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USA, Germany
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
J.J. Abrams
Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk, retired
Zachary Quinto as Captain Spock
Leonard Nimoy as Captain Spock
Eric Bana as Nero
Bruce Greenwood as Capt. Christopher Pike
Karl Urban as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy
Zoe Saldana as Captain Nyota Uhura
Simon Pegg as Capt. Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
John Cho as Captain Hikaru Sulu
Anton Yelchin as Commander Pavel Chekov
Ben Cross as Ambassador Sarek
Winona Ryder as Amanda
Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk
Jennifer Morrison as Winona Kirk
Storyline: On the day of James Kirk's birth, his father dies on his ship in a last stand against a mysterious alien time-traveling vessel looking for Ambassador Spock, who, in this time, is also a child on Vulcan disdained by his neighbors for his half-human heritage. Twenty-five years later, Kirk has grown into a young troublemaker. Challenged by Captain Christopher Pike to realize his potential in Starfleet, he comes to annoy instructors like young Commander Spock. Suddenly, there is an emergency at Vulcan and the newly commissioned USS Enterprise is crewed with promising cadets like Nyota Uhura, Hikaru Sulu, Pavel Chekov and even Kirk himself, thanks to Leonard McCoy's medical trickery. Together, this crew will have an adventure in the final frontier where the old legend is altered forever as a new version of it begins.
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Star Trek Movie
Action movie yes - Star Trek movie No. This film takes the Star Trek universe and basically wipes the entire canon out so we can have Uhura as a bimbo and Spock as a emotion controlled moron. The essence of Star Trek was destroyed by the movie. Gone is the Star Trek that the fans loved and in its place is 90210 or Bimbos in space.

The plot was used to rewrite the entire Star Trek universe, gone is Next gen, DS9 and voyager. What is next the Klingons appear and instead of being great warriors, they are the great worriers and feeble little guys.

Abrams should be thrown out an airlock for this crap
Blasphemous erasure of all Trek history. --SPOILERS--
On SNL last week I saw the two actors playing young Spock and Kirk declare that they tried very hard "to stay true to Star Trek canon." This is a gigantic lie.

This film completely rewrites 42 years of Trek history. Everything is different, and they used the cheapest of all plot devices (time travel) to do it. As with all time travel plots, the paradoxes and logical inconsistencies batter you about the head until you just give up thinking. TIME TRAVEL IS SCIENCE FICTION FOR MORONS.

I won't bother to list all the specifics - you can read them here in other reviews, and they are legion. Vulcan is destroyed. There are two Spocks, the younger of which is having an affair with Uhura. Spock's mother and Kirk's father (and billions of other current and future people) are now dead or will never exist. The Federation (somehow) knows about Romulans and Cardassians already. It goes on and on.

Oh, and despite the Burger King commercials, there are no Klingons in the film. Klingons are mentioned a couple of times as a minor plot device.

The short version is this: if you liked Trek before this film, you will not like this film. This film brazenly "reboots" everything you ever knew. None of it ever happened.

I'm ashamed of Leonard Nimoy for selling out for this piece of garbage. Kudos to everyone else from the *REAL* Trek who stayed far away. In my opinion, this film will be rejected by fans as never having happened. This "alternate timeline" will never be true Trek to me, just like Greedo still doesn't shoot first. Retcon it all you want - I will ignore it.
Star Trek lives long, but does it prosper?
I got an invitation for the Bulgarian (pre)premiere of the new Star Trek and I saw it on April 27. It is an OK movie, but I feel that Star Trek and its fans deserve more.

The movie starts with a kick. Some huge and really advanced Romulan ship encounters a federation ship. The Romulan captain Nero is searching for Spock, but nobody has ever heard of him, and the Romulans lose their temper right away and kill the captain. The new captain is now Kirk Sr. who takes control over the Federation vehicle and sacrificing both the ship and his life rams himself into the Romulans, saving the lives of thousands of people, including his wife and newborn son - James Tiberius Kirk. Kirk the father flying towards his certain but heroic death while listening to his wife giving birth to his son, now this was some epic drama.

We see James T. Kirk racing down a country road in a stolen retro car, listening to the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" while being chased by some flying traffic cop, which was a cool scene, though completely irrelevant for the story.

We see young Spock teased and picked on in Vulcan school (I didn't know the Vulcan's have bullies at school as well) and having troubles because of having a human mother.

Then as expected Kirk has grown into a rebellious teen/young adult, and he is trying to use his charm on Uhura at a bar, in the process finds himself in a fight with four Federation cadets, and after being badly beaten is recruited by his father's old friend Captain Christopher Pike.

Little by little we see all the rest of the familiar crew - Dr. McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, Scotty and so on, and I admit that it's really fun to see them while they take their first steps towards the final frontier.

And from this point on the movie is quite predictable, there are no serious plot twists (but there are a number of plot holes).

Comes out that the Romulans are some angry miners from the future who are after Spock who didn't save their planet from annihilation. After seeing the end of their world they came back in time to get their hands on Spock, planning to destroy Vulcan and make him watch. Spock on the other hand came back in time hoping to make things right somehow. But the Romulans came like 25 years before Spock and when hey didn't find him it all ended with the death of Kirk's father.

Now the Romulans are here again, 25 years later, back in tie with a vengeance, creating a black whole that engulfs Vulcan among with Syler's... pardon me, Spock's mother. Captain Christopher Pike is captured, they want him to give them some security codes so they can do to Earth the same they did to Vulcan, and it is up to Spock and Kirk to stop them. I mean... it is up to Spock, Kirk and Spock to stop them.

The old Spock from the future is here now, helping Kirk to become a captain of the Enterprise, telling Scotty the beaming formula he is supposed to discover himself some years later, and telling the young Spock that he is actually Spock too...

Guess what? All this creates an alternative universe. That's the excuse they came up with for the reboot.

All in all, it is a good way to waste two hours, but it is nothing memorable. The main flaw is the unnecessary use of shaky camera and unstable frames. I know they use it all the time nowadays and we see it in like every action movie, but still it is not an excuse. I guess this is the way they want to create pace and make it more dynamic, but actually when you walk out of the cinema I wouldn't be surprised if you have a headache. The constant twitches are really annoying, and they were used even in simple dialog scenes. I really can't understand why they shake the camera so much and in some scenes it just made absolutely no sense. I mean, come on, you spent millions of dollars on sets and CGI, give me some static shot, stand still for a while and let us enjoy the view! Otherwise we have to wait for the DVD and push the Pause button, hoping that the creature or the spaceship will be on focus and we will be able to see some more details.

Speaking of CGI for millions of dollars... they created black wholes engulfing planets and giant alien monsters chasing Kirk through a snowy wasteland, but they didn't add steam coming out of their mouths. When it's cold and you breathe there is usually steam coming out of your mouth I wonder why there wasn't any while Kirk and Spock were in an ice cave... It's not the only movie where they make this mistake, but it's really annoying when you notice it and makes the whole snowy set look fake.

But let's point out some good things as well - fan service! The short skirt uniforms, Uhura is hot and there is a green-skinned Orion slave girl! Well, it's not like a blue Twilek babe, but after all it's only Star Trek ;) The best is that the ending pays homage to the original series and they finally play a motif from the Star Trek theme. I have absolutely no idea why they didn't use it throughout the whole movie, the old Star Trek soundtracks have brilliant themes and I think they should have used them.
It sucks
OK, so I have Nichelle Nichols' autograph, and a photo of me with James Doohan. I guess I was a Trekkie in my younger days -- but only for the original series, and I guess the films with the original crew, not the spin-offs. All the more reason I really wanted to like this film.

I don't even know where to begin. This film is a mess. It doesn't work for me as a popcorn movie, let alone as Star Trek. The plot is ridiculous and full of holes. (Black holes, get it?) Trekkies have always been able to forgive ridiculous plots (e.g. Star Trek movies three through six), as long as it meant we'd get to see Kirk and crew back in action. This so-called reboot is barely recognizable.

Rather than doing a sustained impression of William Shatner's Kirk, Chris Pine appears to have opted instead for a sustained impression of Christian Slater. Never mind how Pine plays Kirk, the character hardly resembles the original anyway. Instead of James T. Kirk, the master tactician who lived and breathed Starfleet, but wasn't afraid to buck the system, we get James T. Kirk, the reckless a-hole who has issues with authority.

Then there is Spock. Instead of cool, logical, level-headed but still part human Spock, we get vindictive, whiny Spock -- who is having a hot affair with Lt. Uhura, who herself appears to be a descendant of Beyonce.

All of the remaining characters -- including the villain -- are written and played fairly one-dimensionally. The only characters that seem to come close to the originals are Scotty -- who is in the film all too briefly -- and Chekhov.

Yeah, I know, this is now "alternate universe" Star Trek, because Nero and "Spock Prime" went back in time and changed the past, present and future. That shouldn't mean everything has to suck.

Woe to Leonard Nimoy, for not being able to resist a little more Spock money. The producers obviously lured him into this film to give it some Trek credibility (Trekibility), but it doesn't help. Shatner should be glad he wasn't asked.

Well, I know I am going against the grain here. This film has done huge box office, so JJ Abrams and crew will make more of them. Let me save you the trouble of waiting, or traveling to the future to see them: They will also suck.
I don't know what that was. But it wasn't Trek.
I was actually glad to see some of the negative reactions here, because I thought I might be alone in my dislike for this movie.

Everyone around me at the premier seemed to be cheering. But I just felt a little sick inside.

As one reviewer said, Trek was at its best when it expected an audience to think. Not to just switch off their brains and enjoy the pretty explosions. This isn't "Independence Day", for crying out loud.

There are dozens of problems with the movie, but the biggest one is the script. I'll say this for the actors. They all tried very hard, and they really put a lot of effort into it. Good on them.

But the script and the story are just ... awful. Dumb. With plot holes so large I could fly a ship through them.

There's problems with the sense of scale. The writers don't seem to realise how big space is. Travelling at warp speeds, and being able to stop on a proverbial dime. Shooting a capsule down to a planet, and randomly finding the one person within walking distance of its landing spot.

And scenes like monster1 chasing our hero, only to see it chomped by larger monster2, means that you think ripping off George Lucas's "Phantom Menace" is probably a good idea.

For those who *really* like their Trek, (and by that, I mean the sort of people who know what's involved in ship to ship warp-transports, and what the maximum range of a transporter is in the 24th century) there'll be even more to drive you nuts. If you were the sort of person who watched Generations and said "Just dump the warp core! WTF?" you'll probably have more problems than I can mention here.

Finally, this movie is the ultimate reset button. (Something I never liked in the series, where it was usually used in Voyager). If you like your comics, you might know what I mean when I say, this is Star Treks "Brand New Day".

Personally, I think this is the last Trek movie.
I am hurt
I had to see this film twice tonight and it was the painful film going experience of my life. I have always liked star trek, but in the past five years i have really gotten into all the incarnations due to a friend of mine getting me into the original show. so i was excited to go see this new movie with him.

we were heart broken, there are too many things wrong with it to list but what really crushed my soul was that star trek is the only depiction of the future that puts our species in a positive light and that what i think is it's appeal, and in this version they have simply missed the point on all counts and it has really upset me

and if your thinking this film its OK for people who haven't seen star trek the action is predictable, the humour is terrible even for a small childs expectations, the character development especially between the 3 core members isn't there and it lacks any involvement with the audience

one more thing, it's a miming ship they're up against, it wouldn't have weapons, or shields or torture creatures, or warp drives or anything

it's so stupid i hate it i hat Simon peggs accent, i hate karl urban , i hate jj Abraham's, why are the com badges silver? the guns look cheaper than the original series, so do the transporter effects, why is he listening to beastie boys? how does that car work

i could go on and on, but I'm tired, don't see this film

only go to see it if you are a meat head and fast and the furious is your favourite film
Unoriginal and broke canon BADLY
I gave this movie a 5/10 because if you go into this movie having never been exposed to Star Trek before it is a fairly entertaining action flick. For the Trekkie, however, it was absolutely horrible. I suppose that I might fit in with the "hardcore trekkie" crowd who is very hard to please, but I've never been to a convention, I didn't care much for TOS or Enterprise. I can't quote every single episode. I was a pretty big fan of TNG and DS9 and I've seen all of the movies. Anyway ... the movie involves time travel. I figured by now anyone to ever touch Star Trek would have it figured out that time travel is the Trekkie's nemesis. If your plot requires time travel, the movie (or TV episode) will suck. That's pretty much a rule just like the even/odd movie rule (while Nemesis broke that rule, this movie puts it back on track). Eric Bana plays the villain, Nero, who was superfluous and totally unoriginal. He's a Romulan (btw - for no reason what-so-ever they decided to change the appearance of Romulans. They're now bald and have paint on their faces) that survived the destruction of Romulus when their star went nova, killing his wife along with most Rolumans. Spock was supposed to save the planet but failed. Nero blames Spock and decides to take vengeance by traveling back in time to destroy Vulcan and earth. The plot reminded me of the two-part Voyager episode "Year of Hell" starring Kurtwood Smith. I'm pretty sure that episode involved time travel, and the basic premise (wife gets killed, guy goes bad and starts destroying planets) is almost exactly the same! So the plot is lame and ripped off from other cheesy Star Trek plots from past episodes. But there's other extremely lame elements as well: o Spotty has a cheesy, annoying and unnecessary side-kick that reminds me of Jar Jar Binks (though he doesn't speak as much so it's not quite as bad). o Spock and Uhura have a love affair. o At the end of the movie they leave the "star trek universe" in such a manner that destroys all future Star Trek events. Basically TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise ... never happen. I suppose this might not matter if you accept the time travel premise and "alternate time-lines" etc. but that's basically an excuse to ignore canon and do whatever the hell you want. In other words if you go down that path you're deciding from the beginning that you're going to write a bad script. o There's a freakin' sword fighting scene!!!! Why don't they just pull out a phaser and shoot the bad guy!?!? o As someone else said, Kirk was unlikeable as a character. He was made out to be completely infallible and didn't care about anything. He was that "sexy rebel without a cause, that finds his cause" Hollywood clich
Mindly entertaining, poorly acted and not star trek...
i just came back from the theater and i thought it was mildly entertaining, poorly acted and not star trek. It also fails at its attempts at humor and it does it too often. The ships don't look like anything we have ever seen on star trek, same for the weapons, the enterprise bridge looks like an Apple store. The story is very poor and more often than not we're left watching parts that don't really contribute to the advancement of the plot like battles with huge monsters or other mindless nonsense. I suspect that the only actor who has ever watched an episode of star trek is the guy who plays kirk, the other characters with exception of spock are just comedic side characters à la jar jar binks. and spock & uhura?! come on... I would give the first 30 minutes a 6/10 and the last 2 hours a 3.5/10. The only thing decent is the space battles and we don't see much of that.
Wobbly camera strikes again
After the recently terrible James Bond film, and the equally terrible ending to the Bourne trilogy, it appears that the "wobbly camera" disease has spread to another franchise with similar results. There appears to be a direct correlation between the rate of camera wobble and the "pace" of the action scene being shot. We all know that this camera wobble is artificial and often done during editing and special effect overlay, but the outcome is the same and it is unwatchable. It appears to me to be a "technique" used today in many films to prevent the audience clearly seeing the shot, the special effects and the action occurring. Possibly because the audience would see mismatches between the special effects, the action being overlaid and the poor quality stunt work. I gave this film a rating of one out of ten principally because the wobbly camera technique is something we now see in many films, particularly films with large amounts of special effects and it is cheating the audience out of the opportunity to see if the shot actually flows and to observe how the special effects are melded to the shot and the action. Do we really want to come away from every film thinking we have been in a small boat in a rough swell? I certainly don't and I now add JJ Abrams to the list of Marc Forster who created the worst Bond film of all time with "jiggle camera" and Paul Greengrass who destroyed the Bourne Trilogy with "shaky camera". Hang your head in shame, this trio had the opportunity to make great films, each carrying their franchise forward and each in turn has been unable to achieve an outcome without the use of "shaky camera", which is an automatic turnoff for the audience.
Star Trek is Dead
I've been a Star Trek fan since 1974. Though I looked forward to this movie, I thought the choice of J.J. Abrams as director was questionable. Abrams was quoted as saying he was "not a huge fan to begin with" and that the series "seemed to promise adventure more than it would deliver."

Arrogant words from someone about to direct the eleventh feature film based on this series…and that's not counting four spin-offs. Despite Abram's opinions and the commercial disappointment of recent Trek efforts, Star Trek worked for a lot of people before he came along.

I saw the new Trek movie on opening day, and my worst apprehensions were justified. Just as troubling, critics are slobbering over this movie, claiming it's a "reboot" that both fans and newcomers will love. This fan left the theater vowing never to see another Trek movie produced by this team. Abrams took a series which I've happily enjoyed since childhood, twisted it into his own mass-market "vision," and insultingly claimed that it's a bridge between old fans and new.

Here's a breakdown of my impressions:

The good: • The movie was well cast and well acted. Main characters were more or less consistent with their original series counterparts (with one notable exception). • Little homage moments were great. Particularly good was the inclusion of Kirk's "solution" to the Kobayashi Maru test. • Humor was good (though I stopped laughing midway through). • Leonard Nimoy was excellent and his role was neither awkward nor contrived. • The space battles were exciting, if a bit chaotic. • The new ship, equipment and uniforms were attractive (though hard-core Trekkies may be unhappy with the often extreme departures from original series' art design).

The horrible: • The villain, though well cast, was utterly two-dimensional. It's difficult to understand why Abrams did not include the excellent prequel material that was released as a graphic novel. In the prequel, Nero was a decent man who tried to do the right thing. In the end, he felt betrayed by his government, by Spock, and indeed, by all of Vulcan. Worse, he lost his family when Romulus exploded. But we didn't get to see all that, so Nero comes across as a cardboard cutout villain whose only purpose is to serve as a foil for the heroes. Weak, lazy writing.

• Spock and Uhura necking like pubescent teens, and doing so in front of others, was simply preposterous. I'm not slavishly devoted to every detail of Trek lore, but the dignified, self-possessed Spock portrayed by Leonard Nimoy would never be romantically involved in that way, and even if he was, he would never kiss his girlfriend in public. In every other way, Zachary Quinto did a great job playing young Spock (though I found the more extreme emotional outbursts unrealistic). The sub-plot romance between Spock and Uhura was a juvenile, ridiculous distraction, presumably aimed at widening the audience demographic.

• Any respectable Star Trek fan can accept a time travel plot, even when it contains contradictions. But Abrams and the writers (who ironically claim to be Trek fans) use time travel to excuse their heinous molestation of Star Trek lore. Follow me here…Nero coming back in time and killing Kirk's father would only affect Kirk's childhood at that time. It wouldn't affect the entire universe (although Nero's later acts of destruction would). The writer's try to convince us that Nero is responsible for an entirely new alternate time line, before he'd actually destroyed Vulcan. That's careless, dishonest plotting.

• Small deviations from the original series' details were irritating because they were unnecessary. The most notable: Vulcan's sky was blue in the movie. Vulcan orbits a red giant, making its sky red. This large, red sun has much to do with the physical characteristics of the Vulcan people (great strength, being used to thin air and heat, pointed ears, etc.). It was irritating for the writers to pay so much attention to some details, and ignore others.

• They. Blew. Up. Vulcan. Are you kidding me? How sick do you have to be to blow up Vulcan and its six billion inhabitants as part of your plot? What's next? Will they shoot Scotty out the Enterprise's tailpipe in the next movie? I watch TV shows and movies to be entertained. The good guys should win, the bad guys should lose. There's comfort in knowing that there are certain aspects of a show that you can count on. Not anymore. Modern entertainment has taught us that no character is safe, no matter how central he/she is to the plot. Sure, they killed Spock in Star Trek II…but they brought him back in III. They destroyed the Enterprise in Star Trek III, but they built a cool new one in IV. In the new Trek movie, I kept waiting for the whatchamacallit that would set everything right. But no. Kirk's dad and Spock's mom were still dead, Vulcan was still gone. And this one plot point, more than any of the movie's other flaws, was what lost me.

I could bear most of the other annoyances in light of what was otherwise a fun movie, but it was clear that Abrams had no respect for the vast amount of back-story established by the original series. In setting such important material aside, he insulted the very fans who gave him the opportunity to direct this film. The effects were cool, and it was fun to see the crew come together. But in the end, I left the theater feeling betrayed. I'll always have the series and the first ten movies, but if this is the direction Star Trek is taking, they will boldly go on without me.
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