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Thriller, Action, Horror
IMDB rating:
Rusty Nixon
Michael Matic as Boston
Alika Autran as Julie
Scotty Mac as Scotty
Taylor Hickson as Angelina Harding
Jason Burkart as Ferox
Paul Vigano as Edwin
Elysia Rotaru as Monica
James Clayton as Luke Harding
Blaine Anderson as John / The Doctor
Linda Darlow as Mrs. Oats
Matt Frewer as Mr. Fairweather
Dan Payne as Anthony
Storyline: Private investigator Luke Harding (James Clayton) reads a book of sinister origins owned by seedy crime lord Mr. Fairweather (Matt Frewer). Unbeknownst to Luke, the book is a much sought after supernatural artifact and Fairweather's greatest rival, the enigmatic Mr. Lamont (William B. Davis), begins pursuit of Luke with his trustiest henchmen Boston (Michael Matic) & Jacob (Costas Mandylor). While the criminal underworld is desperate to retrieve the book and harness its power for their own dark agendas, it's evil begins to take root in Luke's apartment; pitting himself, his daughter (Taylor Hickson) and his secret love Monica (Elysia Rotaru) in a fight for their lives... and their eternal souls.
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Flawed But Could Find A Cult Following
Residue is a film I first heard of when I saw the film Candiland, which has the same writer and director, Rusy Nixon. Candiland was one of the most bizarre films I have ever seen. It definitely had its ups and downs but I really enjoyed the overall product. After seeing Candiland, I was interested in seeing what Rusty Nixon would do next which happened to be this.

The first half an hour of Residue is perfect. It intrigued me and I loved the mystery noir style mixed with horror. What also stunned me was how good this movie looks. It looks way better for a low budget movie than it has any justification too. Not only that but maybe about fifteen minutes in, there is a fight sequence that is helmed amazingly. I could tell everything that was going on and it looked 100 percent convincing. Also, the early scenes with Mr. Fairweather played by Matt Frewer were super entertaining to watch. If the whole movie had been this good, it would be one of my favorite movies.

Frankly, the movie does have some series issues which stop it from reaching its full potential. James Clayton plays the lead character named Luke Harding. He was clearly shooting for the cool going detective but at times it just doesn't work. In some scenes, he came off awkwardly robotic. He wasn't necessarily bad but I feel he missed the mark. Also, one of the main plot points between Luke Harding and his daughter just didn't feel played up as well as it should have. The climax hinges on the plot point so it just doesn't have the impact it should. Also, I feel like the climax just doesn't get enough time to breathe which takes away some more of the effect it could have had.

Apart from the first half an hour, however, there is still a lot to love. Jacob (Costas Mandylor and Boston (Michael Matic) have several scenes where they are keeping an eye on Luke Harding. There is a lot of comedic relief and dark humour here which is highly enjoyable.

This film is flawed but I think it could find a cult following. It's not for everyone and plenty will dislike. It's also a bit confusing and hard to follow but I appreciate films like that sometimes because it allows you to think. Despite its issues, I still really like this movie and it's originality and style make it memorable. I would recommend this film for anyone who wants to see something different and likes films that are out there. A lot is unanswered in this film but I heard there may be a sequel called The Pain Doctors. Support this low budget film. Just remember that it isn't for everyone.
would recommend for interesting effects but story telling is sub par
having just finished this movie i was left confused since the ending didn't really seem to explain much of anything the acting was meh at best but u could tell they were at least trying the special effects are really what make it worth seeing if your not in for just that i would recommend not bothering with watching the film, the premise of the movie was promising but the delivery was poor the movie felt really slow and kinda boring i found it to be a drag to get threw the hole film and the ending was as predictable as can be(if u want the film u will understand) the tl/dr for it go's as good effects, good idea, poor acting, heavy reliance on clichés, and just boring to watch 3/10 would not watch again
Not for everyone.. But pretty decent for me!
The most immediate flick I can relate this to is the film John dies at the end. Lol maybe mixed in with a bit of Naked Lunch & The Hive (a great indie horror I strongly suggest u check out if u haven't seen it.) What to say, what to say... It's hard to talk too much about this flick without giving stuff away, but I will say pay attention to the beginning... Even though it may not make sense then, I actually went back and re-watched it after viewing the whole film. Another reviewer commented that the climax doesn't really leave room to breathe.. well watching the beginning again gave me a lil more sense of closure. I can give u a little rundown (hopefully) without giving too much away.. A trashy PI is given the opportunity to make some real money by delivering a package.. That package ends up being a journal that has very unusual effects on the reader.. As "the book" is discussed right off the bat in the movie I don't feel like its a major spoiler talking about it. The whole concept was cool, but I wish they'd had a bigger budget and been able to delve further into the journal..

The lead actor playing the PI is the reason I can't give this a higher rating.. His acting is pretty decent in some spots and not so great in others.. I liked the daughter tho, and the gf/hotel owner, and of course Lammont and Fairweather. This is the kinda movie that after the first 20 mins or so you're like ehhh, but if u can stick with it, it delivers in a weird sense. If ur into bizarre indie horror, you'll prb be down with this.
Lovecraftian Mystery
I enjoyed this movie thoroughly. It sets its hook early (pun intended) and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire way through. The effects were good and the storytelling well handled. It may help to be a fan of HP Lovecraft and his story's of unknown forces and overwhelming dread though.
Residue is a good name for this inane tripe
I can't believe how bad this is. And I thought I had seen all the super bad movies in the horror realm.

I saw two reviews that raved about it, but failed to note that both had never reviewed a film before. Must have been friends of the director because this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

It was done like an old Film Noir, with the detective's narration, but it just didn't work. I don't usually bother to review something unless I think I should save someone else the 82 minutes I wasted.

First off, it's not even slightly scary. Secondly, no one in this can act. It does have one known actor though. Some might recognize the cigarette smoking man from the X-files series. His role was not really defined very well. And somehow he sewed it all together in the end.

None of the script really made any sense at all. The writer needs to learn basic dialogue and character development. No one had any appeal. I was hoping whatever the evil was would finish them off, but never did figure out what the evil thing was. Some kind of slimy insect with a claw? The miracle was that I stayed through to the end to see if it got better, but it never did.

I know how it got published though. It had the politically correct lesbian daughter and nosy mixed race old couple next door. I guess that's all it takes to make a movie these days.

Sadly, a good script and plot are not necessary in this day and age.
Action Action Action
If this isn't in your top twenty then you're my mom

Look forward to more great movies from this up and coming director.

would like to see this flick on the big screen. great acting throughout movie keeps me interested start to end. download it and promise you wont be disappointed.
Would Make A Good Half-Hour "Twilight Zone" Episode
"Residue" is a good story idea gone awry. It has its moments, but not enough of them. For a film that is only 82 minutes long, it had many filler scenes. My fast-forward got its workout for the day. The film would make a good half-hour "Twilight Zone" episode. There's a bit of comedy in it too. The ending is very confusing and unfulfilling. The highlight of the movie is seeing Matt Frewer ("Max Headroom"), William B. Davis (the "cigarette smoking man" of "The X-Files"), and Costas Mandylor ("Picket Fences").
Great film, fluid acting
I got to watch this at Crypticon with the Director/writer, lead actor, and William B. Davis in attendance. They were all really nice and the movie was fantastic. The acting was very natural. The story line was great and I loved the little hints of things that paid homage to other movies that were an inspiration to this one. My only complaint is that it wasn't longer. The director told me their budget was pretty low and I can only image that if they had a bigger budget it would have been even better. But it was great as is. I really look forward to what he comes out with in the future.
A Mesmerizing Creepy Movie
This weird, creepy movie actually has a heart somewhere in it. It is unbalanced, hallucinogenic, and deliciously icky. It is so different in its presentation from other movies that it stands out as a contender for its David Lynch variation. It's actually not so much about the oddity of its characters so much as how the story effects the characters in it, or more specifically how an old rotting occult-like book effects all those that read it. The book itself descriptively soiled and repulsive.

In some ways Residue, seems to harbor some residual elements from the occult/horror version of The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984) using some of the imagery from Hellraiser (1987). This contemporary film noir with voice-over is spooky, strange, and unpredictable yet there is a odd sort of fluid progression in both the storyline, flashbacks, flash forwards in this engaging and mysterious thriller about a down and out detective who after finishing up a not completely successful job is tempted with $10,000 to deliver a package to his tenth person who he was supposed he was to get some dirt on but was unable to. From there the plot goes apparently haywire and bonkers in a delightfully creepy way.

The end of the movie, one is left with the satisfaction of a good night's sleep.
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