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Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Paul Shoulberg
Callie Rekas as Featured Extra
Zachary Spicer as Daniel
Al Miro as Jazz Hands Carl (as Al Miro)
Danny Glover as Victor
Zane Naylor as Coffee Shop Patron
Storyline: Daniel loved his job as a small town priest more than anything. Then he met Jane. God help him.
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the ending hurts
I think the ending is disgraceful. It is not an open one but it tells us exactly that they will stay together. I think that people have a free will and decide what they want to do with their life at some point as grown ups and should make a fixed commitment to what they do independently if it is being a priest or getting married, etc. So giving a permission to someone to make up his mind in the middle of the process by just saying it is all about love is not fair. Grass is always greener on the other side, I know that being a priest is tough, no family, loneliness, but being in a marriage today and keeping it lifelong is also a real challenge, so whatever our vocation is in this life I think we should stick to it and try harder to make it work because giving up is the easiest way to do but brings regrets after all.
Fascinating Story
I was lucky enough to see this film and thoroughly enjoyed it! I knew some of the basic story line, but found that I was still glued to the screen as the movie progressed. I was pulled in by the actors and felt their emotions and points of stress! It was fascinating watching how the story grew and changed and how the characters dealt with it all. I work in a church and could relate to the well-acted subtleties of having "church" in the mix!

The movie has some really funny parts and very serious and tense parts. This is the kind of movie that sparks conversation. Please don't miss it!
It's not what you think
No matter what you might think this is about from the title, you're wrong. IOW, don't not see the film because of it. It's neither a polemic mocking religious faith, nor does it say anything about religion except maybe why don't we all just sit down and start over. All four primary characters are superbly cast, including Danny Glover who is about 3 steps above anything I've ever seen him in before. The subject matter is handled respectfully, albeit with liberal amounts of humor which zeros in on the fact that most religions take themselves way to seriously--which the production company apparently takes to heart, naming itself Pigasus (sic) Pictures.

This is about as perfect as you can expect an independent film to be. It's only flaw is there being too much lipstick on Daniel--which is so obvious, I wondered if they just wanted to give the audience something to criticize. Needless to say, there's no actual action for the action junkies, but the dialogue and the subject matter are outstanding--and at times, profound. This is my second "10" of the year, (18th all time), the first being only a week ago, so I was wondering if coming out of the summer movie drought has something to do with it.

It' doesn't'.
Masterful Evocation of Youth
THE GOOD CATHOLIC finds a decent young man trying to follow a path set out for him by his father, that of a Catholic priest. We can sense from the first scene his restlessness in the confines of this dogma-bound and tightly constricted role. He yearns for meaning in life and thought to satisfy that yearning in the priesthood but finds himself embracing phantoms until an edgy and clever young woman enters his life. She claims to be dying but touches him with her spark of individuality and suddenly he understands his life can be more than a period of long waiting for the end, more than fear of hell and hope of heaven. The movie evokes very powerfully the deep yearning of youth for a lifetime story of love and meaning, for experiencing something intense and alive before it's too late, the awful fear that youth has that it will never be young.
This is a coming of age film about how a young priest discovers passion and purpose from an unsuspecting confessional. Divine intervention has many faces.
This is a fantastic independent film. Jane and Daniel, finding comfort in the boundaries created by the Catholic confessional, carry you on their search for life's meaning. Father Victor and Ollie are ahead of this curve but each character struggles with accepting their humanity. Father Ollie challenges Daniel and Jane to wrestle with their frailty and flaws. Sparks fly and judgment is abandoned, until Father Victor exemplifies the voice of reason.

Less movie typical, the action in the movie is caring for the sick, watching basketball,and going for a run. Endlessly refreshing you are challenged to realize the action is YOU. With wit and perfection you will find yourself asking what action will I take to live a compassionate life..
Very good movie, but that "end"...
A lot to think about, that's what this film gives you;there will be laughs,and also tense and sad moments;my friends and I had an interesting discussion after watching it, but most of all :no one liked the end ... frustrating ...you see, there's a lot of stories with 'open ends',and most of the times it works; as for this one, we all wanted to see EVERYTHING on the screen,without having to decipher anything at all.Wren Schmidt is lovely here;Glover:finest work ever;Mcginley, hilarious as usual but also moving(must see);Spicer was a revelation to us: very good acting.Don't miss this film!
Interesting exploration of faith and love in entertaining story
Enjoyed the development of the relationship between faith and love in a story with interesting, well developed characters. Funny and sad issues that adults can relate to presented in a compelling and entertaining story. Well worth seeing with friends and discussing after. The filming and photography struck me as excellent. Set in small town America, the story presents challenges and moral issues faced by everyone.
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