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Drama, Biography, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache
Clotilde Mollet as Marcelle
Cyril Mendy as Adama
Alba Gaïa Kraghede Bellugi as Elisa (as Alba Gaïa Bellugi)
Thomas Solivéres as Bastien, dit le Plumeau
Dominique Daguier as Amie de Philippe
François Caron as Ami de Philippe
Dorothée Brière as Eléonore (as Dorothée Brière Méritte)
François Cluzet as Philippe
Marie-Laure Descoureaux as Chantal, la femme de chambre
Anne Le Ny as Yvonne
Omar Sy as Driss
Christian Ameri as Albert
Joséphine de Meaux as La DRH société de courses
Audrey Fleurot as Magalie
Storyline: In Paris, the aristocratic and intellectual Philippe is a quadriplegic millionaire who is interviewing candidates for the position of his carer, with his red-haired secretary Magalie. Out of the blue, the rude African Driss cuts the line of candidates and brings a document from the Social Security and asks Phillipe to sign it to prove that he is seeking a job position so he can receive his unemployment benefit. Philippe challenges Driss, offering him a trial period of one month to gain experience helping him. Then Driss can decide whether he would like to stay with him or not. Driss accepts the challenge and moves to the mansion, changing the boring life of Phillipe and his employees.
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a touching yet funny French comedy
I have seen this movie tonight at a preview session as the official french national release is set on 2011, November 2nd. Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakashe, accompanied by the lead actor Omar Sy were meeting the audience and cheerfully answering questions.

The movie is very well written. Although opening on a flash-forward, it is fairly classic comedy about the meeting of two opposite people who were very unlikely to meet. The first one is a paraplegic white middle aged very rich and lonely man, the other one is a young black, poor, unemployed, coming from poor suburbs and a very large family.

What makes the quality of the film, beside the humour present in every scene in which Omar Sy appears (actually most of the film), is the emotion you can feel, through increasingly attaching characters.

The story is based upon a true story, and real characters.

If you want to watch and enjoyable comedy, with very touching moments, this is a must go.

There are interesting insights about arts as well (paintings, classical music, and funk music). What is art? What is its use?
Inspiring and uplifting true story - bring your Kleenex!
I can't remember when I've been so moved by a movie or story. The power of love and interconnection, and learning how to care for someone else besides yourself are strong themes in this movie. It was funny, touching, tragic and wonderful all at the same time. For why are why here on this planet if not to take care of each other and impact each others' lives? These actors I've never seen took me on an amazing ride that I'll not soon forget. It is amazing how two people can affect each other so deeply. Absolutely one the best movies I've ever seen.

I went to the movie with my sisters, dad and husband. My dad is frail and my husband helped him to the restroom during the movie. Life is so fragile, but we prop each other up and that is how we get through it all.
Defines "wholesomeness" and then some
Now here is a film that perfect defines the word "wholesomeness." The Intouchables is a moving parable about a wise but poor black man who becomes the caregiver and mentor for a wealthy tetraplegic in a series of unlikely but not unbelievable events in modern-day France. The film begins by showing the man's assistant, interviewing candidates for the job of being the man's hands and legs, but as the man sits close behind her, he becomes increasingly unsatisfied with the candidates due to their lack of motivation or their mundane nature.

The man, named Philippe, played by François Cluzet, is brought to a smile when he is acquainted with Driss (Omar Sy), a man who has been through relentless struggles with money and social-status, but still manages to push through it with a smile. Driss is only looking for a signature on his unemployment checks so he can continue receiving welfare benefits and has absolutely no ambition to get this job.

The next day, he is called up to begin the trial period as the role of Philippe's caretaker, and while Driss is clearly unqualified for a job of this nature, Philippe casually accepts him because he finds the man to be charming and good-natured. While both men come from the Parisian-area, Philippe lives in a heavenly mansion, while Driss inhabits the lowest end of the slums. Despite this setback, the men have an incredibly easy-going friendship, with deep, touching talks of inspiration and motivation throughout the picture. Subplots involve Driss demanding that Philippe maintain better control of his only daughter, Elisa, and trying to get the man back on his dating game with a digital lover.

I'm aware the story sounds like cliché-after-cliché, but the film perfectly abides by my law of films with a seemingly cliché premise. The Intouchables knows its story functions with moments of incredulity and utter sappiness, but it doesn't try to overcompensate and milk those moments for more than they're worth. It also does more than give us contrivance, but inflates its moments of sentiment with wit, charm, attitude, style, and poignancy, making this for a very emotional experience on every level. Sometimes, we are greeted with a film we know is relatively simple, cliché, and unassuming, yet we are mesmerized unconditionally up until the final frame.

The film became a colossal hit in France, selling over nineteen million tickets and is currently the second highest grossing film of all time, in France. Due to its very minimal promotion in the US, I could see some people going into this film expecting a somber, relatively monotone film depicting the life of a tetraplegic tragically and with a numbing aftertaste. The Intouchables has a talent much like the Alexander Payne film, The Descendants, which is depicting a relaxing environment, which includes making a character out of the setting, handling tragedy with a sustainable amount of poignancy, and providing touches of extremely funny comedy throughout its entire runtime.

As of now, French cinema is one of the strongest cinemas in the world, as it has been for decades now. Rather than try to recreate the New Wave it experienced many years ago, try out a gimmicky, self-indulgent style, or even worse, replicate Hollywood formulas, it is at a stage now where it can take even the most basic storyline and rework it into a magnificent portrayal with humanity and lavishness subtly and majestically. The Intouchables is a beauty that will definitely be taken for granted.

Starring: François Cluzet and Omar Sy. Directed by: Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano.
This movie touched me very much
Another great film from the French film industry that made a great echo all over the globe. All this with a low budget and a story inspired by true events. The tetra person was played very convincing by François Cluzet. Omar Sy delivered a surprising and respectable performance. I find that the Intouchables should deserve at least an Oscar. I laughed a lot about all the funny jokes and adventure scenes. Each one of the sequences had lot of emotions and every detail of the handicapped man was well studied. The running time was not too long for me. I didn't expect such a beautiful happy end. Just see it and let you surprise how nice it is. 10/10.
This movie is excellent.

Actors are very good and touch you on many levels. It is funny, it is serious and has a story to tell which won't leave you intouché.

First I though this is going to be more or less a cultural film for a selected audience. But this wasn't true at all. This is a film for the broad audience, and I think it can be appreciated by everybody.

I don't know if this film has been dubbed in English, it will certainly lose some of it charisma. If you understand french, then get it in the original voice.

Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. It is a beautiful movie.
The Intouchables
One of my favourite films is THE INTOUCHABLES with the famous actor Omar Sy who became popular because of the TV show 'SAV'. A wonderful and emotional story about Philippe, a rich quadriplegic who requires a live-in caregiver.

One the plus side, the movie is funny and sensitive at the same time. In this role Omar keeps his trademark hilarious attitude. He gets the job to work for Philippe, played by 'Francois Cluzet'.

Philippe loves Cedric's behaviour and attitude (Omar Sy) because he treats him like a normal person without mercy or sympathetic. In this movie you will discover a story of love and close friendship.

Moreover, this movie is taken from a true story which make the plot even more real and attractive.

Go and see this film. You won't be disappointed.
Beautiful film
After watching this beautiful film I felt two things. Shame at my prior laziness for avoiding any non-English speaking films and excitement for the wealth of films I am about to discover. There is a film world outside of the UK and USA. Anyway I haven't much to say about the film, you'll get a good incite into it by watching the trailer. From the subject matter I assumed at some point during the film I would need tissues to dry my tears which would have made reading subtitles difficult but thankfully I didn't. At times its sad but is also uplifting throughout. Its just a lovely film and may throw caution to the wind by watching it again without the subtitles!
513th Review: One of the Front Runners For the 2013 Oscars
Hilarious and moving, Intouchables is simply one of the best films of 2012. Based on a true story the unlikely pairing of an immensely wealthy quadriplegic with an African immigrant carer produces line after line and scene after scene that are genuinely funny (and I mean really funny not just a gentle smirk) and also wonderfully acted.

It's a hard film to fault - it isn't over-sentimental or maudlin, but it makes us care - the drama could have been deeper and more dramatic but I, for one, like that it is a genuine odd couple, buddy comedy - it is simply a pleasure to watch - I have seen it twice and enjoyed it more the second time around.

It is also, significantly, one of the most affirming film about disability to date - this is not a film looking for your sympathy or tears - but neither does it gloss over or veer away from disability - but it shouts that disability is not inability or shaming - it is certainly a very strong contender for Best Foreign Film and expect to see an American version (Dustin Hoffman would be great - they are almost twins) soon....
A masterpiece in human interaction
This went straight into my top 3 films ever seen, just such an evocative and believable storyline, and masterfully crafted as only French films are. There is an inexplicable beauty to some French films, such as Amelie and "Untouchable" was of the ilk but so much more powerful given the context and nature of the two main characters. I cannot recommend this enough, I saw it alone, then took my 15 yr old son who also found it moving and wonderful, Nd then saw it with my boyfriend, whose 30 yrs as a hospital doctor have made him harder and more cynical than I, but he too was moved by this delightful, lighthearted approach to what many would see as a tragic story, and is raving about it to his friends too. I cannot recommend it enough it is a 10/10 without a doubt and it is an absolute travesty that it has not received the acclaim it deserves.
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