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USA, UK, Canada
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Zack Snyder
Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van
Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy
Michael Kelly as Steve Lombard
Jadin Gould as Lana Lang
Tahmoh Penikett as Henry Ackerdson
Richard Cetrone as Tor-An
Dylan Sprayberry as Clark Kent at 13
Antje Traue as Faora
Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent
Michael Shannon as General Zod
Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
Russell Crowe as Jor-El
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Diane Lane as Martha Kent
Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton
Harry Lennix as General Swanwick
David Paetkau as Threat Analyst
Storyline: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.
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Man of Steel is great.
I have never been a hardcore superman fan, but I was fortunate enough to see an early showing of Zack Snyder's reboot. And I must say, I am quite impressed. Casual moviegoers and superhero fans will find something to enjoy. Man of Steel has great wreck- everything action that makes full use of 3D effects and simply looks awesome. The story is decently paced, and fueled by strong performances by Michael Shannon and Russell Crow(e). The character Perry White wasn't used to his full potential, but that's forgivable. If you're a fan of classic superman, you might be disappointed by the fact that this man of steel is pretty up- tight. He has only two or three lines that are humorous, making him less charming then the Christopher Reeve superman. The charm is replaced by the character development the man of steel experiences when he must choose between his past and his future. (that makes for an awesome showdown, by the way.) To summarize, I give Man of Steel an 8.6 for it's portrayal of a classic American hero.
Man of Steel is what a Superman movie must be!
Great film-making. Superb cast. Wonderful screenplay. Decent dialogues. Heavy action. Splendid visual spectacle.

Henry Cavill does a wonderful job. So does Russel Crowe and Kevin Costner. Even the smaller, not-so-important-to-the-plot characters are given something useful to do (rather than staring at the fights and giving 'suitable' expressions). Amy Adams is believable and cute.

The Superman that we all wanted to see brought to life through a great effort by everyone.

Man of Steel is to Superman what Batman Begins was to Batman. Need I say more?
A Dreadful Effects-Laden Mess
If you're into special effects and umpteen CGI shots of characters fighting and punching each other through buildings, skyscrapers toppling, cars flying around, etc this movie IS for you. If, on the other hand, you are like me, and like a well-told story with characters you care about, with surprising twists and turns and perhaps some humour and moving moments, and yes, some great but not overwhelming effect sequences then give this one a miss.

Honest opinion - I just thought it was terrible. I've never walked out of a movie in my life at the cinema, but I came really close here. Krypton here becomes generic sci-fi planet number 87645, indistinguishable from all the others seen in recent sci-fi movies, complete with Avatar-like flying reptiles. It's totally forgettable, unlike the Krypton of the Donner film, which has dated but is totally memorable.

I'm trying to be fair here and not compare it to Donner's original Superman Movie, and the origin story is told differently, using flashbacks rather than sequential happenings.

But in truth Clark's tough time growing up, not knowing who he really is,etc, just doesn't work. It could have been interesting, but it merely becomes irritating after a while. "Not Young Clark Again" I found myself muttering as the movie unfolded.

Henry Cavill was pretty dull as Kal-EL/Clark. I don't say Superman as the film makers appear pretty embarrassed to even name him until very late in the proceedings. The actors I largely hated. Only Russell Crowe stood out for me; I'm not really a fan of his but he did a good job.

Zod was a one note villain with the actor wearing a one-note, evil-rage expression throughout. Lois Lane's montage of investigating Superman is hilariously bad. I actually felt sorry for the poor actress who had to perform the role it was so badly written.

But the prize buffoon is surely Costner. I found Pa Kent's death unintentionally funny; yep he tries to rescue the family dog - and his willingness to let a bus load of children die in order to preserve Clark's secret superpowers staggeringly wrong.

And the action - scene after scene of repetitive fights, awful dialogue, forgettable music. After an hour I just couldn't wait for the whole thing to end.

And people still continue to fall for the spoon-fed tripe that Hollywood churns out. For the record I enjoyed the recent Dark Knight and Iron Man movies but this is a long way below the standards of those flicks....
The best movie of 2013 & one of the best superhero movies of all time!
Man of Steel is a movie about the origins of Clark Kent/Kal-El(Henry Cavill). When their planet Krypton is on the verge of destruction, Kal's parents, Jor-El(Russell Crowe) & Lara Lor-Van(Ayelet Zurer) send him to Earth on a spaceship along with Codex, which is something that contains the DNA of every unborn Kryptonian. Clark lands on Earth & is raised on a farm in Kansas by two loving parents, Jonathan(Kevin Costner) & Martha Kent(Diane Lane). However, when Clark is old enough, Jonathan tells him that he's an alien & believes that he was sent here for a reason & even if it takes him his whole life, Clark owes it to himself to find out what that reason is. So, Clark goes on a journey to find out who he really is. When Clark saves Lois Lane(Amy Adams), she is amazed by his abilities & wants to know more about him. Meanwhile, another Kryptonian called General Zod(Michael Shannon) finds out that the Codex is on Earth along with Kal-El. He lands on Earth & tells everyone that they are either supposed to give him Kal-El or he's going to destroy the entire planet. Now, it is up to Superman to either do as Zod says & turn himself in or, save the day!

Man of Steel was an outrageously spectacular & epic film! The special effects were mind blowing, especially in 3D. I must say that I loved Superman's new suit & I'm glad that he's not wearing his iconic red underwear. After the last couple of Superman films were huge disappointments, I was really hoping that this reboot would rejuvenate the Superman franchise. With Zack Snyder hired to direct & Christopher Nolan coming on board as the producer, Warner Bros. & DC were already halfway there. So, my expectations were pretty high. This movie did not disappoint! It surpassed my expectations by a huge margin. This is the best movie of 2013, so far. I think it's also going to be the best summer blockbuster of this year. The action in this movie is surreal, visually stunning & mind numbingly brilliant. Each fight scene between Superman & General Zod, Faora-Ul(Antje Traue) and the other enemies had me on the edge of my seat. Henry Cavill has done a spectacular job as Clark Kent/Superman. For me, he's even better than Christopher Reeve as Superman. Amy Adams is outstanding as Lois Lane. She's not just your average damsel in distress, she also helps Superman a lot. Michael Shannon is great as baddie, General Zod. Kevin Costner is mind blowing as Jonathan Kent. Diane Lane is impressive as Martha Kent. Laurence Fishburne is hilarious as Perry White. Russell Crowe is great as Jor-El. Antje Traue & Ayelet Zurer are effective as Faora-Ul & Lara Lor-Van respectively. I would like to conclude by saying, Man of Steel is an outstanding film. Even if you are not a fan of the comics, you will still love this film.
The Superman We Deserve!
I had the privilege to see Man of Steel a little early and let me say it does not disappoint plus we quite possibly get the best movie of the summer and the best Superman since the 1978 Christopher Reeve classic.

The plot is as follows: A young boy discovers he has powers and not of this earth, so as a young man he must discover where he came from and why he was sent here while along the way saving the world from annihilation and becoming the symbol of hope for all mankind.

The Man of Steel completely reshapes the way we see Superman from the ground up in a way that feels new and fresh. We of course owe this to director Zach Snyder and writer/producers Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer.

The film stars Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman who makes the role his own along with everyone else in the cast that includes Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, and Russell Crowe. All these actors are phenomenal and have a good dynamic together that really shows particularly with Cavill and Adams who are dynamite together.

This movie is essentially perfection from the ground up for many reasons that include direction, cinematography, casting, screenplay, special effects, pacing, acting, and story. You can tell everybody involved really cares for Superman and want to open up an exciting new mythology for audiences of all ages.

The bottom line is watch this movie whether or not your fan of Superman or movies in general. Man of Steel is one fun ride that's completely new and fresh.... Plus there are plenty of easter eggs to get any Superman fan excited for the next step in this franchise. 10/10
Don' waste your time with this movie.
Superman fans will be extremely disappointed with this version of the Superman story. First of all Superman does not kill. That in itself should deter any true Superman fans from this movie. There are so many other changes in the Superman and Kryptonian myth that the story that goes completely against what has gone on in the past that is was very disconcerting to me. Also I am not a big fan of CGI which I believe is just a colossal waste of money. I for one will not go to view a movie that uses this technique to exploit violence and destruction in place of a good story. So if you are a true Superman fan avoid this movie or you will be very disappointed.
Man of Steel - best action film of 2013!
My girlfriend and I were very fortunate to win passes to the world premiere of Man of Steel in New York City, including hotel and airfare. The movie is incredible from beginning to end - decent plot, amazing cast, top notch cinematography, and high quality special effects. This reboot from Zack Snyder has brought the Superman franchise up to the level of quality we have only seen from the Dark Knight films. Henry Cavill with the new look suit has comfortably carried on the modern-day legend that began with the beloved and missed Christopher Reeves. I will be watching this movie a second time - with my son - and I am looking forward to it! Well done Warner Brothers!
Half baked story employing a famous brand...
This movie didn't bother to provide a reason for the non-comic book crowd to care about the characters. If you subtract or otherwise disregard the previous superman movies, then all you're left with is some weird tale about a willfully reclusive guy who's chosen to save the world and has a devotion to a woman (Lois) whom he only shares screen time with for a few minutes.

There's no character development in this film. There's very little humanity in it. It gives you few reasons to keep watching, but if you have nothing better to do, it's not a complete waste of time. It's on par with the countless other half-baked movies that possessed a fraction of this movie's budget.
Deeply disappointing, turgid romp through the AfterEffects plug-ins palette. Someone in the SFX discovered how to make buildings explode and that was all they needed to fill two hours with a tedious, exaggerated Kryptonian punch-up bursting through more office blocks and supermarkets than you can shake a stick at. This is CGI melodrama at its worst, audio-visual monosodium glutamate attempting to mask the bland dialogue and flavourless plot. Just as the action begins to flag, there's another mega-scrap, as duelling Kryptonians demolish buildings and fling freight trains at one another. The sound is utterly deafening, over-amplified to create the illusion of this being a really exciting film. It's not. It's just very, very loud. Bring ear-plugs.
The Greatest CBM Ever !!
I was lucky enough to get into an early screening along with 3 friends.

We were all stunned beyond belief at how EPIC MoS is..i know the word EPIC is thrown around a lot now but this was the most EPIC movie i have seen in my 32 years on this planet.

My 3 friends and me have already bought tickets to see MoS on Friday and Sunday - one of my friends - a die hard Superman fanatic has vowed to watch MoS 10 times before its run is up....i think i too will end up watching it at least 4 times if not more.

The cast is superb, the score by Zimmer is top notch and the action combined with the score will make your spine tingle.

I have seen some negative reviews by some critics - They are obviously either bitter old men angry that new Superman is not the smiling, Cat saving Superman from the Donner era or frustrated women who wanted more 'romance' and 'feelings' for which they can just watch Superman Returns.

Go watch MoS - it is the Superman movie the world has been waiting for.
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