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Crime, Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Steven Soderbergh
Katie Holmes as Bobbie Jo Chapman
Sutton Johnston as Levi Chapman
Boden Johnston as Dylan Chapman
Farrah Mackenzie as Sadie Logan
Eric Perez as Construction Worker
Adam Driver as Clyde Logan
Riley Keough as Mellie Logan
Tom Archdeacon as Max's Non-Tourage #2
Jim O'Heir as Cal
Rebecca Koon as Purple Lady
David Denman as Moody Chapman
Channing Tatum as Jimmy Logan
Seth MacFarlane as Max Chilblain
Storyline: Two brothers attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina.
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Where is all the thrill!!
If this is a comedy movie, then I will stop here. But when you advertise a movie as something by the team who has presented Oceans 11/12/13 then we do expect something different. I went to see a heist movie, so I was expecting huge thrill and twist. But I don't know how the movie end. It had fun, it had great cast, great plot. But it did not happen well.

May be my expectations were larger than what they have presented but trust me it felt like a Bollywood movie. With weak story and always rush to the end. Did not expect that at all.
Ernest Goes to Jail: Revengeance
Despite the film being an all around good time, it's a very subtle brand of humour. If you're going in expecting a laugh-out-loud comedy, you're gonna be disappointed. I mean, I enjoyed myself but it was an experience that contrasted with what I was expecting of the film. The bulk of the cast does well despite this, especially Adam Driver; he steals every scene he's in.

The direction and cinematography were both top notch, in contrast with the editing, which was very sub par. There was a lot of room to make multiple humorous edits throughout the film, yet these opportunities were wasted.
Quirky, Fun, and Lighthearted
If The Coen Brothers made an Oceans film centered in Appalachia, you would have something akin to Logan Lucky.

Believable characters and a well written story sell you the idea that what happening is plausible. Just remember to suspend your disbelief a little.

A quirky, fun, lighthearted romp the whole family can enjoy.
A heist with a bunch of clowns !
Steven Soderbergh is one of the biggest names in directing and it was a shock when he decided to "retire" from film making, however this "retirement" didn't last very long. Thankfully he is back with a film that takes inspiration from his previous work on the Oceans films but with a unique and extremely effective twist. The directing in this film is brilliant did anyone expect anything else, the man is a genius. All the shots in the film are elegantly placed and framed, it is a beautiful film to watch coupled together with the great editing and cinematography. Soderbergh is back doing what he does best and it is great to see him back in the directing chair on a feature film.

All the acting is this film is impeccable, there is not one person who puts a foot wrong every single one of them is at the top of there game. Channing Tatum and Adam driver have extremely good chemistry throughout the film and you can really buy into there relationship, also hats of the them with the accent neither miss a beat in the film with it. Riley Keough an actress I had not heard of until now was also very good in the film along side all the "big names", she is the hidden gem of the film. Then there is Daniel Craig who's is in a role you really would not expect him to take or do but he is hilarious in the film as Joe Bang, him along with his stupid brothers are brilliant in the film. Even though he is a criminal in the film you actually start rooting for him to succeed with the others and brake back into the prison. These are the standouts in the film but all the supporting acts such as Katie Holmes to Sebastian Stan are all really good as well, as a whole the cast is very impressive in this film and are very funny.

The story of the film is actually really complex and is added upon due to the characters acting out in the world created by Soderbergh. The plan of the vault heist is actually quite complex itself once its explained fully at the end of them film, it is elevated more by the people who are carrying out the heist. Even though this is going to sound bad, the fact that the plan was created and carried out by "dumb" people makes it more impressive. I don't know why i think that its just the feeling I got when watching the film. The complexity of the film is not just for the sake of it as well, some films try far to hard to make the plan or the story/journey of the characters so complex and rich that it gets confusing. However Soderbergh is a master when it comes to this, it is a perfect fit its as if he is not even trying.

There are a couple of negatives of the film, the first being Soderbergh himself, this film seems to much of a safe bet for the return of the man to directing. This is a film that sort of feels like Soderbergh warming up to directing again and is a practise run before he produces something amazing, I feel as if didn't push the boat out that much which is a little disappointing. The other negative of the film is the length of the film, it is quite long. I felt as if there where many times were the film could have ended nicely but decided to carry on and definitely towards the end does start to drag.

All in all this film is really well made, directed, hilariously written and is a fun time to watch. It gets 75% of out 100 I feel this film is far to much of a safe bet for Soderbergh and that he didn't push the boat out. Apart from that minor fault of mine personally this film is really enjoyable to watch with some great characters and stupidly funny situations and dialogue, this deserves to get good box office numbers, don't be another "The Nice Guys" a small original film that bombs at the box office. Go and see it!
A brief description of the movie, in relation to other popular movies.
Well, this one made me sign up, and I'm write my first review ever. Okay... And I'm doing all of that not because it's like the best movie of the year or anything, but because how strongly I felt to express how good it is, compared to other movies that I thought were some of the best of their genre; and I'm talking here about Ocean's 11 & 13. For quite some time I thought they were very good, and Ocean's 12 as somewhat artistic. But boy I think differently now; Ocean's 11 & 13 are your typical popcorn flicks, with some nice visuals and catchy scenes here and there. That's it, Nothing more. But on the other hand, Logan Lucky is subtle at sometimes (in a good way) and exciting at others, with some very good performances by the main cast. Which makes it one of the best of in its genre.
Pure redneck entertainment!
This film was better (and much different) than I expected. At first the pace seemed very slow and the story predictable and seen-it-before. But then the pace picked up and you really get into the characters (of which every single one was cast and played their role perfectly) and the story (which overall was very well written - especially the ending). The ending had an obscure twist forming, but right at the very end, it comes together for a grand finale! Very enjoyable and I'm definitely watching this one again. It's a 9/10 from me.
A Heist in Hee Haw Heaven
(RATING: ☆☆☆☆ out of 5)



IN BRIEF: A good heist film with a nice sense of hee-haw humor.

SYNOPSIS: A heist film comedy...country style.

JIM'S REVIEW: A redneck comedy about a heist gone wrong, Logan Lucky is damn lucky to have an expert director at the helm and a fine cast that makes this escapist fare work. The film follows the genre's formula pretty closely, but Steven Soderbergh injects the film with some comic gusto that is mostly on target and casts his film with actors willing to play the fool.

Now Steven Soderbergh is no stranger to this crime drama genre, having directed the Ocean 11 films. Back from a short retirement, he has made a movie that celebrates all of the hallmark elements of crime and absurdity. No, it doesn't come anyway near his master works like Traffic, Michael Clayton, or the underrated Contagion. But it doesn't try to reach that zenith. This is a highly entertaining caper movie with enough droll wit and irony in large helpings. One can hark back to an earlier time when the good ole boy comedies of the 80's variety frequented the movie houses, that country fried action flick that made Burt Reynolds a bundle of money.

Getting that big bundle of money is also the main goal in Logan Lucky, by any available means, mostly illegally, in this scenario. Life has not gone particularly smooth for Logan Brothers. Not very smart and with a run of bad luck in their miserable lives, these white trash siblings are thought to be cursed. Jimmy (a wonderfully appealing Channing Tatum) is divorced and recently laid-off. Clyde (an amusing Adam Driver), a war veteran with a prosthetic hand, runs a seedy bar. After a chance encounter, Jimmy hatches an elaborate scheme to rob a raceway of its NASCAR loot. They assemble a motley crew of misfits to set their plan into action.

Everything is slightly askew in this story, from the dopey antics of its colorful characters and their over-the-top Southern accents to the dense plotting that depends solely on happenstance. The narrative defies logic. Mr. Tatum's character is pure country rube, yet he becomes a criminal mastermind who can easily work out any kinks in this elaborate scheme of riches. That said, the storytelling keeps one's involvement throughout the film, making Lucky Logan complete fun.

Credit the good screenplay by Rebecca Blunt and an adroit cast. The heist itself, with its clever twists, is always compelling. The aforementioned Mr. Tatum and Mr. Driver make a great tag team. Solid supporting turns are given by an ensemble that includes Katie Holmes, Riley Keough, and Dwight Yoakam. Also making memorable cameo appearances are Hilary Swank, Seth MacFarlane, and Katherine Waterston. Jack Quaid and Brian Gleeson provide the wonderful corn-pone humor. However, the most enjoyable award goes to Daniel Craig as Joe Bang, a safe-cracker and an unsafe cracker with a penchant for risky behavior. He turns in a delightful comic performance just this side of caricature.

The talented Mr, Soderburgh directed, photographed, and edited this caper film with such effortless skill. He captures that red state mentality and unabashed patriotism with his subtle images while focusing on the complex crime caper and its quirky characters. In Logan Lucky, all of the characters' flaws and foibles are charming Southern comfort. So grab a beer! Let's hear it for the boys! Yee-haw!
Intelligent and Evenly Paced Comedy
Daniel Craig is an exceptional actor - that is the first thing that sticks in your mind after seeing LOGAN LUCKY. There is no hint of James Bond and Craig's Joe Bang is hilarious. Actually, the whole cast is excellent in this film. The other night I watched A SHOT IN THE DARK (1963) and laughed out loud at the genius of the writers and the extraordinary talent of Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau. Yes, in the old film there are some bits that reference sex (a trip to a nudist colony where everyone is strategically standing behind a tree or guitar), but the attempts (successful in the case of the 1963 film) were not simply based on the shock value of raunch and scatology that is so common in films today. LOGAN LUCKY reveals a creative approach to humor. I also appreciate that Soderbergh did not just default to the same old tired Hollywood caricatures of southerners. As George Clooney opined in O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU, regarding the qualities of capable leadership, these rednecks have "the capacity for abstract thought." This is not a sprint though. It is an evenly paced film and Soderbergh requires you to invest your attention into the film. The investment pays off with a lot of laughs.
The names Bang, Joe Bang
I'm sure there was a context to understand about Lucky Logan and perhaps meaning to unearth but what I got most from Lucky Logan (in the most complimentary way possible) was good fun! It wasn't a challenge to get drawn into the plot despite not completely following all steps of the Charlotte speedway heist. The pace of the plot was very punchy and did keep me consistently entertained and I don't mean trashy entertainment I mean high nutrition well shot, written and cast, entertainment! I, like so many, am guilty of unconsciously assuming Daniel Craig's repertoire to be pure 100% undiluted, Bond. So I was magnificently satisfied with Craig's character 'Joe Bang' as the actor has a strong comedic instinct and physicality about him. I was weirdly energised by Craig's portrayal of this eccentric bomb virtuoso, and I hope the world will be graced with more Craig comedies. I thought that all the characters worked tremendously well together like a good recipe. Tatum played the flawed yet doting and determined dad with real conviction and had a really endearing energy with his on screen daughter. Mellie, the sister was also a really great character! She had all of your classic visual Hollywood signifiers of a ditsy female with her transparent tops and short skirts except FINALLY this wasn't exploited by the film and the character herself was sharp and savvy and had a respected authority in the film.

I thought Lucky Logan had a great sense of visual narrative in details like the painted cockroaches, jelly beans in the bomb and the repeat appearances of Joe Bangs favourite; two hard boiled eggs and salt. There was some really well composed shots particularly ones including the strangely artistic stripy prison onesies. I thought many steps of the Heist where very comic and creative and kept me laughing and engrossed throughout.
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