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Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance
IMDB rating:
Fritz Lang
Alfred Abel as Joh Fredersen
Gustav Fröhlich as Kenichi
Rudolf Klein-Rogge as Duke Red
Fritz Rasp as The Thin Man
Theodor Loos as Josaphat
Heinrich George as Grot, the guardian of the Heart Machine
Storyline: Sometime in the future, the city of Metropolis is home to a Utopian society where its wealthy residents live a carefree life. One of those is Freder Fredersen. One day, he spots a beautiful woman with a group of children, she and the children who quickly disappear. Trying to follow her, he, oblivious to such, is horrified to find an underground world of workers, apparently who run the machinery which keeps the above ground Utopian world functioning. One of the few people above ground who knows about the world below is Freder's father, Joh Fredersen, who is the founder and master of Metropolis. Freder learns that the woman is Maria, who espouses the need to join the "hands" - the workers - to the "head" - those in power above - by a mediator or the "heart". Freder wants to help the plight of the workers in the want for a better life. But when Joh learns of what Maria is espousing and that Freder is joining their cause...
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An excellent film!!! don't'be afraid if you have never seen a black and white film before,you will definitely enjoy this!!
metropolis is my favourite film of all time,simply because i have never seen a movie quite like this before. the story follows our unlikely hero freder who is the son of joh frederson the master of metropolis,freder lives in luxury above ground and takes his life for granted,but his attitude changes when a woman who lives below in the underground depths of the workers city comes to freder and tries to change his attitudes towards the workers that slave their lives away in the depths "these are your brothers" i won't spoil the rest,just watch and find it out for yourselves!!! admittedly i was blown away by the set pieces which really make the whole movie all the sets are breathtaking and even if your not a movie buff and don't usually notice those things in films you will definitely admire the sets in metropolis.

props are very advanced and impressive for a 1927 flick,as are the excellent costumes,most notably rotwangs robot,and the use of lighting does a great job on setting the noir tones of the movie. I will let you discover the rest of this incredible movie by yourself,and please PLEASE!!! do not be put off by this movie because its a silent film. p.s for maximum of enjoyment of this film watch the version available on youtube which is completely synchronized to pink floyd's wish you were here,it really does tell the story AMAZINGLY and there are some bits that you will be genuinely shocked at how well the actors movements synchronize with the music and lyrics,you wouldn't believe that the album was written 48 years after,anyways enjoy!!
New Restored Version Worth Checking Out
For its time, this movie has stunning visuals, kind of Kubrick-esqe in appearance, especially the opening scenes of workers going and coming from work. It's very strange, with the group leaving walking with their heads down like zombies.

The set designs in here are also something that might draw your attention. This really has a futuristic look. I thought the visuals were fascinating. This was "German expressionist" filmwork at its height, I would think. Director Fritz Lang went on to become a very famous man in his profession. This wasn't his first effort but, I think this might have been the film that put him "on the map," so to speak. Several years later, he gained a lot more fame with "M." At any rate, with the photography, sets and overall Flash Gordon-type sci-fi look, this must have been a real eye-opener to movies viewers 80 years ago. I still think they look very cool today. The music was also very dramatic, at least in this restored 5.1 surround sound restoration DVD, put out by Klino.

Obviously, the eye makeup on men and the exaggerated motions by actors in silent films look a little hokey but I was mesmerized by Brigitte Helm, who plays "Maria" and her evil clone. She is something else! I also appreciated Klino's explanation of lost footage and how they did the best they could do to still make the story flow together. They did an outstanding job. I wouldn't attempt to watch this on anything less than this DVD, which looks pretty darn good.

This is a "worker" story about a man wanting to trade his comfortable life to join the oppressed workers, who do their thing beneath the earth in "Metropolis." Workers are seen as nothing but replaceable robots. If someone gets hurt, they get carted away and replaced immediately but some other zombie-like human. Of course, people being mistreated can only take it for so long before rebellion. That's history, from the days of the Jewish slaves in Egypt to today, so that's part of this story, too. I won't say more to ruin it.

I don't want to mislead people on one major point: today's audiences watching this. Few people in 2008 watch silent movies. To ask them to sit through two hours of a silent film is, obviously, asking a lot. I had to break this up into several viewings, myself, but that's okay. I still enjoyed it.....but it a silent movie this long is not easy to sit through. You have to be a student of film, or a big film buff, to watch this....but those people will be rewarded. Over 250 reviews in here show you this film has enough to offer, or at least take a look. Now that this restored version is available, check it out!
BBC Metropolis
There is no mention in the various versions of the BBC Metropolis which was issued on TV 1975-78 on PBS in USA. I was fortunate to own a vcr at that time to record it. 126 min. - it is superior to the kino versions in many ways - for one they used a German original 35mm print. BBC added synchronized sound effects and by use of videotape were able to slow the film down to a normal speed. Making it a much different and better movie. The Complete version is way too fast and makes it look ridiculous in some scenes. BTW the Murnau folks censored their version which is borne out by a comparison with the BBC version. The German version uses the best takes.

Australian Metropolis - this tinted print was the basis of the Moroder version. It is special in that it uses the writing of Channing Pollock who was hired by Paraufamet to create a profitable English language version - All Pollock ended up doing was to make a complicated movie incomprehensible by dumb editing choices. Left alone Metropolis by Fritz Lang was a 3 hour movie and if projected properly the complete version would be 3 hours. For some unknown reason they need to cram this epic picture into 150 min. there is much more info than I could write here. m234link@gmail.com
Both visionary and outdated
Metropolis is an example of a movie that feels being both really modern because of various things we'll analyze in the review, and both outdated because certain things are depicted with a mentality of the 20s.

First off, the good things. The story is really good, works well even today in 2015, also to appreciate is the huge amount of biblical references. They definitely nailed quite a few things that today work similarly to how depicted in the movie. Depiction of modern day traffic, the various visual effects and such were outstanding for a movie from 1927. Another thing to praise is the cut. Whoever cut the scene orders, with the various parallels and setting changes did a really good job.

What instead seems outdated is the acting, and the movements. If this movie was made nowadays, there would not be that much of exaggeration done by the different actors as it was in the original film. Despite that, Rotwang and Fred.'s Father did a great performance, they certainly were the most believable characters in the film. Also, the message's displaying sounds bad with a 2015 mind. It just seems soo banalised the way it was told in the beginning, end and middle of the film. If it wasn't displayed at all, it would've been many times better. 76/100
Almost 90 years old but its still ahead of its time.
The story of Metropolis is set in the year 2026 in a massive city named... well Metropolis,the rich live on high in their skyscrapers and the poor do all of the work underground in poor conditions. When a man named Freder discovers the bad conditions the poor are going through whilst falling in love with a profit named Maria who predicts the coming of a saviour who will bring equality to the city which has now become a dystopia. Behind the scenes there is a conspiracy going on about the construction of a robot who will put a stop to Maria's prophecy and in the long term take over all over the workforce underground.

The story is perfect and inspirational with a great performance from Brigitte Helm who basically steals the spotlight as both Maria and the robot, Gustav Fröhlich also steals the show as well as his performance as Freder is great as well. The supporting characters are great as well but they kinda bite the dust as Gustav Fröhlich and Brigitte Helm steal the show. Although the story is perfect, I found it underwhelming and predictable as you could see all of the plot-points coming from a mile away.

Even though the film is almost 90 years old, it still stands the test of time with some great set design and cityscapes, the robot design is particularly impressive. Its immortality with the films overall design has lead to other sci-fi and superhero classics taking notes from this silent movie such as C-3PO in star wars taking inspiration from the robot and the city Metropolis in superman taking the actual name from the movie.

This movie has left its mark in time and has even become more powerful than when it came out in 1927. This silent sci-fi classic has survived almost 90 years so why not let it survive another 90 years. The director Fritz Lang has created a movie that will possible last forever.
Amazing movie with huge ambition
Might I say that I do not watch many classic films, let alone ones from the 1920s. Honestly my expectations were not very high. Although who knew I would find a masterpiece of a movie. This movie is very ambitious, especially considering the time. The sets were brilliantly designed and the miniatures were convincing. Since it is a silent film the facial expressions and gestures added lots to their acting. The story was well written and very interesting. The uses of audio suited the movie extremely well for the specific scenes. My only small gripe with the movie is its length. Sure the movie is an epic and powerful movie, but I overall felt it was a bit too long, and this isn't even technically the full movie since some of it has been lost. Still length is a small issue because of the scale and build up the movie had. Honestly everyone should see this movie if they have not already and this has gone down as one of my favourite movies.
the best
the greatest movie ever made.this movie set the ground rules and framework for so many movies,and not just sci-fi...langs'genius has been copied by all those that have followed...i think the only thing that comes close is bladerunner... but harrison fords' dark brooding,and sean young we could have done without...in metropolis,the silent version is superior to the remade moroder version,although i loved the music,but that was redone only for those with poor attention spans... that a film can be so outstanding and visionary is a tremendous achievement...i really hope that we don't have another remake,for goodness sakes...my favorite scene is of the "sacrifice"to the monster "moloch".ie,the totalitarian regime...
I watched this film for the first time last night (courtesy of the stunning Eureka! Blu- Ray) and was totally blown away. This film was light-years ahead of its time in terms of its filmmaking techniques. I can definitely see how films such as "Blade Runner" and "Star Wars" were influenced by this masterpiece. Stop whatever you are doing, order the Blu Ray (make sure it has the original score) and dedicate just under 3 hours of your time to this amazing film. You will not be disappointed!
Love will save us from tearing each other apart
Metropolis is about the idea that love will save us from tearing each other apart. Though this idea is well hidden among many things: class warfare symbolism, biblical references, human cloning and an ensemble of recurring, meaningful characters each with their own arcs and surprises. All this taking place on silent film made almost 100 years ago.

The main plot is Freder's pursuit to win the love of Maria. The film opens with Freder falling in love on first sight and ends with Freder saving Maria and winning her love. In between is a demonstration that this love is the only thing that saves Metropolis from destruction.

Freder happens to be the son of the master of Metropolis and Maria a prophet of the worker class. In his pursuit of Maria's love, Freder sympathizes with the workers' plight. His growing sympathy, trust and love for the workers stands in sharp contrast with the cold political calculus his father employs against them. His father's mad scientist, seeking revenge for losing the love of his life, manipulates the mistrust between the classes to incite a revolution to destroy Metropolis. He does this by cloning Maria with a robot which begins to incite chaos. The workers destroy the machines that run the city and seem to have killed their own children in their blind rage. Freder and Maria save the children. In the end, Freder helps the workers reconcile with his father who has had the cold heartlessness shaken out of him.

This does not even mention the ensemble cast of characters who add dimension and meaning to the story. Nor does this give due note to the above mentioned symbolism and the psychedelic effect of sped-up film and thousands of human bodies marching in rhythm. Suffice it to say the story makes a poetic case for the idea that love will save us from tearing each other part.

My Story Chart of the movie is at storycharts.ca.
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