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USA, Germany
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
David Fincher
Edward Norton as The Narrator
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden
Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer
Meat Loaf as Robert 'Bob' Paulson
Zach Grenier as Richard Chesler
David Andrews as Thomas
George Maguire as Group Leader
Eugenie Bondurant as Weeping Woman
Christina Cabot as Group Leader
Christie Cronenweth as Airline Attendant
Tim De Zarn as Inspector Bird
Storyline: A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.
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A story about an emotionless man who changes his life after meeting a man named Tyler and a woman named Marla
Fight Club Review

Fight Club is a bizarre film. It has a weird sense of pacing, the plot is extremely lucid and seemly has no overarching goal, the main character is extremely off-putting and doesn't even have a name, and many other elements of the film are strangely put together. Fight Club is an extremely experimental film that tries to break a majority of the set-rules of cinema, but does this leave it a shallow stylistic mess? Absolutely not! Despite its very odd presentation Fight Club is an extremely brilliant film, that holds a tremendous amount of depth.

Fight Club is a black-noir film, which means the story is narrated from the point of view of the main character. Being a black-noir film is also carries a few noir flavored troupes, being that the movie has a mysterious atmosphere, contains many twists and turns, depicts a cynical view of the modern world, and of course contains a whole lot of gritty violence and sex! What I found funny about this film is how it can shift from being dark and violent, to hilariously immature, to deep and intellectual. I love these types of juxtapositions sense they do a great job of keeping the audience off kilter.

An aspect I love about Fight Club is the excessive amount of theming and symbolism used. Almost every object, location, or person represents an important aspect of the character or of an overall theme. (Spoiler warning!) For example when the main characters fancy apartment is a representation of his personality. The apartment has all of the essential things for living and looks very presentable, but it has nothing with sentimental value and looks as if no one has even been living there. The main character focuses on being presentable and having the appearance of a whole person, but in reality lacks substance and emotional attachments. This metaphor is pushed further when the main characters house is burned down and he describes seeing his destroyed fridge as "embarrassing, fridge full of condiments and with no food". This further represents the idea that main character is the same way, full of ornamentation and with no substance. (Spoiler end). Personally I'm a sucker for clever symbolism and theming as it adds a deeper meaning to the actions of each character and of each scene. I wouldn't say it's any substitute for a good plot, but it definitely adds to the overall quality of the film, especially when it's done as subtle as this film.

The cinematography of this film is spot on! Each scene's lighting and camera angle is manipulated in such a way that it forces the viewer to feel a plethora of emotions. Many fight scenes brilliantly use the lighting to only show the highlights of the characters bodies, and keeps their faces in the dark. This is done to intensify each blow that dealt between fighters and to help portray just how gruesome it is. Many scenes are filmed indoors and are set-up with a very claustrophobic feeling. This is to heightened the theme of entrapment that a majority of the characters feel within their lives. There are many other cinematography ticks used throughout the film, some being extremely connected to the films major plot twist. To catch some of these subtle foreshadows sprinkled throughout the film, I highly suggest watching the film multiple times to try.

The last thing to talk about is the plot. I've been avoiding touching this since this film is best watched with as little information as possible. The key things I want to address is despite the film seemingly like it has little main goal or plot, there is a rather hidden main point of the film. The film overall is a story about a man who meets a man named Tyler and a woman named Marla, and it shows how the friendships he made with the two ultimately push the main character to change his life, for better or for worse. The film breaks a lot of rules about narrative progression but it still feels like a solid and well thought out story that's definitely worth a watch!

Overall Fight Club is a fantastic story with a lot of depth and I definitely recommend it to those who enjoy thrillers, and mysteries.
A unique film
Fight Club is one of the most unique films I have ever seen. In addition to presenting a rather fresh take on life, FC also presents its material in a fresh way. My main interest in the film is in that, in my opinion, it does not present characters for us to think about. Rather, it presents actions for us to think about. I will say that I cannot recall *ever* having been "asked" by a film to both suspend my disbelief the way this film asks in its third act AND at the same time come to terms with an understanding that there is no room--or need--for disbelief.

Perhaps these comments will not make sense to the average movie goer who will dismiss this film--and, unfortunately, its premise--as another hollywood flick filled with gratuitous violence. I'd go as far as to say that this film is not about violence. It is about choices. It is about activity. It is about lethargy. It is about waking up and realizing that at some point in the past we've gone to the toilet and thrown up our dreams without even realizing that society has stuck its fingers down our throat.

I would argue that anyone caught, at some point in their lives, between a rock and a hard place--anyone who has reached bottom on a mental level--anyone who has uttered to themselves "Wait, this isn't right. I would not do/say/feel what it is that I just did/said/felt... I do not like this. I must change before I am forever stuck being the person that I am not." These people, they will know what I'm talking about. These people will not only recognize the similarities between Edward Norton's character and themselves--they will be uncomfortably familiar with him. These people will appreciate Fight Club for what it is: a wake up call that we are not alone.

As David Berman once said: "I'm afraid I've got more in common with who I was than who I am becoming." If this sentence makes any sense to you, go see Fight Club. You won't regret it.

A controversial satire and a contemporary classic. perhaps the most post-9/11 film to have been made pre-9/11
Solid Acting and Amazing Direction A movie that wants to keep its audience unsettled from beginning to end. perhaps the most post-9/11 film to have been made pre-9/11, capturing perfectly both the stirring discontent of the Nineties and the madness both geopolitical and especially economic, that would erupt globally in the decade to come. Wildly inventive, exceptionally cast and undeniably controversial, there's an endless list of subtexts and viewpoints which will fuel debates for years. Fight Club is not just a movie, but a wake up call to a disenfranchised generation sick of being told by advertising what to drive, wear, buy, smoke, drink and eat in order to be cool. Fight Club is still today a definitive film, a statement as strong as any rock anthem and twice as packed with power chords.Essential Hollywood film of 1999.
ULTIMATE Dumb Guy movie.
How can we get Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Meatloaf to beat the c**p out of each other? This movie solves that "problem," and gives the studio license to shoot a film veiled in psuedo-philosophies and violence.

It's just dumb. Don't try looking beneath the surface, because nothing is there (maybe that's the point). It provides that men are imasculated and shackled by modern life... their spirits crushed by their jobs and their possessions. In order to escape, you fight. It's so simple! Give up the banalities of ordinary life and find your individuality in a black t-shirt fight gang. Makes sense. Teenage males will certainly think so, since it is filmed in the MTV style... bright color palette, fancy edits, blood... mesmerizing (and simple philosophies tend to go over well on that demographic).

It actually starts our promisingly. I loved the first quarter. Only when it attempts to provide us with answers that are, sorry, far out of the grasp of the writers, does it fail.

Film buffs may want to view it simply for one of the sloppiest, tacked-on "surprise" endings in cinema history. I could only laugh. Bottom line: Dumb.
To overcome the fear. Trim excess. To reject all that is not true values. And slide.
To overcome the fear. Trim excess. To reject all that is not true values. And slide.

In 1996, the year the world saw a novel Chuck Palahniuk "Fight Club." The book was the body hailed by critics and soon many filmmakers interested in its film adaptation. And now, after three a year after the bestseller rocked the eponymous painting by David Fincher, causing wide public resonance. Shocking, strange and calling a film, however, flopped at the box office. But it was only the only evidence of instability of explosives, Detonated a few years later. In our days, the tape is considered the most a cult film of our time, Chuck Palahniuk, after the film adaptation of the cult of the author.

The story tells us about the history of the nameless yuppie middle- aged, Insomniac and disgust to private life. He is a typical representative of a modern middle class. Office clerk, not burdened with lofty priorities in life, with a stable income, comfortable housing, equipped according to the latest fashion interior, with lots of frills. Like all other people — a lot junk and gaping hole in the soul. This lasted until until Tyler Durden. Confident, handsome, soap salesman, projectionist, the waiter just an anarchist — he is fundamentally changing the worldview The narrator, becoming his spiritual mentor and the main ideologue fight club. What began as a kind of psychotherapy and discharge he turned around a global commitment to the complete destruction of civilization.

Plunging into the world of "Fight Club", you, like the main characters, not remain without scars. Action good hits spectator the radical ideas and rebellious attitudes, leaving him nothing but to spit broken teeth, in the form of their old beliefs and views. The film is really really excites the mind and long time will make you rake up your own worldview, reviewing and re-weighing values, but one way or another, indifferent to remain would be impossible.

However, it is not just meaningless chaos and robbery, it is deep philosophy. "Resurrection is possible only after full destruction." Civilization has stalled and needs a complete rebirth. This something was the problem Tyler and his Project "Defeat".

"Who are we? We're just consumers, obsessed with the external trappings prosperity." (C)

Here the familiar world we are shown awesomely, horribly empty and artificial. Order. Blue tie on Tuesdays. House. Work. Disposable ware. Greatest comfort. And it all collapses under the pressure of two rebels, to feel alive, awakened from their lethargy everyday, feeling the power in their hands to direct the course history.

Intrigue, chaos and soap — to watch it all with such gusto was not be possible without the brilliant tandem of brad Pitt and Edward Norton, who played some of his best roles in his career. It is also worth to note Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Marla singer. And separate ovation David Fincher is one of those rare occasions when adaptation is not inferior to the book. Bravo!

10 out of 10
Great Film: Deserved Several Academy Award Nominations
The script was tight, the theme fascinating, the acting incredible (especially Edward Norton, as one might expect), the direction inspired, and the cinematography stunning. It is one of the few films of the past five years that deserves to be seen multiple times. In fact, if you have seen it only once, you have missed something. I was seriously hoping the movie would receive Oscar nominations for Best Actor (Norton), Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Picture.

So, how is it that the film received no nominations? Unfortunately, it had a mismatched ad campaign. The ads made it seem like the movie was about street boxing, instead of a intellectual and emotional ride through a man's psyche as he takes a strange path toward rebellion against consumer society. As a result, most who went to see it were disappointed, and those who would recognize its brilliance stayed far away from the movie theaters. This is one of the most underrated movies I know.

I always love movies that keep you entertained and keep you guessing, and this movie scores a 10 in both. Those who enjoyed The Game, Memento, or The Matrix really should check it out.
In a year of amazing films, this one always stands out for me.
Whenever I talk about different years in movies, I always pick 1999 as my favourite year. So many amazing films came out such as American Beauty, The Green Mile, The Matrix and Being John Malkovich. Out of every movie that came out this year, one stands out for me and that is Fight Club.

The first time I ever watched this movie was really late at night and I had waited for it to come on T.V and had to wait until everyone was asleep. I was in absolute awe over the sheer brilliance of the film. everything about it is amazing.

The first thing I noticed was the cinematography. Every time I watch this movie, the opening shot gets me excited and ready for a powerful film.

The story itself is so interesting, it doesn't have any dull moments. Even when a character's life is portrayed as boring you are just hooked in wanting to see what will happened next. The way the story develops also is very fascinating.

Then we have wonderful performances from both Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. But I think that the real standout here is Helena Bonham Carter. She plays one of the only female characters in the movie and truly makes you think about everything in the movie.

There is one negative point though, the fact that a few scenes feel random and tacked on, along with some plot holes.

Overall, if you haven't checked this out, this is a must for every person as long as you aren't squeamish.

Rating: 6.8/7 (or 9/10)
Drama at its finest, no minute wasted.
Fight Club is the movie that rules the Drama, it represents the perfection of a movie, for its story-line, storyboard, acting, concept, and most importantly intensity and entertainment.

The movie seemed mediocre at first, but as the movie advances, you realize it is no ordinary movie, and there is something big, well, I strongly recommend this excellence of a movie.

10/10 Would watch again
Such a Classic
This film although quite a mental thriller sides with a sense of classical cinema. This movie falls between realism and an avant-garde. Many of the events taken play may have happened before as well as can happen in the future. The final scene does get a little extreme but theoretically an act of terrorism similar to that could occur. Due to the film being narrated by a character, there is more freedom for the story to be twisted around a bit. Everything can be twisted due to complexity of an unstable mind, leading to a more artistic stance.

The lighting in Fight Cub was minimal, casting shadows around every corner. Although the lighting set the mood for the movie, it was used realistically. Nothing was un-natural, some of which I have experienced myself. Turning off the power to the house while it rained created a sense of realism. I'm not saying everyone does that, but when it comes to living in a house that is falling apart and leaking, it is something that should be taken care of. The basement scenes were great when it came to the lighting, there was little to none. It lowered our senses, making it more difficult to track what is going one, and get lost in the pure violence that was going on between two people. One film that comes to mind, using light as an expression of feeling is Limitless. Every time the main character takes a performance enhancing drug, the lighting around the world changes. Everything is more vibrant and energizing and contrast was enhanced to give the viewer a chance to walk in the main character's shoes.

Now let's talk about the shots. Fight Club covers all of the classic types of shots, from static to full motion this film seams it all together flawlessly. Close up shots made the fights personal, giving the viewer a chance to be in the shoes of the narrator. Being this close, raises the heart rate, nothing matters but this fight. The viewer is forced to watch the violence and there is no chance of getting out, just like the narrator taking punches. Extreme long shots were used when setting the scene. Displaying the whole back of the bar and the parking lot took the minimized the violence. It gave the viewer a chance to watch it from afar. The fight is meaningless and the viewer is no longer attached to it. It doesn't affect anyone but Tyler and the Narrator. This distance adds a sense of humor to lighten the mood. When the random guys come out of the back of the bar, the viewer sees what any onlooker sees, a fight between two people over an important reason. This adds a sense of humor to lighten the mood. The viewer knows they are beating each other up for fun, but the other guys see it as a serious fight between two drunks that should be broken up.

The production design crew did a fantastic job creating the apartment for the narrator. Filing it up with furniture to make it look similar to an Ikea magazine. This is a major part for setting up the story, showing how materialistic the narrator is. Also a slight foreshadowing with the yin and yang table. As the narrator transforms, he becomes less materialistic, he loses a sense of what it's like to own nice things, and does not miss it. He even points out that after a month of no television, he almost forgot it existed. The costume design department did a nice job on the narrator's work attire. Starting off well dressed with a tie and clean pressed shirt and eventually changing to an unbuttoned coffee and blood stained shirt. I noticed Tyler's shirt at the end was very unusual looking. After doing some research I learned that the shirt he wore was covered in pornographic magazine covers. The rating association made sure to tone down the movie to receive its R rating, but they completely missed the nude images portrayed on the shirt. That shirt really resembled what Tyler stood for.
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