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Drama, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Charles Chaplin
Virginia Cherrill as A Blind Girl
Florence Lee as The Blind Girl's Grandmother
Harry Myers as An Eccentric Millionaire
Al Ernest Garcia as The Eccentric Millionaire's Butler (as Allan Garcia)
Hank Mann as A Prizefighter
Storyline: A tramp falls in love with a beautiful blind girl. Her family is in financial trouble. The tramp's on-and-off friendship with a wealthy man allows him to be the girl's benefactor and suitor.
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Chaplin is amazing!
Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights" contains a blend of humor and humanity that make it memorable for everyone who watches it. Although made very much in the old-fashioned silent film tradition, much of it is timeless, too.

After a few minutes of slapstick at the beginning, Charlie's "little tramp" character makes two acquaintances. He meets a blind girl selling flowers, who mistakes him for a rich man, and the two become very fond of each other. Then he meets a real millionaire, who is drunk, depressed, and about to commit suicide. In a comic scene, the tramp persuades the millionaire not to go through with it, making himself a devoted friend.

The tramp soon learns that there is an operation that could give the girl her sight, and tries to think of some way he could help. His scenes with the girl and her grandmother are moving, while his determination to help lead him into some comic escapades - his attempt to win money in a boxing match being particularly funny, and one of Chaplin's best comic pieces. Meanwhile, when his millionaire friend is drunk, he dotes on the tramp, but when sober he forgets who the tramp is, leading to more amusing scenes and occasional trouble for Charlie.

All of the comedy leads up to a finale that is one of the best-remembered scenes in any film. "City Lights" shows the power of the camera in the hands of a master, who without words can move his audience or make them laugh. Anyone who appreciates good cinema should see it at least once.
Chaplin at his finest!
I have loved Chaplin's work since childhood, and through the years have grown to appreciate his art and talent more and more. The plot is simple: the tramp falls in love with a blind flower girl, played by Virgnina Cherrill, and goes to great (and humorous) lengths to raise money for a surgery that is to restore her sight. This is the classic Tramp character at his finest. In City Lights, Chaplin brings such depth to the character, but never fails to amaze with his brilliant comic talent. Cherrill also does a magnificent job; it's almost as though she was really blind, without a hint of even seeing her surroundings.

This film was rated as one of the top 100 films of all time (AFI, 1998), within the top 20. At the time of production, nearly all filmmakers turned to films with sound. But of course Chaplin did not cave in, and produced a fantastic silent film, at a time when adding sound was all the rage. Thank goodness for that!

I recommend City Lights to absolutely anyone- it never fails to amaze.
Chaplin's masterpiece
This is one of the greatest movies of all time. Chaplin's use of humour and pathos are unparalleled in this, his greatest film. Who among us can say that they didn't shed a tear when watching the final scene of the picture. A true masterpiece.
Top ten favorites. City Lights
City Lights (1931) is not only Charles Chaplin's great achievement but it also happens to be one of my top ten favorite films of all time. The emotion and effort that Chaplin put into this film cannot be recreated or matched by anyone. A classic tale about the Little Tramp giving up his livelihood for the benefit of others. Filmed during the height of the Great Depression the situation of life in America has never been caught like this before.

The Tramp is hoboing around town doing whatever odd jobs he can find. One day during one of his outings he meets an attractive woman who has an eye sight problem. Smitten, the Tramp vows that she'll see once again. So, he does whatever he has to do to get this young woman to see. He befriends a wealthy drunkard after he saves his life. The problem is that he only recognizes him when he's sloshed out of his gourd. What really moves this film is the great lengths that the Tramp will put his body through for love.

When the final scene is shown, you'll understand why many people (including myself) have called this one of the greatest films ever made. Pure magic.

A true masterpiece.
Not His Best, but Redeemed by Many Great Moments
It may be the haze of all the intervening years, but I don't think Chaplin made anything but 'Classics' from 1916-1936. You can pretty much watch anything from these couple of decades and see, if not an entire classic, at least frequent moments of brilliance. Such was the man's genius.

Of this oeuvre, some items stand out as especially worthy of praise: all the full length features in this period, for example, are worth seeing today. Most live on in the work of other directors, cinematographers and actors who were influenced by these films. In fact it could rightly be said that Chaplin lives on in innumerable moments on screen and in the attitude he brought to the project of making films - raising it from a novelty to it's status as art today. No filmmaker did more to advance the art of film.

City Lights is certainly one of his masterpieces. It resembles his other features from the 30's (and throughout is career) in it's utterly distinctive look and feel. Due to the unique style of directing, his absolute control of all aspects of the production and the use of his collaborator/cinematographer, Rollie Totheroh, all Chaplin films have this 'look' that the film wears almost like a brand.

The most striking thing, to me, about CL, is the pure symmetry of the story. Everything is pared down to the double story of love story/infatuation and friendship/exploitation. The love story is predicated on deception, while the friendship is predicated on alcoholism. The parallel stories take place almost independently of each other. It is this lack of cohesion that to me at least makes it less of a great film than, say, Modern Times.

Nevertheless, there are many great moments in the film to admire. The two best scenes, IMO, are the boxing scene which is genuinely one of the most hilarious sequences ever filmed (if you want to know where Jackie Gleason, Lucille Ball and other masters of physical comedy got their chops, a good place to start is right here) and the final scene/fadeout.

The ending is beyond genius, almost as if God had AD'd this scene for Chaplin, it is so profoundly moving. That said, a great ending, even one as great as graces City Lights, does still not resolve the issue of the un-meeting story lines which proceed along parallel tracks for the whole film.

It is still worth your time to watch this supremely gifted physical comedian at the top of his game, and even more so, IMO, in repeat viewings. No silent actor rewards the repeat watcher more than Chaplin, as his constant, offhand improvisations often escape first or second notice and only become apparent upon repeat viewings.
In my honest opinion, this is Charlie Chaplin's masterpiece
As much as I loved The Kid, The Gold Rush, Modern Times and The Great Dictator, City Lights is the film I consider Charlie Chaplin's masterpiece. And there are several reasons why this is so for me.

I love how City Lights is filmed, once again the cinematography is stunning as are the costumes and sets. The music is also a delight(though my favourite soundtrack in a Chaplin movie is the one for Modern Times) with plenty of themes that stuck in my head, while the sound effects are wonderfully incorporated and the subtitles easy to understand. The comedy is brilliantly done, the scene in the boxing ring is not only one of my favourite scenes in a Chaplin movie(along with the final sequence and the dance of the bread rolls of The Gold Rush, the final scene of The Kid and the speech from The Great Dictator) but ever in a comedy, while there is a very touching love story between the Tramp and the little blind girl(played touchingly by Virginia Cherrill) he falls in love with. And I also found the close-up climax achingly poignant because of its beauty and ambiguity. Chaplin is superb, his pantomime skills and physical humour are extremely well judged and he is acts beautifully with Cherrill.

Overall, yet another Chaplin masterpiece, yet for me this is the best of them all. 10/10 Bethany Cox
Innocence Can Make the Difference
I realize this review is a little late- I apologize. Saw the Chaplin flick "City Lights" last night, and I was really impressed. It was full of socialist commentary and beautiful women. The last scene made me cry (well OK, maybe just get a little maudlin). It was great, because it was all about good karma. I really enjoyed the scenes of Chaplin working on this film on the "Special Features" disc of the "Chaplin Collection". Especially enlightening was the story of Chaplin's conflict with his ingénue Virginia Cherrill. The outtakes of his replacement for her character, Georgia Hale, after he fired her (temporarily) show that as good as an actor/actress is, they are not perfect for every role. Sometimes you need someone totally outside of the game, as Cherill was, in order to create perfection on film, which the last scene is.
Beautiful, The Tramp is the most sympathetic character of all time
This movie is just plain beautiful. This movie proves how Charlie Chaplin could make you feel for a character without saying a word. This movie may not be the funniest Charlie Chaplin movie, but it is the most dramatic. It is amazing that even with all of these silly physical comedy bits you can still get caught up in character development. Chaplin was truly a master of his craft.

No need for me to explain the plot, other people have done that (and they do better than I would)

No matter who you are, see this movie!!!

Watch this movie and be amazed.
City Lights (1931)

**** (out of 4)

A tramp (Charles Chaplin), a rich drunk (Harry Myers) and a blind girl (Virginia Cherrill) make for one of the greatest films of all time. Most classic films have at least one terrific scene and many of the all time greats have three or four but this film here has at least one dozen great scenes but the most memorable is without a doubt the ending. The film gets off to a feverish pace with one great scene after another, of course starting with the revealing of the statue where we see The Tramp sleeping. The two little kids picking on The Tramp is another great comic moment and Chaplin looking at the window provides even more of his genius. The story with the drunk would make a great film on its own and Chaplin uses every moment of this friendship to get as many laughs as possible. Even though this is a terrific comedy I think the film has remained so strong due to the wonderful and touching love story between The Tramp and the blind girl. There's no denying the power and beauty of the ending of this film and each time I see it it makes me tear up.
Simple Is Fine
Chaplin's City Lights has several funny vignettes, including the climactic boxing match and the scene near the beginning where one of the characters is trying to commit suicide. They are the epitome of slapstick. They're largely unvocal and entirely physical. They're unreasonably against reality, and common sense. This kind of humor can be full of laughs, or simply grin-filled appreciation.

What I found the most interesting about this film, and the even later Chaplin film that I previously watched, are the mechanics of the earliest kind of cinematic storytelling. The story threads are so simple, and even close to singular. You can hardly call anything a subplot. There is a single journey taken by a character who encounters several others. I found myself engrossed by this sort of plot. Sometimes the most simplistic stories are the most effective. You really find yourself yearning for Chaplin to get the money for this blind girl's rent. The film may be light, and how can it not be? But while you're watching it, you can't treat the story lightly, which is very impressive for such a threadbare film.

Also, having already known that Charlie Chaplin was a multi-talent, a performer, a writer, a director, I had no idea he'd written the score playing over the entire film's action. Most silent film scores are not as beautiful as the score in City Lights. Chaplin pumped his score full of hopeful, naive emotion, which suits the tone of the movie perfectly.
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