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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce as Leonard
Carrie-Anne Moss as Natalie
Joe Pantoliano as Teddy Gammell
Russ Fega as Waiter
Jorja Fox as Leonard's Wife
Storyline: Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator who can no longer build new memories, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers. One story line moves forward in time while the other tells the story backwards revealing more each time.
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You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!
I use these ratings all the time and have found them to be pretty much spot-on how I end up regarding different films...but THIS...I'm not wondering about the movie as so many have commented, I'm wondering about the other reviews. THAT'S what just doesn't add up.

You know how Quentin Tarantino creates all those scenes that gen X think are awesome, but are just physics challenged? You know the world doesn't work like that, and there's no plot reason to violate the laws of physics, but Quentin thought it would be neat and his sheep think so too? This is the social relationship version of that kind of...being reality challenged.

The temporal order in which events are presented is absolute nonsense. He doesn't remember things that way, so why would you present it that way just to...look cool? Is that what it's supposed to be? I'm a neurologist and can tell you that the portrayal of his condition is also quite reality challenged. Where are the police? It's the kind of totally self indulgent gen X rubbish where "nothing exists outside my head" and "I dream that I am a..., so I am" that drives Boomers insane. THAT'S the real plot reason, I think, for his condition. It allows for the a priori decision to do this from a POV view that is, well quite frankly, produced by managing to insert one's head far up one's rectum.

The jokes aren't even funny. This movie scares me. It scares me that there is a whole population of people that can identify with what the screen writer and director were trying to do. A lot of the glowing reviews are the only one written by the author, so there could be a good deal of "paid buzz" generation going on here as well. Bottom line, if you actually liked Kill Bill or Blair Witch, you will probably find this awesome. If Pulp Fiction made you want to go out and take a cattle prod to the first gen X you could grab, then you'll hate this.

Very sad that I will no longer be able to trust IMDb ratings any more, but when complete and utter rubbish gets an 8.5... Sigh. And relax the spell check restrictions. "T-o-s-h" is a perfectly good English word and it is spelled correctly.
Its not a gimmick, its something new
Yes, it's true. The entire movie is based on a gimmick. However, I honestly feel that this does not cheapen the picture in the slightest bit. I loved every scene; discovering information as our lead character discovered it. It demands a second and third viewing, as there are many subtleties and quick flashes that may not be picked up on the first time around. Its one of the most original films ever made, and for people who scoff at the concept of not having a short-term memory, it actually is a real condition. Watch this movie. And, please pay attention. The performances are wonderful, and its structured magnificently.
Good plot but scenes are out of sequence
Good plot but the scenes are out of sequence making it hard to follow. Other out of sequence films include Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs (both directed by Quentin Tarantino. I thought this was a Tarantino movie until I checked). Abrupt and unsatisfying ending.

overused plot + often abused style = best movie of the year
A man with no short term memory tries to solve a murder. The scenes in the movie are played in reverse. Sounds like yet another run of the mill comedy but in reality is one of the best suspense/dramas I've seen in years.

While some may claim showing the scenes in reverse is just an annoying trick to make a simple plot confusing and add a plethora of twists, I wholeheartedly disagree. Any good story teller knows it's not what you say, but how you say it.

By playing the scenes in reverse you experience the confusion Lenny undergoes throughout the film. Showing some of the scenes in chronological order (BTW, the use of B&W instead of color to make the time distinction was ingenious) creates suspense which builds as the two timelines converge. The somewhat rushed pace (compared to a written format) doesn't give you enough time to adequately analyze the events during the movie. This has two advantages: firstly you're going to talk about it after you leave the theater adding to experience immensely, and secondly you don't have time to think about what has happened (will happen) so you're experience better follows that of Lenny.

While many might find the movie rather confusing, it flows wonderfully for anyone familiar with writing styles that constantly jump around a timeline (e.g. Catch 22).
What's so great about THIS?
I had heard all the raves. A reviewer said "you'll want to watch this movie several times because it's so complex". I really wanted to see it... Then I did. My wife gave up after less than half of it. I forced myself to see it through, because I hoped there was something to redeem it. Well, there wasn't. Complex? Nothing worthwile is revealed after the first half, actually, the thing is pretty much clear after the first scene - never mind the sordid detail revealed later, doen't add anything for me. An uninteresting, unbelievable, unappealing story acted out by characters one cannot get oneself to care for. So it's told backwards, big deal. I've seen similar things before, done much better. No short term memory? Try "Winter Sleepers", that idea is used there much better. Acting? The characters had to look bewildered and smarmy, in turns. Not a great range, in my opinion. My conclusions: don't bother with this one!
how exhausting watching this !
I just don't understand what it is that makes this movie so popular, especially with male viewers, I mean 8.6? Come on, what is that?! ...

Leonard suffers from short-term memory loss and tracks back using notes and body parts to find the man who killed his wife. On his journey he encounters a number of people who he has to be able to assess at first sight because of his deficiency.

The acting by Guy Pearce is very convincing and even appealing but the story however is most of the time way too irritating because you constantly have to backtrack yourself in order to completely understand what's going on. I like flashbacks in movies but a film that turns out to be one big flashback by itself may be a little too demanding for me. I guess this is just not my kind of entertainment ...
I saw this movie around five years ago so you'll have to forgive me if you're a fan. The truth is I was not blown away by this 'diabolical thriller'. Sure it leaves you scratching your head but is that necessarily a good thing? It may be a 'super intelligent' movie but that does not necessarily make it good art. I remember the acting as being semi-wooden, the production values low, and the dialog sparse. Is it a confusing movie? Absolutely. Will it makexsense if you watch it a dozen times? Probably. But I still would not count this as one of the top 250 movies of all time. That said, my hat off to a truly original script
Mass hysteria?
Memento is far from an original concept and the plot closely resembles Swiss-cheese. It quite simply does not warrant the praise given it, which I suspect is heavily weighted by the 15-21 male demographic (see Bottle Rocket). The blatant contradictions presented by the sub-standard writing are conveniently covered with mind-numbing violence (as opposed to that which is stimulating, thereby justifying the waste of 90 minutes of my life). Ooh! I have no memory; it must be a "condition"!

If you don't get it because it is so "mind-blowing", wait until you grow up and understand that being confused by the story doesn't indicate clever writing. I can't stress enough, SAVE YOUR VOTE UNTIL PUBERTY IS OVER! At the very least, commit to a second viewing before casting! It is simply embarrassing to indicate that this movie is rated as #9 by US voting standards (what are the French going to think?). It is going to lower the standards of movies being produced worldwide!

Resist the temptation to fall into the pit of hype! Watch Groundhog Day instead.
OK, granted this movie has a unique premise. This movie is quite entertaining and will keep ya watching. But this movie is not the amazing work of art many would have you believe. It is a decent thriller with a twist in that it works backwards and puts the watcher into the same mindset of our main character who has reoccuring amnesia. Decent movie that changes the viewers opinion throughout the flick as our character slowly works his way through time in reverse. We see things happen and then we slowly find out how those things came to be as we move farther back.


One major fault in the movie. The scene where our main character is manipulated by the lady to deal with her boyfriend is completely screwy. They tried to make it out that she totally planned it and covered all the bases but if one watches that scene one can see that one million things could have gone wrong and even should have when she plays her game and gets hit. Hiding of the pens, the seriously fast relapse of the main character (and her not knowing at that point how fast a lapse takes), and other problems just bugged me with that one scene. It was the most far fetched part of the entire movie and should have been done differently.
the most important English language film of the 21st century
I write this after having to write a bad review of Nolan's "batman Begins." "Memento". after more than seven years, remains the most important English language film of the 21st century. Into it, Nolan pours all the fundamental problems of film, and the fundamental problems of memory that gave rise to film in the first place.

It takes about four viewings to get any grip on this film - yet none of these viewings feel wasted in any way, as though the director has played tricks on us - on the contrary, it is the film's bald-face honesty which leaves us in despair of ever getting just the right handle on all the details and the characters.

Its hard to understand how Nolan could have betrayed himself and his vision after this film, by selling out to Hollywood's highest bidders - hopefully, he'll recover and give us the Christopher Nolan film we should expect after seeing this one.

But in any event, this remains one of the most important films ever made - brilliantly written, filmed, acted, edited - a necessary companion piece to Welles' "Citizen Kane" or Eisenstein's "Potemkin" - hopefully, Christopher Nolan will actually direct another film some day....
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