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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce as Leonard
Carrie-Anne Moss as Natalie
Joe Pantoliano as Teddy Gammell
Russ Fega as Waiter
Jorja Fox as Leonard's Wife
Storyline: Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator who can no longer build new memories, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers. One story line moves forward in time while the other tells the story backwards revealing more each time.
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Backwards story line, overrated in general...
Granted this movie is out of the ordinary. But since this movie is #9(?) overall here on imdb, my expectations was high. So I was very disappointed when I had seen the movie through. The film lacks attention to detail, and thus has lots of problems where you, as audience, begin wondering why the director/writer ( unknowingly? ) has made so many errors with regards to conditions of the mind and realistic human behaviour. Id say that if you are fan of well worked and really intriguing storytelling, go watch a David Lynch movie. His movies doesn't pretend to be something they are not.

Sorry to all the people who feel this is a really brilliant movie, but it is not up there to me. It is a sad story told backwards, with an uninteresting philosophical twist about what people will believe when they cant distinguish between truth and lie.
OK, granted this movie has a unique premise. This movie is quite entertaining and will keep ya watching. But this movie is not the amazing work of art many would have you believe. It is a decent thriller with a twist in that it works backwards and puts the watcher into the same mindset of our main character who has reoccuring amnesia. Decent movie that changes the viewers opinion throughout the flick as our character slowly works his way through time in reverse. We see things happen and then we slowly find out how those things came to be as we move farther back.


One major fault in the movie. The scene where our main character is manipulated by the lady to deal with her boyfriend is completely screwy. They tried to make it out that she totally planned it and covered all the bases but if one watches that scene one can see that one million things could have gone wrong and even should have when she plays her game and gets hit. Hiding of the pens, the seriously fast relapse of the main character (and her not knowing at that point how fast a lapse takes), and other problems just bugged me with that one scene. It was the most far fetched part of the entire movie and should have been done differently.
overused plot + often abused style = best movie of the year
A man with no short term memory tries to solve a murder. The scenes in the movie are played in reverse. Sounds like yet another run of the mill comedy but in reality is one of the best suspense/dramas I've seen in years.

While some may claim showing the scenes in reverse is just an annoying trick to make a simple plot confusing and add a plethora of twists, I wholeheartedly disagree. Any good story teller knows it's not what you say, but how you say it.

By playing the scenes in reverse you experience the confusion Lenny undergoes throughout the film. Showing some of the scenes in chronological order (BTW, the use of B&W instead of color to make the time distinction was ingenious) creates suspense which builds as the two timelines converge. The somewhat rushed pace (compared to a written format) doesn't give you enough time to adequately analyze the events during the movie. This has two advantages: firstly you're going to talk about it after you leave the theater adding to experience immensely, and secondly you don't have time to think about what has happened (will happen) so you're experience better follows that of Lenny.

While many might find the movie rather confusing, it flows wonderfully for anyone familiar with writing styles that constantly jump around a timeline (e.g. Catch 22).
So boring it annoyed me
Memento started out well, I was enthralled for the first twenty minutes. The next twenty minutes I found ok, the twenty minutes after that I started to get bored and after that I just wanted the film to end. No I did not get the ending before the end reel but by that time I didn't care, it had turned into a matter of wills, which would break first my will to watch the film or my will to say to a friend that this was the most boring piece of s*** I have seen in ages and could he please turn it off. The former won, but I felt tha I had wasted two hours of my life which I cannot now get back. If you want a film with a good plot twist watch The Usual Suspects, if you want to watch a film and then be able to say well I'm a real fan watch Memento. Watching Memento and saying it is wonderful isn't a case of watching interlectual film its a case of thinking you are watching a interlectual film, whilst in fact you are watching second rate tat which isn't smart or clever.
Original and intriguing film noir revision.
Revising such film noir conventions as a story told through the unreliable point of view and voice-over narration of a morally flawed investigator-protagonist, the pervasive infusion of a dark past into the narrative present, and the use of a femme fatale as an embodiment of evil allure, Memento is perhaps the most original and intriguing revision of the genre since Welles' Touch of Evil.

As almost every commentator has noted, the most startling (or 'gimmicky') feature of Memento - and one with obvious roots in the film noir tradition - is its inverted/contorted plot structure. The film loops backwards episodically to present a series of revelations about the main character, Lenny (Guy Pearce), about the motives of his antagonists 'Teddy' (Joe Pantolino) and 'Natalie' (Carrie Ann Moss), and about the nature of Lenny's memory-loss condition. His condition 'isn't amnesia' (or so Lenny tells everyone he meets) but rather such severe short term memory loss that he is unable to assimilate and retain experience - in other words, to make new memories. Consequently, Lenny's identity, or more precisely his self-knowledge, is arrested at the moment he received a blow to his head while trying to stop intruders from raping his wife.

Everything that has happened thereafter has no subjective reality for Lenny, only whatever 'objective' reality he can forge using instant photos, notes to himself, and - for the really important stuff - tattoos. But matters are even more complex and paradoxical than this setup might lead one to expect. Gradually, the viewer learns that even the clear memories that Lenny claims to have from before the assault are, like dreams, colored by protective distortions and selectivity. Moreover the so-called facts he has assembled in his investigation and that he defensively claims are more reliable than memory turn out to be irretrievably entangled in subjective motives: his own, Teddy's, and Natalie's. Thus the viewer's initial sympathy for Lenny as a justifiable victim/avenger transforms to horror as Lenny's true current identity becomes clear.

Importantly, Memento's regressive plot structure is punctuated and counter-pointed by a series of noirish black and white flashbacks in which Lenny relates to an anonymous phone caller the story of Sammy Jankis, another sufferer of short term memory loss who, ironically, was Lenny's big case in his pre-trauma life as an insurance investigator. Unlike the main narrative, the Sammy sequences are told in chronological order, strategically intersecting and organizing the narrative as it wends its way backwards to the moment when Lenny decides to set in motion the data trail that will lead to the murder we see him commit in the film's opening sequence. In addition, Lenny's reconstruction of the Sammy sequences is itself dreamlike and unreliable since he attributes to Sammy characteristics that (if we can believe Teddy, an utterly corrupt cop) are Lenny's own.

In addition to providing plot exposition and a recurring visual/narrative reference point, the Sammy sequences also bring into clear thematic focus the existential implications of memory loss. Like Sammy's, Lenny's 'condition' is a reduction to the most minimal and absurd level of the human mental processes for constructing meaning (in life, in film) out of fragmentary phenomena and evanescent recollections. In an age of Alzheimer's, deconstruction, and ego-fictions, most viewers will all-too-easily identify with Lenny's painfully hopeless and terrifyingly arbitrary quest to hold reality steady as is it fizzles and flits away.
How did this get an 8.5 I seriously don't understand
Let me put this straight: This movie is simply boring. It is different from other movies and it does have a plot twist but it failed to hold my attention so when the plot twist was revealed, I didn't even bother to care anymore. The storyline is stupid, I don't understand why many people here say it's clever and entertaining, to me it's so so so boring, repetitive and pretentious to the point that I kept wondering: "what is the point of all this when we all know the protagonist's final action already?" Oh and talking about the protagonist. He is an incredibly unbelievable character, at the beginning I thought he was supposed to be funny but after that when I realized he was pretty serious about his "condition" and all the vengeance thing I lost interest and couldn't care less. The movie is only 1 and a half hour long yet the number of times I yawned while watching it was countless.
Not plausible, but fun.
"Memento" is a sleaze-ball suspense movie with a twist. As if you don't know it yet, the scenes are played all jumbled and out of order.

What could have turned into just a nasty trick on the viewer is actually very well-done here. You see things from the perspective of our main character who suffers from a bizarre memory loss condition. Rather than explain the plot, I will just say that if you plan on watching this movie just once, get ready to change your plans. You will need to watch it twice to fully GET it. It moves too fast for the viewer and by the time it's over you will tell yourself that you GET it, but you don't.

To those who say there are no holes in this film I scoff at you. Why does Leonard have no memory loss in the murder sequence? He remembers long enough to drive all the way to that abandoned building and then wait for the murderer. In other scenes, he forgets what he is doing after two minutes. Maybe he is just psychotic and made the whole condition up in his mind to excuse a rampage? The hypotheses are endless. Personally, I'd rather watch a movie that just makes sense on it's own and no matter what you say, this one doesn't. "Memento" tries to do what "Pulp Fiction" did but takes itself way too seriously. The viewers are treated to a narrative from the character Teddy at the end when he has to explain the situation to Leonard thus explaining the movie to us. Kind of cheap, Nolan.

One thing is for sure: Guy Pearce is one of the best actors alive.

7 out of 10, kids.
Not as good as I'd hoped.
I'd heard a lot of great things about this film before going out to rent it. But once I did, I must say I was not extremely thrilled with it as the rest of the world seems to be.

It is a brilliant and creative idea of how to make a movie (backward revealing of pieces of the story with every new scene) but unless I missed something, I believe that this is all this film had to offer. The acting was good, the story was good, the movie was good... but I do not believe it should be rated the number 1 best indie film and number 10 best film of all time. (As it is on IMDB while I write this review)

I think it simply receives a lot of praise because it is a movie made in a way that no one has ever seen before. A friend even told me that he thought it was an amazing movie--though he didn't quite totally understand it. Maybe it is appealing because it is confusing and people view it as a "smart" film because they can't quite follow totally what it going on and they have to watch it over and over again. Either way, I believe it has received much more acclaim than it deserves. It has certainly won many awards for great editing and original screenplays, etc--which it has. But a movie of the year--or of all time as some IMDB users are rating it--I totally disagree.

Finally, It is indeed totally original in the way a story is told and presented, but it is certainly not the greatest movie of all time. I was disappointed overall with this film. I do not believe it is a must-see.

I could film an entire movie by attaching a camera to a dogs back and having him film the action, then playing it on the big screen mirrored and upside-down during some scenes. That would certainly be an original idea never seen by movie-goers before, but that doesn't mean it should be voted into a group with The Godfather or Citizen Kane.

I'm not saying Memento is like watching an upside-down film from a dog's point of view... But I'm saying it's up there with the Godfather for reasons that it should NOT be.
Surprise endings don't excuse complicated, explanatory meanderings. The story is much more shrewd than the film makes it out to be -- things are still falling into place long after the credits have stopped rolling.

Kind of slow, forcing you to give it a chance, since we presume to know the rest. Through all the billowing sequences and finally settling for some lucid crime/detective/drug theme, at the end the surprises pop out and BOOM credits roll, but only after a very cocky, humorous Guy Pearce says with the utmost pretension "Now, where was I?" You can almost hear the filmmakers sneering into your ear "Aren't we just so goddamn clever?"

Yeah, you were clever...but not much else.

5 Fight Club insinuations out of 10.
the most important English language film of the 21st century
I write this after having to write a bad review of Nolan's "batman Begins." "Memento". after more than seven years, remains the most important English language film of the 21st century. Into it, Nolan pours all the fundamental problems of film, and the fundamental problems of memory that gave rise to film in the first place.

It takes about four viewings to get any grip on this film - yet none of these viewings feel wasted in any way, as though the director has played tricks on us - on the contrary, it is the film's bald-face honesty which leaves us in despair of ever getting just the right handle on all the details and the characters.

Its hard to understand how Nolan could have betrayed himself and his vision after this film, by selling out to Hollywood's highest bidders - hopefully, he'll recover and give us the Christopher Nolan film we should expect after seeing this one.

But in any event, this remains one of the most important films ever made - brilliantly written, filmed, acted, edited - a necessary companion piece to Welles' "Citizen Kane" or Eisenstein's "Potemkin" - hopefully, Christopher Nolan will actually direct another film some day....
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