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Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Dan Bush
James Franco as Ed Maas
Debbie Sherman as Lauren
Lee Broda as Nancy
Michael Milford as Kramer
Jeff Gum as Officer James Aiken
Francesca Eastwood as Leah Dillon
Scott Haze as Michael Dillon
Q'orianka Kilcher as Susan Cromwell
Clifton Collins Jr. as Detective Tom Iger
Taryn Manning as Vee Dillon
Keith Loneker as Cyrus
Storyline: Two estranged sisters are forced to rob a bank in order to save their brother. But this is no ordinary bank.
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one of the dumbest movie i have ever seen
So we get a bunch of robbers along with Clint Eastwood daughter, that women as one of the strangest face i have ever seen...

They plan a bank robbery and everything should be perfect, quiet, some are in the bank others come in dressed as firefighters.

James Franco who passes for the bank manager offers to help and sends them in the basement where there is a strange vault. Now this is where the movie starts to get weird and stupid.

The usual they open the vault and start dying one by one, it is then reveled that there was a bank robbery back in 1982 in the same bank but the masked robber was insane and tortured and killed everyone before burning them.

Of course 2 make it out alive with the money, we get little to no explanation of what is going on, to see the 2 girls in the jeep, the song plays and they get attack by the same ghost in the bank....

So i understood that the ghost left the bank... or something like that, nothing new in this borefest the rating is accurate too does not deserve more then a 3 4 rating.
Shame on you James Franco
I really watched this one because I saw James Franco in the cast and said " how bad it can be there is James Franco... " . Lets say this is a horrible movie, you cannot call it a horror movie , you cannot call it a drama .... Only thing you can call it is sh*t.

Firstly , Lead actress, sorry but calling her an actress is an insult to porn actresses . She simply cannot act. Second actress , I'm not sure whether if it was the make up that made her look like a crack wh*re or she was really one . Her acting is terrible only except when she acts like a drug addict. Terrible acting. Rest there is no need to say anything. James Franco is just a several facial expression and couple of words nothing more.

Scenario is the trailer. Watch the trailer voila you watched the whole movie. There is nothing more than the trailer. Simply don't watch it ...
Would Have, Should Have, Could Have.
For Shock Value, the Entire 1982 Robbery should have been shown at the very beginning. 1/4th of the Movie. "1982" on the opening scenes. So that this movie would not drag on, with what seems to be "filler material".

Then the start of this Robbery. "Present Day" on the opening scenes.

Hate Dark Scenes, went you cannot see anything other than dark blurs. Like when most Cheap Out and put a Dark Blue Filter almost like Welder's Lens on the Cameras. I know they are doing this because the image when brightened is uniformly lighter and everything can be seen, as if there was no cheap dark blue filter.

The choice of the song 1968 "Crimson and Clover" by Tommy James and The Shondells was a Mismatch, should have used Joan Jett's 1982 version or another song that matched the Story Line. During the 1960s I was more worried about Vietnam and the NASA Moon Landing, did not really pay too much attention to music. During the 1970s I was drafted and we played the 1968 "Crimson and Clover" (Crimson being our blood all over Vietnam), and Creedence Clearwater Revival "Run through the Jungle" because as U.S. Army Special Forces Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol that's how we covered so much distance in a short time. During the 1980s I was a U.S. Army Ordnance Corps Officer, our Branch colors Crimson and Gold, then I got sent to U.S. Ally Iraq during the Iran Iraq Wars as a U.S. Army Special Forces Officer Team Leader, Branch color Rifle Green "Jungle Green".
Deserves a higher rating
This is better than the rating, at the time of writing, of 4.7. This has hair-on-end horror not the standard jump-scares, with a touch of gore and suspense to boot. Something about it reminded me of "The Usual Suspects" and "Assault on Precinct 13" and now I have said that you will see it too! Really only commenting as 4.7 seems waay too low. Hardly a deep movie but a good movie. As I have hinted it is derivative but nevertheless entertaining with a charismatic cast and camera-work, lighting and action worthy of classic Hollywood fare. I know people will knock this review simply for me saying this is what Hollywood does best but I think Cannes would like this, even.
Falls Short Of The Mark
The Vault is part heist part horror movie starring James Franco, Francesca Eastwood, Taryn Manning and Clfton Collins Jr. among others. A gang of robbers attempts a bank heist and they end up in a hostage situation while at the same time being taken out by malevolent spirits that haunt the part of the bank where the old vault is. It turns out that in 1982 a deranged criminal attempted a bank robbery and killed most of the employees and customers and all of their spirits still haunt the building and they get very violent when a new gang attempts a robbery.

The overall idea was interesting but there is very little character development and the story feels rushed and is badly explained and executed. The acting is borderline with the best actors being severely under-used and the overall feel of the movie is both disjointed and predictable. Some of the decisions by the main characters make little sense and the big twist is obvious almost from the start (the lack of interaction with the particular character and the sideburns gave it away). In the end it's a mash-up movie but the problem is that it fails as both a heist movie and a horror. Could have been much better if the story was developed in depth.
A low budget B film through and through
This film tells the story of a group of five bank robbers who aim to rob half a million dollars from the bank. The think they hit the jackpot when the assistant manager of the bank offers help to get them six million dollars from the mysterious underground vault.

"The Vault" is a very low budget film, and it really shows. That in itself is not a problem, if it had a good story and tight editing. Unfortunately, there is not much to fill the screen time, and the pacing is just really slow. It takes the robbers thirty minutes to get to the vault, and then another thirty minutes for things to get going. There are many implausible or illogical things happening in the film too. I find it implausible that there is only one man trying to open the vault, while the two women watch on CCTV. Could they not have helped with opening the vault? It is a low budget B film through and through. There will be fans who like this film, but it is not for me.
The truth n in short: a bad film. Franco, u cheated us man.
Saw this recently on a pirated DVD. The trailer showing a heist with horror elements along with Franco was sufficient to buy the DVD. As one character keeps on asking no lies, short answers. Well, i will tell the truth n in short. Bad film. Franco cheated the audiences. The Vault tried to be a mix n mash genre but it failed. There wasn't any tension n action. It is not at all scary or graphic n not action-heavy. The killings weren't that scary or tension filled. The scenes with the "stuff" were shot in dark n the editing was horrendous. In one scene the brother is sitting when the shooting happens n suddenly he is seen cutting the pipe. Ther r numerous badly edited scenes. Non scary scenes which r just there to fill up. The acting was awful by the two leading ladies. Clint Eastwood must b really upset. There was no character development n the twist was kinda predictable. Maybe director Dan Bush's intention was to create a good blend of heist n horror. His Signal is one of my favorite horror film.
I liked it
So apparently today everything has to be big, with lots of special effects, jump scares and an astronomical budget. Right? -Wrong!

This is how movies used to be done, sure it is a tad bit more ambiguous, resembles The Void a little, but I still say it succeeded! I had fun watching it, I liked the characters, the plot, the execution, I did not expect something out of the ordinary, thus I feel I received exactly what I wanted. A good little film, a nice add-on to my horror collection, I'll even recommend it for a late night run.

The Vault is a nicely crafted piece, there was room for improvement, for something bigger, surely enough, but it did not failed. Overall, a small success indeed!

Enjoyable in an old fashioned way
I enjoyed the movie because it tried to be original and you could get the gist of the movie.The movie really is about the vault but it's also about more than just the vault and I enjoyed how the movie kept building up on the story and kept me interested.

I think James Franco is too good an actor to be in a movie like this and you could tell by the fact that he was the only actor who was a good actor. I'm not sure if Taryn Manning and Francesca Eastwood were intentionally supposed to act like crazy, unpredictable, very unlikeable bad guys but 1 minute they want to kill you and in the next scene they "would" never hurt a fly and it's their bad acting that totally ruined the movie for me. I mean Taryn right at the very beginning tries to beat someone to death but then later on talks about how no one is going to die. Lol.....All the other actors/ characters where pretty straightforward and played their parts well.
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