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IMDB rating:
William H. Macy
John Cassini as Chuck
John Destry as Sketchy Drifter
Jennifer Cheon as Genevieve
Kate Upton as Meg
Matt L. Jones as Craig
Alvin Sanders as Balloon Pilot
Angela Moore as Female Cop
Michael Benyaer as Shahar
Matt Barr as Ryan
Emy Aneke as Cab Driver
Molly Shannon as Nancy
Kal Penn as Anuj
Rob Corddry as Principal Moss
Storyline: Two friends on a road trip, compete for the affections of a handsome man when their flight is redirected due to a hurricane.
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very good film, immersive, fun and interesting watch
let me first say. maybe i am biased because every other review is pretty negative about this film and rating's also low and because of that i had really low expectations. on the other hand, i watched this film because i know that Dadario plays in good films(except Baywatch, everyone can be excused once i guess) so i expected this film to be also good

but i did really liked this movie. no one dragged me to watch it, i watched it on my own free will, for the reasons mentioned above and i enjoyed every moment of it. i emphasized every moment because it immerses you in itself quite well and you don't find any time to get bored. that is becoming more difficult in todays attention deficit world and not many films achieve it anymore, even ones with big names

also its fair to say that i didn't expect film to be super funny or comedic, so that was not an issue when not every scene tried to have comedic effect, although i think too much of them still did. usually i enjoy as much realism as you can put in the movie without loosing amusement. realism is very important, thats why i like GOT even though its fantasy, it has more realism than most of dramas these days. so this movie has lot of realism too, i believed in the journey that characters took throughout the movie. problems that they had were very real and relatable. how they approached them were very real, something like this can totally happen in real life. so in the end one can really see that writers did their jobs on this one

i cant really criticize this film that much, probably there were some flaws but i didn't notice them. only thing i can say is that some scenes were a bit exaggerated but thats not much of a criticism. so go see this movie, i recommend
Not 'that' bad
The truth is it isn't but there are caveats. Forgetting everything else, if you take one look at the cover image used to portray this movie, you should get a pretty good indication of what your letting yourself in for. Unless you get dragged to it, or just wonder into the cinema complex and randomly choose a film to watch, you can't really be forgiven for having any lofty expectations on what your going too see.

Baring all that in mind, it mostly delivers on exactly what it promises, which is a slightly (or overly) ridiculous comedy about two women that have the hot's (definitely not love) for the same guy. It's simply a progression of dire events on this theme till conclusion where they all live happily ever after, and actually it's done quite well considering the plot they're working with.

Unfortunately it wasn't really my kind of film but I still found it moderately entertaining though somewhat cringe-worthy in certain places. It's funny, but not hilarious. I did have a handful of 'laugh out loud' moments which for me is always a good indication that the writers are doing a half decent job. When watching films like this you really have to keep things in context. Saying the acting/directing/production is terrible because the film is silly, even ridiculous, or just not 'you cup of tea' isn't always a fair assessment or worse, an accurate one. Here, the acting is actually quite good. Our main characters work well and produce pretty competent performances with what they are working with. There is good on-screen chemistry between them and at no point was I anything but utterly convinced I was immersed in this truly dire situation with them (god help me). In fact I'm probably being conservative when I say that the acting was just 'good'. The directing is also pretty good, as is production the comedic value and pretty much all else.

If you've gone to see something engaging with a well developed story that you get drawn into and can reflect on I will forgive your disappointment because this film isn't it. For the what its trying to achieve and the audience I believe it's aimed at, I think this one does quite well. I think it would be unfair of me to make a judgement on it outside of these constraints so this is why I have given it the score I have.

I probably wouldn't go see it on my own, but it wasn't a waste of my time doing so. I would recommend it though, because as a lighthearted flick it's OK and I know there are those of us who like this kind of film and would enjoy what this one has to offer.
Didn't laugh once. The story, acting and directing was terrible. I usually don't find these sorts of romantic comedies that bad and I laugh very easily but the humour was just so forced and lame. 100% Wouldn't recommend watching it in cinemas. Shouldn't even be rated R as their is no nudity, foul language or heavy violence.
A nice experience for home theater
There was a lot of natural acting done in this movie, and by natural i mean not over enhanced for viewing experience, by that i am saying that Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario are very good actors, the only problem was that their acting was too real in a sort of way that puts the viewing experience off at times, but i had a lot of laughs and reactions to scenes so it was a good experience.

With that being said ill have to say that yes the scripting was really bad, they could have done a lot more to make this a good movie, the camera shots were good most times, and there is a fair amount of fan service as you may expect.

So its not really a cinema worthy movie for everyone, but i would still recommend it to be watched for the experience.
A fun filled romantic comedy
This film tells the story of two young women, whose lives are going less smoothly as desired. They decide to go on a spontaneous trip to Florida, and they meet a charming man on the flight. They fight for this guy's attention with increasing severity.

"The Layover" is charming and fun. The two women fight for the same guy, and the tactics they use get increasingly mean and horrible. As a result, there are a lot of hilarious and unintended consequences. Alexandra Daddario is really fun and charming in this film, she just makes you want her to succeed in her quest for the guy. I enjoyed watching this bubble gum romantic comedy.
Good Watch
I was actually excited for this film, but a little confused as to why William H. Macy would want to direct Kate Upton. I really liked The Other Woman, so I decided to give this movie a try.

It was a great story, and kept me absorbed from start to finish. Not a great comedy, or an award winning material here. But highly recommended from this particular reviewer.

The absolute greatest movie of all time
The absolute greatest movie of all time. Hands down. My future wife, Alexandra Daddario, and future second wife, Kate Upton, play best friends competing for the affection of a man who I would kill to be.

Both actresses really bring their best... "assets" to this movie. My eyes were glued to the screen because I couldn't look away from their... "acting chops." Their "talent" really shines in a scene which takes place in a swimming pool where both women are just being the greatest thing God ever created. They are living proof that there is a God. They deserve Oscars for their performances. The producers, writers, and casting directors all deserve Oscars for putting Alexandra and Kate together for our enjoyment.

This film is also very emotional. I went through at least twenty tissue boxes watching this film.

I'd give it an 8008 out of 10 if I could.
Read this !
Wasn't that bad I've seen worst we all do , main reason of watching this movie I wanted to kill some time in early morning 5am so other genres won't fit at this time so comedy was my choice also because of Alexandra Daddario in it , The movie was funny enough for me wasn't that great and wasn't that bad either so don't depend on the rating and reviews all the time !
For the Love of Upton & Daddario
I think, everyone watch this movie because of the casting. Both girl are some of the most beautiful woman living in Hollywood nowadays. Too bad the script is not really good, or I think we don't really get what we kind of expect from this movie's cast. It is better if they give us more right. It just looks like some kind of cheap chick flick from Hallmark. Because I'm kind of enjoy it, I think its OK for one time viewing. A not so r-rated lighthearted comedy.
I don't know if there was another movie I ever saw that was so funny and so arousing at the same time
With Kate Upton vs. Alexandra Daddario, we can't loose!

So Upton and Daddario play two best friends (Despite their personality differences) who decide to go after the same man when a layover gets them stuck in St. Louis.

It was a good role reversal (Cause usually it's too dudes who would treat another person like meat in this matter). It really did make the comedy refreshing, and I did like what the overall lesson of the movie turned out to be. It was an old plot line in need of this new perspective, and William H Macy as the director really did just that.

I've always had a thing for Alexandra Daddario since I saw her in those Percy Jackson movies, but I have to say, Kate Upton won this battle. The model turned actress was obviously hired to put the sex in this sex comedy, or at least that's what they want you to think. Every scene she was in had me rolling on the floor. I had some good laughs watching her own the screen. Way better than her turn in the comedy,  The Other Woman. Daddario was good for a few giggles (And one amazing sex scene that was both steaming hot and absolutely hilarious), but nothing had me Laughing out Loud like Upton. I'm not going to lie, I was surprised and impressed by the talent.

Too hot and too funny. I could watch this over and over again.

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