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Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Michael Kehoe
Tim De Zarn as Sheriff
Darby Walker as Alice
Bayley Corman as Samantha
Nancy Linehan Charles as Grandmother
Amanda Wyss as Beth Crossan
David Naughton as Walter
Nina Siemaszko as Miriam
Andrew Divoff as Samuel Sears
Storyline: Four young women travel to their college professor's new country home for a weekend getaway, only to discover that the house has a malevolent past.
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cliché and a bit idiotic
This movie would have had a better review if it had been released in the 80s because it completely lacked originality. Haunted house, dumb girls and a child that talks in riddles. It makes me wonder how IMDb comes up with it's ratings because this movie definitely doesn't deserve a 5.2/10.

It is memorable because I'll never forget the worst movie I've watched in 2017 so far.
I wanted to see this film having heard of the creepy bedroom scene, so I sat down with some friends and watched it, the beginning of the film story line was good i must admit, then it went to pot your average teen horror flick gone wrong, acting was awful effects not bad, story line complete and utter pants, this had potential from the beginning but went downhill after it came to modern day, avoid at all costs.
Great movie!
I don't get why there's so many negative reviews. This movie was great! There where many jump scares that freaked me out. When the grandmother appeared in the mirror, it reminded me of my grandma appearing in my mirror. At least that's what my aunt told me now, but I just don't remember it. Anyway, I guess we'll find out more in the second movie about the amulet.
Tried it, didn't like it...
I can't say anything was terrible about what I watched, it just didn't grab me. I wasn't bothered enough to carry on watching

The first part of the movie, the '1968', well-it was just boring.

It could have been much creepier & hard hitting

Fast forward to the present day, four girls are staying in the home & you know what? I don't & I don't care. I sound bored by it because there's not much to say

Too tame a movie. Sorry!
A bit more 'bang' for the buck
Lame ending. very disappointed. I feel the writers should have put a little more effort into the climax. Overall the acting was decent. The best part for me was the bed scene. The girl who played Irene was far better than the adult actors. I hope to see her in more major roles, where she can better showcase her acting abilities.
Do not waste your time with this one, it had the basis of a good plot at the very start, then goes quickly downhill.Acting is terrible, the film is terrible and the ending will leave you wondering why you sat through it.There are far better horror selections out there,this has nothing you've not seen a million times before, i suggest you keep looking.
Not even worth a REDBOX rental
Movies like this are the reason I don't , as a rule, let NETFLIX or REDBOX pick my next movie choice. Just awful. The "acting," the pacing, the tired plot, the horrible production. Andrew Divoff (barely) saved it from being a total 0-star movie. Avoid it. You know it's a bad movie, when you scream at the screen, "OMG, kill the little girl, already!" I did. Repeatedly. Not because it was a valid way to destroy the evil, but because she was SO annoying. I've seen high school plays with better performances.
Not a bad movie
I'm not a normal reviewer but I got too say I liked this film there are a few plot holes but I don't want to be one of those who ruin it all I can say is there are family connections those who watch will understand these are never concluded I won't say because I want you to watch the film but those who do understand will make the same conclusion the acting isn't that bad especially from the female lead I thought this would be to be honest cap was pleasantly surprised not loads of gore but a nice CEO ghost story
Just terrible
The first 10 minutes set up the back story and then we get nearly an hour of nothing. I was going to say nearly an hour of character development but its not, just teenage girls chatting drivel for over 50 minutes. Finally we get to the horror that the trailer showed us. Sadly its brief, ripped from other movies & you don't care what happens to the characters. Go watch something else.
In Death We are Free
The first 22 minutes gives us the background to the farm house....former Nazi, Hitler's Iron Cross amulet, and a murder or two. Enter present day, 4 college girls spend a weekend there with young Irene (Shae Smolik) who talks to the ghost in the house. Regan (Sarah Davenport) the billed star, set up as the final girl, leads the group. She is named after the Exorcist girl and doesn't own an eyebrow tweezers This is a typical nasty ghost haunting trying to be something it is not. The Nazi additive did more to take away from the tale than add to it. The dialogue was forced and not well conceived. Who the heck was Paul anyway? The horror build up lacked horror. Not much in terror or even jump scares. Sound track didn't do much. Girl dragged across floor becoming old. Double jointed ghost-old. Did they "home school" in 1968?

Guide: No swearing sex or nudity.
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