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Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Michael Kehoe
Tim De Zarn as Sheriff
Darby Walker as Alice
Bayley Corman as Samantha
Nancy Linehan Charles as Grandmother
Amanda Wyss as Beth Crossan
David Naughton as Walter
Nina Siemaszko as Miriam
Andrew Divoff as Samuel Sears
Storyline: Four young women travel to their college professor's new country home for a weekend getaway, only to discover that the house has a malevolent past.
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Promising to Copy and Paste
The Hatred starts out so decently with an interesting, historical and violent set up (nazism, abuse, murder), but takes a turn for the worse once the backstory is done.

I felt like I was watching an entirely different movie. A much, much worse one. We switch to present day and follow shallow, horribly written and acted college girls whom we know little about.

In an attempt to make them likable, the movie spends far too long listening to them talk about nothing of importance. They have no personalities, no motives beyond: "I'm a fun college girl. I like wine and boys. I oddly have makeup on constantly and know German out of the blue to service a flimsy plot."

After a brief scare in the barn and hours of talking, the movie rushes to the detective and scare portions. Despite having such an interesting set-up with a Nazi father and murdered daughter seeking freedom, none of the demons/ghosts' actions make much sense.

Then it isn't even that scary? Bad makeup effects on Alice. Alice's actual corpse in the coffin was scarier than demon her. Throw in some copied scenes from The Conjuring and Insidious (and I mean Copied) and not even scary jump scares (I didn't even blink at them), and you've got a bad movie. If you're not going to bother with a good plot/characters, at least make it scary.

All in all, I was very disappointed because it started out SO strongly that I genuinely don't know what went wrong. Wish they had explored more of the original family and how the demonic effect would grow on the already terrible father like a rural 60s version of The Shining.
F'ing Awful!!!!
This motion picture atrocity did do one thing very well. It made me and the small group of people I watched it with, LAUGH. We re-watched scenes several times with genuine confusion as to how that particular scene made it through the editing process, which brings me to my next point. Was there an editing process for this movie? The Director for this waste of film is described as "an award winning writer/director". They must be referring to an award unrelated to film. Class Clown in Middle School? Or maybe voted Most Likely to direct a shitty horror movie someday? While scratching my head I did 23 seconds worth of research and found that he has directed NOTHING you or I have ever seen or would want to see. It's dumpster fire after dumpster fire on his IMDb list. This particular movie made me wonder, out loud, How the F$@# does a professional in this industry watch the final cut of this movie and think to himself, "BINGO!" If I am involved, in any way, with the making of this turd, I would be ashamed and utterly embarrassed. Next...this may be harsh but let's just keep this honest. I assume the little girl in the movie is related to a producer or someone that wrote the tiny check that must have been needed to make this bucket of vomit bc her acting skills are non-existing and sorry she's like nails on a chalk board. Same goes for the 4 older girls in the film. They all suck. Which is Ironic because that's probably how they got the gig. Our original hypothesis was that they were all 4 trying to move away from the porn industry. To say their acting skills were on par with that of adult film stars would be an insult to said Porn Stars. I saw the estimated budget was $800k...thats how much the set must have cost bc if anyone in that movie got paid to "act", someone had their pants pulled down. Please if you were involved in making this movie, quit the business immediately. You are wasting valuable days not doing something you could be good at while simultaneously destroying someone's hopes of watching a good horror movie. I almost gave it a 2 out of pity but I just can't lie about something this important.
2/10 for first 20 minutes
Not bad at first, and very lousy at second half (its about hour when 40 minutes totally waste of time), then BOOM - we have tons of copy-paste horror scenes from other movies and shorts like "The Grudge", and that famous short with doppelganger (I think based on one-sentence horror- story) and many others. I don't't know what a next level laziness is this, but it looks like plagiarism. In camera department and sound - its okay, but... well, its not good movie at all.
Tried it, didn't like it...
I can't say anything was terrible about what I watched, it just didn't grab me. I wasn't bothered enough to carry on watching

The first part of the movie, the '1968', well-it was just boring.

It could have been much creepier & hard hitting

Fast forward to the present day, four girls are staying in the home & you know what? I don't & I don't care. I sound bored by it because there's not much to say

Too tame a movie. Sorry!
Great movie!
I don't get why there's so many negative reviews. This movie was great! There where many jump scares that freaked me out. When the grandmother appeared in the mirror, it reminded me of my grandma appearing in my mirror. At least that's what my aunt told me now, but I just don't remember it. Anyway, I guess we'll find out more in the second movie about the amulet.
A bit more 'bang' for the buck
Lame ending. very disappointed. I feel the writers should have put a little more effort into the climax. Overall the acting was decent. The best part for me was the bed scene. The girl who played Irene was far better than the adult actors. I hope to see her in more major roles, where she can better showcase her acting abilities.
Not a bad movie
I'm not a normal reviewer but I got too say I liked this film there are a few plot holes but I don't want to be one of those who ruin it all I can say is there are family connections those who watch will understand these are never concluded I won't say because I want you to watch the film but those who do understand will make the same conclusion the acting isn't that bad especially from the female lead I thought this would be to be honest cap was pleasantly surprised not loads of gore but a nice CEO ghost story
This movie was so bad that I created an account just so I could give it one star. And now I have to write 4 more lines of text just to submit this comment. This movie is so terrible that I'm actually putting in work. The acting is next level bad. It's about 40 minutes of filler until the movie starts. I believe there was absolutely 0 thought put into the story and the dialog. It's so bad I think I'm just going to stop watching movies all together now.
Do not waste your time with this one, it had the basis of a good plot at the very start, then goes quickly downhill.Acting is terrible, the film is terrible and the ending will leave you wondering why you sat through it.There are far better horror selections out there,this has nothing you've not seen a million times before, i suggest you keep looking.
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