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USA, UK, Hungary
IMDB rating:
Vozo Zoltán Végh, László Illés
Richard Rifkin as Kranicz
Zsolt Páll as Police Officer #1
Sherin Bors as Ayame
Shawn Michael Clankie as Horse-masked Guy
Tom Nguyen as Woo-Jin
Marina Gera as Doll-Face
Zoltán Füle as Police Officer #2
Laci Gondor as Lucas
Storyline: The super scary movie is about a group of international student, who end up in a horrific basement, after a huge house party. Officially the place is totally abandoned for decades, but for real: mysteries, supernatural freaks, blood and death awaits them. They try to escape at all costs, but it's getting worse in every moment.
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Do not waste your time on this film
I honestly made an account just to say how terrible this movie is. Very much your average kids go in to a scary place to get killed off one by one slasher movie. Nothing particularly original. Mild spoiler alert semi interesting twist at the end but just not enough to redeem the movie at all. Predictable, stilted, terrible acting and barely watchable and this is coming from someone who loves rubbish horror movies. Not scary past the first jump scene. Over all just an hour of my life I'll never get back.
I enjoy horror movies, even low budget horror movies. In fact, *especially* low budget horror movies.

But I don't enjoy low quality movies, even when they're 'only' horror movies.

If you are a connoisseur of inadequate acting, coma-inducingly bad writing, stilted direction and perfunctory camera-work, you may - may - just manage to derive a very small morsel of warped pleasure from this celebration of amateurism. In all seriousness, it feels as though a student made this film. And not necessarily a film student, either.

But like I said, if you don't demand any quality at all from cinema, if you like those moments when a character stands awkwardly still in a weird position for several seconds while having their throat slowly cut because the budget is low they have to get that prosthetic neck bleeding properly in one take, then sure, give it a go. You'll regret it, but that's not my problem! :)
There is no other door.
A group of college kids living in Hungry go into the basement of their apartment building and are harassed by the character on the DVD cover. Kids are unlikable so their death is welcomed. Special effects were not too special. Partial mannequins with red paint on them. Acting wasn't there. The "basement" had air/water tight doors like a bomb shelter. Was supposed to be large, but it looked like they kept coming back to the same room, going down the same hallway. I was very glad to see the annoying guy in the opening scene die...just wish it would have been slow and graphic.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Note: The latch for the door can be opened or closed from both sides of the door. It doesn't "lock" it at any time.
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