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Donzaleigh Abernathy starred for 4 years, in over 60 episodes of Lifetime TV's critically acclaimed drama, Any Day Now, created by Nancy Miller under the leadership of Carol Black and Dawn Ostroff. Like her character, Sara Jackson, she began her life in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement as the youngest daughter of its Co-Founder, Reverend Ralph David Abernathy and his wife, Juanita. Martin Luther King, her Uncle Martin christened her as an infant. She was raised in the public forefront of the Civil Rights Movement, where she attended major marches and had a bird's eye view from her home which was the gathering places for Movement Meetings.Donzaleigh authored "Partners To History" Martin Luther King, Ralph David Abernathy and the Civil Rights Movement, a pictorial history book for RandomHouse Publishing Company which was nominated by the American Library Association as one of the "Best Books for 2004."Donzaleigh starred as "Martha" the only slave in the Warner Bros. Motion Picture, Civil War Epic, "Gods and Generals" directed by Ron Maxwell. She received critical acclaim for her performance from noted film critic Roger Ebert. She then turned to comedy starring in the Lionsgate comedy, "Leprechaun - Back 2 'Da Hood," and New Line Cinema's comedy, "Grilled."Donzaleigh has starred in several award winning television movies. She was the leading lady in HBO's "Don King: Only in America" which won Emmy Awards for Best TV Movie and Best Screenplay as well as a Golden Globe for Best Actor, Ving Rhames. In Shakespeare's "The Tempest" for NBC, Donzaleigh plays Ezeli, a slave that saves her master, Peter Fonda, who was nominated for a Golden Globe Award.Donzaleigh also starred in the Civil Rights drama "Murder in Mississippi" which won a Director Guild of America Award for director Roger Young, "Miss Evers Boys" which won Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actor's Guild Awards for Alfre Woodard and in Bill Wittliff's western, "Ned Blessing".She has Guest Starred on "Lincoln Heights," "House," "The Closer," "Judging Amy," "Strong Medicine," "24," "Chicago Hope," "The Pretender" and "NYPD Blue."She has had recurring roles on the critically successful series, "Commander-in-Chief," "EZ Streets" and "Dangerous Minds."She has spoken for the Judicial Division of the American Bar Association, the National Association of Women Judges - Annual Conference, lectured at Harvard University Law School - "The Saturday School," addressed Delegates at The United Nations for the Women's Federation for World Peace, and has been the Keynote Speaker for the University of Massachusetts, University of Utah, University of Rochester(NY), Morgan State University, Virginia Military Institute, the United Methodist Church's National Conference, Xerox Corporation, the Dupont Corporation of Beaumont, Texas and the Center for Civic Education.She was the Graduation Commencement Speaker at Los Angeles Southwest College, New Roads Schools and Community Harvest Charter School.Her life is profiled in the books, "No Mountain High Enough, Secrets of Successful African American Women" and "Fearless Women."Miss Abernathy is happily married.
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