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Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chris Sanders, Kirk De Micco
Catherine Keener as Ugga (voice)
Chris Sanders as Belt (voice)
Clark Duke as Thunk (voice)
Ryan Reynolds as Guy (voice)
Emma Stone as Eep (voice)
Nicolas Cage as Grug (voice)
Cloris Leachman as Gran (voice)
Randy Thom as Sandy (voice)
Storyline: The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world's first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures -- and their outlook is changed forever.
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great movie
Great Dreamworks movie which has adventure,emotion,and funniness all in one.The movie is basted on a stone-age family which lose their home and go on an adventure to find a new one.The Croods might be a bit scary for some of the younger folk but there is not much to be afraid of in this funny,delightful movie.the Croods as pretty good 3d so you might want to see the movie in 3d if you want to. this movie is a top notch movie for Dreamworks animation studios which made the movie be full of color, and glamour and also please the younger folk.i hope this movie does good at the box office because this movie is a winner and deserves to have people watch it, Good job Dreamworks!
Cliché and predictable, but good animation and wackiness
There just isn't much that stands out about this movie. Some puns doesn't seem to make much sense when it comes to the scenarios and characters. Despite the setting taking place in a pre-historic time period, there isn't really anything new. There is a lot of obnoxious wackiness, which is understandable since it's dealing with cavemen. What I did like is how it sticks to the cavemen nature of the characters, while also blending in modern interaction. And I am not just talking about how the characters speak English. It shows the vicious and animal like nature of the characters back then, while also keeping it family friendly. All the voice actors and actresses is alright, again nothing that stands out but for the most part it seems to fit the characters. Nicholas Cage basically 100% sounds like Nicholas Cage. I give credit for the parts near the end, how it connects certain things together. While also bringing out the emotions, although the emotional elements maybe a bit cliché. Overall this is a zany movie that the family can enjoy, despite the predictable direction and all.

Neighbors of Atuk?
The Croods (2013): Dir: Kirk DeMicco, Chris Sanders / Voices: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Cloris Leachman: Prehistoric animation about one of the original families. The head of the cave is Grug and he is strong and constantly concerned about the safety of his family. His daughter Eep is adventurous and disregards her father's paranoia. Others include the wife, son, baby, and granny. Eventually Guy enters the picture when Eep sneaks out of the cave and marvels at his creation of fire. Guy warns them about the end of the earth and when an earthquake destroys their cave they are off to find new refuge. Not much of a plot and the structure is one simplistic encounter after another. The saving grace is a climax that presents Grug in a position where he must think on the spot and delivers on a brilliant plot solution. Directors Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders are backed with a lot of corny story elements but ultimately it is the animated presentation that scores the highest marks. Many of the characters are flat but Nicolas Cage is amusing voicing Grug who competes with Guy for his family's affection and trust. Emma Stone voices the ambitious and curios Eep who has her father's strength. Ryan Reynolds voices Guy whose resourceful keen senses solve much yet create tension with Grug. Other roles are not as well developed including a granny who has more energy than she should have at her prehistoric age. The animation is the highlight and the theme is family and the willingness to cut ties and trust those we care for to make beneficial choices. Score: 6 ½ / 10
It's hard to describe... really, I don't know if I liked it or not.
The Croods... there is a lot to say about this movie. The movie is unlike any animated movie I have seen, which is weird because one wouldn't suspect that BECAUSE it is like so many other animated movies but ISN'T! The Croods steps into a weird territory where it does a lot of things familiar but then does all of the familiar things in a nearly unrecognizable manner. This is why I consider this movie a good movie because it is one of the ONLY animated movies that really confuses me... and I'm not easily confused.

The movie starts off with explaining that The Croods are the last of what was once a neighborhood of cavemen. Sadly, all died, so now the Croods stick by the rules and live in fear. What makes this movie ingenious is that it doesn't know who the main character is. Eep seems like the main character, but Grug gets a lot of screen-time as well. Also, the movie was very smart. Grug could've been the bad guy. He could've had no redeeming features. HOWEVER, it is established early on that the only reason any of them are alive is because of his strength and endurance to keep everyone alive. Grug isn't smart, but he will risk his life and do anything to keep his family safe. Heck, he even doesn't eat food for over a week just so that his family can eat. That is a loving father. This is one of the reasons I like this film. A lot of movies have trouble making a good father character, but this one gets it... at times.

If you've seen the trailers, you know that a newcomer comes along named Guy who is an inventor. The nice thing this movie did is that showed right off the bat how physically epic the Croods are in strength and just how weak Guy is compared to them. Eep lifts Guy up with her wrist and nearly kills him within the first couple seconds of meeting him. Speaking of strength, this movie has its momentum done right. Whenever the Croods are moving, they move with A LOT of speed and are incredibly strong (punting rocks hundreds of feet away).

I'm getting distracted. The real thing I find interesting about this movie is that it is one of the only animated movies I have seen that has blended incredible realism with Looney-Tunes slapstick. The movie is gorgeous. It really is. The water made me pause for a second and realize that it wasn't real water... but I thought it was for a moment. Most movies either use CGI for the beautiful shading but still have cartoony visuals (Madagascar, Tangled, Frozen) or either they use incredible realism (Beowolf, Rise of the Guardians, Brave) but this movie combines both. The humor and the movement is directly taken from several Pink Panther skits and Merry Melodies, but the animation rarely stretches of squashes. They still move like they are real. It confuses me because naturally that sounds like a horrible idea... but... this movie pulls it off. I can't say that I have ever seen a movie that has done animation this way.

The story itself if pretty good as well, but is fairly kid-oriented. There are some laughs for adults, but some jokes seem a little too... kiddish at times. Which is another weird thing: this is an animated movie that isn't trying to be dark and serious! Really, this movie is perfectly content with being light-hearted, funny, and really laid-back. It has its dark moments and its sad moments, but overall it is upbeat and happy. It is refreshing to see this kind of movie get released.

Also, the soundtrack is really good along with the character interaction. None of the characters are obnoxious and they all interact with each other in a very realistic manner. I think half of this movie's humor comes from the "subtle" jokes or the little gags that fly by in a second. There is a lot going on in this movie, but it may be hard to pick up on the first time.

All in all, The Croods DOES have some hiccups and you will notice them when watching it. However, when I look back on it I realize that this is a special movie. It is unique in almost every way and ISN'T really unique at all. I wouldn't mind being stuck in the world that was created... for just a couple minutes more.

Oh yeah, and the creatures were cool. Not basing it off of real animals is clever.
Funniest prehistoric family since The Flinstones
A family of caveman who are led by Grug(Nicolas Cage) who never venture far there rock home, they go out by day to get food, by night they go inside the cave to stay safe. But the eldest daughter Emp(Emma Stone) wants to see more that is out there, so one night she ventures further more, she quickly comes across an adventurer named Guy(Ryan Reynolds), then her families perfect little home comes crashing down with rocks, so The Croods have to team with Guy in hopes to find a new home.

A fun film for the whole family. It never gets to silly or to serious, it balances that out pretty well. Emma Stone was good, I believe they made animated Emp in her likeness. Nicolas Cage was great also, doing it more straight instead of just crazy. And everybody else was good, the animation was almost as awesome has Wreck it Ralph was.
Visually stunning and very nice story
The Croods is one of those movies that has you wonder at the marvelous setting that is provided by the filmmakers, while also managing to keep you attracted to the plot and its characters. Basically Eep is your typical teenager that in this case lives in a world in which her family are the only cavemen left alive and under the protection of her father, Grug, live a safe but uneventful life. Wanting to explore and find out more about her world, she escapes one evening and meets Guy, a human boy about her age that appears to be more knowledgeable about the world than her father. Eep learns that change is coming and that time is running out. Soon The Croods will be taken on an adventure in which they will bond as a family, while experiencing change in a world that is now showing its marvels. The Croods is a light animation feature that will surely entertain the little ones with some funny jokes and characters. As for the grown ups, the story is strong enough to hold the audience in and at some moments may have you doubting the outcome of this family that one can relate to. DreamWorks Animation is back in full force and I for one am pleased with this family film.

Rating 8/10
After watching this film with my youngest son, I'd have to say I was happily surprised at how good this DreamWorks picture was. Although the beginning starts out slow without much content except learning that the cave is a protective crutch for the Crood family. Once the story starts to flow with Eep meeting Guy and his companion/clothes accessory, Belt, the action stays at a great pace throughout. It has a lively, humorous rendering of how the words and items we use everyday got their name. The film also gives the viewer feel-good, heart-warming feelings that come standard with any "family movie" these days. From seeing a family's struggle for survival, to empathizing with their meager, unhappy existence, to applauding their eventual overcoming of fear, it all makes for an enjoyable film to see.
Loved it!!!
I have never written a review on a movie before no matter how good or bad. But this movie really deserves high praise! I had brought the kids to see a few other animated movies before this like Wreck-it Ralph and Rise of the Guardian, but they turned out to be somewhat boring and unengaged. So I went into this not expecting much, it was more for the kids. To my surprise, I LOVED IT! It's different, funny, smart, and adventurous. I found myself giggling through most of the movies and at other times astounded by the visual effects. I also see my kids and other kids sitting at the edge of their seats at times. It is great for all ages. The picture was stunning and saturated with imagination. Dreamworks has outdone themselves with this one. I highly recommend taking your family to see this!
Absolutely Incredible and Amazing
I don't know why i never watched this movie before. Just watched it today out of pure boredom and oh my god what a surprise it was!! it is absolutely Brilliant. This movie should get a 10 on 10. From beginning to end the movie just kept growing and growing. I never felt uninterested and had my eyes wide open till the very end. I an also relate to the family part of the story. It made me cry. I never get emotional on movies.. maybe 10 out 1000 movies i watch make me emotional..This movie had everything..great story..great characters..unbelievable adventure..full of meaning..and just magnificent. I'm listing this as my favorite movies of all time now! just exceptionally wonderful
Delightful, Funny and Gorgeous
The characters in The Croods, an animated story of prehistoric humans is a wonderful surprise. The animation is stunning. The human drama is wonderfully comic. The dialog feels true as it covers familiar themes. The voices are performed by A-list actors who do much to make this film a delight. The story line has some unexpected twists, enough to keep you guessing, but the characters keep the movie interesting.

There is an educational aspect to this animated story as is appears to depict life on Earth in prehistory. Some quasi-scientific ideas are illustrated - for example, the idea of adapting to hostile environmental conditions is shown. The main reason to see this movie is its good humor. There are many laugh-out-loud moments as well as heart-warming parts.

Excellent script, terrific acting, beautiful animation, good story.

A film that will entertain all ages.

See it.
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