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Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Romance
IMDB rating:
Alfred Hitchcock
Laurence Olivier as 'Maxim' de Winter
Joan Fontaine as The Second Mrs. de Winter
George Sanders as Jack Favell
Judith Anderson as Mrs. Danvers
Nigel Bruce as Major Giles Lacy
Reginald Denny as Frank Crawley
C. Aubrey Smith as Colonel Julyan
Gladys Cooper as Beatrice Lacy
Florence Bates as Mrs. Edythe Van Hopper
Melville Cooper as Coroner
Leo G. Carroll as Dr. Baker
Lumsden Hare as Tabbs
Forrester Harvey as Chalcroft
Philip Winter as Robert
Storyline: A shy ladies' companion, staying in Monte Carlo with her stuffy employer, meets the wealthy Maxim de Winter. She and Max fall in love, marry and return to Manderley, his large country estate in Cornwall. Max is still troubled by the death of his first wife, Rebecca, in a boating accident the year before. The second Mrs. de Winter clashes with the housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers, and discovers that Rebecca still has a strange hold on everyone at Manderley.
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One of Alfred Hitchcock's Timeless Classics
One of the finest psychological thrillers of its or any other time, Rebecca is an expertly crafted Gothic tale by Alfred Hitchcock that tells the story of a woman who's constantly haunted by the presence & reputation of her husband's first wife, Rebecca, when she moves to his large country estate and finds herself constantly in clash with the housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers, who was extremely fond of Rebecca.

Engaging from its opening moments, the film takes the road of romance in its first act but soon turns into an extremely gripping suspense that even managed to touch the genre of horror with its carefully structured narration. Brilliantly directed by Hitchcock who maintains a remarkable control over each frame from start to finish, Rebecca is also aided by its tight screenplay, timeless cinematography, edgy editing & terrific performances from its entire cast.

The best part about this tale is the effortless manner in which it is able to immerse the viewers into its tense atmosphere of claustrophobia & isolation with all the mysteries surrounding a dead woman and benefits greatly from strong performances by Joan Fontaine, Laurence Olivier & especially Judith Anderson, who plays Mrs. Danvers with remarkable creepiness & ends up impressing the most.

On an overall scale, Rebecca is a significant example of film-noir and is one of Hitchcock's finest works behind the camera. The technical aspects are carried out amazingly well, the performances leave nothing to complain about and the creepy ambiance it is able to sustain throughout its runtime is something most thrillers don't even manage to come close to. An enduring classic that will probably never age, Rebecca comes highly recommended.
Do you think the dead come back and watch the living?
Rebecca is directed by Alfred Hitchcock and adapted to screen play from the Daphne du Maurier novel of the same name. It stars Laurence Olvier, Joan Fontaine and Judith Anderson. Cinematography is by George Barnes and music scored by Franz Waxman.

After meeting and marrying 'Maxim' de Winter (Olivier), the Second Mrs. de Winter (Fontaine), finds life at his English estate, Manderley, far from comfortable because the servants and the house serve to remind her of the first Mrs. de Winter, whose death remains a source of mystery. What did happen to the first lady of the house? Can this newly married couple survive the oppressive cloud that looms large over the mansion?

A Gothic emotional near masterpiece, Alfred Hitchcock's first American film may seem a bit too serviceable at times, something he was also aware of himself, but the production values are high and the story is played out supremely well. Within the story we can find Hitchcock's now famous trait of mistrusting Women, but in the main it stays the tragic tale of one young woman living in the ominous shadow of the previous Mrs. De Winter. Mood is often set as foreboding, with the director understanding the psychological pangs of the source material once the action switches to the de Winter home of Manderley. It arguably is a touch too long, and the restraint of Hitchcock, down to producer David O. Selznick overseeing things, stops it being a bit more unnerving than it should be.

For Manderley the mansion here is one of the finest put on the screen, this is because Hitchcock and brilliant cinematographer George Barnes manage to make it bold & beautiful one minute, and then the next scene it comes off as a monolithic nightmare. It's wonderful case of the surroundings playing the extra character for maximum effect. Laurence Olivier is impressive, even if we would learn later on that this is the sort of performance he could do in his sleep. The supporting cast do great work as well, especially as regards the cold and terrifying turn from Judith Anderson as Mrs. Danvers. However, to me this will always be Joan Fontaine's show, she nails it perfectly, the new Mrs. De Winter wants to do right but can't seem to so for doing wrong, she infuriates at times, yet the next minute you just want to hold her, for she's so vulnerable, but beautifully so, it's a brilliant performance in a brilliant film.

The ending is a switheroo from the novel, and it almost derails the success the film has achieved up to that point. And looking at it now it's hard not to curse the Production Code for enforcing a big change to what was revealed in du Maurier's wonderful novel. But the film has survived the "appeasing" ending to stand the test of time for all the ages. It won the Academy Award for Best Picture, and Barnes also won for Best Black & White Cinematography, it was nominated for a further nine awards, including Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. No nomination for Waxman, sadly, but his score is worthy of a mention for the evocative strains that sit nicely with the tone of the story. Rebecca, a hauntingly beautiful picture that's acted and produced with consummate skill. 9.5/10
Hitchcock goes to Hollywood
Alfred Hitchcock's Hollywood debut, while not likely to appeal to the same fans who champion 'Vertigo' or 'Psycho', is nevertheless a 14-karat treasure from the Golden Age of movie-making. Purists will argue that the film is more Selznick than Hitchcock: a blockbuster studio production packed with talent, prestige, and all the glamour money can buy, but certain touches (mostly those concerning malevolent maidservant Judith Anderson and smarmy playboy George Sanders) could not have been duplicated by any other director. The film today, restored to all its magnificent, pristine clarity, is suitably lush and moody, and after all these years the atmosphere of unease surrounding the stately house of Manderley is still palpable. But the Daphne Du Maurier scenario is still very much an anachronism: the innocent, unsophisticated girl who marries into wealth and tries, desperately, to conform to society's manners is hardly a valid role model these days. And once the mystery of the late Rebecca de Winter is finally solved, the Gothic plot settles into a conventional blackmail scheme more typical of the Master of Suspense.
Mystery in the most out...
"Rebecca" is a mystery movie in which we watch a shy woman who was working as a companion girl of another woman. In a trip she and one rich man fall in love and they decide to marry. When they are returning to the main house of the man she understands that he is still troubled by the death of his first wife, Rebecca, who was killed in a boating accident the year before. And in that the mystery starts.

I really liked this movie because of the plot which was really nice written but also for the direction of it which made by the master Alfred Hitchcock and his contribution in the success of this movie was really obvious. We can understand in many scenes the tips and the guidance that Alfred Hitchcock gave to the actors on how to play, to show etc. About the interpretation I have to say that I loved the interpretation of Joan Fontaine who played as Mrs. de Winter and also the interpretation of Laurence Olivier who played as 'Maxim' de Winter. Another interpretation that has to be mentioned is Judith Anderson's who played as Mrs. Danvers and I believe that she was great on her part. Another important fact that I have to mention is that this movie did not tire me even a little and kept me in tense in the whole duration of it, something that I believe is extremely important for a mystery movie.

Lastly I believe that "Rebecca" is a nice mystery movie which combines really well this mystery with the romance between the couple and the result that comes out from it is the best. I also think that this movie is one of the best of Alfred Hitchcock and I strongly recommend it to everyone because it's a must see movie.
Alfred Hitchcock's latest cameo (in the movie)
I admit to being confused by the first twenty minutes or so of this film. This might be the last Alfred Hitchcock movie I ever saw as I've seen almost all his other well known films. It really is great to see this evolve into a movie truly worthy of his namesake! Almost all his films are horror or mystery or at least thriller. This is a film that definitely got better as it went along. It just got better and better atmosphere as it went on. You would think the main female character in this movie would be named Rebecca, right? Nope, that's actually her husband's deceased wife who never even appears.

It's amazing to see how much is done in this movie. The husband shows off their home movies even though they just got married. It will make more sense as more is revealed about the story. I feel bad for not finding the Hitchcock cameo in this! It turns out you can barely see his face at all and I had to watch a supercut to make sure it was him. Yeah, I'm such a nerd and I have heard of people who watch his movies just to see his cameos. It's over two hours in, a record!

The strange thing is that it begins with opening narration. It ends without any, so it's hard to tell if she's actually telling the story. It was certainly unpredictable, as expected from any of his movies. This may be one of his earliest films that's really consider one of the best of all time as it would be over ten years that "Psycho", "The Birds", "Vertigo", "North By Northwest", AND "Rear Window" would come out. It's always nice to see when an artist first becomes an expert! This is a must see for anyone. I personally don't find this as good as most of the movies that I just mentioned, but that's still a compliment for someone as good as him! Perfect ****.
A film with a nameless protagonist and an invisible namesake
This was Alfred Hitchcock's first American-made film. Quite frankly, I'm amazed at how well Hitchcock "got" what American audiences wanted in their suspense films, hitting them out of the park from the moment he began working in the US.

Apart from being a tad bit long, this is a well made film. I love the inside of Mandalay and Sir Laurence Olivier played a wonderful mysterious and sullen Maximillian De Winter opposite his new wife, a beautiful and naive young Joan Fontaine who is never even given a name here, probably deliberately and in keeping with how mousy and "second hand" she feels about herself in relation to the first and late Mrs. De Winter, who is actually Rebecca from the title.

Of course there is also George Sanders, playing the type of character he is best known for--sarcastic, snobby, self-assured, pompous, witty and verbose. He hits the nail on the head as Rebecca's "cousin" - so he calls himself. Of course the most eerie and unsettling character was Mrs. Danvers, Rebecca's housekeeper or "maid in waiting." Danvers takes great pains in sabotaging the second Mrs. De Winter's marital relationship with Max de Winter,--even going as far as calmly urging her to to plunge to her death into the water from Rebecca's bedroom window at Mandalay. There are a couple of twists in this movie, but I won't give them away. It's best if you watch them unfold yourself in true Hitchcockian style.

I will say that Rebecca, the first wife of Max de Winter, is NEVER seen, but we learn about her by what is said about her by the various characters, even going as far as seeing the untouched shrine of a bedroom maintained by Mrs. Danvers. But soon you learn that Rebecca was never the perfect wife Danvers and others make her out to be. The ending is a surprise in more way than one, and yet Mrs. Danvers gets the last word in her own way. A great movie by Alfred Hitchcock and David O. Selznick.
All around, an excellent production.
his movie is a 10 from the very beginning. The casting is brilliant, the story is hauntingly beautiful, the performances are the best of what Hollywood once was, and the sets are of quality design and architecture. The direction is awesome, but it's Hitchcock, and I expect nothing less from his productions.

Rebecca is a glamorous, beautiful socialite who has won the hearts of all who knew her. Well, almost all. But a year after her untimely death, her grieving husband near his wit's end, has grown seemingly suicidal and aloof.

He engages his grief while on a trip to Monte Carlo, and meets the beautiful personal secretary and maid of a long-time friend, Mrs. Edythe Van Hopper. She is young, naive, and completely unprepared for the life which is awaiting her; all qualities which George Fortescu Maximillian 'Maxim' de Winter finds endearing.

I won't detail the events in this movie, as the story itself is quite haunting, with surprises around every turn.

This is a definite "must have" in any suspense / horror / Hitchcock / classics movie collection, and a mandatory must see for all fans of all movies.

It rates a 10/10 for its absolute perfection, from...

the Fiend :.
Favourite book, Favourite movie
I've read this book about 16 years ago and wasn't aware of the movie. Was yearning to watch a good thriller on the book, because it is one of the most spine chilling stories of those times. The fact that this thriller is made by Alfred Hitchcock has made all the difference. Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine are absolutely credible as Mr and Mrs De Winter, and Judith Anderson is terrifying as Mrs Danvers. If you've read the book, you know the twist at the end. But if you haven't yet, the movie is a treat for you. Every frame is delectable and worthy. The suspense unfolds gradually and at the beginning you wouldn't even guess what's in store for you. There isn't much of outdoors explored, but the indoor set is splendidly built as the castle of Manderlay.
Hitchcock's first great American success in a classic story with a love story and suspense
This is a Daphne Du Maurier's story (from a best-seller novel) concerning a prominent widower (Laurence Olivier) called Maxim De Winter who finds a gorgeous and timid young girl (Joan Fontaine) who is serving to an old Mistress (Florence Bates) . They are married and head to Manderley , the familiar mansion (in the exterior actually is a scale model). But Maxim is haunted by the ghost first wife , an enigmatic Rebecca , who died in mysterious circumstances . There works as a servant the creepy and obsessive housekeeper , Mrs Danvers (Judith Anderson,a famous stage actress in her most important role) and sh meets a cynic gentleman (George Sanders).

This film has suspense , romance , unlimited tension , full of lingering images and with the typical touches Hitchcock . Besides , a literately and thoughtful dialog signed by Joan Harrison (Hitchcock's usual screenwriter) though lacking humor . After ¨39 steps¨and ¨Jamaica Inn¨ , Hitch was encouraged to go to America and promptly shot his first work in Hollywood hired by the great producer David O'Selznick . Fine performance by Laurence Olivier , he married Vivien Leigh and he wished to her as protagonist but Hitch hired Joan Fontaine who took seven rehearsal sessions until the engaging . Joan Fontaine as a shy bride young is superb and enjoyable . Judith Anderson as a spooky and cold house keeper is top-notch, her role as obsessed person by the glamorous Rebecca is unforgotten and immortal . Atmospheric and perceptible music by Franz Waxman and sensational visual style by the cameraman George Barnes . The picture won Academy Awards for Best film and cinematography . The movie was brilliantly directed by the Master of Suspense . It's remade in inferior versions for Television, the 1980 adaptation with Jeremy Brett as Maxim and 1996 rendition with Charles Dance and Emilie Fox . The motion picture is indispensable watching for Hithcock lovers achieving the maximum impact on his audience.
Joan Fontaine portrays a pre-Feminist Clueless Doormat !!!
I give this film a 7.5 on a 10 point scale. All of Hitch's films, though mostly good, have screenplays that are just unbelievable & improbable to some degree and "Rebecca" is certainly no exception. Fontaine's character is S-O-O Weak, Naïve, Passive, & Fragile that it lacks credibility. NO Woman, even in pre-Feminist times, could possibly be as much of a Clueless Doormat as the new Mrs de Winter. That as the new mistress of Mandalay she would have kept that witch Mrs Danvers as the housekeeper is at least very unlikely, especially when Danvers tricked the new Mrs de Winter to wear that dress for the ball. The Mrs Danvers character was rather unreal too. She was much more a caricature than a believable character. Otherwise, a very suspenseful, & well thought out storyline, with great dramatic tension, although the "dramatic" was much too "melodramatic" in my opinion. How a great director like Hitch got stuck with so many sub-par screenplays is beyond my comprehension.
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