable, but the film is sufficiently good-natured that this doesn't really matter.
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