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USA, Italy, Spain, West Germany
Action, Adventure, Western
IMDB rating:
Sergio Leone
Eli Wallach as Tuco
Lee Van Cleef as Sentenza
Aldo Giuffrè as Alcoholic Union Captain
Luigi Pistilli as Father Pablo Ramirez
Enzo Petito as Storekeeper
Claudio Scarchilli as Mexican peon
John Bartha as Sheriff (as John Bartho)
Antonio Casale as Jackson / Bill Carson
Sandro Scarchilli as Mexican peon
Benito Stefanelli as Member of Angel Eyes' Gang
Angelo Novi as Monk
Storyline: Blondie (The Good) is a professional gunslinger who is out trying to earn a few dollars. Angel Eyes (The Bad) is a hit man who always commits to a task and sees it through, as long as he is paid to do so. And Tuco (The Ugly) is a wanted outlaw trying to take care of his own hide. Tuco and Blondie share a partnership together making money off Tuco's bounty, but when Blondie unties the partnership, Tuco tries to hunt down Blondie. When Blondie and Tuco come across a horse carriage loaded with dead bodies, they soon learn from the only survivor (Bill Carson) that he and a few other men have buried a stash of gold in a cemetery. Unfortunately Carson dies and Tuco only finds out the name of the cemetery, while Blondie finds out the name on the grave. Now the two must keep each other alive in order to find the gold. Angel Eyes (who had been looking for Bill Carson) discovers that Tuco and Blondie met with Carson and knows they know the location of the gold. All he needs is for the two to ...
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Roy Rogers meets the Vatican meets Kurosawa
Spoilers herein.

This film revolves around threes of various types and pairings among those threes. The grouping of three that is of interest to me are the cinematic influences behind this film: Hollywood westerns, Italian iconic painting, Japanese starkness in representation.

These Italian westerns are important. Most movies are about other movies, but this one affected much of what followed.

The western vocabulary was mature and popular well before movies, and with the detective story drove the first revolution in modern mass publishing. Its simple abstractions were converted to film (then radio and TeeVee) without change: the boy scout cowboy in the usually white hat, often singing. (In fact the modern pop country music borrows from this simple vocabulary and reference to the `genuine.') But all that, including the country music bit is pretty flat, stupid and dull.

Italian cinema is based on a similar set of national icons, specifically religious icons. It is a more visual, visceral painterly vocabulary. Equally simple in stereotypes, but instead there are religiously based connections that give the impression of depth. Symbology is expected, even demanded. To this add postwar notions of irony which permeated European popular art. So the good guy was still good, but in a twisted way -- the twists shifting according to the chaos he encountered.

In the US, John Ford was creating soft lush panoramas that would subliminally inspire a generation of environmentally aware viewers, but something more important came rushing in from Japan: Kurosawa. His films are abstract, directly evolved from Japanese watercolor narratives. These are also lush and beautiful, but not soft -- instead dusty, gritty, sometimes cruel. This world is not placid, merely a machine to test color and honor.

In the Eastwood/Leone films, these three influences were deliberately enfolded. And a whole world's visual vocabulary shifted. In the US, we have since reinvented a part of our national character to ally with these images. (America's love affair with guns is a recent phenomenon.) How powerful cinema can be!

This film may be recommended by others for entertainment value or something similar. That's fine, but I think it should be seen to help you understand the default world you are handed, so that you can put it into perspective -- to see that much of it is man-made.
What got Quentin Tarantino so damn excited...
One of the original Leone "Italian Westerns" that quickened the pulse of a young Quentin Tarantino.

Sometimes I think I am living in a time warp. I watched all the Leone films in theatres in real time and was mesmerized, gob-smacked, and exhilarated. Now in the far future (2016) I watch QT do his knock-offs, and the young audiences (who have never seen the originals) think his are the originals, and everything else the knockoffs.

(Reminds me of the Old King Cole nursery rhyme -- "pulled out a plum and said What a Good Boy Am I" -- another reference lost on those living the age of portable devices.)

For those who actually care about the history of film:

* Leone invented a brand new genre called the Italian western. His first, Fistful of Dollars, recycled a Japanese story (Yojimbo), recycled an American ex-pat whose Hollywood career was officially over (Eastwood) and introduced one of the greatest music composers of the modern film era, Ennio Morricone.

* next came For a Few Dollars More, an original story, which locked into film history Leone's trademark use of closeups and sound editing, and brought out of mothballs Lee Van Cleef, one of the greatest "faces" in the history of the western. ("Angel Eyes" in this one.)

* with two international hits under his belt, Leone aimed for the stars and created this movie which marks his legacy. While simultaneously continuing the tradition he started, and using the two stars from his second film, he gave Eli Wallach (an A-list star from the 1950s) the role of his career. Wait there is more. He set the story against the backdrop of the Civil War and manged to make the transitions seamless and brutally compelling. it is simultaneously a violent film and an anti-war film at the same time! (The only film of Leone's that may compete with this one is Once Upon a Time in America, also reviewed by this writer on the IMDb).

By modern standards the film is overlong and, had it been produced in America (as was indeed the case with Upon a Time in America), the "suits" would have butchered it down to 100 minutes. Luckily for the rest of us, this was an international release, cut-proof, and survives very nicely to the present day in its original form.

QT was a young lad when these films appeared but the impact is clear. He used Morricone's music in Kill Bill (his best film in my view) and in my view The Hateful Eight tries to emulate the power of Leone but falls somewhat short.

For you youngsters out there, I recommend these films as some of the most entertaining efforts ever set to film, period. Imitated but not duplicated.

Astonishing, mind-blowing, unforgettable.
My review is superfluous...
... but i still want to jostle in with more than half of a thousand other reviews just to type: this is undoubtedly THE best Western movie ever and easily one of the best masterpieces of all time. Even the most noble adjectives preserved particularly for art praising found in Merriam- Webster are too mundane to captivate its greatness.

Please watch this classic before you die.

R.I.P Leone and thank you for blessing your fellow humans such a great gift.

P.S: Eli Wallach + Lee Van Cleef + Clint Eastwood = the most bad-ass narrow- eyes gang in Hollywood.
the greatest western ever
The beautiful cinematography , the excellent music and great camera work make this a stylish masterpiece. With a volatile mix of myth and realism The Good The Bad And The Ugly is the best of the spaghetti westerns and the greatest western ever made.This is Clint Eastwood's 2nd best movie (the best is UNFORGIVEN) Elli Wallach was excellent as Tuco, he is the real star of the movie, he had the best lines . Lee Van Cleef plays the bad guy to perfection.Sergio Leone is at his very best here.And Ennio Morricone's music is outstanding like always. The man with no name will always be the best. Buy it and experience the spectacle and greatness of a western like no other.
We're all Tuco
One of the best depictions of war, and one of the best anti-war films. The best gunfight ever filmed. Consistently witty, often moving, brutally realistically ugly, and one of the most beautiful films ever shot, set to one of the most beautiful scores. The 'spaghetti' label on the can means that these westerns will never get the consideration and respect they deserve.

If you fancy thinking a little differently about 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly', try the following. Look past Clint Eastwood's legend-founding performance and suppose that the central character is actually Eli Wallach's Tuco, the Ugly. A gross rogue, guilty of every possible vice, Tuco is after all the character we see and hear the most, about whom we learn the most, and through whom we experience much of the action. Eli Wallach makes him comic, poignant, and plausible - certainly compared to the unrestrained darkness of Lee Van Cleef and the impossible cool of Eastwood. The film is largely Tuco's struggle to survive, and to earn a little on the side, constantly battered between Eastwood's "blond Angel" and Van Cleef's angel of death. Angels? Indeed: Tuco is ultimately human, and Tuco is all of us - grubby, corrupt, uncomfortable and slightly desperate humans, veering between the good and the bad, subject to a perplexing God and an unrelenting Devil, and just trying to muddle along.
The Good, The Better, The Best.
In a span of 3 years, Sergio Leone changed the entire landscape of westerns with his Dollars Trilogy. The change began with A Fistful of Dollars, got accelerated with For A Few Dollars More but it wasn't until Leone unveiled The Good, the Bad & the Ugly that the final nail on the coffin of the traditional westerns was hammered for good. Making major upgrades in all departments, the third chapter not only turns out to be the best of the three but is also one of the greatest & most influential motion pictures ever made.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly is the story of three men racing against each other to find a fortune in gold buried in a distant cemetery. The film begins with a stylish introduction of the trio, places its story against the backdrop of American Civil War & manages to create some brilliant situations of escalating tension throughout its runtime that finally culminates with an unforgettable final showdown which, in my opinion, remains the greatest climax ever filmed in cinema history.

The direction by Sergio Leone is an absolute class. Not only this film presents him at the creative heights of his career but also in complete control of his skill. The screenplay itself boasts many catchphrases & is infused with lots of humour. Cinematography transforms the barren landscapes into scenic beauties but also contributes to the drama through multiple close-ups & controlled stillness to add uncertainty to the scenes. And in spite of clocking in at 177 minutes of runtime, the film seems to fly over thanks to its clever editing.

Coming to the performances, Clint Eastwood plays the good character with sublime style. Lee Van Cleef stars as the bad character & impresses as the ruthless & sociopathic mercenary. But the real show-stealing performance amongst the three turned out to be Eli Wallach's rendition of the ugly character. With effortless use of wit & expressions, Wallach nails his role of an outlaw to absolute perfection, is also responsible for the comic relief in this film delivers & even the story is more inclined towards his journey as we eventually learn about his background unlike the other two characters.

Last but not the least, the most important aspect worth mentioning about is Ennio Morricone's famous score. Captivating from the very first frame, the way the music drives this film is sheer perfection. Staying true to its origins & picking up from right where it left off in the previous chapter, the score makes extensive use of whistles, gunshot & cannon fires that permeates the film seamlessly & the main theme is something you've already heard even if you haven't seen the film. But where it's as its best is in the final climactic moments, turning the sequence into a truly bone-chilling, unforgettable & haunting experience that remains unsurpassed to this date.

On an overall scale, the ingenious direction of Sergio Leone & musical genius of Ennio Morricone is a combination that yet remains to be challenged & probably may never be equalled. And these two alone make this film pretty good. Add the strong & scintillating performances of Eastwood, Van Cleef & Wallach to that and the mixture just gets better. And finally, on adding this film's perfection in other filmmaking aspects like cinematography, editing, set pieces, every minute detailing & the final showdown, we have a cinema that's simply the best.

Immortal for its contribution to western genre, The Good, the Bad & the Ugly is a stunning work of expert filmmaking whose significance to art, culture & cinema will never be forgotten. It's the greatest western ever made. It's one of the greatest films of all time. And it's my all time favourite foreign language film as well. Extremely recommended.

And no you don't have to watch the previous two chapters before moving on to this one. So, sit back & enjoy the western that changed westerns, forever.

Full review at: cinemaclown.wordpress.com
Sergio Leone was a highly personal filmmaker!
Sergio Leone's film follows the adventures of 3 ruthless outlaws...

The 'Good' is Eastwood's unchanging and unshaven 'Stranger With No Name.' An unprincipled killer who stands only for his 45... He is quiet, inexpressive and cool, only seen once with a brief moment of humanity where his classic disinterest contrasts with the real tragedy of the American Civil War...

The 'Bad' is an excellent supporting actor, a Western figure... With his long, thin opening eyes, deathly pale face and cruel voice, Lee Van Cleef is the merciless bounty hunter, ironically called 'Angel Eyes,' always ready to kill for a price...

The 'Ugly' is Eli Wallach, a wild spirit with devil attitude... Tuco is charming but extremely dangerous...

The pairing of Eastwood and Wallach is memorable for its black humor alternating each other's fate, motivated satisfactorily by their excessive desire for collecting the reward money...

The quest: a treasure chest containing $200,000 in gold buried in a Confederate grave in Sad Hill Cemetery...

"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" had many haunting moments: Complicated bounty-hunter's con-games; the Stranger, in a frantic hurry, trying to load his empty gun before 3 killers sent by Tuco; a torturous walk across the desert in a blazing sun; the epic battle between Union and Confederate soldiers for the control of a strategic bridge where Leone's camera takes a slow ride surveying the magnitude of the Civil War carnage; and the final showdown in a huge graveyard, where each character, naturally, wants the money all to himself...

The amusing scenes are provided by Tuco, sitting in bathtub with a lot of foam and one armed man enters his room saying: "I've been looking for you for 8 months... Now I find you in exactly the position that suits me..."

The memorable scenes are when the Stranger finds himself in a dangerous situation at the hand of Tuco, who is just about to collect his vengeance by hanging his former partner...

The stunning scenes when Leone's camera captures the touching moment in which a young man plays sweet romantic songs on his harmonica, while his eyes are streaming tears of disgrace and grief...

The unforgettable scenes when the 'Stranger' leaving Tuco with a rope around his neck and the bandit begs for mercy while teetering on a wooden cross...

The ultimate confrontation between the forces of good and evil when Leone spreads out long shots adjusting sound with action... Tensions mounts as the three protagonists 'shape in a triangular cinema cliché' Leone gets the audience's imagination with a geometric fight to the death, accompanied by a clear exciting music...

Leone's camera captures every straight lines, every nervous energy, every tactical movement, displaying, in huge close-ups, their faces, their power of vision, the slowly progress of their fingers toward their loaded guns, their worried eyes, their sudden need to be quick, to be the fastest draw...
For a girl who doesn't enjoy westerns much, this was one of the greatest films ever!
Gosh, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, I finally saw this film! Who hasn't heard of it? First off, may I say that Clint Eastwood... what a hottie in his day! :D Sorry, had to get that off my chest. Sergio Leone from what I understood was a huge western film fanatic and in the 60's pretty much most folks had moved onto other genre's. I mean, I would agree that most western's are pretty much the same and stereotypical.

Sergio however took a story and added some elements to it such as comedy, drama, and war. The story flows so well and just compliments all of it's characters. By far my favorite character was The Good, played by Clint. He is a bounty hunter who captures The Ugly numerous times just to free him before every hanging and splits the winnings with him. When they learn of a coffin in the desert that has $200,000, they go for it. Of course we have the Bad who is a ruthless killer who also wants in on the doe.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is a terrific film and I thank all the IMDb users for their useful comments and that pushed me to finally rent this western classic. Let's give it up for Sergio!

The Best Of The Best
When i first saw this film i thought it was slow and pointless. It really didn't seem to be going anywhere at all and worst of all, the story didn't make any sense.

A few months later i watched, A Fistful Of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More and i decided to give this a chance again, realising that it was part of the Dollars Trilogy. After watching it a second time all i can say is this ... Sergio Leonios Best, Clint Eastwoods best and the best Western of all time. The battle sense's were by far the best and most life like battle sense's i have ever seen , the best thing about this film is the music, that theme composed greatly by Ennio Morrocone has become a modern classic.

The Story really came to me this time watching it. Clint Eastwood plays Blondie (THE GOOD), Eli Wallach plays Tuco (THE BAD) and Lee Van Cleff plays Angle Eyes (THE UGLY), three men who are after a fortune in gold. It sounds like a typical story, but to get to the gold they have to go through the civil war. Well, only Blondie and Tuco have too. Angle Eyes is a general in the war.

I really don't know what made think this was crap the first time i watched it. I guess it was because at that time, i really didn't like Westerns at all. But now watching it a second time, it has become one of my top 5 favourite films of all time. One thing i'm happy to see is this is in the top 10 on the IMDb Top 250. It deserves it. 10/10. Perfect
A true epic and one of the greatest films of all time.
I saw this movie for the first time on my tiny 15 inch screen of my TV/DVD player, and even on this minuscule format I was still simply amazed by the sheer scope of it. Now I understand and acknowledge the usual complaints against the film, namely the fact that the movie is almost three hours long with many scenes that tend to drag on for minutes with little dialog or action, however it is these scenes that make the movie the masterpiece that it is. Every shot whether it be an expansive landscape or an extreme close-up Sergio Leone draws you into his own version of the old west. A world where three men chase each other across the desert in search of 100,000 dollars worth of Confederate gold. Along the way they encounter Yankee and Confederate soldiers, Mexican bandits, bounty hunters in a journey that culminates in one of the most riveting showdowns in cinema history. What I found most interesting about this film however was the influence it obviously had on modern filmmaker Quentin Tarentino. Many of his trademarks (very memorable characters, long shots centered on a single character, intense standoffs involving multiple characters) can be found in abundance in this film as well. In fact Tarentino's Kun Fu epic Kill Bill goes so far as to barrow multiple songs from Leone's Dollars Trilogy. In the end all this adds up to make The Good the Bad and the Ugly in my opinion one of the greatest films of all time.
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