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Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Eli Craig
Clancy Brown as Reverend Gospel
Sasha Craig as Waterpark Mom
Kim Evans as Girl Talking to Officer
Brad Williams as Gozamel
Hank Harris as Gabriel
Chris D'Elia as Wayne
Donald Faison as Larry
Tyler Labine as Karl C. Miller
Carla Gallo as Wendy
Adam Scott as Gary
Evangeline Lilly as Samantha
Sally Field as Miss Shaylock
Storyline: Gary, who has just married Samantha the woman of his dreams, discovers that her six-year-old son may be the Antichrist.
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good intentions yet confused
I am writing the review in the middle of the movie, but I don't think the second half will change anything in terms of what I want to say. I found the idea interesting and decided to watch the movie. It has its perks. It has nice ideas like people going on with their everyday stuff although they know it's the end of the world and the kid is the Antichrist etc. However, the execution somehow misses something. It's not scary when it intends to be scary, neither it manages to be funny when it intends to be so. I wouldn't call it a waste of time, but it's not as good as Tucker & Dale vs Evil by the same writer/director.
Much Better Than I Expected
About the only thing, I dislike the most in any movie, is a glimpse ahead at the beginning of the movie. It works in very rare cases, but the look into future events at the beginning of this movie holds no relevance. It offers no subtle or vague idea but slaps you in the face that this will occur at some point in the film.

With that said, this movie is a satire (e.g. Little Nicky) about the belief in an apocalypse brought on by the son of Satan or the Antichrist. If you are strongly religious and cannot take a joke, you won't enjoy it. Adam Scott plays Gary, a man who marries a woman without getting to know her or her son very well. Owen Atlas does a remarkable job playing Lucas and that is rare to have talent at such a young age.

If you were expecting to see more horror than comedy, this is also not for you. This also pokes fun at self help groups and society's need to force other people issues onto you. You are the new dad, so this must be all your fault. If you need a mild comedy-horror-spoof this Halloween then this could be the warm up act for better movies.

As for the apocalypse, it was much better than I expected.
Decent, but not consistent.
I'm not going to lie; I was kind of disappointed with this one. I had such high hopes for another Tucker N Dale Vs Evil type horror comedy. It's not a bad film, but the laughs were a little too few and far between for me. It had its moments but just wasn't consistent. I will say there are a few genuinely touching moments though, which I wasn't expecting, so it had that going for it.

Part of me thinks this one might get better upon repeat viewings. I'm not really sure why I feel that way, maybe it's because I wanted to like it more than I did.

Worth a watch, but if you were as excited as I was to see this one, lower your expectations.

My Rating: 5.5/10
Cheesy, but delightful
This film is hilariously entertaining if you recognize the intended allusions, particularly the nods to THE OMEN. Adam Scott and Owen Atlas are charming as step-father and son, especially in the water park scenes. Evangeline Lilly is surprisingly perfect as the ditsy mom; she delivers her lines with impeccable comic timing. I've never seen her outside of LOST and her performance here is spot-on. Yes, some bits are campy and silly, but the overall message is touching and relevant.
A promising movie.
This movie is confused at the beginning; it doesn't know if it wants to be a comedy or a horror flick! The comedy wasn't really there in the first 20 minutes, and Al, the friend, is cringe-worthy, but the comedy kicked up as the stepdad makes friends.

I like the casting and the characters aren't too bad, though they could have added more depth to the characters, especially the main cast. Gary's friends were really just there for the sake of being there, not really adding that much to the story – his friends weren't really there to support him (to put it mildly). Yes, they did all help him in the end, but it was really Bridget Everette's character, Al, who played a more integral part. I felt they could have used Carla Gallo more – given her a better role to play, especially knowing what a good actress she is!

I felt they could have given Lucas more screen time and more depth; he doesn't really have much to do or say in the beginning; he's just the 'eerie' child. Eli Craig, the writer and director of this movie, could have given him more of a backstory and fleshed him out a bit more. Lucas has such great potential!

Also, there could have been more backstory given to Gary and Samantha's relationship before they wed, fleshing the characters out even more and making the audience feel even more connected to them.

It was a bit slow in the beginning, but saying that, it was also rushed towards the end; it needed to find a balance.

All in all, though, it was a good little movie, standing on its own, even if it was in the third act.

Would I recommend this movie to friends, or even strangers? Yes, I would. Would I watch it again? Yes.
Laugh out loud, Lighthearted Horror
So far Little Evil is my favorite movie of the year. A laugh out loud comedy that delivers the laughs. A perfect mix of parody and homage of classic horror that satisfies even the softest of hearts, and keeps you guessing until the end.

If you are one of those who realized that The Santa Clause was more than a film about Christmas, this is definitely one to check out.
Loved it! Absolutely Loved it. Great horror-comedy
I watched just 15 seconds of the trailer and knew I will absolutely love this movie. As it's obvious from the other reviewers, they expected a true slasher horror with demons and exorcism(lol, I guess they did not watch the trailer) and do not have a sense of humor. Yes, I said,it. Anyone not giving this fun movie at least a 6 just doesn't have a sense of humor - so why watch a comedy movie in the first place?? It was scarry, it was funny, it was great acting and story. I wish there would be more movies like this,instead of the same-boring-horror flicks with the same script( hey, I think SAW 18 is coming out, people with no sense of humor should see that one).

I like dark humor and I give this movie a 9.
Amazingly fun!!
This is an awesome movie. It is scary and fun! If you are love comedy and horror, then this is the film for you! They're are many nods to Greta films such as Poltergeist, but it has a style that is all its own. The writing is witty and the acting is great! Not to mention, the child actor in this film is amazing!! I hope to see Mr. Atlas in more films in the future.
Safe Enough to Not be Bad, but Too Safe to be Great
Little Evil is the latest horror comedy by Tucker and Dale vs Evil director Eli Craig. Considering how enjoyable the previous movie was, and seeing that Little Evil was taking a similar route, we figured it was a pretty safe bet. Unfortunately maybe it was just a little too safe.

Little Evil plays on the evil child horror trope, complete with callbacks to The Omen, Poltergeist, and even The Shining. Gary has married the beautiful Sam, punching a little bit above his weight, and moved in with her and her child Lucas (Lucas > Lucius > Lucifer, get it?). Unfortunately bonding between Gary and Lucas doesn't go so well, as Lucas starts to show worrying signs of the supernatural and satanic. Turns out Lucas is the antichrist, and Gary is the only one to really notice or care.

On the more serious side, Little Evil explores what it's like from a stepfathers point of view, or really father in general. It uses the horror and comedy aspects to play up and emphasise the difficulty some men have relating to their children, blood or otherwise. It spins the idea that stepdads are always the guilty party on it's head, and I found that refreshing. It also plays around with themes of nature vs nurture. Sure Lucas was born the antichrist, but does he have to be? Can he break that and be whoever he wants to be? This last point it hammers home a little sappier and more sentimental than I maybe would've liked, but this is what I mean about the film maybe playing it a little too safe.

Little Evil resists any opportunity to break the mould or push the envelope. It sticks inside it's quite safe parameters resulting in being not all that funny and not all that scary. There's virtually no gore at all, and the short glimpses of creepiness we get lack conviction. The humour is fairly run-of-the-mill and suffers from overplaying jokes a little too much. Sam is oblivious to her child's creepy habits for too long, and Al is only really funny because she's a woman pretending to be a man. For a dark comedy, it's not all that dark or controversial either. They're the kind of jokes you'd expect in any mainstream American comedy.

That's not to say I didn't like Little Evil though. It is enjoyable, and did earn a number of chuckles from me. Unfortunately I've found it very hard to review because, less than twenty-four hours later, I can barely remember it, and that's not a particularly great sign. It rides on the coattails of Tucker and Dale's success, but never quite hits the same mark. It plays it safe, preventing it from being a bad movie, but also preventing it from reaching the potential the trailer offered. I give it an enjoyable but vanilla 6/10.
After the amazing trailer...
And Wow... It's F..k it, F..k it, F..k it and F..k it more... It was one of the worst clickbait trailers I've ever seen.

Disappointed in NETFLIX for even greenlighting this movie.

The best/"funny scenes" are in the trailer, the movie is nothing like that. I'll even say that the first half is decent and sometimes funny but the rest is AWFUL. The only positive thing from the movie is Adam Scott, even Evangeline Lilly (with her perfect body/sex appeal/the most amazing butt can't undo what I just saw 2 minutes ago.

I can't continue, just pick up a pencil, use a pencil sharpner to sharpen it and then poke your eyes after the first half.

That's it.
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