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USA, Italy, Spain
IMDB rating:
Sergio Leone
Henry Fonda as Frank
Claudia Cardinale as Jill McBain
Jason Robards as Cheyenne
Charles Bronson as Harmonica
Gabriele Ferzetti as Morton (railroad baron)
Woody Strode as Stony - Member of Frank's Gang
Jack Elam as Snaky - Member of Frank's Gang
Keenan Wynn as Sheriff (auctioneer)
Frank Wolff as Brett McBain
Storyline: Story of a young woman, Mrs. McBain, who moves from New Orleans to frontier Utah, on the very edge of the American West. She arrives to find her new husband and family slaughtered, but by whom? The prime suspect, coffee-lover Cheyenne, befriends her and offers to go after the real killer, assassin gang leader Frank, in her honor. He is accompanied by Harmonica, a man already on a quest to get even.
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A beautiful masterpiece!
Once upon a time in the west is a true masterpiece. In my opinion it has the best opening of all time. And his line with 'You brought two to many.' Love it!

The ending is also very beautiful. The duel with Frank is perfect! It's very intense. I love the part when you get a flashback when he met Frank for the first time. I always get the chills whenever I see that part. Because there is so much meaning in that scene. And when Frank puts the harmonica in his mouth and the music starts playing.... Just perfect!

Speeking of the music let's not forget the amazing soundtrack of this movie. Thanks to Ennio Morricone. His music makes those intense moments even better. Thanks to the music it has become a true masterpiece.

So that's why I believe that this movie is a masterpiece! And this movie is most certainly worth a 10 out of 10.
such a haunting theme
thank goodness for IMDb !!! I remember over the years that echoing mournful theme song but since I missed this movie on first release I didn't make the connection, and it never played on television because of rights issues and the unusual length for the time.

finally I bought it on DVD and there it was, that theme song that gave me flashbacks big time.

then I finally knew what the interview with Jane Fonda was about where she described her recollections seeing her father Henry in the unusual role as archvillian, and another one with jack Elam about how it took all day to do the scene with the handgun and the fly.

this is a remarkable western, despite some stretches of credibility.

the railroad indeed was the thing that finally opened the west; it was the only way to move millions of tons of goods and tens of thousands of people over the long distances, wagon trains were too dangerous and got off the beaten path too easily and couldn't carry enough provisions. the railroad allowed in a symbiotic relationship, towns to be founded and flourish with mining, cattle herding and farming around them.

and thus the premise of the movie, McBain is going to build a town right in front of the advancing railroad.

the corruption, violence and greed depicted were certainly problems of the day considering the fortunes to be made. no different than today when a big factory is built and the land selected gains 20 times its normal value and those 'in the know' engage in speculation. or oil or mineral resources are discovered on land held by simpletons who mysteriously are murdered in a 'botched' robbery or some such nonsense. it does happen.

the movie is so long I haven't seen it once yet without falling asleep which is not to be taken as a criticism, just that wailful haunting theme song gets to me ..... and it is close to 3 hours long.

at least the good guy, in this case, the good girl wins in the end.

gawd Claudia Cardinale is beautiful and still making films.
Title raped for Germans
The crucial moment of the film is Henry Fonda saying "make your loving brother happy", which was translated for the Germans to "Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod". This sentence means "play me the song of death", and this was also made the title of the whole film in German language.

I still wonder how it is possible for some jerks to rape hundreds of films like this over decades, make a lot of money and get away with it. The same goes with "The deer hunter" which is for Germany translated to something like "The ones who went through hell", or "Deliverance", translated to something like "Everybody's the next one to die". And the most interesting thing is, that obviously nobody from the whole original production-crew seems to object, they seem to be not interested in how their product comes across in Germany.
A beautiful western
Once Upon A Time In The West is no ordinary western. Despite the non-descriptive title, this is a film that redefined the genre. With his dollars trilogy, director Sergio Leone proved that he was the master of the spaghetti western; with Once Upon A Time… he transferred the conventions of that genre – the operatic sense of drama, the nihilism, extreme close-ups, epic widescreen photography, Ennio Morricone music and moral ambiguity – into Monument Valley, the setting of the traditional American western. The result is pretty unforgettable. Leone tells a simple story via images. Looks, as opposed to dialogue, are used to convey meaning wherever possible. When characters do speak, their lines are significant. Every bit of dialogue is considered, no one talks unnecessarily. This combined with the phenomenal cinematography and unforgettable music results in a sort of operatic minimalism. The western has never been depicted so artistically.

There is a real feeling of time and space. The opening credit sequence where the three gunmen wait at the train station typifies this. Instead of launching straight into the initial confrontation, Leone waits. Insignificant details become epic. The fly and the dripping water for instance, are given real significance, and are integral to the pace of the scene. Nothing of narrative significance happens, not a word is said but the pacing and magnification of the smallest details add human depth to what would otherwise be cardboard characters.

There are four stand-out performances from Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda, Claudia Cardinale and Jason Robards. Bronson plays Harmonica the mysterious stranger, Fonda brilliantly cast against type is the cold-eyed killer, Cardinale is the stunningly beautiful woman in the centre of the narrative and Robards is the grizzled outlaw. Together, they are terrific. And Leone moves them around the widescreen frame quite beautifully. Morricone's score once again is quite outstanding. The haunting harmonica theme is a particular standout; only Morricone could make a harmonica sound so sweeping, evocative and mystical.

Once Upon A Time In The West is truly epic film-making of the very best kind. It's a western of intense emotions and brilliant acting; of peerless photography and ground-breaking music. It illustrates perfectly how to use cinematic space and how to pace events within it. It refashioned the western and brought the highest cinematic artistry to Monument Valley. It goes without saying that it is a masterpiece.
lumbering and interminable
I recently purchased a double DVD package of "Once Upon a Time in the West" and re-watched this film after having revisited the "Dollars" trilogy...and what a comedown. First the positives: a lovely score from Ennio Morricone (especially the "Jill"/Claudia Cardinale theme), gorgeous photography, sets, locations, lighting, and some decent (but not terribly great) acting - Gabriele Ferzetti probably comes off best in his role. You know you're in trouble when the very last bit in the documentary extras is a quotation of Sergio Leone worriedly admitting to co-scripter Bernardo Bertolucci that he had set the pace far too slow when filming the opening sequences, and that the ensuing film would probably be five hours long as a result. It was almost three, and it barely moves along at all. The plot is paper thin and could have easily been filmed in 90 minutes. Perhaps then the much-needed forward momentum and suspense would be in place. As it is, the film has far too protracted silences which do not advance it at all.

Henry Fonda's villain Frank is rather drab and one dimensional, especially in comparison to Gian Maria Volonté's romanticized villains Ramon and Indio in the first two "Dollars" films. Fonda is also not even remotely formidable as a physical opponent for Charles Bronson. I'm not certain why Jason Robards' Cheyenne character is even in the film---perhaps as comic relief, but he does not ever really seem to belong in the Old West, despite his grizzled appearance. He and Bronson have none of the chemistry and camaraderie that Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef had in "For a Few Dollars More." Claudia Cardinale is beautiful and beautifully photographed, but even her character is rather one dimensional.

Back to the music: for this film Ennio Morricone recorded the score in advance (unlike the "Dollars" films), and some of the soaring themes arrive early in the film and are far too stridently emotional for characters and situations which have not yet won the viewers' hearts. He should have subdued some of his orchestration of the same themes earlier in the film, then revisited them in full intensity after some of the drama had likewise escalated. As such it is a bad marriage of sound and celluloid at the outset.

In the end it is director Sergio Leone's fault for not shooting this film so that the story would unfold at a much faster pace. It seems he didn't learn his lesson, though, as his next film "A Fistful of Dynamite" (1972) suffered from the very same problems. I donated the "West" DVD set to my local library just before writing this review; perhaps someone else will enjoy it.
Once upon a time in the west
Fantastic casting. None of that low paid new actors kind of thing like the ones used these days. At first when I saw this film I did not think of it much because I was brought up in the typical Hollywood type of westerns of shiny cowboys and Indians but, when I saw this film again it struck me how much it resembled the real colonial old west just before the turn of the 20th century. Sergio Leone was brilliant in this regard and should be up among the top directors of the the last century. The sound track is magnificent, of-course it portrays an extension of the film in terms of creating the correct feeling for the scene but it is in my view that if Argento was not involved with the soundtrack that the film would have had a different atmosphere to the viewer.
A Dance Of Death, A Movie To Blow Your Mind...
****Contains Spoilers*** Right, where do I start? On the back of the DVD case is written 'From start to finish, a dance of death'. That's exactly where we will begin. The whole movie is similar to one big Mexican standoff. From the tension, to the quick and brutal violence that the director Sergio Leone had introduced so well by this time in the commonly called 'Spaghetti Westerns'.

The story is all about three men. As the tag-line reads, 'One man to love her, one man to take her away and one man to kill her'. That's basically a short sum up of the story. Charles Bronson plays Harmonica (Labeled this because he has no name, much like Clint Eastwood in the dollars series) a 'Good Guy' role as he tries to protect Jill. Jill played by Claudia Cardinale is a ex whore who agreed to marry a man called McBain. However her new family are brutally murdered and she is left alone, with the killer wanting to kill her.

The opening scene (Similar to the standoff in High Noon) is perfectly done. Charles Bronson takes three guys out in a standoff outside a train station. With one of the greatest lines ever by Bronson. In actual fact the scene was shot last and after it was done, one of the men in the standoff went back to his hotel and jumped off the roof, in full cowboy dress.

As we go through we are introduced to the three men, Harmonica (The one to take her away - Played by Charles Bronson), Cheyenne (The one to love her - Played by Jason Robards) and Frank (The one to kill her - played by Henry Fonda).

When is all boils down to it, the reason for all of the killings came to the plot of land that McBain had purchased. Now it was worth a great deal. Each man wanted to get there hands on some of the money it would appear. But in this case, looks can be deceptive.

Top it all of with some shootouts and some famous Leone close-ups and long shots and here we have possibly one of the greatest movies ever. With an ending that will shock you. Fonda for me seals the show, but really Great acting all round… **********/********** - 10/10 (If you liked The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, you will love this. A great film).
What can I say. The best movie I have ever seen. I have seen many great movies and thought they were great, but this is something special. The whole movie, it just was awesome! Maybe it is because I loved The Adventures of Brisco County Junior as a kid or maybe it is because Bronson :D My english skills aren´t good enough that I could say what I really think, but the scene also was good. And the music! The theme song is so sad in a way and I really love the scene where Bronson kills Fonda. Not the killing itself,but the way it was made. And the music fits it perfectly! Well. That´s what I have to say of the movie :)
Once upon a time....
...they made amazing films like this one. This is my favorite western, one of the best ever made. The pacing and filming are pure brilliance and really build the tension as you work toward the inevitable final standoff.

The way each character is introduced makes them feel real and full of personality without the need for explanatory dialogue and I love how the music suits the movie, I can still hear Harmonica's haunting tune in my head. Bronson is excellent as the silent and mysterious good guy and Fonda adds a whole new meaning to the word evil.

The story is tight and all the threads weave together in the end to form an outstanding western of epic proportions that I can't fully describe in words.
The Western as Rock Opera
I never acquired a taste for Sergio Leone's westerns. We're told to enjoy the Man with No Name trilogy, but, as artful as they are, I found them a bit dull. Clint Eastwood might command your attention now, but, frankly, his laconic nature left something to be desired in those films. Then I saw Once Upon a Time in the West, which might be the greatest western ever; if it's not, it's occupying the same plane as The Searchers, Red River, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, and the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

What I think separates this film from The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Fistfull of Dollars, and For a Few Dollars More is, quite simply, its glee. With Once Upon... Leone and Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Argento are taking a p**s with the American western. Yeah those other three movies flipped the western myth around a little, but they did so seriously. I'm pretty sure Leone's tongue was firmly in his cheek with this one. How else can one explain the opening scene that draws on and on and on creating such tension that it infuriates us when the money shot never really arrives. The gunfight that ends that scene happens so quickly and we see so little that you're left wanting more bloodshed. And that's the wonderful point that this movie makes to its audience--you're bloodthirsty. But will Leone give you what you want? Not a chance. Bodies may pile up but the violence lacks gratuity and, really, blood.

There are also several great performances in Once Upon... First, and most important, is the turn by Charles Bronson. He's, basically, the Clint Eastwood character, but about ten-times as charismatic. Then there's a terrific Jason Robards and a terrifying Henry Fonda. I'm always amazed watching that man act and this is among his greatest achievements if only because it goes so completely against type. We knew he could do noble (Grapes of Wrath and the Ox- Bow Incident) and humorous (The Lady Eve), but who knew he could also do evil? He's a slimy villain here and the perfect choice for the role, what with those icy blue eyes and loquaciousness (villains are invariably more frightening when they talk a lot). And, of course, one cannot forget Claudia Cardinale who deserves to be more widely known if not for her acting then for her unrivaled beauty.

The plot itself is inconsequential--railroad men murder a family whose home lies in the path of steam engines; nameless gunfighters protect the family's new mother and the property from the railroadmen; some people die and some don't; the end. Once Upon a Time in the West is about interesting characters, great acting, and a lot of attitude. It's a great film.
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