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Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Rob Marshall
Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Sam Claflin as Philip
Greg Ellis as Groves
Óscar Jaenada as The Spaniard
Damian O'Hare as Gillette
Anton Lesser as Lord John Carteret
Keith Richards as Captain Teague
Penélope Cruz as Angelica Teach
Kevin McNally as Joshamee Gibbs
Richard Griffiths as King George
Ian McShane as Blackbeard
Roger Allam as Prime Minister Henry Pelham
Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa
Storyline: Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) crosses paths with a woman from his past (Cruz), and he's not sure if it's love -- or if she's a ruthless con artist who's using him to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. When she forces him aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, the ship of the formidable pirate Blackbeard (McShane), Jack finds himself on an unexpected adventure in which he doesn't know who to fear more: Blackbeard or the woman from his past.
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Great Flick but 3D not used properly
Enjoyed the flick very much. Love Depp and Cruz and everyone in it. Great story and a lot of fun. But why pay extra for 3D if the possible effects were not utilized. Nearly 60 years ago one-eyed director Andre de Toth mapped out 3D in the Vincent Price House of Wax much more cleverly than is utilized in this Pirates. Old 3D movies showed very specific (if exaggerated) depth and did not hesitate to throw things out of the screen at the audience. I sometimes wonder if modern 3D movies are even shot in 3D as most scenes seem to lack that illusion of depth. Kudos to the film itself, a lot of fun. But be aware that the 3D claim is a rip off. (I saw it in Real 3D, perhaps the iMax version is more effective.)
Wish I'd bought Lottery tickets instead of movie tickets for this one!
Oh, Dear, I love Johnny Depp and the PotC movie experience, but this one is best left out... So sorry I bothered... The characters were so lackluster, I did not care about any of them... But the script was so poor, how can you expect the actors to salvage it??? Ian McShane: wasted, Penelope Cruz: looked as if she was struggling with pregnancy discomfort, Mermaids and the religious man: put me to sleep and pure filler... Filmed way too dark which made it difficult to see my several glances at my watch to see when I could leave... Tedious in all the darkness... Depp is reported to have earned $55,000,000 with this and actually had script input.... Get new writers! I wanted so bad to see a good PotC movie after the last (Land's End) rubbish, but I was disappointed once again... Depp and Cruz had zero chemistry between them... It was not a 'love interest'.... They appeared to barely know each other... At least O Bloom and K Knightly looked like they had feelings for each other... I don't think Capt Jack even needs a 'love interest', he's a rogue out for adventure and pirate booty (Ok, that does not mean 'women'!). Cruz did nothing for me and could have been left out entirely....

Where were the 'fun' characters that enhance the story? No laughs or even thrills... An incredible bore from start to finish.... I really, really wanted to like this movie, and I am easy to please, but I would have rather bought Lottery tickets for my money....

I did not view it in 3D because I did not see how it would add anything.... The production costs were scaled back, but 3D adds a reported $30,000,000 to filming, so it was wasted money... Get a good script via a good story! The 3rd PotC movie was written virtually on the beach as it was being filmed, and it showed.... This version suffered from a bad storyline and no plot.... I'm afraid the best is now behind us, and the 'make it fast, bring in the money' attitude has taken over....

I want another hilarious and unforgettable scene like the time Capt Jack appears walking onto the wharf as the boat he's on sinks into the depths... It still makes me smile every time I see it... Bring me that again....
Good! But it felt like we skipped a film?
It did feel like Stanger Tides was actually part 5, and we skipped over part 4.

First off, I'll say the film was solid. The mermaid sequences were stunning, Blackbeard was stellar in every way, and I loved the twist ending with the surprise motivation of the Spanish.

But as for the rushed feeling, for one, there are a number of things we are just told to accept from the beginning of the film such as Barbossa having the peg leg and being in the British service,,,,, OK,,, perhaps not that big of a deal, but what about this, Cruz's character has come to accept Black Beard as her father. Fair enough, but wouldn't that have been much more powerful if we had gotten to know each character first and then in a "Luke I am your father" moment seen her learn that he was in fact her father. Instead, we're just told that she's learned this and any build up to the discovery is hacked off at the knees.

But more importantly perhaps was the lack of character development in some areas. Most specifically with our new priest. Why was he there again? It's not really clear. And for the love story between he and the mermaid, which was in effect taking the place of the displaced couple of previous films, the pair felt extremely underdeveloped.

Likewise was the back story of Cruz and Depp. I mean it was there, they did mention it, but it just didn't really resonate as significant.

NOW, those two issues can be resolved by a future film, and should a 5th film bulk up the characters of Cruz & the priest and their motivations and/or relationship with Depp, then this film will grow stronger in retrospect, but as it stands now, it just felt like either they were underdeveloped, or that their back story deserved more than an "oh by the way" and perhaps should have been explored previously, before embarking on this story itself.
I knew it............
I knew this was going to be not as good as the first Pirates movie, you could see it from the trailer. Not only is it not near as good as the first but the second and the third movie blows this one far far far away!

So what made this one in the series garbage well where to start: The story was just dumb and it had no point to it. The Actors in the movie sucked they could not act at all and Jack Sparrow could not safe it alone. The director made it into a mess, most scenes was so dark you did not know what was going on.

I really feel like they only mad this to make some money and they did not have any fresh ideas. This is no Pirates of Caribbean movie.

What also really made me mad was that guy and the mermaid! Comon were they cast to fill Bloom and Knightly shoes or what?! They really cant act at all!

Go watch the 2D and save your money do not waste it on 3D, or just over look this one and go watch something els ( Why did i not watched Thor or Fast 5 :( ).
A Nutshell Review: On Stranger Tides
I thought this film would never have happened, since the first three films wrapped themselves up pretty nicely as a trilogy, but I suppose studios never say no to profits there for the taking, especially if the point man in Johnny Depp is game to don his eyeliner and pirates garb one more time, and possible more films lined up since the final scenes and the coda after the end credits blatantly teases and flirts with its audience and fan base.

Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) is back to charm one and all with this swagger and wit, and this time sans his Black Pearl as he goes on a mission, or at least it's one of those self fulfilling rumours, that he's assembling a crew to set sail on a quest to locate the proverbial Fountain of Youth. As with what's characteristic of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, there are always more than one party interested in either joining in or serving as competition, and here we have an English royalty keen on recruiting Jack amongst their ranks to led by Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), now an English privateer, the Spanish Inquisition team who are narratively the weakest of the lot save for one pivotal scene, and a true blue pirates outfit led by the villainous Blackbeard (Ian McShane) aboard his Queen Anne's Revenge ship, with his daughter Angelica (Penelope Cruz) as his first mate and one time ex-fling of Jack's tasked with luring the latter out and joining their quest rather reluctantly.

But everyone has ulterior motives, and in true Jack Sparrow fashion, the character relationships all play out like the reality game show Survivor as in previous films, where deals are cut, some allegiances are strongly forged while others being temporarily serving mutual self-interests of the moment. Part of the fun is to witness how Sparrow navigates through sticky situations and almost always come up tops, with the nagging suspicion that Fate smiles on his side consistently, seemingly having no plan at all when he embarks on various mini quests in gathering artifacts all geared toward the primary mission, from the capture of mermaids (and they're of the nasty in attitude variety) to chalices all part of a strange ritual required to get to the secret fountain everyone is craving for.

Joining the fray this time round are old hands such as Geoffrey Rush in bringing a lot more to the Barbossa character, and Gibbs (Kevin McNally) as Jack Sparrow's loyal and trusty first mate. Penelope Cruz becomes one of two token female characters here, although her real life pregnancy created some complications during the shoot, and the credits had to thank her sister Monica Cruz for standing in for the long shots so that there wouldn't be a need to hide that bulge in the tummy - it's quite obvious which scenes these were as her character's hat had to be tipped downwards. You can also tell that the presence of Sam Claflin and Astrid Berges-Frisbey as a priest and mermaid respectively were to counterbalance the loss of Orlando Bloom's Will Turner and Keira Knightley's Elizabbeth Swann as the film's requisite lovebirds, which developed too fast too soon, and left it hanging, possibly to be explored in greater detail in subsequent films.

As an action adventure, the action sequences if compared to the previous installments, have all been toned down, and are the same old routine often seen in other action adventures. Do we need another escape on a chariot, or yet another big brawled sword fight sans blood (this is a Disney film after all) with nary a vulgar word spoken as they are cut off at the right moment? Too many one on one swordfights amongst various characters also made this quite repetitive to sit through, and I'd secretly enjoyed more of the dramatic wheelings and dealings more than the action in this film, despite the middle portion sagging under its own talkie weight.

Gore Verbinski had given up the director's chair to allow for new blood to take over the helm and steer the franchise into a new direction, so enter Rob Marshall, whom I'd say has the unenviable task of continuing a very well loved, and profitable series of films. While the direction may be new and the storyline necessary to be branching off from where it left off, somehow On Stranger Tides failed to recreate the entire adventurous spirit that the original trilogy possessed. Perhaps it's the cutting down on funding that made the action sequences quite dull, also having to shoot those scenes in 2D before undergoing 3D conversion to keep costs down.

Sure the storyline is an adventure film for fans to follow up on the exploits of Jack Sparrow, but it sure felt more of the same with that air of familiarity not broken. Should another film be made, let's hope it has some of the swashbuckling cavalier feel to it rather than just another exercise of routine.
Dwindling Returns
The "POTC" franchise is slowly sinking. Although Cap'n Jack Sparrow and Barbosa were great, they couldn't carry the movie by themselves. Too many of the dynamic characters were missing and the choice of Penelope Cruz as the femme fatale was a disastrous decision; she lacks in every way and comparing her to Keira Knightley is like comparing a kitten fart to a hurricane. I have hope that there will be, at least, one more episode in which Rob Marshall realizes his 'error', loses Cruz (hopefully by killing her at the beginning of the next movie) and reunites the original cast. Once in a great while, there is perfect chemistry between actors, a terrific plot and incredible effects that enters your living room and takes you to where they are." Pirates..." did that for us until now.
I heart Pirates
I've been keeping up with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise since the beginning in 2003 with POTC:Curse of the Black Pearl. I loved Curse of the Black Pearl absolutely loved it.Soon after that Dead Mans Chest was released and I thought meh okay not as good as the last one but still a decent watch. Then came the bomb that was POTC: At Worlds End. At Worlds End was a big mess. There was too much going on and the plot was just all over the place.It got to a point where I didn't care about the plot anymore Im strictly watching for the effects now.

As for Stranger Tides I was impressed. This film reminded me why I fell in love with Curse of the Black Pearl. I wouldn't even call this movie a sequel it feels like a whole new beginning. Will and Elizabeth's story is over and now we get Jack and Angelica.Did I miss Will and Elizabeth? NOT AT ALL. I stopped caring for those two a long time ago. Im glad their story is over and IT IS OVER FOLKS. For a time their story was interesting and then I gradually started to get bored to tears with them. So yeah good riddance moving along.

The plot of this installment circles around the fountain of youth. Jack Sparrow(Johnny Depp)runs into Angelica(Penelope Cruz)a woman from his past. Its not entirely certain if its love and she wants to follow him to the fountain of youth, but then her intentions become clear when she forces him aboard the Queen Ann's Revenge, Black Beard's ship. Ian McShane's portrayal of black beard was pretty convincing I have no complaints about that. However my complaint lies within how the writers were trying to shove down the audience's throat the fact that Blackbeard was evil. For example there was a scene where Blackbeard, Jack, Angelica, and the crew are all standing over the edge of a cliff and Blackbeard orders Jack to jump. Jack refuses and Black beard says that if he doesn't he'll kill his own daughter, who just so happens to be Angelica by the way. It then cuts to an unnecessary scene of Black beard and Jack playing a game of "pick a gun any gun" Two of the guns contain a bullet whatever gun Jack picks Black beard will shoot Angelica with it just to prove a point.Why was this needed. At this point the audience pretty much knows that Black beard is a bad guy. Im sure it wouldn't surprise us if Blackbeard threatened to kill his own daughter.This wasn't necessary, it did nothing for the plot.Another complaint I have is that nothing is really explained about Blackbeard making people into zombies or the magic of his ship or why he has an interest voodoo.

The movie really picked up when the mermaids came. This was one of my favorite parts of the movie because it has a calm before the storm feel to it. You meet these beautiful captivating creatures that lure the pirates into false sense of security and in a way you yourself feel hypnotized as well. There's a lot of tension in this scene and you know something is going to happen, your just sitting there anxiously waiting for it to happen, and then comes the boom. They may look lovely but they are definitely deadly beauties. Which brings me to the whole Phillip and Syrena love story. It didn't bother me however it did feel a little forced.I wouldn't even call what they had "love" it was more so infatuation. The interest was there it just needed more time to develop and thats hard to squeeze in the last 30 to 45 minutes of film. If there's a POTC 5 I wouldn't mind seeing Philip and Syrena again just to know what became of him. But for the most part I think their story is finished. We may never know what happened to Philip. But I must say I would most definitely want to see more mermaids.

In conclusion I was satisfied with this movie. The beginning was pretty slow and boring but it began to pick up towards the middle and end. Its definitely a good reminder of why people like pirates.
Just as good as the original
When I first decided that I was going to go see this, I was kind of skeptical about it. Rob Marshall was the director and I knew he usually did musicals. That caused me to picture Jack Sparrow doing a dance while fighting with swords. As funny as that sounded, it just wasn't something I wanted to see on P4. Still, I decided to go see it anyways. Boy, was I glad I did! It was just as good as the original. There was an excellent balance of comedy and action. And all the actors were excellent too. Johnny Depp was excellent as always as Jack Sparrow. Geoffrey Rush did an excellent job as Barbossa too. I have to say, however, I didn't like his look during most of the movie. He just looked to weird as a privateer. Thank goodness he changed back to his old look in the very end. Penelope Cruz did such a good job as Angelica. She made her seem like the type of woman you wouldn't want to get mad. Also, the actors Sam Claflin and Astrid Berges-Frisbey were great as Philip and Syrena. They really brought a spirit of youthfulness to the story. Finally, I have to say that Ian Mcshane did a great job as Blackbeard. I love how the brought in a real pirate as one of the characters. He gave the movie a sense of reality. Over all, I have to say that P4 is probably the best in the whole franchise. It is definitely worth going to see!
My my....what a surprise...
Now, we all have seen how fourth installments of a series can end (cough cough Star Wars...) and we have come to shrink away from such movies. The second sequel creates an air of wariness...the third sequel sends suspicions skyrocketing...yet a fourth? How are we, as the audience, to take this? I was unsure how to approach this movie, but I went with an open mind, subconsciously doubtful due to my (opinion of course...) recent disappointments with the second and third Pirate movies, but, to my surprise, this one rose to the same admiration in my eyes as the first one did. It downplayed the fantasy air as the first one did, cleverly mingling it in the the plot, and did not shove it in our faces as the second and third so rudely did. It even managed to throw in some history lessons for the kids, regarding the history of Ponce de Leon in his search for the Fountain. The only thing that really sticks out in my mind that I did not like was the death of Blackbeard. Mind you, that was some pretty amazing special effects with the skeleton and such, yet it troubled me. Blackbeard was a real life figure...and we know how he met his demise...and, trust me, it was not by the hand of a whirlwind of lethal water. I did not like the twisting of historical facts presented here...and another matter regarding this subject, why on earth would Angelica be willing to save him? Didn't she earlier scheme with Jack that she was going to betray him and perhaps use him as the sacrifice?* Perhaps I misunderstood, but this was what I gathered...however, all in all, this was a great movie.

*Edited version: I recently went to see the movie for a second time, and apparently I was mistaken...she never planned on harming her father. The scene she was discussing this was very confusing...
Sinking ship
It's a funny thing about Johnny Depp. Perhaps more so than any other contemporary actor, people often view his presence in a movie as something of a mark of quality. I know many people who will see a film simply because he is the star, and until recently I might have understood why, even if I wouldn't go quite that far myself. However, since around the time of the first Pirates of the Caribbean film (2002's The Curse of the Black Pearl), I've found myself less and less impressed, or even interested at all, in almost anything he's done. I'm always willing to give a talented actor, particularly one with as many great performances under his belt as Depp, a chance to surprise me, and win back some credibility, and it was with this mindset that I went into On Stranger Tides. Unfortunately, but perhaps unsurprisingly, the latest entry in Disney's swashbuckling franchise is by far the worst yet, and my personal admiration for Johnny Depp has reached a new low.

There's no denying that the success of the first POTC film came as something of a shock to many people, both critically and commercially. Before it's release, the idea of adapting a theme-park ride to film was seen as a creative death knell by an admittedly cynical part of the movie-going public (myself included), but the film defied critics to become one of the more memorable action-adventure blockbusters of the new millennium, and introduced Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow, one of modern cinema's most charming and appealing characters. On Stranger Tides works hard from the beginning to maintain the style and tone of the initial trilogy (all directed by Gore Verbinski), while simultaneously making it clear that this is a new story, albeit with a handful returning characters. The problem however, is that the new story is just too overloaded with new characters, vacuous action, and unnecessary, tedious subplots.

It's very hard to gauge Captain Jack's motives in this film. He swings wildly between the selfish yet lovable rogue from the earlier stories, to a newly considerate and almost emotional hero which doesn't seem to fit at all. Jack was always the best element of the POTC franchise, and the unfortunate use of his character harms the movie irreparably. Geoffrey Rush returns also as Barbossa, alongside new characters Angelica (Penelope Cruz) and Blackbeard (Ian McShane), all talented actors who do their best with the poorly written dialogue, with McShane in particular standing out as a worthwhile addition to the cast. And then, there's newcomers Sam Claflin and Astrid Berges-Frisbey as the missionary Philip and mermaid Syrena. Where do I start with these two…..

I guess there's a feeling in Hollywood that every story needs a romantic element to reach a wider audience, and indeed Verbinski's POTC films had the Will Turner/Elizabeth Swann thread successfully placed at the forefront of the narrative. Regrettably, new director Rob Marshall's (Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha) attempt to replace Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley with these new young lovers is On Stranger Tides' greatest flaw, and any time attention is paid to their story, what little amount of fun and humour the film has is sucked completely away. The story progression grinds to a halt as we're subjected to this highly implausible and somewhat disturbing (beastiality anyone?) romantic plot between two characters who have no significant ties to Captain Jack, only one of which has any purpose in the movie at all. It's all simply a ploy to appeal to the mythical 'four quadrant' audience, and in this case it is unforgivable.

That this movie will go on to make huge profits for Disney I have no doubt, and while there is a somewhat ambiguous ending in terms of further sequel prospects, I find it hard to believe that they will make the smart choice and retire Captain Jack and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise before further damage is done. This film is of such low quality that it has actually changed how I feel about the series as a whole, and the first film in particular (which I previously loved), but the most unfortunate casualty for me is Depp's reputation. Hopefully he'll think twice before applying the makeup and donning the dreadlocks again, and abandon this sinking ship.
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