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USA, Hong Kong
Crime, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Martin Scorsese
Leonardo DiCaprio as Billy Costigan
Matt Damon as Colin Sullivan
Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello
Mark Wahlberg as Staff Sgt. Dignam
Martin Sheen as Cpt. Queenan
Ray Winstone as Mr. French
Vera Farmiga as Madolyn
Alec Baldwin as Cpt. Ellerby
Kevin Corrigan as Cousin Sean
James Badge Dale as Barrigan
David O'Hara as Fitzy
Mark Rolston as Delahunt
Robert Wahlberg as Lazio - FBI
Storyline: In South Boston, the state police force is waging war on Irish-American organized crime. Young undercover cop Billy Costigan is assigned to infiltrate the mob syndicate run by gangland chief Frank Costello. While Billy quickly gains Costello's confidence, Colin Sullivan, a hardened young criminal who has infiltrated the state police as an informer for the syndicate, is rising to a position of power in the Special Investigation Unit. Each man becomes deeply consumed by his double life, gathering information about the plans and counter-plans of the operations he has penetrated. But when it becomes clear to both the mob and the police that there's a mole in their midst, Billy and Colin are suddenly in danger of being caught and exposed to the enemy-and each must race to uncover the identity of the other man in time to save himself. But is either willing to turn on the friends and comrades they've made during their long stints undercover?
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"Honesty is not synonymous with truth..."
Cocky Boston police detective with the Special Investigations Unit--who, as a young man, was mentored by a drug kingpin, an overgrown thug who is still making everyone shake in the old neighborhood--is still in-cahoots with this mob boss and attempts to ferret out the police cadet whose job it was to infiltrate the bad guys' circle and get hired on. In turn, the cadet--who is frustrated by his lack of identity--must find the spy on the police force who is playing both sides. Big Oscar winner from director Martin Scorsese is an Americanization of Hong Kong's "Mou gaan dou" from 2002. It is also very typical of this particular filmmaker: flashy, fast-moving, repugnant and yet reveling in its nastiness--to the point where one nearly feels the rampant ugliness and constant homophobia gets the director's seal of approval. As the undercover cop, Leonardo DiCaprio does some of his finest work yet; although he can't do much with the man-woman stuff involving a perplexing Public Service psychiatrist, DiCaprio is convincingly rough in a very difficult role to pull off. As the bad detective, Matt Damon is also first-rate, bravely playing a real pr*ck while giving the picture a smug swagger that suits the narrative well (I would have preferred more about this character's loss of morals however, which happens entirely off-camera). As the drug-lord, Jack Nicholson performs without vanity and slithers through the movie like a smiling cobra; his unpredictability as an actor is tailor-made for this role, and Scorsese is careful not to overload the screen with Jack (we get just enough of him, although one sequence in a porno theater goes over-the-top). "The Departed" isn't particularly shrewd, and it is not Scorsese's best work, but the linear structure of the complicated plot is nearly free of static and has many gripping scenes. **1/2 from ****
So-So Effort
I watched this movie (again) last night and it finally dawned on me what bothered me about it the first time I saw it. It's actually a pretty weak story. Too many big names.(very distracting). Pretty weak acting. Especially Sheen, Nicholson and Wahlberg. I really like Scorsese and Goodfellas is one of my all time favorite films but The Departed isn't even in its league. Jack shows up, well, as Jack. I think the last time Nicholson actually played a character, other than himself, Reagan was still in office. I don't buy him as a powerful Irish Mob boss for a minute. Wahlberg just yells and cusses a lot for no good reason. And Sheen looks kinda like he had a minor stroke before filming started. He looks like he's trying not to soil himself in every scene he's in. Not a bad movie but Best Film?? Really?? I also noticed the Boston Police Department is portrayed as an inept bunch of clowns who do nothing but yell, cuss, and argue instead actually doing any police work. 5 stars.
Pathetic remake of a masterpiece
The names that appear on the movie are just impressive: a great director (Martin Scorsese - I am a BIG fan of Goodfellas, taxi driver, Raging Bull just to name a few of his movies) and great actors (Di Caprio, Nicholson, Sheen, Daemon, Wahlberg), but the entire movie and the way how it was directed is just a total disappointment from beginning to end. Nicholson being overly cruel, Wahlberg being overly cynical and aggressive towards everyone (and why??), Di Caprio spending his time in the movie crying like a girl, Sheen inexistent... Also how can one believe that a stranger can earn a head of crime syndicate's trust in just 6 months, especially when that head of crime syndicate has the reputation of being very suspicious and doesn't trust people easily?? It looks to me that Scorsese was too ambitious, tried to do too much in a movie, and at the end, he just didn't deliver. I felt no sympathy or anger whatsoever for any single character in the movie. I am a BIG fan of Hollywood movies and Scorsese but for once, I prefer by far the original Hong Kong version, Infernal Affairs which is far better directed, more dramatic, where the psychology of the characters is far better developed (I actually felt sympathy for the undercover cop), and the story far more credible (it took the undercover cop several years to earn the crime lord's trust in the Hong Kong movie as opposed to a few months in The Departed). I now have the proof that even super talented directors and actors (whom you believe have nothing to prove anymore) with a huge budget are able to deliver a garbage...
if THE DEPARTED is the movie fo the year then INFERNAL AFFAIRS is the worlds best movie
i am a huge fan of 'Infernal Affairs' when i heard that Hollywood were remaking it, i was a bit sceptical about it, then i heard it was being directed by Scorses i was excited.

i sat there for the first half hour or so, thinking the original got this part over and done with in about 10 mins. The Departed just didn't have the suspense or the character development of the original. When Sheen died, you just didn't feel anything for him, and the shock factor that the original had was just not there.

the character development in the original was great, as you genuinely felt for the characters went hey died, but in the departed it was like so what if you die. The ending of the departed was a bit of a joke, it was just too much, i think Scorses just thought 'i don't want to make a sequel or a prequel to this movie' - (didn't want to make another goodfellas).

to those who say Scorses deserves best director or that the departed deserve best movie, must be kidding me. Infernal affairs didn't even get nominated for best foreign language movie. When it is certainly a cut above the Hollywood remake. I'm sure they'll be nominated but to win, i don't think so.

however on the plus side, DiCaprio has probably produced his best work since 'Whats eating gilbert grape', and is certainly in with a shout for best actor.

the movie alone is a gd movie, but compared to the original its just another unfulfilled remake So if you have only watched the departed, go and rent out/ watch on film four the original and then re-write your review because I'm sure it will be very different.
Lets start with a very slow intro to an amazing story. Then lets compile a dream cast of characters to act out this amazing story. So amazing in fact that it very well could be the best movie of the year. Then once this character had given up everything and risked his life in nearly every scene, lets FINALLY give him the opportunity to hand over the dirty cop and set things straight. Well, we don't have time to finish the story with a great ending, so lets just kill him. Then at the end, lets kill the dirty cop so he can be decorated as a hero instead of turning over evidence so he can be convicted. This could have been the best movie of the year, and the story could have been told in well under 2 hours. They should have just opened and closed with a firing squad and I could have been in and out in 10 minutes with the same results.
enjoyable yet terrible
This film is overrated. I enjoyed watching it and expect it will sell well, but being quickly included in the top 250 is more a factor of American ignorance than film genius.

This film is mainstream. I don't remember any long shots or groundbreaking lines. Instead, the Departed feeds the lack of attention and mainstream spit talk of a cookie cutter sellout.

This film is unoriginal. Do you seriously feel that this film develops characters properly? Do you think that the twists were unexpected because you were raised on Disney entertainment. Did you forget the unbuilt grey area regarding the CIA informer?
Abject failure of a remake of Infernal Affairs (SPOILERS)
Caught The Departed last night and I have to say, its one abject failure of a remake. I was expecting it to be good, and truth be told, I wanted it to be good because it is based on Hongkong's Infernal Affairs, quite possibly one of the best gang flicks of all time. It is one of my personal favorites due to its brilliantly conceived plot of gang versus police, replete with paranoia and deceit. It is also quite possibly, one of the most intelligent films I have ever seen (second to Memento).

Where do I even begin? There are just so many things to criticize about. Firstly, the utterly realistic characters in Infernal Affairs have been reduced to one dimensional vectors that merely carry the plot forward. Matt Damon's character was reduced to a bad ass villain and was almost gleefully ridding anyone who knew of his identity, with no hint of remorse even till the very end. In Infernal Affairs however, at the end of the film, Andy Lau truly wanted to be a good guy but obviously, circumstances did not allow him to, and therefore he was forced to kill the gang boss to protect his identity. He subsequently went crazy over the guilt of killing the police informant (Tony Leung, or Leornado in Departed). Infernal Affairs ended brilliantly because Andy Lau's character survived it all with no one knowing his true identity. He could therefore assume his role of a high-ranking police officer, but was ridden with guilt and constantly reminded of the people who died because of him. It was really tragic and you could almost sympathize with his character. And what's with the ending of The Departed?!! Do all Hollywood films have to have perfect fairy tale endings where the bad guy has to die? And even if he has to die, does it have to conclude with an abrupt scene that lasts 30secs, and not to mention, totally cheesy and lame. It seems like a quick way out to conclude the story. The climax at the lift in the abandoned building was also unintentionally funny as body counts skyrocketed as people just started dying ridiculously. The reaction that people had in that scene in Infernal Affairs was true shock…'Oh my god!'. The reaction in Departed was quite the opposite – people started laughing.

Also, the strange and awkward friendship between the police informant's boss and the gang boss was completely removed in the Departed. It was so enjoyable watching how the 2 former friends who are currently on opposite ends of the law, try to outplay each other in a full-fledged war of wits and power, but with grace as a result of their friendship in the past. This was COMPLETELY omitted in the Hollywood version. And also, there was a lack of tension between the police force and the gangs. Martin Sheen seems almost weak and hapless against Jack Nicholson and Nicholson himself appears barely sinister and intelligent. Another stupid omission was the friendship between the police informant and his boss, which was meticulously staged in Infernal Affairs, and culminated in a tragic climax when the boss fell off the building and landed right in front of the informant. This scene was attempted in Departed but failed miserably when Leornado tried to look sad when his boss died. There was no friendship to speak of between these 2 characters in Departed!!!

The movie also tries way too hard to entertain. The crazy antics of Jack Nicholson is reminiscent of his character in Anger Management. Yes, Anger management, that rubbish of a comedy. And I do not understand why there are so much sexual references in the movie. There is sex, women and porno everywhere in the movie and is completely unnecessary and downright insulting. Gritty realism is not achieved by dumping sex scenes in the movie.

I can go on and on and criticizing about almost every single aspect in the movie (like how unnecessary the role of the psychiatrist in the Departed was, but completely pivotal in Infernal Affairs etc.), and might as well write a thesis on this movie. To conclude, there was not a single scene of tension nor was it ever moving or exciting. In fact, i found it more funny than anything else. The acting was not particularly great as well despite a rather stellar cast.

Infernal Affairs was an intricate and convoluted plot of deceit, lies, friendship, paranoia and love, at the hands of skillful directors who carefully stage memorable scenes and powerful climaxes – almost everything that Departed was not, despite an almost identical script. The critics are REALLY WRONG on this one. It is a complete failure of a remake, and even without comparison to the original Hongkong version, it is still a ridicule of an otherwise excellent plot. The editing was also fragmented and confusing, and coupled with horrendous pacing, the film gets progressively frustrating. Martin Scorsese has effectively removed everything that was so good about the original. Trust me, save your money and time, and watch Infernal Affairs, even if you have watched it already.
Before seeing this, I knew I was in for a treat, given that it's a Scorsese movie, but The Departed was even better than I expected.

The acting is outstanding. Leonardo DiCaprio gives what is quite possibly the best performance of his career. Even the people who hate him admit he did a good job. It's turned some haters into fans and my brother who despises him even says he was great. Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson give their best performances since The Talented Mr. Ripley and As Good As It Gets. Mark Wahlberg almost steals the show with the best lines. Ray Winstone, Alec Baldwin, and Martin Sheen are good, too.

Definitely one of the best films of the 00's. And easily one of the best remakes of all time. It's intense, funny, exciting, suspenseful, superbly acted, violent, has great characters, and has one of the most shocking scenes I've ever seen. And there's not a boring moment in it's two and a half hour running time.

The film will most likely be nominated for picture, director and adapted screenplay, and in my opinion, it deserves all three of them. DiCaprio and Wahlberg also deserve nominations.

See this as soon as you can.
Never will be "departed" from the pantheon of premiere American directors.
"The heaven sets spies upon us, will not have Our contract celebrated." Shakespeare, The Winter's tale

It's not Taxi Driver or even Goodfellas, but Martin Scorsese's Departed is one of the year's best films and one of his best, after his 2 or 3 indisputable classics such as Raging Bull. The director has assembled a first-rate cast, who, right down to Jack Nicholson as mobster kingpin Frank Costello, are having a great time nudging each other's performances toward excellence through collaboration.

Remade from a 2002 Hong Kong smash called Infernal Affairs, The Departed tells of moles within the Boston State Police Department and the South Boston Irish-American mob. When the director opens the film with Costello's brief narration and the Stones' Gimme Shelter for background music, we're in for a whole lot of no shelter for anyone and uncommon acting for everyone.

The set up is just complex enough to act as a metaphor for the nasty workings of the United Nations, Iraqi Assembly, and US Congress. Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) willingly serves as a mole in the South Boston Irish-American mob for the State Police, while Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) does the same in the State Police for the mob.

Amongst the intertwining machinations of cell phones and lies is a triangle with those two operatives and a psychologist Madolyn (Vera Farmiga), as well played by the three as could be hoped for in such a trumped-up situation that provides little sexual payoff for audience voyeurs and many scratched heads for those who enjoy well-structured plots. This triangle is the only disappointment in a film layered expertly to show how intertwined crime and punishment can be in a world last laid bare by Clint Eastwood's Oscar-winning Mystic River (2003).

Cinematographer Michael Ballhaus and production designer Kristie Zea are winning collaborators with the director for a look that is authentic (I worked in South Boston for 3 years), crisp, and dark. But in the end the film belongs to the actors, chief among them DiCaprio as a young Scorsese acolyte showing the master's handiwork after 3 films with him. And Matt Damon has never been better in his hometown, as has fellow South Bostonian Mark Wahlberg in his role as a detective with a barbed tongue and equally sharp intuition.

Welcome back, Martin S. The Departed may not win you an Oscar, but it does guarantee you never will be "departed" from the pantheon of premiere American directors.
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