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Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Brett Haley
Katharine Ross as Valarie Hayden
Andy Allo as Bartender
Cameron Esposito as Cameron Esposito
Jackie Joyner as Betsy
Christopher May as Director
Nick Offerman as Jeremy Frost
Max Gail as Gary Babcock
Doug Cox as Doctor
Laura Prepon as Charlotte Dylan
Frank Collison as Man in Dream
Krysten Ritter as Lucy Hayden
Patrika Darbo as Diane
Sam Elliott as Lee Hayden
Storyline: Lee Hayden is a veteran actor of Westerns whose career's best years are behind him after his one really great film, "The Hero." Now, scraping by with voice overs for commercials, Lee learns that he has a terminal prognosis of pancreatic cancer. Unable to bring himself to tell anyone about it, especially his estranged family, Lee can only brood alone as troubling, yet inspiring, dreams haunt him. Things change when he meets Charlotte Dylan, a stand-up comedian who becomes a lover who inadvertently jump-starts his public profile. Now facing a profound emotional conflict of having a potential career comeback even as his imminent death is staring him in the face, Lee must finally come to terms with both realities when he finally confesses his situation to the one person he can.
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Watch it for Sam Elliott's performance
"The Hero" brings the story of Lee. As the movie opens, Lee is voicing his latest commercial for Lone Star BBQ Sauce. "Can you do that one more time", the producer asks again and again. Later on, Lee's agent gives him the good news he's been selected to receive a life time award from the Western Appreciation Guild. But Lee also receives bad news when his doctor tells him he has pancreatic cancer and he must start treatment right away. Deflated, Lee goes to a buddy, who also supplies him with weed and other drugs. By chance, Charlotte stops by at the same time for her own supply of weed. At this point we are 10 min. into the movie, but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this is the latest movie from writer-director Brett Haley, who previously brought us "I'll See you In My Dreams". Here Haley reflects on the life if an aging Western actor whose only significant role was in "The Hero", a movie made in the 70s. "I've been busy, not achieving", Lee comments. Haley pays attention to the details, as of course it's the small things in life that make most of our lives. Whether the relationship between the Lee character (in his early 70s) and the Charlotte character (in her late 30s) is believable I will leave to you to decide... The movie is chock-full of top performances, none of which more so than Sam Elliott, who seems to be only getting better as he is getting older. Other noteworthy roles come from Laura Prepon as Charlotte (in a role MILES away from her TV work in That 70s Show and Orange Is the New Black), and also Katharine Ross as Lee's ex (she is Elliott's wife in real life). And if you wonder who Edna St. Vincent Millay is, this movie will explain once and for all...

"The Hero" opened on 2 screens for all of Greater Cincinnati this weekend, and I wouldn't wait to see it. The Friday evening screening where I saw this at was attended very nicely (but not sold out). If you are in the mood for a movie that plays out rather predictably but nevertheless is enjoyable to take in and features a career-best performance from Sam Elliott, "The Hero" is just for you, be it in the theater, on VOD or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray.
Don't expect much of a story
If you're younger than, say 40, then you'll find this movie extremely boring. Well, I think it's boring and I'm over 50. To be honest, I would probably stop watching this movie in the middle, if there wouldn't be Sam Elliot. It's his appearance that keep you watching, not the story. The thing is, there isn't much of a story: no "big" questions and no answers... you need to imagine them just by looking at Sam's face expressions. Or maybe even I am too young to understand "the message". About relationships.. there aren't any either. The idea of good looking young woman (Laura Prepon) falling for such old man is kinda unbelievable, so it should be supported by some dialogs -looking into each others eyes just isn't enough in such case.

Btw. Who at IMDb decides about movies genre? Because, if this movie contains any of comedy elements, then I really need to get checked by a shrink.
Why Was "The Hero" Released in the Summer??
"The Hero" is by far Sam Elliot's best acting performance ever. It is heartfelt and real throughout the movie.

The other actors were good and able to keep the movie going throughout.

The plot was also interesting and had a couple of twists that I did not see coming. (Who was hanged? And the painful stand-up comedy routine.)

This is a slow movie with a story. It's not an action thriller so get some popcorn and a drink, sit back, relax and watch it.

My question is the timing of the release. This is an adult, drama and should have been released after school starts. That would put it at the end of the year and closer to Academy Awards time.

I believe Sam Elliot will and should get a nomination for Best Actor.
life and art
Greetings again from the darkness. It's considered bad form to gush over a film or actor during a review, but come on … it's Sam Elliott, dripping masculinity from his signature mustache - beloved by men and women alike. Writer/director Brett Haley (I'll See You in My Dreams) offers up not just a rare lead role for Mr. Elliott, but also one that seems to closely parallel his actual 45+ year career.

Aging western actor Lee Hayden (Elliott) opens and closes the film in a sound booth, progressively more annoyed at each of the director's requests for just 'one more' take on his voice-over for a BBQ commercial. What happens in between will likely be judged by critics as one cliché after another, but it's also the chance to see an actor north of 70 years old fight through a wide range of emotions and situations, each grounded in struggles many of us will face at some point in our lives.

When the doctor delivers the worst possible news regarding a recent biopsy, Lee has every intention of telling his ex-wife (the rarely seen these days Katharine Ross, Elliott's real life wife of 30+ years) and estranged daughter (Krysten Ritter). Neither attempt goes well, and instead, Lee finds himself on the sofa of child actor-turned-drug dealer Jeremy Frost (an admirable stage name for Nick Offerman's character) toking on a joint and watching classic silent films. In fact, the recurring themes of beach, blunt, bourbon and Buster (Keaton) are there to solidify the notion that Lee is a creature of habit, and it's meeting Jeremy's customer Charlotte (Laura Prepon) that finally jolts him back to life.

Charlotte is a stand-up comedian and would-be poet who has an unusually accelerated attraction to older men. Of course, she can't resist Lee, and a May-December romance develops in his last chance at happiness (cliché number 7 or 8, I lost track). Charlotte accompanies him to an event where an obscure group of western film lovers is presenting Lee with a Lifetime Achievement award, and she also becomes somewhat of a life adviser – counseling him to come clean with his family. To ensure no viewer misses out on the sentimentality, Charlotte recites the poems of Edna St Vincent Millay and reminds us all that buying more time is usually the right call.

As Lee and Jeremy munch on Chinese food after the cloud of smoke has cleared, Lee has a great rebuttal to Jeremy balking at hearing his story: "A movie is someone else's dream." That sentiment is something I try to hold onto whenever reviewing a movie, as it's important to remember that it's the artist (writer, director, actor) who is taking the risk by putting their work on display. It also fits in with the theme here of finding one's place – putting one's legacy in order. Contemplating morality and softening regrets are natural steps to take, and each of us should make it easier for those trying. So, scoff at the sentimentality and clichés if you must, but the messages here are loud and clear and important.

Although I had previously seen him (oh so briefly, accusing Redford of cheating) in Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid (1969), and then again in the late night cult classic Frogs (1972), it was his breakout role in Lifeguard (1976) that made me a Sam Elliott fan for life. Depending on your age, your introduction to his screen presence might have been as Cher's biker boyfriend in Mask (1985), Patrick Swayze's pugilistic partner in Roadhouse (1989), Virgil Earp in Tombstone (1993), the wise stranger at the bowling alley in The Big Lebowski (1998), the Marlboro Man in Thank You for Smoking (2005), delivering a gut-punch as Lily Tomlin's former lover in Grandma (2015), or as Timothy Olyphant's nemesis in "Justified". Elliott is the paradigm for the pregnant pause, and combined with that baritone drawl, ultra cool demeanor, bushy mustache, and head-cocked-at-an-angle glance, he undoubtedly won you over to believe him in whatever role it was … because that's how icons become icons.

Paraphrasing a line in the film: the Sam Elliott voice can sell anything – pot, bbq, Dodge, clichéd roles – and I happen to be buying (gushing).
A good film to spend your summer movie going dollars
Director Brett Haley once again joins writing forces with Marc Basch (both of "I'll See You in My Dreams" - 2015) to present a LA based story that feels current, plausible and welcoming. Ruggedly handsome and gruff toned Sam Elliott ("Grace and Frankie") is Lee Hayden, an actor past his prime now doing quirky VoiceOvers and smoking pot and drinking with his former actor co-star Jeremy (the always enjoyable Nick Offerman "Parks and Recreation"). When fellow pot-head Charlotte (another TV favorite Laura Prepon "That 70's Show) appears on the scene, her unique love affair with Lee pushes him to face some important life decisions, including his relationship with estranged daughter Lucy (the beautiful Krysten Ritter - TV's "Jessica Jones") and his Ex Valerie (one of my favorites Katharine Ross - "Donnie Darko" - 2001: a film I was also in!). I love when a director welcomes familiar character actors to join a film, and here Doug Cox, Max Gail, Patrika Darbo, Cameron Esposito and Christopher May are a welcomed infusion to the story. "The Hero" is a sound film with good storytelling, presented at a time when summer animation, CGI and explosion films are seeking your movie going dollar.
Takes your time and leaves you with nothing.
Films are such downers these days.

Old guy gets diagnosed with aggressive cancer inexplicably attracts a woman 30 or so years younger than him Nothing else happens.

I appreciate good acting, but it needs to be a good experience.

If you want to see an entertaining and moving film about getting old then see 'Last cab to Darwin'...
Quiet & Great
A fine little movie with a great cast and a superb tone of melancholy. A little love story, aging, death, loneliness, reconciliation, and the trial about one's life's achievements - The Hero is a quiet movie with all the great themes of human existence. Sam Elliot plays the lead just exquisite and convincing, and the performances of his side-kicks Laura Prepon, Krysten Ritter and Nick Offerman give him a lot to work with and the right canvas for his play. The Hero is an emotional, sad and contemplative movie with some bright spots and fine humor refined with some poetic works by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Alone the reading of the poem Dirge Without Music by Laura Prepon at the end of the movie... A movie for a mature audience.
Hero, not really.
Sam Elliott stars as a seventy year plus old actor diagnosed with cancer. His claim to fame was a classic western called "Hero". Now he has to come to terms with his mortality. He also has to reconcile with his daughter and take care of a new young love interest.

Elliott cares this on his back. He is about the only thing that works in the movie. In spite of too many staring into the ocean, or into the canyon scenes he gives a good performance. The dialogue is weak and contrived. In one scene they didn't write it and we watch the scene from out in the street. The dialogue between father and daughter is as weak as the dumb exposition of why they were estranged.

The relationship with the new young girl didn't ring true. Her profession as a stand up comedian was conveniently written to provide a couple of scenes. She sure wasn't funny on stage or around the house.

The best news the movie was over before the lead character. It's a small movie with limited release. No need to see it in a theater. The danger of seeing it in the comfort of your home is falling asleep.
The Great Sam Elliott delivers the performance of a lifetime
If "The Hero" was released before both "The Wrestler" and "Crazy Heart" it could have been more poignant and well-received, but by now, this kind of plot became tired and cliché ridden. Like Mickey Rourke (not much like Jeff Bridges), the trajectory of the lead character mirrors the real life & career of the great (& criminally underused) character actor, Sam Elliott, one of the last truly manly actors in Hollywood, which offered brilliant turns as the supporting performer in a bunch of well-known & nowadays classic or cult movies such as "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"; "The Sacketts"; "Mask"; "Road House"; "Rush"; "Tombstone"; "Gettysburg"; "The Big Lebowski"; "We Were Soldiers" among lots of others. His distinctive rugged cowboy looks, sporting a thick mustache and a peculiar, deep & resonant voice, made him being typecast in the cowboy or biker roles, but his sturdy & masculine presence, sweating charisma, always highlighted him above the main cast (especially as Gar in "Mask" or Wade Garrett, Patrick Swayze's mentor in "Road House"). Here, Sam Elliott had finally the chance to fully embrace a lead character, playing a 'washed-out' western movie star, doing voice-overs to survive while looking for work in a Movie Industry that no longer recognizes him as a bankable actor. Elliott's understated, but powerful performance of bringing this tragic character to life, was a 'tour de force' delivering & the last 'hurrah" from a purist old cowboy trapped in a modern world he can't (and don't want to) understand. The movie itself drags on too much for its own good and could have been more meaningful, if a better screenplay was written (or revised), distancing itself a little more from "The Wrestler" stereotype. The supporting players are all there for Elliott, delivering genuine performances from Laura Prepon to Elliott's real life wife and frequent co-star, Katharine Ross ("The Graduate"; "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"; "The Stepford Wives"). A morbid fact is that the pancreatic cancer which the lead character is suffering was the same that, unfortunately, killed Elliott's younger friend and early co-star, Patrick Swayze. Verdict: Even if it wasn't all that original, it's a movie that deserves to be seen and in a perfect world, Sam Elliott should be nominated for the Best Actor in a Leading Role award, it's one of the best (& committed) performances i've seen this year.
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