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USA, Germany
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
David Fincher
Edward Norton as The Narrator
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden
Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer
Meat Loaf as Robert 'Bob' Paulson
Zach Grenier as Richard Chesler
David Andrews as Thomas
George Maguire as Group Leader
Eugenie Bondurant as Weeping Woman
Christina Cabot as Group Leader
Christie Cronenweth as Airline Attendant
Tim De Zarn as Inspector Bird
Storyline: A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.
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Outstanding 11/10
A funny story about a guy who may not resemble a vampire, but played a vampire early on because of the so-called batman trauma, so as not to diminish his state of medicine. Tell me how you can beat me: Inviting me to a movie plan. Briefly speaking - are you tough? Put on the power and then go to the film plan. 100% offensive and customer satisfaction. 11/10.
One of the best
A very accomplished movie from start to finish. One of my favorite movies of all time. Spectacular cast, awesome story with an unexpected twist. Love the cinematography. To Watch multiple times to pick all the hints and details that were very thought out to deliver a premium experience while watching it. Very recommended.
best acting,best storyline,best ENDING,and best of everything
This is the rarest movie i have come across.this movie is my all time favorite and by all time I mean all time favorite. I am a big fan of Brad Pitt and after watching Fight club i am a huge fan.When someone suggested this movie he told me do not watch any of its trailer or read any reviews, just watch it and this is what I would I suggest anyone who haven't watched this movie. PLOT: Now the movie starts with with an ordinary man(Edward Norton) bored of his life, suffering from insomniac and as the movie goes on come the guys who will change everything in his life,Brad Pitt, and both of them start a fight club to give some thrill, purpose and some action to their life.This club takes a whole new level in their and waiting for the ending worth every single second of movie and its so so so awesome that you can't stop yourself from watching it again, talking about it to everyone...
Generally positive comments
This film, is basically, at least in my opinion, one of the greatest films ever, period. I read the book afterwards, and equally enjoyed the book. The film is definitely for younger people, the critics of films, in general are older, so they cannot appreciate this film. The film defines the younger generation, only younger people can relate to it, however, older people(middle aged+) can appreciate the art of the film, the beauty of the camera work, as well as the excellent acting. The film, in every aspect is fantastic, it begins with a rather humorous narration, from a person we grow to know as, "narrator". It goes about to show how he lives, and his way of life. In these scenes alone, movie lines that will go down in history are said, and it's only the first twenty minutes. The film tends to progress faster and faster as the film continues. We delve into the narrators psyche, and find that he is not unlike most people in this world, he has a tendency to say to people what they want to hear, even if it is not the truth in it's entirety. Almost all folks can relate to the main character, and he feels to be a real human, not a character in a story. This, is partially due to the excellent directing, as well as book, but it is mostly due to the fantastic performance by Edward Norton. It, in my opinion is an Oscar performance. Bradd Pitt gives his best performance to date, he is definitely an excellent coworker with David Fincher, they seem to share a common thread when it comes to film making I suppose. I have full intention of purchasing this film when it is released on VHS and DVD. Do yourself a favour, see this film, if that is not an option, at least read the book. If you are younger and feel unrest with society, this is the film.
I am addicted to this film, in a way it motivates me; therefore whenever I feel low I choose to watch this film.
Fight club is made by one of my favorite film-maker David Fincher. It is based on the novel written by Chuck Palahniuk. Edward Norton & Brad Pitt have acted in this film.

I love this film because of its philosophy. Probably this is one film which is very close to my heart. I am addicted to this film, in a way it motivates me; therefore whenever I feel low I choose to watch this film.

I also love this film for its motivational quotes, its unconventional characters, stylized treatment, and dripping background scores…

However, I don't think that any conscious reason will justify my explanation behind taking this film as a topic for film analysis; hence I will only say that this is my kind of cinema. Story:- Fight Club is a fascinating story of an Edward Norton and his world, his inner as well as outer world. This is a story of Tyler Durden. Edward Norton is a social animal who lives a monotonous life. He buys everything of which he sees an advertisement, however at the end of the day he also knows that nothing is worth buying. He is bored of his routine and flat life. He is bored of his falsehood, the artificiality in him have created all the complication in the story. On one not so fine day his fully furnished and occupied complex caught fire, he felt so lost and depressed. He just wanted to share his grief to anybody, hence he called Tyler Durden to whom he has recently met in an airplane and with whom he has also exchanged a number. This was his greatest mistake. Tyler was smart, dynamic and everything that Edward Norton has always aspires to be. Tyler was free from all kind of obligation and responsibilities. Edward Norton collaborated with Tyler and starts a club known as Fight Club. Fight Club is the way to break free. It is a club where two people will fight with each other. It is a club with the certain set of rules. Members of fight club are obliged to these rules. Tyler was the mentor, motivator and inspiration for the club member, they respect Tyler. This brought Tyler an opportunity to initiate project "Mayhem" (I am not going to disclose the details of Project Mayhem as it will be spoiler). However I will like to tell that Project Mayhem was all about destruction, it was all about economic equilibrium. Edward Norton didn't want this to happen as it will create havoc, and thus he fought against Project Mayhem, he fought against Tyler. But how can you defeat the animal within? Fight Club is a social film which deals with metaphysical plot.

"Tyler Durden" is one of my favorite characters in the history of cinema, and Brad Pitt has excellently portrayed the character of Tyler Durden. I don't think that any other Actor other than Brad Pitt would have done justice to this character. Brad Pitt has given style to the character which was needed. I think Brad Pitt was most appropriate for the role of Tyler Durden however I will also say that the character of Tyler Durden was such a well written character half the job of the actor was done while writing it.

Edward Norton is a fantastic actor, he have a capability to get into the skin of the character. In this film he has played a narrator and story was said from his point of view. I will say that Edward Norton have done a great job, as his character was recognized even after the presence of the strong character of Tyler Durden.

David Fincher is a great storyteller he had courage to tell this complicated story with such a style and elegance. I have watched this film hundreds of time, and after watching and re-watching this film again and again I can say that this may be one of flawless film that I have watched. I respect the director for his detailing on the script, on his characters. I respect him for the style that he put in the film. I respect him for the subject of the film. Dialogues is also one of the most important part of this film, every time Tyler Durden speaks his words punches the viewer on their face. This film is full of quote and I will like to mention some of it over here.

"Things that you own ends up owning you"

"You are not the content of the wallet, You are not your job, You are not the car that you own, You are all the singing and dancing crab of this world"

And many more…

Hypnotic background score and cinematography have done its job. On a whole I love this film as it motivates me every time I watch this.

Strongly Recommended...
Edward Norton finds his life a compete loss until he meet Tyler, the soap salesman
Fight Club is a rather dark drama filled with subtle comedy and with a rather dark ending. The ending is actually the most important scene in the movie and the director decided to begin the film with it too. However, he purposely leaves out the major twist you learn at the end. This is obviously done not to ruin the rest of the movie. However, the fact that you never learn the narrator's real name the entire movie is the most important part of this plot twist. When you learn that Tyler is actually just the narrator's mental projection, your entire understanding of the movie is changed. Tyler is the narrator's mental projection of what he wants to be. During the movie, the narrator's physical appearance worsens while Tyler's actually gets better. This was a consciously made decision by the director in the film. "We decided early on that I would start to starve myself as the film went on, while he would lift and go to tanning beds; he would become more and more idealized as I wasted away." The fact that the narrator's physical appearance degrades over the lapse of the film is an excellent choice to show how actually his mental state became worse and worse. This is not only because of his continuous insomnia throughout the film, but also for his own self-hatred for how average his life has become. This is why he eventually creates Tyler as an image of a true man and what he actually wants to be. What he wants to see in himself he envisions in Tyler.

Tyler is very masculine, handsome, and confident. All of these characteristics the narrator lacks. Tyler is what the narrator actually sees himself as becoming. He falsely sees partaking in these underground fight clubs to make himself more masculine. This is why Tyler's appearance becomes more ideal, while the narrator's worsens. He only sees himself become this more ideal person while in reality; he is not bettering himself at all. He quits his job, loses all connections to his friends and family, and completely loses track of who he actually is. The reason why the narrator creates Tyler is not only because of his hatred for his own lifestyle, but also how emasculate he felt in society. He has no confidence in his own self-image and who he is. When he goes to these self-help groups, he actually gains little confidence in himself seeing that there are actually people who are less of a man than he is and has bigger problems than he does. The first time he actually embraces this is when he is at the self-help group for men with testicular cancer. He convinces himself that he is also a victim. He is not actually a victim to the same circumstances these men face, but feels just as emasculate as they do. This is actually what relieves his insomnia. It isn't actually until he meets Marla that he sees how fake both of them are by going to self-help groups for their own pleasure that his insomnia worsens and eventually meets Tyler.

The physical appearance of the characters in the movie Fight Club is an unnoticed decision the director made that emphasizes a crucial point in the movie. The fact that the narrator projects what he wants to be through Tyler is seen through his appearance. Tyler becomes more attractive while in reality, he becoming worse off and just more battered and beat up as the movie goes on. The narrator never comes to grip with this until the final scene of the movie. Once the narrator realizes that Tyler is just what he project, he sees how far Tyler has taken his role. He finds a middle ground between Tyler's over masculinity and his low self-esteem as 'kills' Tyler once and for all.
A unique film
Fight Club is one of the most unique films I have ever seen. In addition to presenting a rather fresh take on life, FC also presents its material in a fresh way. My main interest in the film is in that, in my opinion, it does not present characters for us to think about. Rather, it presents actions for us to think about. I will say that I cannot recall *ever* having been "asked" by a film to both suspend my disbelief the way this film asks in its third act AND at the same time come to terms with an understanding that there is no room--or need--for disbelief.

Perhaps these comments will not make sense to the average movie goer who will dismiss this film--and, unfortunately, its premise--as another hollywood flick filled with gratuitous violence. I'd go as far as to say that this film is not about violence. It is about choices. It is about activity. It is about lethargy. It is about waking up and realizing that at some point in the past we've gone to the toilet and thrown up our dreams without even realizing that society has stuck its fingers down our throat.

I would argue that anyone caught, at some point in their lives, between a rock and a hard place--anyone who has reached bottom on a mental level--anyone who has uttered to themselves "Wait, this isn't right. I would not do/say/feel what it is that I just did/said/felt... I do not like this. I must change before I am forever stuck being the person that I am not." These people, they will know what I'm talking about. These people will not only recognize the similarities between Edward Norton's character and themselves--they will be uncomfortably familiar with him. These people will appreciate Fight Club for what it is: a wake up call that we are not alone.

As David Berman once said: "I'm afraid I've got more in common with who I was than who I am becoming." If this sentence makes any sense to you, go see Fight Club. You won't regret it.

The Boldest Movie Ever Made.
I do not know where to begin. This movie is a masterpiece. One of the brutally boldest films ever made. Let's start with the first act. I've heard many complaints saying the first 30 or so minutes of the movie are boring but what most don't realize is that's the point. You see, in order to fully delve into the narrator's boring white-collared lifestyle we have to experience it with him. To sum it up, the first act of the movie might feel like a drag but that is what David Fincher wanted you to feel. Now onto the second act, the birth of Fight Club and Project Mayhem. In the second act we are introduced to the visionary Tyler Durden, and we witness The Narrator slowly delve into the world of sacrifice, pain and hitting rock bottom (as Tyler describes it). This is the crucial part of the movie. In this hour or so we are convinced of the world Tyler wants to live in and the reality he despises. In this second act we also hear the script flow like poetry. Numerous lines of philosophy are spoken throughout this second act and they all seem convincingly true (like for example "Its only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything). And plus, who could name a more memorable character than Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden. Helena Bonham Carter also shines in the second and Edward Norton is brilliant. The Third Act of the movie is pretty much flawless. Fight Club does not cheat. Throughout the movie there are very quiet hints given to the audience that project the plot twist. And when the plot twist is finally stated, mind=blown. The rest of the third act feels very fearful, sort of like Memento, where everyone else in the movie except for the main character know what is going on. The finale is great and to this day still gives me goosebumps. All in all, this is a must watch. Everything from the cinematography to the screenplay to the acting is amazing. And I'd like to end with a question: What other movie (than Fight Club, of course) gives a big middle finger to our consumer-based, advertising driven society? That's right, none. I've said it before and I'll say it again this is a must watch. 10/10.
That mind game...
I think that one of the most amazing things about this movie is that the movie itself is just as same as his main character. Messed out.

I have to be honest, at one point in time, i did not have any idea what to think of this whole plot. I was just like "lets see what happens at the end". I didn't know on which side is the truth. And I loved it. That whole confusion that is lived by Lou is transferred to watchers and i consider that among the best qualities of this film. A story that is told is what we feel and it is hard to describe it. It is something you have to experience.

I like that revolutionary spirit, that rebel prism we all look through on this movie and that state of mind which is totally broken and that made me think about what is my purpose in this world, in my life, in whole this universe. That freedom of doing a scene that co respond with Lou's (or Tyler's, I still don't know what to think) mental disease and having that true feeling that entire movie is just a picture he sees. I say again, it is so hard to describe.

One thing I didn't like, one among the very few, is braking of the barrier between the movie and watchers. Concept was endangered and that, beside some small but pretty lame mistakes like some total coincidences, made me give it 9 instead of 10.

A great psychological game with a watcher's mind, well set and done movie plot, great story of a man's mental rise and fall, unusual love story, rebel awakening in viewers, outstanding acting, unexpected twist... This movie has it all. A 'Must watch' type of movie.
Welcome to movie heaven!
Let's ignore the advice and talk about "Fight Club". This film was a milestone; although it bombed at the box office, Fincher's cinematic language left a mark that can still be felt now, 14 years later, on many current releases. Despite the risky 'cutting edge' nature of the film, Fincher got a huge budget for this and it shows: the camera effects and the whole production design are amazing.

This movie has a raw energy that grips me every time I watch it. What a crazy, fun ride! Whether it is a very clever satire or pure testosterone going on a rampage - both are fine by me. A film so visually stunning and sexy, with career best performances by all involved - welcome to movie heaven.

My vote: 10 out of 10

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