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Music, Documentary
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Rudi Dolezal, Nick Broomfield
Bobby Brown as Himself (archive footage)
Robyn Crawford as Herself (archive footage)
David Roberts as Himself
John Russell Houston Jr. as Himself (archive footage)
Cissy Houston as Herself
Whitney Houston as Herself (archive footage)
Storyline: By the time Whitney Elizabeth Houston was 15, she was singing background vocals for Chaka Khan, Lou Rawls, and Jermaine Jackson. In 1983 Whitney signed a worldwide recording contract with Clive Davis's Arista Records. However her success came with its fair share of drug use, love affairs, and scandals.
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oh boy
This was painful to watch. Save yourself the time and don't bother watching this train wreck (that lame pun was better than anything in this special). I have never been a big fan of whitney but she was better than this. Maybe she should search some old tapes for new material. 1 star is generous for this slop. The material was lame Maybe that is why none of the big premier pay channels picked up this special. will have to do better in the future choosing material
Sad Documentary!
Rudi Dolezal was born the same year as me, 1958, and I know his work very well, he's a veteran of documentaries about great bands and big musicians plus the creator of numerous musical clips. He made films about huge names like: Queen, The Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, Falco, Sandra, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Can, Sarah Brightman, Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Bad Company, David Bowie, Michael Jackson. Also, Rudi Dolezal made "Freddie Mercury, the Untold Story" (2000), a documentary that I immediately thought about watching this film about Whitney Houston, because both documentaries give us less known details about two of the greatest singers in the world history, two huge talents, two unique voices, two tragic destinies. Here, we find out about Whitney that she was actually a drug addict since adolescence, that she was emotional unstable and bisexual. Like the great Mozart, who died even younger, both Whitney Houston and Freddie Mercury, were some giants of Music but, in their private life, very very fragile human beings and two self-destructive souls.
First real documentary about Whitney!
Let me start by saying the 5,6 rating for this documentary is an absolute and disgraceful joke! This is the first real and honest documentary about Whitney, after she sadly passed away.

This is a documentary Whitney would have wanted! It portrayed her as a very nice, warm and spontaneous woman.

Many people who were close to her or close around her for many years tell their story. Cissy Houston, Bobby Brown and Robyn Crawford weren't a part of this documentary but to me, that wasn't a problem.

The people who were so close around her knew exactly what was going on. They all tell a very honest story. There is a lot of archive footage going with their stories, which only adds to what they all have to say.

Whitney's story is a sad and frustrating one that has everything to do with powerlessness. I won't tell more about the story, just watch the documentary for yourself, it's really worth it.

The footage from Whitney's My Love Is Your Love World Tour from 1999 has never been seen before. It is great to see for every Whitney fan.

The big bonus is the concert footage you get to see. Some breathtaking performances, although only parts, who will give you goosebumps. The behind the scenes and concert footage really adds a dramatic effect to the documentary.

Nick Broomfield did a great job in putting the stories and footage together.

Whitney was and always will be one of the giants in the music industry. Let's remember her for the sweet woman she was, and that voice, oh yes that voice..the best there ever was!
Maybe the Answer was "All of the Above"
Although I always admired Whitney Houston's incredible talent, I was never a huge fan of her music. However, once her death was announced, it saddened me more than any other famous person who had died. Maybe because we are both about the same age, or maybe because someone so beautiful and so talented left us in such a tragic way.

Living in New Jersey (where she had a house), there were always rumors about her sexuality. I always thought her inability to "come out" was the primary reason for her sadness and drug use,and ultimately her death. But after watching this movie, it seems that there are multiple reasons, including her adjustments from a poor life to a wealthy life, her early drug addictions that continued, and her family members who didn't have her best interests in mind. I never thought Bobby Brown was the primary reason for her downfall, which seems to be supported by this documentary.

All in all, a very sad documentary, but if you're interested in Whitney Houston's story, it's a definite must-see.
Respectful, but nothing special.
Being a big fan I could not wait to watch this special. But it was anything but special. From the moment it starts it is a man talking about Whitney Houston's life and achievements with photos of her flashing in the background. If you have ever watched TV or picked up a magazine then you already know everything this show has to offer.
Fame, talent, beauty, wealth and drugs are a dangerous mix
What an absolutely heartbreaking story. A beautiful soul with the voice of a gospel angel who lost herself and nobody could do anything to prevent this tragedy.

This fairly short documentary looks at Whitney's early years, her rise to fame and the later chaotic times. Her family and those closest to her are shown as both supportive and damaging. Whitney became almost a trademark, a whitened commodity which provided those closest to her with careers and success. It's a heck of a responsibility on one person's shoulders. Along with that came the huge intrusion of fame and living one's life in a goldfish bowl. The drugs and alcohol, i guess, became a way of escaping and switching off from the merry go round of publicity and performance?

The documentary shows private and public footage spanning 40yrs of Whitney's life. A lot is focused on the dynamics between Whitney, her family, Robyn and Bobby. Robyn's departure from Whitney's scene was regarded by some as the most damaging loss to Whitney and her well being. Her life spiralled downwards after this with drugs and family arguments. The ex bodyguard had been very aware of the situation and had flagged his concerns to the family. He had hoped that the arrival of their daughter, Bobbi Christina, would focus the couple's minds on their child's welfare. It didn't, they continued to self destruct.

I remember when the news broke about Whitney's drug problems. a lot of blame was placed on Bobby Brown. He was the street and Whitney was a good girl being led astray. The documentary shows this wasn't the case. Whitney's image was, like her voice, beautiful and pure. I believe that image of her was damaging. It protected her in ways which enabled her to continue along the self destructive path. Rumours of her drug problems were never taken seriously. If they had, she may have faced a much earlier prod? Perhaps the outcome would've been different?

The documentary, for me, isn't a morality tale. It highlights the huge problems faced by one person when catapulted into stardom. Fame demands the person to be the image created which is often far removed from the individual.
Whitney: One Perspective
Let me be clear -- 'Whitney: Can I Be Me' is one documentary that I am sure will be one of many, and future movies and films that are all going to come out and present the perspectives of those who participate in them. For example, I have seen the Michael Jackson documentaries, etc., and they all keep coming because there were so many people around him that have different tales to tell, and were exposed to his life in different ways (from family to body guards to ticket sellers, etc.) that they feel their perspectives needed to be told. This documentary on Whiney Houston is similar to just one of those.

In that, Nick Broomfield and Rudi Dolezal have put together a very sad perspective on Whitney Houston told through those they interviewed and archival footage. Right there, it lets the viewer know it will not be complete nor told from those who need to be a part of this. It is not a concert film to celebrate Whitney's talent, but just a micro-one-sided telling of a world wide talent that met with tragedy. Some will feel that is exploitative because it doesn't fully address what it should, just the 'tragic parts' and I will agree that is a fair assessment.

Whitney's fans will like the never-before-seen footage of Whitney in concert in Europe 13 years before her death, the backstage footage of seeing how much of a toll that can take on a performer as popular as Whitney, and getting glimpses of when she was happy being a friend, a mom, and wife. And with the interviews of the few that did speak, we see how that was all a heavy load and much to cope. That's the area it touches on about Whitney being Whitney.

Then it veers into her trials, drug use, questions about her sexuality and how this all contributed towards her demise. In documentaries like this, many Whitney fans will feel as if the documentarian(s) are after the tabloidism of the subject, to kick the subject down after they are gone, get something cheap and tawdry released for ratings. Her fans know she had problems (She had a reality show which was never mentioned, for example). Is there a need for this documentary, then? Not a need, but a perspective that needs to be told, and they told it.

Whitney was huge in the 80s and 90s, and I appreciated her talent very much. I do not think this is the "official documentary" that will be/should be done on Whitney Houston from those who were very close to her and would agree to sit down, look into a camera and discuss Whiney's life in their lives, and I would recommend that die-hard fans stay away from this since the focus is on her downfall and does feel heavy handed on that at times -- they should wait for the 'true'documentary to be done. I expect that it will. But this one is a 'blip' of her life, a very sad tragic telling that actually leaves more questions for fans and non-fans alike who may be interested than it answers.
timing and humanity are absent from this performance and her pretentious and relentless charade of worldly defeatism doesn't work. Being grossbut there has to be some context, some originality and some relative experience for the viewer to engage with. I'd have to seriously question the professional judgment of the team that saw this past the ideas ! I'm assuming that they are all her friends or they divvied up her paycheck! How is this person a household name? Thankfully, nobody I know or am connected with openly admits to liking her unique talent for attention seeking!

This is an epic fail!
Inaccurate ratings
I really don't see why this was given such a low rating. The documentary was done very tastefully. We all know Whitney had a drug problem but they didn't try to smear her legacy by showing all of negative things that were going on. I've watched many specials before and after she died but there were things in this documentary that I had never seen or heard before. That in itself says a lot. I would watch again one day. The biggest thing I'm left feeling is, I wish Bobbi Kris would have lived longer. Obviously I wish both of them would have but I can only imagine how much Whitney would have wanted Bobbi to flourish, be happy and live a wonderful life. It's all so very tragic. If you have ever been a fan of Whitney's I recommend you watch it. I don't think it's anything at all like the negative reviews are saying b
Sad Story Straight Forward
This documentary is not so much an homage to an amazing lady with a god given voice, but a honest look behind the limelight scenes: a woman trying her best to keep it all together. Although we all know how the story ends, this picture takes us back to the start. We see her star rising: albums, shows, world tours, movies, awards. Stock material mixed with many personal videos show us how success brings fortune and fame but also pressure, uncertainty and anxiety. Close friends and family share their personal thoughts about these high and low periods.
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