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Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Brett Haley
Katharine Ross as Valarie Hayden
Andy Allo as Bartender
Cameron Esposito as Cameron Esposito
Jackie Joyner as Betsy
Christopher May as Director
Nick Offerman as Jeremy Frost
Max Gail as Gary Babcock
Doug Cox as Doctor
Laura Prepon as Charlotte Dylan
Frank Collison as Man in Dream
Krysten Ritter as Lucy Hayden
Patrika Darbo as Diane
Sam Elliott as Lee Hayden
Storyline: Lee Hayden is a veteran actor of Westerns whose career's best years are behind him after his one really great film, "The Hero." Now, scraping by with voice overs for commercials, Lee learns that he has a terminal prognosis of pancreatic cancer. Unable to bring himself to tell anyone about it, especially his estranged family, Lee can only brood alone as troubling, yet inspiring, dreams haunt him. Things change when he meets Charlotte Dylan, a stand-up comedian who becomes a lover who inadvertently jump-starts his public profile. Now facing a profound emotional conflict of having a potential career comeback even as his imminent death is staring him in the face, Lee must finally come to terms with both realities when he finally confesses his situation to the one person he can.
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Most honest movie I have seen in a long time
As the title of my review says I believe this to be the most honest movie in years. Now I know that sounds like a contradiction because movies are usually for entertainment and don't need much honesty. But this movie is different.

Of course it is entertaining and contains humor. But more than humor it contains an insight to getting older, dealing with loss and still being able to find joy. This movie doesn't polish away the less beautiful sides of life and it doesn't ignore controversial topics.

The writer did an excellent job providing a great story and this movie should be rewarded for that. But even more it should be rewarded for the actors who are so much in character that you don't know if it's acting or truth.

Warning spoiler ahead: One scene in particular was amazing. It is the scene where the Sam Elliott does a script reading with Nick Offerman. In this scene both are moved to tears. Now the fact that it's a script reading within a movie (script within a script) and that they still made it look so real is unbelievable.

I can understand how this movie is not for everyone. A lot of people will simply live too much in the now to feel comfortable with watching these topics that aren't easy. But if you do, please go watch this. You will not regret it and possibly it will even give you inspiration and comfort for hard times to come.
Just another rerun...
The Hero does not live up to where movies of the same genre do (the Wrestler, Crazy Heart) in that we're made well aware of the protagonist's past in order to advance the plot. Unfortunately, the Hero fails short in that it leaves Sam Elliot left to pick up a script devoid of virtually any background. Instead of using the past to build his future, this movie leaves his past and attempts to build a new character. Not at all what I hoped for.
Elliott gives an Oscar-worthy turn
THE HERO (2017) *** 1/2 Sam Elliott, Laura Prepon, Krysten Ritter, Nick Offerman, Katharine Ross, Max Gail. Elliott gives an Oscar-worthy turn as an on the wane actor who, between getting high with his pot dealer and attempting to bond with his estranged daughter, is diagnosed with cancer leading to some life re-affirming with a new love (Prepon) and a lifetime achievement award in the process. Director Brett Haley's screenplay with Marc Basch is tailor-made for the erstwhile Elliott whose under appreciation and sublime performance mirrors his own career to boot.
The Bookend to "Lifeguard"
"Baby Driver" this is not.

Being of the same vintage as Sam and having grown up in a SoCal beach town, I have long enjoyed the truths of "Lifeguard" (1976). There, Sam E is "Rick", a 30-something of the 70s who "acts" on the beach for a living (so much of beach life guarding is "acting" for the public.) Rick is confronted by a decision to grow up, but he ultimately yields to the temptation of a 17-year old beach groupie who does not fit into her new world (she has just moved to the beach town.)

Spoiler alert?

Jump forward 40+ years and "Rick" is now "Lee", and Laura Prepon is that "too young for him" female who does not fit the norms of her world and challenges his world that has been thrown into turmoil by a cancer diagnosis.

It's not a perfect extrapolation, but the story is told with intelligent conversation and good directing. Not an ounce of CGI to be seen.
"The Hero" in Courage and Frailty
In "The Hero" Sam Elliott as aging Western star Lee Hayden smokes joints with his buddy and supplier Jeremy, played by funny Nick Offerman, at his Malibu Beach home. Lee sizes up beautiful Goth Charlotte, played by striking Laura Prepon, who waits for her own stash from Jeremy. Charlotte gazes at Lee, "You look sad." Prior to this radio voice over actor Lee, discovers from his doctor that he has late stage pancreatic cancer, he is dying. That eloquent scene elicits the poignancy of Writer and Director Brett Haley's "The Hero". Haley and Marc Basch's screenplay is the uncompromising story of mortality.

"The Hero" is predictable, yet Elliott's authentic bold performance elevates the movie into something special. I saw "The Hero" at a special showing followed by a question and answer session with stars Sam Elliott and Nick Offerman. Sam said that the role was not at all biographical. We all deal with mortality. Sam said he is not the drug head like Lee, and Lee is basically someone who "screws up his own life." However, Director Haley hints that Lee has the possibility of recreating his life. That along with Elliott's fearless performance made me rejoice and respect the movie.

Lee really had screwed up his life. His ex-wife Valerie, played by Elliott's real life wife Katherine Ross, has moved on as a successful art dealer. But initially, he can't tell Valerie that he is dying. His estranged daughter Lucy, played by strong Krysten Ritter, remains distant, but desperately yearns for her Father's love. He has proved the tragic disappointment for her. Lee is attracted to the beguiling and charismatic Charlotte (Prepon), who is little older than Lucy. Charlotte is the aspiring stand up comic, whose mutual magnetism seems genuine. Lee created the mess of his life, and needs to clean it up.

Lee was a big movie star in the 1970's and 1980's. His signature movie was the classic Western "The Hero". His agent calls and tells him that some Western Heritage Film Society wants to honor him with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Being that he does voice-overs for barbecue sauce, he agrees to attend the gala. Possible love interest Charlotte agrees to attend with Lee. Before the awards dinner, Lee and Charlotte get high on Ecstasy. Cowboy charming Lee gives an inspiring acceptance speech about "I'm nothing without you…"

The YouTube video of his speech goes viral, and Lee becomes the Internet sensation. His agent calls him about an audition for part in a big budget sci-fi movie. He runs some cheesy lines with Jeremy practicing for the audition. Jeremy is also the friend, who worked with him in the past. The lines resonate with Lee's soul, reminding of Lucy, his daughter. He says, "I'm here…" Elliott is moving and powerful. "The Hero" transforms in that moment. "The Hero" is a lesson in empathy and compassion. Elliott embodies Lee's humanity, both his courage and his frailty. Yes, "The Hero" is predictable, and so very human.

Lee courageously and clumsily owns the mistakes that he made in his life, and makes amends with the women in his life. His romance with fiery Charlotte is rocky. At one point she betrays him out of her own selfishness. Prepon is the graceful enigma as Charlotte, self-absorbed yet gentle soul-ed. The movie is adamant in portraying their age gap, and imparts touching sweetness. They are sublime as Charlotte reads Lee her favorite poem. Too bad Ross isn't leveraged more here as Valerie. Elliott and Ross have an amazing scene that illuminates their unique affinity.

Haley lyrically captures the calm of the Malibu ocean. Ritter's Lucy says to her Dad, "It's beautiful here." Elliott's Lee looks at his daughter, "Yes, it is." "The Hero" is best in its stillness and humanity. Life is both courage and frailty. "The Hero" arises from this.
a man trying to get by
sam Elliott, like "the hero" lee hayden, made one "big" film forty years ago and has spent the rest of the time as a journeyman actor and voice over artist. I don't know the relationship between the writer/director brett haley and mr. Elliott, but this film is definitely based on sam Elliott. that said, the film is a slice of life about an older man trying to get by. he is estranged from his daughter, but seems to have a decent relationship with his ex wife, played by mr. Elliott's real life wife, Katherine ross. the hero meets and begins a relationship with laura prepon, almost,(almost) unrecognizable from her "that 70's show" days. he has a neighbor, nick offerman, who he shares joints with. that's about it. nothing profound, just a good movie. enjoy. by the way, a journeyman actor is a good thing. this movie is full of them.
Sam Elliot Is my hero
Keeping it going for the veteran actors, I like Sam Elliot's place in movies at this time, like his role as  Blythe Danner's sexy love interest in I'll See You in My Dreams,  but now he's doing a leading role for himself as an old western icon in a painful time in his life and trying to deal with it. Lucky for him he has Laura Prepon to help with those hard times.

I got to look up Elliot's old movies. I'm familiar with the silver haired Elliot and I'm wondering if there was something before this, (And does any of his work matter before Road House?)

Touching and slow. Also like how different the role of the Hero is than his role on the Netflix show, the Ranch, where he plays the father of Prepon's old That 70s Show cast mates Aston Kucther and Danny Masterson, Yet the role is still very very Sam Elliot.

Nice slow mellow pace, but still cool, making it great for Sam Elliot.
Quiet & Great
A fine little movie with a great cast and a superb tone of melancholy. A little love story, aging, death, loneliness, reconciliation, and the trial about one's life's achievements - The Hero is a quiet movie with all the great themes of human existence. Sam Elliot plays the lead just exquisite and convincing, and the performances of his side-kicks Laura Prepon, Krysten Ritter and Nick Offerman give him a lot to work with and the right canvas for his play. The Hero is an emotional, sad and contemplative movie with some bright spots and fine humor refined with some poetic works by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Alone the reading of the poem Dirge Without Music by Laura Prepon at the end of the movie... A movie for a mature audience.
Takes your time and leaves you with nothing.
Films are such downers these days.

Old guy gets diagnosed with aggressive cancer inexplicably attracts a woman 30 or so years younger than him Nothing else happens.

I appreciate good acting, but it needs to be a good experience.

If you want to see an entertaining and moving film about getting old then see 'Last cab to Darwin'...
Don't expect much of a story
If you're younger than, say 40, then you'll find this movie extremely boring. Well, I think it's boring and I'm over 50. To be honest, I would probably stop watching this movie in the middle, if there wouldn't be Sam Elliot. It's his appearance that keep you watching, not the story. The thing is, there isn't much of a story: no "big" questions and no answers... you need to imagine them just by looking at Sam's face expressions. Or maybe even I am too young to understand "the message". About relationships.. there aren't any either. The idea of good looking young woman (Laura Prepon) falling for such old man is kinda unbelievable, so it should be supported by some dialogs -looking into each others eyes just isn't enough in such case.

Btw. Who at IMDb decides about movies genre? Because, if this movie contains any of comedy elements, then I really need to get checked by a shrink.
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