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Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Andrew Stanton
Ben Burtt as WALL·E
Jeff Garlin as Captain McCrea
Fred Willard as Shelby Forthright - BnL CEO
MacInTalk as AUTO
Kathy Najimy as Mary
Sigourney Weaver as Ship's Computer
Kim Kopf as Hoverchair Mother
Teddy Newton as Steward Bots (voice)
Lori Alan as Additional Voices (voice)
Bob Bergen as Additional Voices (voice)
Paul Eiding as Additional Voices (voice)
Donald Fullilove as Additional voices (voice) (as Don Fullilove)
Teresa Ganzel as Additional Voices (voice)
John Cygan as Additional Voices (voice)
Storyline: In a distant, but not so unrealistic, future where mankind has abandoned earth because it has become covered with trash from products sold by the powerful multi-national Buy N Large corporation, WALL-E, a garbage collecting robot has been left to clean up the mess. Mesmerized with trinkets of Earth's history and show tunes, WALL-E is alone on Earth except for a sprightly pet cockroach. One day, EVE, a sleek (and dangerous) reconnaissance robot, is sent to Earth to find proof that life is once again sustainable. WALL-E falls in love with EVE. WALL-E rescues EVE from a dust storm and shows her a living plant he found amongst the rubble. Consistent with her "directive", EVE takes the plant and automatically enters a deactivated state except for a blinking green beacon. WALL-E, doesn't understand what has happened to his new friend, but, true to his love, he protects her from wind, rain, and lightning, even as she is unresponsive. One day a massive ship comes to reclaim EVE, but WALL-E, ...
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Wonderful Message
In the Twentieth-Eighth Century, Earth is completely depleted and with the ecological system destroyed. The powerful corporation Buy N Large builds a huge spacecraft called Axiom and sends the entire civilization for a five-year cruise while trash collector robots called WALL-E (Waste Allocator Load Lifter – Earth) would clean the planet. However, the equipment fail and seven-hundred year later, only a single robot WALL-E is performing his duty. His only companion is a cockroach and his great entertainment is watching an old "Hello Dolly" videotape. When a spaceship lands on Earth out of the blue and leaves the probe Eve, WALL-E follows her and falls in love for Eve. After a hostile initial contact, the dangerous Eve gets close to WALL-E and he gives a small plant to her. Eve gets the plant and automatically sends a signal to the spaceship that returns and takes Eve back. However, the desperate WALL-E grabs on the hull and travels through the space chasing Eve until they reach Axiom and find a full automated facility crowded by lazy and fat human beings unable even of walking with their legs. The expectation of life on Earth brings hope to the Captain against the will and prime direction of the auto-pilot that organizes a mutiny on board.

"WALL-E" is one of the best animations I have ever seen, with adorable characters and a deep story, showing a possible scenario of the depletion of our planet caused by the lack of concern from the big corporations with the environment. In addition, there is the beautiful love story of WALL-E, the importance of small and forgotten things; a great nostalgia of the old times among many other message. The story is very well developed in spite of having very few dialogs. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "WALL-E"
A Wasted Opportunity
After half an hour of almost meditative atmospheric silent comedy build-up, complete with perfect use of sound effects, the plot kicks in and we're left with one of PIXARs least captivating story lines this side of "Cars".

The computer-generated images are crystal-clear and marvelous to behold, but, compared to, say, "Ratatouille" somewhat distancing, while the sledgehammer delivery of the eco-friendly message with all the obese robot-controlled ex-earthlings tends to overstay its welcome. Especially the second half with all the chasing and hiding suffers from lazy script-writing.

Still, as with all PIXAR works, an enjoyable movie.

6 out of 10 "Hello, Dolly!" songs
I just rewatched this movie the other day and thought I would leave a review.

I grew up with the short-circuit movies and Wall-E's resemblance to number 5 is quite noticeable, but I liked number 5 so that's fine with me.

He expresses a lot as an anthropomorphic little character and so do the other robots.

The humans are pretty funny but I remember when I first saw it at the cinema and thinking that I wouldn't have that icecream at then end of the movie. just in case.

On a side note I really hope we learn to treat the planet better
Out of this WORLD!
I saw Wall E not too long ago, and It was one of the BEST Pixar animated films made.

It takes animation to a whole new level. The fact that there are little to no words conveyed in the first half and the movie was still so amazing? Just dazzles me.

This is a movie you can watch with family, a girlfriend, even alone, and still enjoy it undeniably.

This is a movie that you can really feel the passion Pixar put in it. You can feel the emotion that all the characters are feeling.

Wall E was also moved along very nicely. Not too rushed, not too slow. If you haven't watched Wall E cause you think It looks silly, you are wrong, and I suggest that you watch it as soon as you can, because this isn't a movie that is better to watch on DVD.
WALL-E: A Wonderful Achievement
When it comes to animated films, Pixar are masters of the craft. Ever since their feature film debut, the magnificent 'Toy Story', the animation studio have brought us such instant classics as 'Monsters Inc.', 'The Incredibles' and 'Finding Nemo', a film which remains as one of the biggest selling DVDs of all time. Surely it's about time that they delivered us a bad film? Well, sorry to disappoint, but Pixar's 'WALL-E' is among not only their greatest work, but among the greatest animations ever produced.

The film opens with some astonishing shots of a desolate, rubbish-laden, polluted Earth; a boldly dark opening for a family oriented feature. It is amidst these dystopian surroundings, however, that our hero - arguably more adorable than a basket full of puppies and kittens - is first introduced to us. WALL-E is a character of genius; combining elements of Johnny 5, Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean, Andrew Stanton (Director) and crew have created something that will no doubt go down in history with R2-D2 as one as the screen's most memorable machines.

It is the 22nd Century, and mankind have left Earth in giant Space Cruisers waiting for the surface of their planet to finally become habitable again. 700 years have past, and WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class), is the last of a group of robots left to clean up the planet. In a disturbing sequence, our hero ventures home through trash heaps laden with 'dead' WALL-E's... another sign that this is not the usually Pixar fare, but something more meaningful, more bold, more... adult in theme. And this is what the first act of the film is. WALL-E, accompanied by his pet cockroach (who, as a testament to Pixar's genius, we grow to care for just as much as the metal man himself), goes about his daily routine. It is in this mostly silent section of the film that we grow to love WALL-E. As he rumages through human garbage, finding interest in things that seem mundane to us, we discover that after all these years, this little robot has developed something that makes him seem more to us than an animated clunk of cogs and rust... a personality. His incredibly curious nature make for some of the most adorable moments depicted in film (including moments such as WALL-E meets car keys and WALL-E meets... bra). We delve further into this intriguing personality when we invited into the little guy's 'house', a storage space for all his collected junk. Whilst WALL-E watches a VCR of the musical 'Hello, Dolly!", we see from his large, emotional eyes and clasping hands that he is, heartbreakingly, all alone on this immense world.

Then, the following day, as WALL-E goes about his trash-cube-making business, something extraordinary, both to us and WALL-E, occurs. A space ship touches down on the surface, holding within it EVE, a futuristic, Ipod-resembling droid here to scout the earth for plant-life... and WALL-E's one true love (aww).

This love story eventually leaps from Earth into space and onto The Axiom, an immense Space Ship on which a large number of the American population - depicted as lazy, obese, consumerist slobs - go about the same mundane routine day in, day out. Message heavy, but never preachy. In the end, through WALL-E, everyone learns the true meanings of life: Love and the relationships with those around us. Oh, and to take care of the planet, of course.

Beautiful visuals, astonishing characterisation and a sequence with WALL-E and EVE floating through space that is more romantic than anything your likely to see this year, make 'WALL-E' an outstanding achievement that proudly stands among Pixar's finest work. WALL-E is a completely realised character, and one which I am sure we have not seen the last of. Although, some would argue, not as accessible as other films in the genre (some children may grow resteless during the film's earlier, dialogue-free sequences), 'WALL-E' will leave a lasting impression on cinema goers of all ages.

And that is the genius of Pixar. The only studio ever to create films that are, truly, 'for all the family'.

-Dan Henry, 20th July 2008
An A+ for Wall-E! One of the best movies this century!
Wall-E is the movie experience I've been looking for. I haven't seen a new film this richly entertaining, thrilling, touching and satisfying since Spider-Man 2. It is truly the finest Pixar or animated CGI film to date. I can discuss it without spoilers easily because it's one of those films, like 2001: A Space Odyssey, that exists more as a pure experience of the heart and the senses than as a collection of events that we're supposed to keep track of intellectually. Wall-E rises above that kind of unnecessary complication into the same kind of space occupied by dreams and the imagination.

This film is beautifully animated, of course, to that magical Pixar point where even piles of what should be disgusting trash somehow look breathtakingly gorgeous and even fairly realistic-looking roaches look cute. But much more importantly, the heart, the emotion in this movie is unlike anything I've experienced at the cinema since Forrest Gump. Certainly my tear ducts have not welled up while watching a movie this much since then. I fell in like with the character of Wall-E when I saw the trailer. Watching the movie, I fell in love with him within about 2 minutes. Shortly after that, I fell in love with the idea of Wall-E falling in love.

My previous favorite movie romance is Superman and Lois Lane in the original Superman films. The love story, or the love experience of Wall-E and Eve is perhaps the first I've seen since then that operates at and succeeds on that same level. These couples create an uncomplicated, innocent, simple, yet deep and powerful bond. They capture the experience of love at first sight, writ large. They possess an instant chemistry that tells you they belong together from the first time they see one another and makes you root for their relationship throughout the film. Wall-E and Eve share moments together of real cinematic beauty, true hilarity, frightening sadness, frustrating difficulty and delightful satisfaction. It's a testament to the level of genius at which the Pixar storytellers are operating that we feel every beat of this relationship resonate every step of the way despite the fact that the characters are robots that are not modeled off of humans and speak no more than a handful of words throughout the movie (this animated movie is refreshingly free of obvious "guest star" voices or any over-the-top stand-up comedians trying to upstage the movie).

Just like in the first Superman films, once you care about the characters as individuals and care about their relationship, it's almost impossible for the rest of the movie not to work. You're hooked at hello. Wall-E adds all the expected complications to keep the would-be lovers from getting together most of the time. There is a truly great "McGuffin" that keeps the heroes and villains busy for quite a while (the item in question is something outwardly simple that ends up holding the key to something more important than anything in the world). The pacing during most of these adventures is as breakneck as anything out of the Star Wars films and the action is always staged with crystal clarity. There are several scenes of peril for Wall-E that are reminiscent of that oddly powerful sequence in Short Circuit 2 when Johnny 5 is almost killed. The filmmakers pull absolutely no punches when it comes to running your heart through the ringer over characters you care about. It probably helps that you can do a lot more physical damage to a robot character than you can to a human character while keeping a G rating and still getting the audience dramatically worried about their survival.

Even on top of the action, the emotion, the visuals and the humor, Wall-E goes the extra mile into thought-provoking thematic territory. The film never hits you over the head with anything preachy and doesn't really even outright tell you what its opinions on the subjects it raises are. It also doesn't explicitly lay out explanations for everything that exists in Wall-E's world (there are no "talking killer" scenes and very little verbal exposition). I think the bits of ambiguity work here because they add to the sense of mystery, helplessness and alienation that most of the characters in the movie feel to some degree.

There are human characters in this movie too, quite a few. I think that's necessary because if humans aren't shown in a robot world, you have to wonder what purpose were the robots designed to serve? That was a curiosity of the earlier CGI movie, Robots. Most of the humans in Wall-E aren't as developed as the robots, but I think that's because they exist more to represent the whole of humanity rather than particular individuals. We're asked to ponder the consequences of the choices they make as though the whole society was moving in that direction, not just one person. Wall-E and Eve are the heart of this movie but the humans are used to add some intellectual gravity for the audience to chew on.

Other choices made in the movie might also leave room for debate, such as the integration of some live-action footage into the film. But because the movie as a whole is so audaciously stimulating and brilliantly satisfying, it's a plus that they left us with a few unresolved or unusual things to think about and question after getting off of the great emotional and visual roller-coaster experience. Wall-E truly serves up everything that I think an audience could want in a movie experience. It will be very easy for me to watch this one over and over again. It is a modern-day classic that I believe should earn a place in cinema history as the "2001" of CGI animated films, both of them movies of indisputable brilliance, unyielding imagination and unending entertainment.

Footnote: The pre-movie short is an awesome, violent Looney Tunes/Roger Rabbit-esquire toon. It wants only to entertain and does.
Reviews of Wall E
Wall-e a small robot has been gathering rubbishes for 700 years and truing to have a simple life and uses every rubbish that is still useful. Listening to love songs causes he doesn't forget how lonely he is. Then ,when a spaceship is send to earth from human with robot to search in through the earth and find vital sights on it. Wall-e was of female robot named Eve which stand for extraterrestrial vegetation evaluator is super advanced robot that still doesn't know much about love ,dance and useful rubbishes and she is on a mission to find vital sources too. Wall-e that has found a small green planet , showed it to the Eve and she kept it with herself automatically and turned off. The spaceship turned back to the earth to take Eve and Wall-e that is in love with her , tried to follow her where she was going… Animated Wall-e , directed by Andrew Stanton in 2006. It also won the Oscar for best animated and Oscar nomination : best original screenplay of the year , best original music year , best editor sound , and best original sound. The Wall-e animation, even though it represented a harsh truth and an end of the world concept. It also delivered a sweet and hopeful outcome that captivates the audience. In the first 40 minutes of the movie, the most interesting thing is how it demonstrates the story line without the use of words to show all the emotions that the characters go through. In the second part it demonstrate show the technology has effect the humanity and how their selfish and wasteful behavior has doomed their lives on earth to the point that they had to take refuge in spaceship. The citizens in this so called ''Space Station'' are so dependent to the technology that even their most basic activities are being done for them by machines. If you think about it , this is somehow similar to the life style we have today. As we evolution our god gets, our daily activities become easier and there for we don't have to work as hard. It has been quite some time that Pixar has changed its perspective on making animations. Their image has changed from making fairy tales to delivering more realistic story. Wall-e cannot be considered as just an entertainment for the children because adults can relate to its audience. It shows love, drama, action, humor and so an... You can't just consider Wall-e as good animation to me it's a masterpiece that could remains as an inspirational story that would last for many years to come.
By and Large, Pixar's Masterpiece
Wall-E is the film Pixar has been working toward ever since Toy Story first tested the boundaries of computer animation. It is without a doubt the best Pixar film, if not the best computer animated feature ever made, and it ranks with the rest of Disney's classics.

The story is both timeless and timely. 700 years after Earth's citizens flew away from their dumpster-like planet, one robot, the dirty and old yet clever and plucky protagonist Wall-E, is still condensing the mountains of trash into nice little piles. He discovers many of the trappings of civilization, most notably an old VHS of "Hello Dolly!" which teaches him about true love.

His simple life is thrown into disarray by the arrival of another robot, Eve, sent from the humans' ship on a top secret mission. For Wall-E, it is love at first sight. But when Eve is whisked back to the spaceship, Wall-E stows away as well. Soon not only is Wall-E's courage tested, but also the humanity of all the citizens who have now become fat lazy blobs who live gliding along an easy chair.

To start, the film looks gorgeous. While that is something we have come to expect from computer animated films thanks to today's technology, yet again we truly see the wonders and mysteries of outer space. But the film is much more than beautiful: it is also hilarious. On one level it has many topical jokes concerning the humans on the ship. But on a higher plane the humor of the robots has the quality of silent comedy, particularly Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times (in fact, unlike most of today's very chatty animated films, there is very little dialogue). In addition, the visuals are accompanied by an excellent score by Thomas Newman (American Beauty). Songs from Hello, Dolly insterspersed in the movie also enhance the story. Finally the voices are skilfully done. The robots' sounds convey true character and emotion, and Jeff Garlingives a great performance as the main speaking role of the film, the ship's captain.

There is a lot more to say about this film. For one, it owes a huge debt to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, from the musical selection to the look of the ship. The amount of plunder from Kubrick's genius would be pathetic if the film itself was not brilliant or innovative in its own right. Wall-E is an experience to be seen, to be heard, and to be felt. It is a story of timeless love and a cautionary tale of where we may be going as a species and as a planet. But above all it is a masterpiece of cinema, and a work of art you must see.
A beautiful love story...
WALL-E is a robot left on Earth to clean it up while the human race waits in space. Despite being a robot, however, WALL-E has developed a consciousness - he is curious and innocent as a child. Of course, being what seems like the only operational robot left, he also longs for companionship (...someone besides his pet cockroach).

That's where EVE comes in, a robot probe sent from the humans in space to check whether or not Earth is again inhabitable. Once WALL-E sees EVE, he becomes smitten and will literally follower her anywhere on Earth... or even space.

One can empathize with WALL-E, as he has been alone for what seems like the greater part of 700 years, toiling away at work with nothing but the comforts of his makeshift home to give him some small pleasures and distractions in life (although his morning sluggishness is due to his depleted power, we can't help but relate with those mornings WALL-E finds hard to get out of bed). When he sees the sleek, powerful EVE, it's quite understandable that he is captivated by her.

EVE, on the other hand, is completely focused on work (her "directive"). While we can see her personality come through when she enjoys the freedom of flying around upon her arrival, she is determined to fulfill her mission.

The real love story starts to kick in here. The scenes of WALL-E trying to gain EVE's affection are both lovable and laughable. And when WALL-E brings EVE to his home to shelter the storm, he shows EVE all of the various things he collected, much like how a child would show another companion his playthings. EVE's sense of humor comes to light, and we start to see a connection between WALL-E and EVE.

Still, when WALL-E shows EVE a plant he picked up, she realizes that her mission is accomplished, so she then "hibernates" and beacons the spaceship to pick her up. WALL-E, though, doesn't realize what she has done when she shuts herself down - he is confused, and thinking that she's solar-powered like himself, he brings her outside to the sunlight. His concern and care for her in the rainstorms shine through, and he also dresses her up in lights when he shows her the beautiful sunset she can't see.

When the spaceship picks up EVE, WALL-E follows suit, wanting to protect her but still not realizing what is going on. Once they dock on the AXIOM ship, WALL-E gets into more trouble, being a fish out of water.

EVE initially looks down on WALL-E - he's, of course, an older model who's job is just a trash compactor. Her attitudes can be seen on Earth where she initially ignores his attempts to gain her attention. Her desire to protect WALL-E arises not from love but more from a sense of noblesse oblige - even though WALL-E would follow EVE anywhere, she tries to make WALL-E understand that he has to go back to Earth alone, echoing WALL-E's interaction with his ever-present pet cockroach back on Earth.

When WALL-E is locked in a space capsule that is set to explode, EVE again tries to save WALL-E. Luckily, he was able to get out of the situation himself, and they meet in space. WALL-E used what he learned of a fire extinguisher on Earth (a hilarious scene) to propel him - here, we see EVE and WALL-E as equals in a beautiful dance of flight around the spaceship.

More and more, we see EVE start to care deeply for EVE, and it's not only because he's cute and funny but also because he is unselfish and caring. When the captain asks EVE to show recordings of her time on Earth in order to see the state the planet is in, the recording is left on, and EVE then sees the care WALL-E has taken of her during her hibernation. Also, WALL-E risks his life to protect the plant, not because he cares so much the plant but because he knows how much fulfilling her directive means to EVE. He would do anything for EVE, and, in turn, EVE starts to develop the same feelings towards WALL-E.

The two endure various calamity to help the spaceship return to Earth, but WALL-E becomes a casualty in the process. EVE finds replacement parts and fixes WALL-E, but he is not the same - he is only focused on his work, a reversal of roles from the beginning of the film. However, EVE holds WALL-E's hands and "kisses" him with a spark, and his memory awakens.


It's just amazing to me how all of this is conveyed in the storytelling. The characters' expressions and actions are limited to their eyes and gestures of their hands, yet that seems to be more than enough for the artists of the film to express the character's emotions in a visual manner. Each robot can't but say each other's names, yet their bond comes through without any dialogue - in fact, just the tone of their voice when calling each other's names gives all of the information about their intent or feelings at that moment.

In any love story, it's not a trivial task to express both sides - oftentimes, unrequited love 'magically' becomes true love after a single event, when the object of the affection suddenly has their eyes opened. On the other hand, WALL-E provides the viewer with a believable love story where both characters come alive and whisk you away in their universe. It's nothing short of extraordinary.


Of course, to say that "WALL-E" is a perfect love story is a miscategorization, as it offers a perfect blend of comedy, action, and suspense, along with so many other interwoven messages and jewels - it's just a perfect story, period.
Hmmm...bit of a let down
Having read endless reviews that this was going to be (i quote) 'the film of our generation', I have to say I was very disappointed. What Pixar have accomplished here is a film of incredible merit...for about twenty five minutes. The opening scenes on earth are, a little odd, but there are lots of guaranteed laughs within, and Wall-e is a truly tremendous character to have been concocted by an animation studio; in deed, thanks to this little robot, for about fifteen minutes, this is probably the finest animated film ever made; it is unique, it is thought provoking, and it gives great promise of what is yet to come; however, what is yet to come is a terrible waste of a great initial idea. The scenes on board the spaceship are at best 'quirky' and the film is weighed down by too many unnecessary characters, several plot devices of absolutely no sustenance, poor scripting, and an hour of film where the same scenes seem to be flashing before our eyes again and again...it really does get monotonous. The last five minutes go someway to undoing the damage, but for all the stunning animation and 'make you think' messages, Wall e never really finds it feet. If only the first half hour had been fleshed out, developed, and not flushed down the toilet in favour of an irrelevant and idiotic 'look at the pretty lights' plot line that takes far too long and never really gets anywhere, we would probably be looking at top 100 material.

It seems to me that Pixar have set out to do something wonderful, different and incredibly brave, but got cold feet, wondered too much about 'is this going to work?' and opted instead for the usual heartwarming and vaguely amusing mulch.

I'm maybe being a little unfair here. The bloated mid section is probably, upon comparison, about as good as bits of ratatouille, the incredibles or finding nemo; Wall e fails to cut the grade simply because it promised to be better, and because it never really seems to know what it's doing.

A disappointing effort
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