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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
David Fincher
Brad Pitt as Detective David Mills
Morgan Freeman as Detective Lt. William Somerset
Gwyneth Paltrow as Tracy Mills
R. Lee Ermey as Police Captain
Andrew Kevin Walker as Dead Man (as Andy Walker)
Daniel Zacapa as Detective Taylor
John Cassini as Officer Davis
Bob Mack as Gluttony Victim
Peter Crombie as Dr. O'Neill
Reg E. Cathey as Coroner (as Reginald E. Cathey)
George Christy as Workman
Endre Hules as Cab Driver
Hawthorne James as George, Library Night Guard
William Davidson as Library Guard (as Roscoe Davidson)
Storyline: A film about two homicide detectives' desperate hunt for a serial killer who justifies his crimes as absolution for the world's ignorance of the Seven Deadly Sins. The movie takes us from the tortured remains of one victim to the next as the sociopathic "John Doe" sermonizes to Detectives Sommerset and Mills -- one sin at a time. The sin of Gluttony comes first and the murderer's terrible capacity is graphically demonstrated in the dark and subdued tones characteristic of film noir. The seasoned and cultured Sommerset researches the Seven Deadly Sins in an effort to understand the killer's modus operandi while green Detective Mills scoffs at his efforts to get inside the mind of a killer...
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The standard of excellence for the psychological thriller. A masterpiece and a classic.
You really can't say enough about Se7en. It may have lacked critical acclaim (how this wasn't at least nominated for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay is beyond me), but this film is easily in the top 10 films of the 1990's, and one could argue that it is the best. Andrew Walker pens a marvelous script that is brilliantly realized by David Fincher, along with the help of 3 of the greatest actors of their generations.

David Mills (Brad Pitt) is a young up and coming detective who's just been transferred. His partner is William Somerset (Morgan Freeman), who's on the verge of retirement. Different though they may be, they must track a serial killer who is choosing his victims according to the seven deadly sins (gluttony, sloth, greed, lust, pride, envy, and wrath).

What makes Se7en so excellent in my mind is how incredibly real it is. There's the gritty feel to the film, and Fincher uses great shots and locations to effectively pass on his intentions to us. The film is one of the most suspenseful I've ever seen, and that is also attributed to Fincher, not to mention a wonderful musical score. Andrew Walker's script is fantastic. Easily one of the best of all time. It's such a simple concept, but the creation of the characters and the depth and development of each one is one truly remarkable quality of the script. The best quality of course, is the unpredictable, unorthodox, and scary ending that will make your stomach sink like a weight. The cinematography and editing are brilliant as the film is fluid and seamless. Technically, this film is perfect.

The acting...well, anyone who's ever said Brad Pitt is for show obviously hasn't seen this or Fight Club. He's wonderful as the motivated, yet rash and sarcastic David Mills. It's a great character arc, and Pitt plays the complex character with heart and ease. Morgan Freeman...what can you say? He's Morgan Freeman, so he's excellent. Once again, a well written character that the actor takes and makes his own. Freeman is magnificent again.

Of course, our 2 detectives are great, but the true stand out of the film is the actor who plays the killer, whose inclusion in the film was kept secret until the day of release. Don't worry, I haven't spoiled anything. He gives a magnificent, yet haunting and disturbing performance that will stick with you for day after day. It is one of the best villainous performances of all time. The final confrontation is spectacular because of him.

All in all, Se7en is a must see if you are a movie fan. It's one of the best films I've ever seen, and you'd be a fool to miss this classic. As terrifying as it is suspenseful, Se7en is a thriller that will stick with you, an experience you'll never forget. I cannot recommend this movie more.

10/10 --spy
Okay, but a bit overrated IMO
Maybe I've just seen too many movies. Maybe my expectations were too high, having seen this movie highly praised here. Maybe the story seemed a bit too predictable to me. Maybe I just found some of the gore a bit over the top. Or maybe I've seen so much gore in films already that I simply wasn't that impressed.

Whatever it was, this movie struck me as okay, certainly not bad, but not the masterpiece others have praised it as. Interestingly, I've seen most of the main characters in movies that I liked better: Kevin Spacey appeared in The Usual Suspects; Brad Pitt in Twelve Monkeys (although he also did a fine job here); and Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy and The Shawshank Redemption.
Outstanding Performances / Great Storytelling
This movie is from start to finish a well produced and directed film. The performances in this movie are outstanding. Brad Pitt, once again, makes his role a stand-out performance by putting his versatile acting skills into his interpretation of Detective David Mills. Morgan Freeman is well-cast. His brooding acting style fits the character (Detective William Somerset) like a glove, and Gwyneth Paltrow gives her best performance EVER in the role of Brad Pitt's supportive wife/lover (Tracy Mills). And of course, Kevin Spacey who plays the diabolical yet misunderstood serial killer.

The movie is suspenseful and in parts very exciting. There is a "Pseudo-Noir" quality to this movie that really fits in well with the content of the film (Serial Killing). It has it's philosophical moments that anyone who thinks a lot about the state of the world today can appreciate. It makes subtle moral judgements without insulting any beliefs that the viewer may have and it also generates debate for any post-film coffee/drinks gathering.

Andrew Kevin Walker (Screenplay) has taken the subject of the Seven Deadly Sins and he really puts a great new twist on these themes. As a writer, I really could appreciate the depth that he goes into with these ideas. The movie gives us just enough information to be entertained and informed yet not bombarded and made bored with too much philosophy. In this respect, the film doesn't "preach" any special meaning even though the film's moral statements are still maintained. This film can be enjoyed on so many levels and I really enjoyed the third act. One of the best pieces of storytelling and scriptwriting ever.

Outstanding performances from everyone involved (And yes, of course, David Fincher does a wonderful job) Say no more. *****

Dark masterpiece of the genre.
David Fincher's breakthrough Se7en is one of few movies that deserves to be called a masterpiece. An incredibly dark movie (for mainstream that is) about cruelty and human depravity that hooks it's fangs into the viewers spine like a bloodthirsty beast and won't let go even after the movie's over. This is both very wellplayed and wellcrafted. Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey all do top-notch performances, the script is one of the strongest in years and the ending must be on of the best I've seen. It's strange that a movie that doesn't rely on shock effects can be this shocking. After I saw this I was amazed by the pure cleverness of it all and the way I felt. The depressing mood of it all is just perfect and it works wonderfully as a foundation on which this movie lies. Go see it now.

Se7en is Going to Freak You Out With Its Mind-Blowing Plot and Intriguing Characters
As I was watching Se7en, I was both shocked and fascinated, this movie surely can be used as a mirror to other suspense films to show how they should be made. The anxiety and apprehension grows along the film for having such a captivating story, even if some scenes are very disturbing to watch, you can't take your eyes off. Another big contributor to make it more hypnotic is the soundtrack, when it's needed does an incredible work to elevate even more the breathtaking feeling. The director, David Fincher, did an amazing job in crafting this movie, it's proved how talented he is and something noteworthy is in some particular scenes, how they were shot regarding the style, angles of the camera that make you feel like you're in the scene.

The cast, both leading and supporting, did a marvelous work in performing the characters. They're so consistent and believable, we really have the chance to know the identity of every single one in terms of dreams, emotions, regrets. Morgan Freeman plays an old detective, Somerset, who is fed up with his detective's life, because the city and the world as in general are too hateful, the apathy is present in people's everyday life and he can't take any longer this. He's methodic, pragmatic and due to his long career in the police, he's very meticulous in a crime scene. Detective Mills is played by Brad Pitt, different from Morgan Freeman's character is a young detective with a lot of stamina, enthusiasm but he's reckless and very emotional too. The contrast between the characters is pretty perceptible and is very well explored to show a man already marked by a tough and cruel world, Somerset, and other still untouched and a bit naive about the cruelty of the society.

The murder scenes are so realistic and disgusting, they really make you feel uncomfortable and revulsion witnessing them and passing how sick the serial killer is. The murderer, John Doe, is played by Kevin Spacey. The tension drastically grows when he's speaking, his performance succeeds in portraying a person mentally disordered, a psychopath. No Doubt, John Doe after such a remarkable acting gained a sit among the most famous psychopaths of the cinema.
"Well THAT was money well spent"
It really was. I saw this movie in a Five Below store. There were about 10 copies of the normal version, and abut 2 of the special edition ones that look like notebooks. I went on a limb and bought the special edition for $5. I had no idea what this movie was like nor what it was about. But I am so glad I took the chance and bought it. This movie turned out to be a personal favorite. Morgan Freeman was excellent, not just because he's a great actor, but because in this movie he was different than the "optimistic, nature-loving" characters he usually plays. In this movie he plays the close-to-retirement Detective William Somerset, who dislikes the world and what it has become. Brad Pitt gave a great performance as the loud-mouthed, over-jumpy Detective David Mills. Usually I don't like Brad Pitt and I think hes obnoxious and a lousy actor, but in this movie I'll make an exception. He was obnoxious in some ways in this movie, but it fit his character perfectly. Gwyneth Paltrow gave a decent performance as the stressed Tracy Mills. R. Lee Ermey was great as the Police Captain, I always enjoy his performances no matter what the circumstances. Even the bad guy (Will not give the actor's name to prevent spoilers) was Grade A in his part. The weather was rainy for most of the movie, and scenes were always lighted in small doses, meaning it was dark and gloomy for most of the film. THis really set the tone. I recommend this movie to fans of crime, thriller movies. 10/10
Dark and disturbing thriller that will stay with you for ever.
Rarely there has been a movie with such a good dark and chilling atmosphere. I even see this movie more as an horror movie than as a thriller because of that. "Se7en" is unique in many ways. The movies mood is already set right from the beginning on. The movie starts dark, intense, chilling and mysterious, a mood that is present throughout the entire movie. It's very depressing to watch and I mean that in a positive way of the meaning of the word. The mood is set by good camera work and lighting, or better said, the lack of it. The music from acclaimed composer Howard Shore also adds to the chilling atmosphere. Unlike many other movies from the same genre, the movie is slow paced and takes it time to develop the characters without falling into some obvious clich
One of the 90's best movies!
David Fincher has become one of Hollywood's most wanted directors since this film and this is a fantastic film. Since this he hasn't done a bad film, in fact most are excellent. Seven is more conventional than his films the Game and Fight Club but it has a great script which is fantastically directed. The actors of the film are of the highest calibre. Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Gwynith Paltrow and Kevin Spacey are all fantastic, Freeman and Spacey in particular. The film has plenty of twists and is involving while everything comes to a shocking and stomach churning ending. This is definitely one of the best crime thrillers ever made.

As with other Fincher movies it looks fantastic. The cinematography is outstanding. The score is also fantastic and the overall look and sound of the film is top class. This is a modern classic, no doubt. *****
One of the best films ever made
"Se7en" (1995) is a true masterpiece. I have seen this film like a thousand times and every time I watch it again it's as disturbing as the first time. It's always intriguing from start till finish. This is one of the best stories ever told on screen. 10/10 for this motion picture, it's a true art. A must watch.
Didn't live up to the hype
I won't bother with spoilers, as there are plenty of them in the other comments.

When all was said and done, my wife and I looked at each other and said "This is the scariest movie ever?"

What I saw was a run-of-the-mill "insane killer gets tracked down by the older, smart cop and the younger, gung-ho cop while manipulating everybody in the process". Perhaps I've become jaded, but I found nothing here that was particularly scary or mind-bending. A clever nut-job leads the police on a mad chase, punishing people as "sinners". The only difference between this and a half-dozen other serial killer movies is the theme of the killings and the fact that the killer turns himself in 3/4's of the way into the story.

This leads to the "twist" ending that seems to remain with so many people. I didn't find the "twist" horrific, though. I simply found it jarring. It didn't fit and it didn't particularly surprise me either. Once the killer decided to let Mills live, you knew he was going to mess with him somehow. The only surprise is the degree of what he did. As far as I'm concerned, they could have dispensed with the whole "wrath" setup and ended with John Doe's words to Mills - "You're only sitting here because I ALLOWED you to live and you'll know that every time you look in the mirror."

Instead, they had to go for a "shocker" ending. This is the "twist" ending that supposedly makes the movie.

Here's the thing, though - The ending doesn't fit the killer's MO. We're given every reason to believe that John Doe is clever, capable, and highly intelligent. He's on a mission. He believes in his mission. He punishes the guilty for their sins, not the innocent. Why, then, does he pick a completely innocent stranger and use her as a vehicle to brand himself as personification of Envy? If he really was envious of Mills (a fact that is highly doubtful), he was already deserving of punishment so why kill an innocent person to make the point? How does the manipulation of Mills into becoming Wrath actually punish Mills for having committed the sin of Wrath?

None of these things make any logical sense within the framework of the story. The ending is completely out of synch with everything we've learned about the killer, including his own statements. All you can do is shrug your shoulders and say "Well, you can't expect an insane killer to be logical." and that just doesn't sit right with me. Not after the buildup we were given concerning John Doe.

I can't recommend this movie. If you want to see a taut, disturbing film in this style (sans the insane serial killer) then rent "8 Millimeter" instead.
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