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Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Eli Craig
Clancy Brown as Reverend Gospel
Sasha Craig as Waterpark Mom
Kim Evans as Girl Talking to Officer
Brad Williams as Gozamel
Hank Harris as Gabriel
Chris D'Elia as Wayne
Donald Faison as Larry
Tyler Labine as Karl C. Miller
Carla Gallo as Wendy
Adam Scott as Gary
Evangeline Lilly as Samantha
Sally Field as Miss Shaylock
Storyline: Gary, who has just married Samantha the woman of his dreams, discovers that her six-year-old son may be the Antichrist.
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Decent Premise, mediocre execution
I wouldn't have watched this if I hadn't loved "Tucker & Dale vs Evil" by Eli Craig, which like "Little Evil" is a parody of a horror sub-genre. Unfortunately this film is entertaining enough that I was never bored, but it lacked the creativity and fast- paced humour a premise like this should have.

It begins promisingly with a lot of funny jokes, but after the first 15 minutes, the jokes kind of take a backseat to the exposition, and the humour becomes less crafted, and more akin to an Apatow joint. Adam Scott is great as usual, and though I expected his sidekick Al to be incredibly annoying, Bridget Everett was having so much fun I warmed to her after a while, Clancy Brown is also good. The rest of the cast is pretty average, Kate from LOST phones it in, and Turk from SCRUBS is distracting, as he's cast as one of the 3 useless comic relief step-dad friends that never have an impact on the story. The kid that played Lucas was also really awful, even by the standards of child actors. Why didn't anyone give this kid better directions. Nothing he or any of the other child actors said or did were well-done at all.

The direction was much better than any modern Apatow-esque comedy. Craig used a lot of horror conventions to his advantage and I wish the script he wrote paralleled his direction, even if the cinematography still looks like a cheap Netflix film. He does however, use identical speed-cutting transitions to Edgar Wright that is incredibly distracting, like with the same sound effects and pacing and everything.

The structure was not great, it lumbered in parts and then sped through the climax at an insane rate. The film also stops several times and repeats aspects, like expositional scenes.

I wish this were as strong as "Tucker & Dale" which I strongly recommend, yet "Little Evil" lacked a great supporting cast, or any innovative way to spin the subject matter. Instead, it's just a funnier version of the Omen, which was already kinda funny to begin with.
Loved it!
I personally think people are being way too hard on this movie because I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. If you're looking for something serious then this movie isn't for you. It's corny and goofy but a really fun movie. I love anything with Adam Scott and the rest of the main cast was great it as well. It was also cool to see some familiar actors such as Tyler Labine and Donald Faison.
Maybe it's just me, but when a so called horror comedy is neither scary or funny, I get bored. There is very little in the sense of comedy here, at least not the funny kind. It seems to try to be scary, but the bad acting just ruins everything for me.

Maybe it's because I don't believe in the mythology of this film to begin with. The whole concept with a "satanic child" is ridiculous to me.

I have watched the Omen trilogy before and at least they managed to create a great atmosphere.
Good movie
Unlike some other reviewers, I enjoyed the movie. I thought it was cute, and enjoyed the references to other Antichrist movies. I thought it might be over the top like the scary movie series, but it was not, and actually had some acting and plot. The ending was well done. My daughter watched it also and enjoyed it.
Laugh out loud, Lighthearted Horror
So far Little Evil is my favorite movie of the year. A laugh out loud comedy that delivers the laughs. A perfect mix of parody and homage of classic horror that satisfies even the softest of hearts, and keeps you guessing until the end.

If you are one of those who realized that The Santa Clause was more than a film about Christmas, this is definitely one to check out.
Fun movie
Is this a master piece of comedy? No. But it was a fun little movie that had me smiling all the way through. Now there are plot holes and the kids acting is very hit or miss but if you don't take it seriously, like it's meant to be, then you will have a good time.

It is the weakest of the short number of films he has made but it is hard to top Tuck & Dale vs evil and Zombieland. I am going to keep an eye for his next works because, so far, I always have a good time watching his movie.

Now shut your brains out, get some snacks and enjoy a little ridiculousness that makes fun of all the horror tropes out there.

It's the film Adam Sandler turned down in the 90s
Little Evil is not a horror or a comedy. Your not scar by the movie it self, but by the money and time wasted to make this film. First, the plot lets take omen and make it funny. It's the film Adam Sandler turned down in the 90s and some how the script was lost in time and found it way to Netflix. The sound track basic and abrupt. You feel the scenes change and only works in 20 percent of the movie. The color grading feels rough. It felt like I was watching a vines stars, youtube movie. The cast was a weird fit, like a lot of favors, were called in. Supporting characters with no direction or add nothing to the story. Apart from a couple of one liners. I know a team of people worked hard to bring this story to life. But this was so bad. on so many levels. Maybe I watch too much TV and films. I have and watch all the Hitchcock movies on DVD. So maybe, it's a personal mismatch.
Not Bad
It's a wet Sunday afternoon and this was the top title on Netflix.

We weren't sure if it was a kids film - looked like one but there was no classification on Netflix or on here.

I started watching it with my daughter (9) - it's not a scary movie and in some places it's quite funny, so OK for children in that respect, then there's the swearing, if there was no swearing it would be a perfect kids film for the 8+ age group.

So all in all an OK Sunday afternoon movie, family movie? well, if you can bypass the swearing then it's a funny family film
Quick Thought
This movie, I believe, is an allegory/propaganda for the pro-life argument. Watch it with this in mind and I think you'll get it. If you want a little understanding of my assessment it comes from the overall theme being "it's NEVER the child's fault" which is spoken and presented several times throughout the movie. Besides that, the film is funny and dark on par with "Tucker and Dale VS Evil". If you like that movie you'll like this one.
good intentions yet confused
I am writing the review in the middle of the movie, but I don't think the second half will change anything in terms of what I want to say. I found the idea interesting and decided to watch the movie. It has its perks. It has nice ideas like people going on with their everyday stuff although they know it's the end of the world and the kid is the Antichrist etc. However, the execution somehow misses something. It's not scary when it intends to be scary, neither it manages to be funny when it intends to be so. I wouldn't call it a waste of time, but it's not as good as Tucker & Dale vs Evil by the same writer/director.
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