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Drama, Action, History, War
IMDB rating:
Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks as Capt. John H. Miller
Tom Sizemore as Sgt. Mike Horvath
Edward Burns as Pvt. Richard Reiben
Barry Pepper as Pvt. Daniel Jackson
Adam Goldberg as Pvt. Stanley Mellish
Vin Diesel as Pvt. Adrian Caparzo
Giovanni Ribisi as T-5 Medic Irwin Wade
Jeremy Davies as Cpl. Timothy P. Upham
Matt Damon as Pvt. James Francis Ryan
Ted Danson as Capt. Fred Hamill
Paul Giamatti as Sgt. Hill
Dennis Farina as Lt. Col. Anderson
Joerg Stadler as Steamboat Willie
Max Martini as Cpl. Henderson (as Maximilian Martini)
Storyline: Opening with the Allied invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944, members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion under Cpt. Miller fight ashore to secure a beachhead. Amidst the fighting, two brothers are killed in action. Earlier in New Guinea, a third brother is KIA. Their mother, Mrs. Ryan, is to receive all three of the grave telegrams on the same day. The United States Army Chief of Staff, George C. Marshall, is given an opportunity to alleviate some of her grief when he learns of a fourth brother, Private James Ryan, and decides to send out 8 men (Cpt. Miller and select members from 2nd Rangers) to find him and bring him back home to his mother...
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This film is a masterpiece. A tribute to the greatest generation and those who serve during WWII.
The fact that it didn't win Best Picture is outrageous. It was great from start to finish. The opening scene with the old man crumble in front of headstones is emotional. The music score by John Williams is amazing. That image became the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, directed by Steven Spielberg. The film tells the story of a mission following the D-day invasion. The movie starts Tom Hanks as Captain Miller, a soldier's soldier, who must takes a small band of troops behind enemy lines to retrieve a private whose three brothers have recently been killed in action. It's a public relations move for the Army, but it has historical precedent dating back to the Civil War. His mission to find Private James Ryan (Matt Damon) and bring him back to the United States so that it can save the family's bloodline and help softly the mother's grief. Some critics of the film have labeled the central characters stereotypes. If that is so, this movie gives stereotypes a good name: Tom Sizemore starts as the deft sergeant, Edward Burns as the hotheaded Private Reiben, Barry Pepper as the religious sniper, Adam Goldberg as the lone Jew, Vin Diesel as the oversize Private Caparzo, Giovanni Ribisi as the soulful medic, and Jeremy Davies, who as a meek corporal gives the film its most memorable performance. I understand the everyman quality of the average soldier. There were also a lot of actors that you wouldn't have thought for once, playing soldiers as supporting characters such as Ted Danson, Bryan Cranston and Paul Giamatti. Who knew they would be playing soldiers in one of the greatest war film ever. I like how the characters were written with everyday blue-collar Joes. It gives the movie realistic. They are brave while scare. Good, but also bit morally reprehensible. A great scene toward the middle of the film represented the questioning of their own morals when it conflict the attitudes of the war when the group captured a German Soldier. All of them has to debate if they should just murder the man or set the man free. It's toward the middle of the film, that the violence of the film dies down enough, to get a few character development. It was strong enough time to make them seem like people with the amount of screen time they got here. Some people thinks that the movie glorified war or it's over patriotism. I think some critics seriously misinterpreted this movie if they think it glorified war. In movies that glorify war, there are ridiculous outlandish characters that simply don't represent the soldiers who fought in war. In Saving Private Ryan, the characters are down-to-earth-ordinary. This movie also shows that in war, there are no heroes who are guaranteed to survive. It portrays war as what it is: violent and ugly. As pure hell. As for patriotism, I don't believe that the film is patriotism. There are scenes of American soldiers being as crude, cowardly, or just mean-spirited as some of the German's soldiers. I don't think the Germans are portray unfairly. About the fact that there were no allied forces shown was due to the fact that it is an American film presented to an American audience. Would it had been nice to see a British soldier in the film? Yes, but it wasn't needed in the film. The film made younger generations understand what happened that day and the sacrifices that were made in order to win that war, while also telling the dangers and how bad the war really got. The film was balance between pro war and anti-war themes. Yes, there were a few historic accurates that wasn't corrected, but overall, many people have call this film to be the most realistic and maybe the best war film ever. The first 20 minutes horrifically and realistically depicts the Normandy Invasion. The visuals are grainy, de-colorized, and filmed in a first person aspect that convey an adrenalin driven that been never witness in a war film before then, and since after Saving Private Ryan, many directors have used for their war films. The audio is astounding, and actually had me flinching during the harrowing first twenty minutes of the film. Exceedingly realistic and recorded in perfect three dimensional, positional audio that firmly plants you on that horrific beach landings. After this movie came out, I saw an interview with several D-Day survivors. They all said that the invasion sequence was the most realistic portrayal they had ever seen. It was like they were there again. That is strong praise from someone who would know. Every teen aged idiot who fantasizes on war by playing console games needs to watch this film. Show them how it really was. It's not what it is. Overall: It is a must-watch. It's a story of normal, average men forced into extraordinary and terrible situations due to war and how they survive it.
The Most Overrated Film Of All Time?
It may not be the MOST overrated, but it's certainly up there along with Scream and Fargo and There's Something About Mary.

Oh what a battle scene - the fantastic motion sickness inducing cinematography, the masterfully overhyper editing, the gore, oh the wonderful gore. And so forth.

The Omaha beach landing was quite intense. It was brutal and affecting. But people just can't seem to get it into their heads that one extended battle scene does not a great film make.

After *that*, we get yet another version of a tired, clichéd mission movie, filled with your usual stereotypes: reminiscing about the good ol' days before this all ever happened, doing whatever it takes just to get home, blah, blah, blah. Also painfully stereotypical are the characters: we have the saddened captain who misses his normal job and life, we've got the hardnut sergeant, the Italian guy, the Jewish guy, the New Yorker, and so forth. And all the Germans are skinheaded bastards - and by the way, where the hell were the other allied troops? Oh, I forgot, it was the Americans that won the war (flag shots at the beginning and end are just painfully sad).

The middle of the MOVIE is incredibly boring. Pointless, predictable set-pieces are tiresome. The scenes in which the rattled soldiers tell little stories of life at home (the medic talking about his mother, Ryan talking about his brothers, etc.) are awful attempts at evoking sympathy and sentimentality.

Then there's the final battle. Outnumbered, the men revert to primitive tactics (a bit like Predator). Quite unbelievably, this lengthy fight is incredibly boring, and the one at the end of Young Guns is far better.

5 Oscars? Obviously due to the beach landing bit, they are mostly undeserved. Best Director - should have been Peter Weir, or Terence Malick. Best Cinematography - John Toll for The Thin Red Line, without any doubt in the world. Editing - Out Of Sight deserved this even more than The Thin Red Line. I suppose the two sound awards are justified.

For people to call this the Greatest War Film Of All Time is just wrong. The best is Apocalypse Now. This is not the best World War Two film either - Das Boot is. This can't even be described as the best D-Day/Normandy beach landings movie either - The Longest Day kicks its a**. To go even further - this is not even Spielberg's best war film. Schindler's List is superior.

To summarise - great beginning, but the rest sucked. If you haven't seen it, don't bother. Or, if you insist, watch the beginning, then leave/press stop. You'll be doing yourself a big favour.

I have never been affected by a movie the way Saving Private Ryan affected me. That movie really took me out of my seat in the movie theater and practically had me believing I was really in the battle with John Miller. When somebody was dying in that movie, it felt as if you could almost feel their pain. Speilberg did an unbelievable job of putting realism into this movie with the camera-work and everything else. Simply amazing. An all time great.
Big Movie, Little Mind.

I thought that this Movie was going to be a masterpiece. Topping those great Anti-War films of "Apocalypse Now" "The Boat" and "All quiet on the Western Front"

But alas! What am I to expect from America? The Truth? NEVER!

Yet another great, expensive war film, where the Germans fight like Italians, TOTALLY arrogant to anyone else. I mean HONESTLY an American flag at the start and at the end. Showing the American and French flags. The ENGLISH and CANADIANS DID land on Normandy too. The only reference to anyone else is an insulting comment about Monty.

The Germans may have suffered a bit more on the eastern front than the Americans in France, but that doesn't matter because they were on the wicked side.

This is the kind of film simply made to win another Oscar for Speilbergs already crowded shelf. Not a ground breacker, not a truthful film. NOT even historically correct!!

1. Radar was a TOTAL secret. No American privates or captains would have ANY idea of what Radar was.

2. Germans, especially those of the SS, would NEVER be stupid enough to attack a ruined village with Tanks first. It was common military knowledge for both sides.

3. The P-51 D mustang, which blows up the Tiger Tanks on the bridge, were NEVER tank destroyers, they were only used as long range bomber escorts during the invasion. The only Tank destroyers being employed at that time were BRITISH. NOT AMERICAN. So of course the Americans would take out this imperfect feature.

Frankly, if you're American, you can go get your gun an' feel patriotic once again, as you have done with "The dirty Dozen" "Where Eagles Dare".

If you're not American, avoid this, and stick to "The Boat" for your WWII viewing.

Saving Private Ryan Is My Favorite Movie
I am a harsh critic of movies. I bash everything. There is rarely a movie that I can sit down and watch and enjoy because most are crude and bland. I never pay attention to the hype, I don't care.I judge a movie on what it is about, what it is portraying, and how well it is made. Before I saw it, Saving Private Ryan didn't interest me. I liked dramas and war flicks and stories but I was just never interested in seeing Saving Private Ryan because of the title.

One day however my mother rented the flick and I decided to watch it. Man....the opening scene was a shocker. It also really showed how that day went down. I find it fascinating how Capt. John Miller takes charge. A soldier asks him, "Where's the rallying point?" Miller responds,"Anywhere but here". I mean thats how you feel right there, like they need to get off that forsaken beach. It's neat how you get to see the characters in action on the beach before you even get into the main plot. So many different things happen in the movie. I pay attention and every time I watch it I see something new. I've probably seen it 20-30 times. I don't know why anyone would want to bash it. It is well directed, and well acted. It takes place during a time that should be well respected. It wasn't weak because it left so much of the other fighting in the war out. It is called "Saving Private Ryan", not "the Documentary of World War 2". Even though it is almost like a documentary. It's about a mission that is unlike other missions. It's about finding a soldier, and getting him the hell out of there. It's not about fighting with the British to save France and the whole Allied powers from Hitler. It was based on something smaller, but at the same time larger. A mother's love for her son, and how even in the military they respect that. We all got mothers and how terrible would they feel if they lost all their son's. even Cpt. Miller's squad was taught respect from the matter. They questioned it and some disagreed and sure they would rather be out fighting the war, but that was their orders, and they had to follow. After all, if they found Ryan, and made it out of that forsaken crap whole of a mess, maybe then they would all earn the right to go home.

Anyway I would just like to say I think all the characters are great. It was Vin Diesel's best movie, I think his only good movie even though he was the first of Miller's men to die. Pvt. Jackson, I think he is many people's favorite. The way he takes down the sniper that kills Caparzo (Diesel) and battles in the Church tower at the battle for the bridge. Nothing can describe the way Tom Hanks reacts when he see's the Church tower get hit by the tank round. He feels sorrow, because of the loss of such a fine sniper, but he just keeps shooting. I like how Reiben doesn't care about the mission at first and even steps out of line. He learns what it's all about though, and he even saves Ryan at the end from a tank. Sgt. Horvath, what a great actor. Tom Siezmore. Hanks couldn't ask for a better partner. You can really feel the relationship between Miller and Horvath. Like when Capt. Miller steps out to create a diversion and Machine gun Fire rains down but Miller gets out of the way in time and Horvath says,"Captain if your Mother saw you do that she's be very upset." Then Hanks replies,"I thought you were my mother". Lol.I believe out of all the men in Miller's squad Horvath is hit by the most rounds. He showed the mentality of a brave soldier that died for his men. Obviously Upham was the sensitive type, that finally killed someone in the end. Mellish portrayed a good soldier, that did also seem a bit sensitive, as he cries while finding a Hitler Youth Knife.(He is Jewish so I guess he's not really sensitive, just effected greatly by the events because of his ethnicity) Of course Wade was also well portrayed. When he died it was the saddest.

Anyway, in the end, Captain John Miller tries to blow up the bridge but a tank round launches debris and sends everything into chaos. Miller then tries to retrieve the detonator and is shot on the bridge where he falls. He then sits up and takes his pistol out and starts shooting at the tank that is about to cross the bridge. The tank explodes and in amazement Miller looks up to see the "Angels on our shoulders" P51 tank busters fly over head. Then with his last breath he says to Ryan "James, earn this.....earn it" And then it goes to James as an old man in the memorial in France with thousands of crosses. And he is of course kneeling down in front of Miller's cross with the rest of Miller's squad's crosses trying to make peace with their sacrifice for his life. James then looks at his wife and says, "Tell me I've lead a good life, tell me I'm a good man" Then She replies,"You are" And it really makes me think about how I should live, that those died to save me. That I need to be a good man, and respect what I have because so many others lost their lives, just so I could go home.

To wrap it up, Saving Private Ryan had everything. Some comedy, drama, love, action, and even some good looking dames. You can't deny that James Ryan's daughter's were some good looking ladies. Anyway I didn't know a movie could be that good until I saw Saving Private Ryan. Go Stephen Spielberg!
Spielberg Takes Us To War
The genius of Steven Spielberg is that he always knows exactly where he wants to take his audience, and then takes them there. If he wants to tug at our heartstrings, he'll make us fall in love with a brown and wrinkly space visitor we might otherwise find grotesque. If he wants to make us inch the blanket up over our eyes, he'll crank up the grim orchestral music and put us face-to-face with a toothy Great White. And if he wants us to truly understand an entirely different kind of horror, he'll show us small children leaping into a pool of outhouse waste to escape their murderous Holocaust captors.

Spielberg continues what he does best with SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, a film so graphic in its Second World War battlefield depictions that many veterans have called it the closest thing to being there. The explicit scenes of gushing arteries, severed limbs and faceless corpses come fast and furious, numbing us into the reality of the setting. In fact, if we didn't know Spielberg as a serious artist with noble objectives, we might be tempted to call him a shock artist obsessed with blood and guts and gore.

But we do know about Spielberg. We know he would not take us down such a rocky road without a reason. In SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, the obvious rationale is to help us understand not where he's coming from, but where the men we will ultimately spend nearly three hours with are coming from. It's in this hell on earth that Cpt. John Miller (Tom Hanks) and his small group of soldiers (fine actors like Edward Burns, Tim Sizemore and Barry Pepper among them) must not only survive with sanity intact, but carry out orders. And not all of those orders make sense at the time, if ever. Case in point, Hanks and his men are sent to locate one Pte. James Ryan (Matt Damon). Pte. Ryan is no POW, but a soldier still serving somewhere within the vast U.S. Forces -- if he's still alive, that is. During the Second World War, with a communication system that is a technological dinosaur by today's standards, it's a mission ordered said than accomplished.

The mission is a tough sell not just logistically, but emotionally. Pte. Ryan is sought so he can be sent home to his mom, who has just lost her three other sons virtually at once. As he himself admits, Pte. Ryan has displayed no more courage than his fellow soldiers. Why should he get to leave? Indeed that question crops up in the minds of Hanks' soldiers. Why is one man's life worth risking those of a group of men? they ask. It's an interesting angle for a film about heroes. We often think of soldiers doing the job with no questions asked, happy to put their lives on the line for their fellow GI. We forget they are rational humans.

And therein lies one of the biggest strengths of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. It's a very human story told in extreme circumstances. It covers all the traditional bases -- inner turmoil, terror, carnage -- but has a level of sophistication absent from most other war films, particularly those inspired by The Last Great War. Hanks isn't Patton, but a schoolteacher who secretly cries at the enormity of it all. The enemy fighters don't have horns, but uniforms and feelings just like the Americans. The soldiers are heroes, but reluctant ones.

Spielberg is a master at telling the story of war and men. SAVING PRIVATE RYAN is not his best, but it certainly comes close.
Good action in beginning & end but crappy script
"Best war movie of all time", "one of my favorites" and so on...please!

The beginning is awesome with amazing action scenes but then what..? It's the usual "USA saves the world" with who-would-have-guessed-it heroes and nauseating flag waving and other clichés. I just can't believe that this movie is considered to be the 14th best (or 12th or whatever it is right now...) of all time!?!

What's most surprising about Saving Private Ryan is that all the Americans who watched it could get out from the theaters with their big heads. They can't honestly say that this is how they thought WWII was, can they?? All Americans and not a Brit, Frenchman or anyone of another nationality in sight.

This movie was made for an American crowd and to make money at the box office. Not to make a believable story about D-day.

It's supposed to be really emotional when an American gets killed or injured but the Germans are shot down indiscriminately. This is sickening to me! Is an American life worth more than a German? Spielberg seems to think it is...

Inhumanity brought to life to save humanity
D-Day. Operation Overlord. What we say here cannot do justice to what they did on that day. Tom Hanks and his patrol must recover Private James Ryan before his mother gets her fourth flag delivered by an Army chaplain. It all makes perfect, illogical sense to kill many to save one.

After surviving the Normandy landing, Hanks is volunteered to put his men in the line of fire again and again. Just to save one man.

Or is it?

A bridge is saved, a town is secured, a bigger battle is won..All because Hanks saved one shoe for one horse...

Beautifully realistic to make the atrocities of war invade, assault, and overpower all five senses. You feel the bullets whizzing past your head. You see the man looking for his arm after it was blown off is shoulder. You smell the burning hatred for the Nazis as one US soldier yells to his comrades "Don't shoot them..let them burn."

It is too much to watch..but you have to see it.
Awful. Loathsome. Repellant. Unworthy of Spielberg.
Here we have another in the series of Spielberg formula drek. Mr. S. has stumbled on a great gimmick... he makes films that may not be disliked because of some taboo or other. To dislike Schindler's List is to not be sympathetic with the Jews who were killed by Nazis. To dislike Forrest Gump is to not be properly respectful of retarded people. Give me a break. Now we're all supposed to like Saving Private Ryan because if we don't it means we don't understand that war is bad or appreciate the sacrifice made by all the people who died during WW II? Spare me.

Without all the emotional baggage, SPR is an awful movie. The plot is trite. The writing labored and formulaic and it in no way justifies the emotional bludgeoning delivered by the opening sequence.

I will admit that the opening sequences is probably the most powerful half hour of film ever to be projected on a movie screen. Spielberg know all the emotional buttons we have and how to push them. He was a brilliantly manipulative filmmaker 25 years ago and he's only gotten better. That being said, did Mr. Spielberg forget to actually add a story? Lots of movies deal with the ugly side of humanity. The Shawshank Redemption is a perfect example of how to show these things in the context of a riveting story. I guess the most disappointing aspect of this is that we all know that Spielberg can do better. He has done better. He has made some of the greatest American films of all time. He, of all people, should remember that and remember that every time he makes one of these ponderous abominations he is desecrating the memory of films like Duel and Jaws... and even The Lost World. It was a far better movie than this.

On a scale of 1 to 10. I gave it a 1 only because there was no zero which was what it really deserved.
Not a valid portrayal of Neptune
The problem with Saving Pvt Ryan is that is is basically a

fraudulent portrayal of the Omaha Beach landings. Every single detail may, for all I know, be authentic for the group portrayed, which I assume was Goranson's Company C, 2nd Rangers. But that company, with one notable exception, experienced the worst that Omaha Beach

dealt to the assault troops during the hours 0630-0800. Thus you get an extremely biased view of the typical experience of those landing at Omaha. For example, the entire 5th Ranger Battalion (Col Schneider) (6 companies) landed at 0740 with a cost of only 4 wounded. It all depended on where your landing craft touched down (or allowed it to touch down - Col Schneider was supposed to land right where Hanks was , Dog Green, but had the sense to order the craft eastward), and Capt Hanks landed

at the very worst spot on the entire 4 mile long landing area. And troops walked up the slopes, they didn't crawl up, inch by inch, etc. Nor where they under murderous fire ascending the slopes - very few casualties were taken during those actions. Total casualty rate for the first 14,000 or so troops that landed in the first assault waves (0630-0800)was not much over 10%, far different from what you see portrayed in Ryan. If you want to learn the history of Omaha Beach read the US Army after action reports or go the US Army Historical site. Don't bother with this movie or Ambrose's nonsensical book or The Longest Day. They are for made for entertainment purposes and only mention the disasters,etc. Beside, Ambose has been known as a plagiarist and creater of non-existent eyewitnesses.( It's worth noting that he was hired by Spielberg to "authenticate" the scenes. He's a very poor historian and not very knowledgeable about WWII. I found tons of errors in his books about D Day and Citizen Soldiers).

Anyone who sees Pvt Ryan comes away with zero knowledge of Operation Neptune at Omaha Beach. After the beach scenes,the rest of the story can be summed up in a single phrase : "Call the 101st on the radio, and tell them to pull Ryan from the line." That's all that the Army would have had to do to save Ryan.

Sending a squad thru enemy lines to search a 100 square mile area for a guy named Ryan, while fighting is occurring every 100 yards is about the most preposterous idea for a story I ever heard of. But then, that's Spielberg. Anything to get the customer excited. No matter how realistic the scenes may be (I wonder about why those Rangers are moving against a prepared position all bunched together - they would never have done that ) the total picture provided the viewer is totally unrealistic. One comes away from the movies knowing practically zilch about Omaha Beach. That's a damn shame. It was an interesting story, although nowhere near as gory as Spielberg's fantasy portrait, as is obvious from the casualties taken (approximately 2000 for the 24 hours of D Day by Forces "O" and "B" (60,000 troops)).
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